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Tops In Dog Training Kennel - 17 Reviews - 1460 E Belvidere Rd, Grayslake, IL - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (847) 223-2822
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Tops In Dog Training Kennel

1460 E Belvidere Rd
Grayslake, IL 60030
(847) 223-2822
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Tops In Dog Training Kennel - Grayslake, IL


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Great place to learn how to train your dog...Luis, MaryAnn, Kelly and Nick are all great trainers - I took privates with Luis and his help was tremendous. These people know dogs!


This past spring I left my 4 year German Shepherd and eleven year Schnauzer mix for a three week training course. Since I lived an hour and a half away, I left my dogs at the faci...

PLEASE READ 10/15/2013

This past spring I left my 4 year German Shepherd and eleven year Schnauzer mix for a three week training course. Since I lived an hour and a half away, I left my dogs at the facility. Nick was their trainer.\r \r When I went to pick up my dogs, I was told by Nick that he wanted me to come back the following week for more training. I ended up going back two more times. On the second time, while he was showing me a command with my German Shepherd, the German Shepherd was not obeying so he pulled her lease with force. She had a spike collar on (which they recommend). She yelped. He said the command the second time which she did not do again and this time he pulled her lease even more. She yelped out again and then barked at him. At that time he hit her in the face with an open handed force. I said to him, 'are you supposed to do that?' At which time he said with an attitude, ' what would you have done?'\r \r I was so mad I called and spoke to the manager the next day. She apologized and offe more

GREAT place! 2/18/2013

Great place to learn how to train your dog...Luis, MaryAnn, Kelly and Nick are all great trainers - I took privates with Luis and his help was tremendous. These people know dogs! more

Mr. 8/1/2012

READ.....THIS....BEFORE...YOU...TAKE...YOUR...DOG..TO...\r TOPS....\r \r Two months ago I adopted a 2 year old German Shepherd from the rescue shelter. They said that she was agressive towards other dogs, so I decided to take her to Tops for an evaluation. There I met Luis who did the evaluation. He put a pinch collar on her along with his leather leash. I was sitting on a bench about ten feet away watching his every move. He walked around, did a few circles with my dog, and then another dog walked next to him. My dog started growling and reared up on her back legs. Luis yanked her up, all four legs of the ground, and started punching her in the face with his fist - one blow after another. Not a few hits, but multiple times. I couldn't get up fast enough, ran over to him, took off his leash, put my leash on and said that's enough. I immediately put my dog in the car. I then walked over to Luis and said, what the hell do you think you are doing? He apologized for not asking my more

Super Alpha Queen has been tamed by Kelly!!! 9/1/2011

I don't have enough words to describe my experience at TOPS. I have a beautiful German Shepherd named Wendy Von der Neuen Welt. When she was about two, she became agressive and very, very protective of me. No-one could come near me, walking her was a nightmare. Vet visits were horrific. \r \r I heard about TOPS and called for an evaluation. Kelly Czajda was her trainer. From the beginning, my Wendy was a new dog. KELLY IS SUPER!!! It was a battle of the queens, but Kelly won and Wendy learned to listen. After ten classes, I am happy to say that my SUPER ALPHA, bodyguard, 85 lb. baby girl is a well composed individual! :) We go for long walks, we run, and we even go to Petsmart. She behaves beautifully. Kelly, thank God, worked miracles. She has a very soft voice and never raises her voice when she's with the dogs. All I know is that the love that she gave my dog, the care and interest that she demonstrates when training are rare. TOPS IS THE BEST PLACE TO TAKE DOMINANT D more

Train @ Tops if you care about your dog 5/18/2011

People who know dogs take their dogs to Tops. People who don't understand dogs will give Tops a bad review. I bet the person with the aggressive 9 month old dog has an issue right now-- if they even kept the dog. Dogs are born aggressive as well as submissive as well as smart as well as not so smart. It can be the nature of the beast--forgive the pun. I have two dogs. One is very sweet natured, gets along with other dogs, loves adults and children. My other dog is insecure and dog aggressive and is now learning how to be the most obedient dog I have ever encountered. This is because of the training from Tops. There has never been any abuse that I have witnessed, but I, personally, would give my dog a pop if she was acting out of line. This isn't to hurt her, it's to get her attention. That is the difference that most dog owners don't understand. It's about timing your corrections and making them without emotion. It is not about inflicting physical pain. All these things I more

Not for us 2/5/2011

Concerned with harshness of training and hoping to find a more positive place to train my dog. I was disturbed by the reviews about them hitting a puppy and choking a dog and pee pillows, but we checked it out anyway on recomendations of two people who got their dogs trained here. I did not like what they talked about doing with our dog it sounded excessive. They had tons of dogs barking to be let out of their cages and nobody there was friendly to us or our dog, so I did not get a good feeling about boarding here. We are going to keep looking to find a friendlier place with more humane methods of training that is not all on leash yank correction. more

Fabulous Place, Fabulous Trainers 11/2/2010

My husband enrolled himself in the 8 week first-level obedience training with our 3 month old German Shepherd, Bojo. The instructors were fabulous and patient, and the class was very fun. You can tell the trainers love their jobs and love dogs. \r \r Our dog is now very well behaved and a pleasure to always have around. People stop my husband all the time and ask where he Bojo was trained. My husband is very proud of that fact. We always rave about Tops and their trainers to anyone who is interested. \r \r We also kenneled our beloved Bojo with Tops while we went on vacation for a week. Although the kenneling was kind of expensive, I must admit I had Bojo in the air conditioned kennels, paid for an individual training session, and paid for someone to play with him twice a day. Not everyone has to spoil their dog as much as I did. However, I have no problem spending the money -- it was worth every penny knowing that he was being well taken care of. \r \r My husband and I more

OBEDIENCE TRAINING: A very nice experience. 7/30/2009

Obedience Training: A very nice experience! Bentley a Standard Poodle,my wife and I have just completed an eight week Beginning Obedience class conducted by Kelly Czaja. We listened as Kelly gave instructions and explanations of each exercise. If you listen very closely you realize that she has a wonderful and in depth understanding of dogs and their requirements that will lead to a successfully trained dog. We will sign up for two more eight week classes. Signed up for the Intermediate Obedience and the Tricks classes. Kelly is going to offer a Rally course and we will sign up for it when it is offered. If you have or are going to have a dog in your family I would strongly recommend you be trained along with your dog. My wife and I have had dogs for over forty years and it is a pleasure to have a well trained dog at seven months of age.\r Roger Fick more

Absolutely Delighted with TOPS 5/16/2009

I am absolutely delighted with T.O.P.S. An Officer of the Vernon Hills Police Dept. was exactly on the mark when he said they were the very best people to speak to. Our German Shepard has an absolutely wonderful disposition and the training is incredible. The techniques shown are very effective and easy for us to follow. When we had a little trouble with our Shepard after a few months at home, they were there immediately helping and teaching us and the problem was solved. They followed through to make sure all was well. They truly care! This is the very best you can get! more

not what it says at all. 3/28/2009

I brought my dog to TOPS-on a saturday morning this month. She is a little aggressive with other dogs. Afer spending an hour there and my dog being evaluated and excepted into the boarding training program. I committed to 2 weeks with possible a longer stay.So i said goodbye to my dog and was told to wait 5 days or so to even call back. I called on wed afternoon, did not get a call back till thursday afternoon from the supposed "trainer" When she called me she said that my dog would NEVER get along with other dogs. She is 9 months old for gods sake.But she was there for 6 days before she had even been looked at. I talked with the owner later hat day and she said loius would look at her in the morning. I live 70 miles away so I waited till about 10 a.m no call, then I got up there and waisted some more time and finally walked in the door, and asked to take my dog home.She got the owner on the phone and I talked to her , she said " I am sorry we could not give you what you wanted" I want more

Best Training Ever 1/16/2009

I have trained three German Shepherds at TOPS and preparing to take my fourth one there and can't say enough about how professional and knowledgeable the staff is.I had one of my dogs turn on me because of a mistake in MY handling of the dog to the extent that I needed stitches. I took the dog back to TOPS for private lessons and within weeks the dog and I were back to having a good relationship.Besides receiving excellent training, Luis makes the classes fun. And what patience that man has!!! I have taken prior dogs to other places and TOPS is exactly what it's name indicates - it is TOPS.We also board and groom our dogs there and have never had a problem when they came home from there.\r AND we travel 50 miles one way to take our dogs here. more

Excellent training Excellent staff 12/29/2008

Tops is definitely one of the best out there. I took private lessons and then went to group classes. They trained my aggressive Shepherd to be around other dogs and people. more

excelent service 10/20/2008

Ive owned many dogs but never had professional training done. then I adopted a pitbull and everyone advised me to get professional training so I didnt have problems later on. I decided to take blue to tops and wow what a difference it was compared to my dogs in the past. This is the best dog Ive ever owned. The best part is that my dog has manners she doesnt jump on people or sniff them when they walk into the house. she doesnt beg for food. she listens to my commands. I would recomend taking your dog to tops for training, you'll be amazed in your pups behavior. more

Satisfied Client 6/23/2008

We have trained two dogs at TOPS and have been very happy with the results and the staff. Both of our dogs were rescues, so we had no idea what to expect. Thanks to the loving and respectful attitude of both the trainers we've worked with, we got great results and people always compliment us on how well-behaved they are. I still bring our current dog in for a refresher from time to time and he is clearly thrilled to see his trainer. We also use TOPS for grooming and boarding. We've tried other places but neither myself or our dog has been happy. I have to drive a good 30 minutes to get there and it's well worth it. more

hitting puppy during training 4/7/2008

I heard rave reviews about this place. So, I went to tour the facility for possible dog training. I walked in on a sight I'd rather forget. I witnessed repeated hitting on face and neck of young spaniel in March 08. Whoever brought your puppy there, I saw the a woman hitting the dog into submission, and then the dog urinated out of fear. I was told by a trainer who was present during this senario, that was the owner of the facility hitting the puppy. If that is the way they get dogs to pay attention, forget it! That's abuse. period.\r I will never take my pet to this facility. more

Excellent K-9 obedience school, for you and your dog! ; ) 11/13/2005

If you have a puppy, a rescue, or a dog that's simply in need of obedience or agility training, this is the place! The grounds are excellent, the staff is knowledgable and patient with both you and your dog. The cost is more than fair - right in line with what PetCo or PetSmart would charge - for a multiple week course, and you're getting the training from professionals. This is the same facility that several police departments in the area bring their K9s in for training, as if that isn't a compliment of their services and abilities. : ) My furry friend benefitted from their courses, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good doggy school! more

Dog Training 9/29/2005

This dog training facility has something for every type of training need. We used some group sessions for the basic training and then progressed to the private training classes. The training revolves more around how you communicate with your animal and being consistant in commands, gestures and actions. This facility trains police dogs. The staff is experienced and experts in their field. more
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  • At Tops Canine Grooming & Wellness Center in Grayslake, IL, we take care of all your canine grooming needs. Our full service salon has helped all breeds of dogs look great, feel great, and enhance their well-being since 1978. Our groomers possess more than 35 years of experience.

    Our services include:

    • Medicated baths
    • Nail trimming
    • Kennel
    • Dog training

    In our rehabilitation facility, we feature conditioning and weight loss programs that help pooches shed pounds, improve their health and lifestyles, and live longer, happier lives. We?re essentially an all-encompassing center where dogs receive the loving, devoted attention needed for all facets of their health.

    Call us today to schedule an appointment. We are always welcoming new dogs to enjoy all the benefits we provide!.

    • Medicated Baths

    • Nail Clipping

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