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Todai Restaurant - 21 Reviews - E109 Woodfield Shopping Center, Schaumburg, IL - Buffet Reviews - Phone (847) 619-1088

Todai Restaurant

E109 Woodfield Shopping Center
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 619-1088
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Todai Restaurant - Schaumburg, IL


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The perfect place for a sushi connoisseur and even more so for the newby. The variety was unbelievable! Pronounced ""Toe Die"". The atmosphere is quaint and unassuming. And yo...


I don't understand why this Japanese version of a Country Buffet is so popular, other that you can eat till you burst. There are plenty of selections, that's for sure....Japanese...

WARNING!! beware of this disgusting restaurant 7/21/2010

WARNING: do not eat at this AWEFUL restaurant?? THE FOOD IS TERRIBLE. Employees are miserable and nasty. THEY REFUSED TO SERVE ME SASHIMI even though the advertisement said they have both SUSHI and SASHIMI. FOOD prepared hours earlier. NO FRESH FOOD COOKED. SITS UNDER WARMING LAMPS. GROSS FOOD. SOUPS ARE COLD. COMPLETELY GROSS RESTAURANT. EATING AREA SMELLS. SUSHI is the worst I have ever had. There IS DIFFERENT quality of fish for SUSHI and SASHIMI. THEY SERVE THE LOWEST QUALITY OF FISH. AND THEY DO NOT SERVE ALL FISH. VERY LIMITED TYPES. They serve CHEAPEST cuts of fish. Caution eating raw fish. Poor sanitary standards. *** MAJOR RIP OFF OF A RESTAURANT *** THEY CUT FOOD QUALITY. THIS IS A DISASTER and should not be in business!!! AND IF YOU TRY AND COMPLAIN or ask for a refund they make excuses and excuses and excuses. ZERO STARS SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO A REAL PROFESSIONAL SUSHI AND SASHIMI RESTAURANT. AVOID THIS RESTAURANT or learn from your mistakes.? UPDATE: it is my understanding that this GROSS restaurant was sold off from the TODAI corporate and now operates under a franchise agreement. THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR FRANCHISE IMMEDIATELY. DISGUSTING PLACE TO THROW AWAY GOOD MONEY. CAREFUL NOT TO GET FOOD POISONING. THE SUSHI (fish) THEY SERVE PUTS YOU AT RISK. BEWARE!! Pros: zero pros THIS restaurant should be out of business Cons: 100% cons profile: THIS RESTAURANT IS BAD more

Thoroughly Disgusted 2/7/2010

While going to the bathroom here, an employee was taking a leak next to me. He left without washing his hands. And later I saw him making California Rolls!!! I nearly vomited, told the manager and he just rolled his eyes, we left disgusted never to return. Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Poorly made sushi, unsanitary kitchen workers more

Thorough Seafood Buffet with Good Value 12/30/2009

Todai is always a treat. The variety of seafood is very good. From chilled shrimp, tempura shrimp & jumbo whole shrimp, to delicious dungeness crab, it's a big buffet. This isn't Four Seasons quality, nor is it an extravagant price for what you get. The variety of sushi rolls is good, and it includes some specials like salmon skin rolls, dragon rolls and dynamite rolls. You can order a hand roll to order, too! There were three sashimi options- salmon, tuna & tilapia, all tasty. There is also a variety of mussels, both cold and hot. The seaweed salad is delish, and there was a good ceviche option, too. There is a nice dessert buffet with delicious walnut tarts, mini crème brûlées, creme puffs and a crepe station. This is a cafeteria atmosphere and the service isn't grand, but I go back again and again for the variety and decent quality at a price you can't find anywhere. Pros: Unlimited Unagi, Snow Crab, Dungeness Crab, Oysters Cons: Cafeteria atmosphere, Perfunctory Service more

Can I give it ZERO STARS? 9/23/2009

Here are the facts: * $30 per person for dinner * Pizza and sliced ham * Sushi made by Mexicans * School cafeteria environment * Zero service * Bathroom stench permeates buffet * Run by a bunch of cheap Koreans The last point explains a lot. Avoid this dump. Cons: Everything more

Too Expensive 5/28/2009

Very expensive buffet for lunch, food is not that great either. Either you love or hate sushi, and the sushi here is pretty low grade, sushi lovers will be disappointed. Pros: Baby Desserts Cons: Sushi and other ""Food"" more

Disappointed 5/22/2009

We spent nearly $150 for a family of four, this was very pricey for the quality of food offered. The sushi buffet was limited and many plates/pieces were picked over. The hot food section had some basic fish dishes, most were luke-warm and not very tasty. We never saw our waiter and many tables around us were stacked sky-high with plates of partially eaten food - we were probably not the only ones disappointed. We'll be looking else where in the future. Pros: Green Tea Ice Cream :) Cons: Sushi is not very yummy, very pricey :( more

Yuck 5/21/2009


REALLY BAD!!! 5/13/2009

See that bump on the Yellow Guy's head? It's from all the angry customers beating on him for their money back. Seriously, family of four will run you over 120 bucks!!! And it's not even good food... what a rip. Save yourself the money and pick-up sushi at Dominicks... it's actually better. Pros: LOTS OF ""FOOD"" Cons: EXPENSIVE, $30-ADULT = RIP-OFF more


FOOD IS MEDIOCRE, PRICES KEEP GOING UP, MANAGEMENT IS THE WORST.\r \r If not for a handful of cordial/hard working servers, there is absolutely no reason to go here. It is what it is... When it comes to the quality of the fare; An all-you-can-eat buffet. If it's quality you're looking for... keep looking! I've had better Supermarket Sushi. My family and I had been loyal customers since they first opened their doors 6 years ago. Until this year. Forget the rapidly declining quality (1st year was actually GOOD) and ever increasing rates, the service we were shown on our last visit has lost them an entire family of previously loyal customers. The BOY who claimed to be the Manager could not have been more rude and disrespectful. He obviously has no clue when it comes to service or restaurant management. The insults hurled at my mother who questioned some charges on the bill would have, in any other case, constituted an invitation to the parking lot. His attitude and demeanor was that of a PUNK on a power trip. Unless Ownership decides to better control their Management and staff, I will NEVER spend my hard earned money on that kind of service again. Pros: Lots of ""food"" Cons: Service, Cost more

Very good food, but rude crew manager 1/5/2009

The restaurant is very good food-wise. The sushi, sashimi, tempura, teriyaki, oysters, mussels, crab legs, seaweed salad, kimchi, udon are all excellent! The food servers are all polite and courteous except for Ms. Park, the supposed to be crew manager or chief server. Ms. Park is very rude, unsmiling, always frowning and does not remember regular customers. She insists on checking senior citizen?s ID even though the customers are regularly dining almost every week. While we enjoy the food, we somehow feel unwelcome by the attitude of Ms. Park. We have witnessed some customers walking out of the restaurants after a confrontation with Ms. Park. If she could only change her attitude, the restaurant could attract more customers. Even her crew of food servers are not happy with her attitude and have been complaining. Pros: Rude server crew manager (Ms. Park) Cons: Good Japanese food and pleasant, polite servers more

Todai Sushi & seafood Buffet in Schaumburg 10/6/2008

Do not waste your time or money! \r Very poor quality food and way over priced for what you get \r Sushi dry - out on line too long\r even the crab legs were second rate can get better crab at local food store\r check was wrong over charged for child \r Never again should have read the other on line reviews shame on me! Cons: very many but cheap food for a high price more

cheap food for expensive price 3/4/2008

I was at this place a couple years ago,the price was ~$20,the crab legs were steemed,the green tea was included and many more... Now: price $28 per person plus drink, plus tax 10%, plus gratitude 15%. For two of us we paid $78, and what we had: sushi,cold crab legs (on ice),and we have to wait fo it because they put out one tray and each person took a full plate of legs.They don't provide a leg crakers and you have to use your teeth or regular knife! We have to wait for 2-3 lines to get crab legs. Some fish. Meat menu very limited. Conclusion: It doesn't worse the money. Pros: Fast food, sushi in a bulk Cons: Expensive, dirty washrooms,coocing staff doesn't look friendly more

Some serious hate by the other reviewers 2/17/2008

Let me start off by saying that I've never been to other Todai's, so I don't know if I can speak for this location living up to it's namesake. But I have been to Minado (PA & NJ), which are similar to this location. \r \r Sushi is such a varied experience depending on the diner's expectations and perceptions. (ie authentic, trendy, neo-sushi, yuppie, supermarket etc)\r \r - The location wasn't quite the hell hole the previous reviewers make it out to be\r - That being said this IS a sushi place for people who want sushi in bulk. Take that statement for what it is. All the good, bad, and indifferent implications that come with it.\r - The hot food bar was nothing spectacular\r - I found the sushi rice in the maki(rolls) a bit mushy. Seems like either they used too much water to cook the rice, worked with it while it was hot, or used way too much pressure when rolling.\r - Fish seemed fresh enough\r - Knife skills of the chefs could be better. \r \r If it seems like I'm bashing this place in this review, please remember my previous statement. ""This IS a sushi place for people who want sushi in bulk.""\r \r - On the plus side there were alot of asians at the restaurant. This may sound weird, but a good way to gauge whether a restaurant is decent is to assess whether the indigenous people of the associated cuisine actually eat at the restaurant. Pros: Lots of seating, good for large groups who want sushi in bulk Cons: Bulk sushi trades off with quality (obviously) more

Worst sushi/sashimi ever & is dirty in the prep area 9/7/2007

We love Sushi & were blown away by the idea of all you can eat in our backyard! The first yr this place was open it was great. We even heard from others it was right up there with other Todai's in other area's. Then the quality started to slide. Maybe it was when they stopped offering Ahi Poke our fav to half the roll offerings constantly being unrefilled. One of our last visit's we sat for over an hour before we saw our waiter, we could have just walked out on the check for all they cared... come to think of it we probably should have since we did not get our moneys worth from the food or service. The last straw for us was how smelly the bathrooms were, if they couldn't even keep them clean??? We were going to eat raw fish here???\r \r This place used to be good, not anymore. There are several better Sushi restaurants in the area for a comparable price. Pros: If you never had better you might like it Cons: everything from price, cattle call like waiting area, poor selection, bad quality, not very clean & horrible service more

We didn't think it was worth the price 7/29/2007

My wife and I ate here for the first time tonight and brought some visiting relatives. We went here specifically because we wanted crab legs, so I called ahead and verified that they had crab legs for dinner. I neglected to ask if they were steamed (or heated in any manner) so we were disappointed when we got there to find that the snow crab legs were on ice. This also meant that they were very watery. They did have hot dungeoness crabs on the buffet line, but they were a little heavy on the butter for our taste and not extremely flavorful. I am not a sushi expert, so I won't go in depth on that. I thought the sushi was OK, but I wasn't overly impressed. Nothing that we had from the buffet line was worth mention. We were at least somewhat pleased with the deserts. They weren't something that would draw us to a restaurant, but each of us did have several of the small desert portions. The service was pretty good, in that they cleared plates quickly and kept our drinks topped off.\r \r In conclusion, we did not feel that meal we got was worth the price. We may be somewhat spoiled since we recently visited Phillip's Seafood Buffet in Washington D.C. The meal we had there was incredible and the cost was nearly identical. All things considered, we don't plan on returning to Todai. Pros: A variety of deserts Cons: Cost, snow crabs legs on ice rather than steamed more


They're money hungry people that work there or maybe it's just the company. They charged me for being there and I didn't even get to eat. My husband and son did, but I couldn't and they still charged me!!!! First time there and Never going back! The wait was long, the service sucked ...they took too long...had to ask for drinks three times. When we confronted them about the bill they just said "" We can't do anything about that, we've already put it on the bill"". more

Sushi Bonanza! 11/17/2006

The perfect place for a sushi connoisseur and even more so for the newby. The variety was unbelievable! Pronounced ""Toe Die"". The atmosphere is quaint and unassuming. And you will have to wait your turn to be seated but it is well worth it. This is great even for someone who wants American food. All you can eat crab legs, shrimp, oysters and clams. Delicate traditional sushi - tuna, salmon, california rolls and what you would expect find at a commercial vendor or grocery. And then, oh my, everything else- squid, octopus, catamari, eel - prepared to taste in several versions and lots of creative combinations. The person who knows what they like will find it, but for someone who wants to learn sushi it is a great playgorund. Then, afterwards, the dessert buffet is to die for. The minature creme broulet and other debutantes allow you to have multiple finishes. And save room the for Green Tea ice cream on the way out! Pros: A feast to behold! Cons: Plain surroundings more

Good, Bad and Ugly 3/30/2006

The place is packed on Saturday Evening, and the fish is replaced quickly and it is fresh. It is a buffet, but is the best sushi buffet I have been to on Saturday. The soup and the hot items were ok. For the price, and all you can eat sashimi and sushi, it is a good value.\r \r Went again on Tuesday July 2006, and it was the most disgusting and miserable experience I have ever had at a restaurant. Todai was nearly empty, and I still had to wait 20 min to be seated. Staff was rude. No one came to offer me a beverage, so I had to get water myself from the waiter station. All buffet items, hot and cold were sitting out too long. Tempura was greasy, cold and soggy, teriyaki was dried out on the edges, sushi was too warm and skimpy on the fish, and the sashimi looked like some pieces had grey funky edges. I will never eat here again.\r Cons: at a mall, rude service, stale food more

Why do you need so much food in one place? 6/4/2005

This place offers a huge variety, but the quality is very mediocare. If you are planning to go there to eat sushi, my advice to you - do not! Spend another $30 bucks per couple, and go to a decent place. Pros: fast, kid friendly Cons: qulity of food more

Not gourmet, but leaves you satisfied 5/19/2004

Okay, so it's a buffet; obviously the sushi is not going to be gourmet, top-of-the-line tasting sushi. But it's still good & they have a very wide variety to pick from - maki rolls, nigiri, sashimi. You can try all sorts of things you haven't tried in other restaurants, that's the whole point of this seafood buffet. The cooked foods side is just as decent - dungeness crab, fried rice, scallops, calamari, shrimp, chicken, & teriyaki steak to name a few. Not to mention the seafood and miso soups, tempura, and dessert bar, yum! In other restaurants you'd be paying just as much if not more for all this great food! So go eat and enjoy! Pros: Worth the price, LOTS of variety Cons: , Sometimes too crowded more
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    The first Todai Restaurant debuted in 1985 in Santa Monica, Calif., and has since opened in locations across the U.S. and in Hong Kong. The restaurant, with seating for up to 500...

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