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Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - 21 Reviews - 202 Bentons Lodge Rd, Summerville, SC - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (843) 871-2588

Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics

202 Bentons Lodge Rd
Summerville, SC 29485
(843) 871-2588
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Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - Summerville, SC
Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - Summerville, SC
Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - Summerville, SC
Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - Summerville, SC
Tillman, Mary Kate, Md - Oakbrook Pediatrics - Summerville, SC


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I have been bringing my kids to Oakbrook Peds for 2 years now. I have always been treated fairly by the entire staff. There have been times I have waited but I've waited along wit...


We interviewed 3 different pediatrician offices before our daughter was born. One doc in particular, Dr. Kirby Smith, had been specifically referred to us, so we were excited to ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/23/2014

Brought my 7 year old in on a Monday for a UTI and was told to wait till Thursday for test results. Tuesday my daughter was miserable, couldn't sleep much Monday night because she was constantly getting up to go to the bathroom. Called the doctor back to try and get the medication called in and was told to wait on the test results from the urine culture, which means another day with a UTI. Should have gone to the doc in the box rather than oak rook. more

Go Elsewhere... 3/16/2012

We interviewed 3 different pediatrician offices before our daughter was born. One doc in particular, Dr. Kirby Smith, had been specifically referred to us, so we were excited to meet with him. We went in with a whole list of questions- how emergencies are handled, their thoughts on immunizations, breastfeeding support, average wait times in the office, etc. Our meeting with him went perfectly- he was patient and not rushed at all, he seemed very knowledgeable and gave us all the answers we wanted to hear. We left feeling confident that he would be our pediatrician when the time came. Pros: null Cons: null more

worst doctor in the world. 2/26/2012

Don't be fooled. Dr Smith doesn't care at all about his patients. If your child ever has a serious health problem he may very well let them die. more

Horrible! 2/26/2012

Office staff, especially the receptionist, are very rude. The doctors and nurses will pretty much blow off anything you say is wrong with your child. I have other friends that stopped taking their child here and now I will too. My child was sick for a very long time because Dr Smith and the nurse practitioner Mary Lou ignored what I told them. They looked at me and treated me like I was dumb, but with one visit to a different ped the problem was solved. If you think this office is a good one, go visit a different ped just one time, I promise you will see a huge difference. more

the WORST doctors ever 5/28/2011

i had just moved back home an was refured to oak brook pediatrics i made an appointment because at the time my 3 month old daughter was sick with a cold. they told me to wait it out. weeks later i went back to the doctor for the same cold that had become a chronic cough that once again they told me would go away now i went back once again for once again the same thing that had now been going on for 2months making my daughter 5 months old now an now they try to tell me its acid reflux i go home an being that my daughter isnt eating an cant sleep or breath as i have told them. i decide to change doctors to sweet grass pediatrics where thank god they see the problem and i am directed to the er for a chest x ray for her coming to find she has had pneumonia for how long i don't know. i will never refur any one to this office an i do urge everyone to change your doctor before this happens to your child i am now taking care of my very sick baby girl something that could of been prevented had they done their job instead of just rushing me out of the office every time more

Excellent office 2/17/2011

I have been bringing my kids to Oakbrook Peds for 2 years now. I have always been treated fairly by the entire staff. There have been times I have waited but I've waited along with everyone else. If it's flu season, why would you think there isn't going to be a wait? Any office I've ever been to has had at least 15-30 minute wait, even to my own doctor. My kids feel very comfortable with the providers in this office, especially Dr. Smith. He's very comforting and can even get a teenager to joke around with him! I would highly recommend them but if your someone looking for perfection, good luck finding that anywhere. more

Good Doctor, Rude Staff 2/16/2011

Dr. Pittard is a good and patient doctor. Dr. Miller and the staff have been impatient and rude on most visits. Don't wear perfume or cologne because one of the staff is allergic. They say they leave it on the reminder message, however, I have not heard it but I also disregard the message if I am aware of my appointment and I usually call the day or two days before to confirm on my own. Anyways, they become rude if you continue to even bathe yourself in scented soap...don't be clean people. That is like a vet allergic to dander and require people to descent or shave their animals before coming to the doctor or to refrain from bringing scented animals. Zyrtec, Claritin or a shot would also work. in any case other things have bothered us about the staff from calling in to set-up an appointment or to speak to nurses, so we have decided to go to Sweetgrass. ** Some nurses are very sweet and good - we had two in particular that were awesome. more

Excellent Care For All 1/6/2011

I won't go into great detail about he Christmas experience that we just went through, but I will say that four trips to the emergency room, out of state, with everyone treating symptoms and not listening to the greater issue of what we experienced with my 10 month old son was unwelcomed. While he wasn't near death, he hadn't been able to keep liquid or solids down for six days, losing weight, breathing was difficult to do, and lethargic because of all things that he was going through,no exagerration at all. more

Best Peds Ever!!! 12/30/2010

I have two kids and have been going to Oakbrook Pediatrics for 6yrs.Not once have i ever had a problem with them.I never mind waiting because i know that there are other kids that may need more attention then others and i would not want the doctors to rush seeing my kids. My kids have seen all the Doctors there and thats at my request.They all are good with my kids and and all my questions are answered,even the ones that i forget to ask or dont think to ask.I would continue to recomend this practice to others. I commented because of the previous comments which is not true.The nurses are the BEST and so is the front staff. They are good with getting me checked in and the nurses are great at working my kids up at a timely matter.And they always greet us with smiles.I dont understand how some can complain about waiting or the staff not being good..What better staff can you ask for then Oakbrook Pediatrics!!! I also notice at the beginning of this year they had on their bulletin board that they were voted #1 Pediatric office in Summerville!! more

All Good 12/30/2010

My son is 18 months old and I have been taking him to Oakbrook Pediatrics since he was born. I have never had a bad experience, never had a long wait in the waiting area. I will sometimes have to wait in the room, but the nurses always come in to let me know that there is something going on and that it won't be too much longer. I wouldn't want anyone to rush through seeing my child. I have seen all the doctors and the nurse practitioner and they are all great. When I call, I am sometimes put on hold, but am always taken care of in a timely manner. They all take time with me and listen to my questions. I don't feel rushed or stupid for any of the questions that I ask. I would highly recommend Oakbrook Pediatrics to anyone!!!!!! more

Some Good, Some Bad 12/19/2010

I've been taking my kids to Oakbrook Peds for 7 years now: Here's the deal: like with most group practices, there have been some doctors I love (Dr. Pittard), and some that are pretty good. There are none that I think are terrible. The worst part about this place is a somewhat unfriendly or apathetic front desk, and a typically LONG wait, especially once you get back into the room, which is very difficult with several young children. But, I always feel as though the doctors listen to me and take time with me to answer all questions once they come. The nurses are okay: again, wishing they were a little friendlier, but they're not bad. Oakbrook Peds has a solid reputation in Summerville as a dependable pediatric office. They may or may not be a good match for you! more

Horrible Service 11/12/2010

I have never been treated with such disrespect at a place of business before. My son is 6 1/2 months old and since birth, we have been going to Oakbrook Pediatrics. Dr. Tillman was very kind and helpful, but the office staff is always rude to me. They are never friendly when I call or when I go into the office and the people who answer the phone NEVER know what they're doing. They will put you on hold several times in the course of 1 conversation. The woman doing the check outs acts like she hates her job and seems inconvenienced when you 'bother' her. One of the staff members, Andrea, was blatantly rude to me about scheduling a time for my son's RSV shots. When the appointment was FINALLY made, we showed up and the shot was not there. They were not apologetic at all for inconveniencing me. There is extremely poor communication in the office and they are resistant about being helpful. If you ask the doctors or nurses questions, they act like you're bothering them. They seem more worried about getting out of the exam room. I always have to wait for a long time before getting called back, then once I am finally called back I wait in the exam room for 30-45 minutes before seeing a doctor. I notified them yesterday that I would need to leave this practice and find a new pediatrician due to the poor treatment and inflexibility. I will never bring my child back into that office. more

Excellent Practice 2/2/2010

I just had to write about what a wonderful experience I have had with this practice. The staff are all friendly. I am always greeted with a smile. The medical assistants put my child at ease. I have seen several doctors and they are all wonderful. They take time to listen to my concerns and patiently explain my child's treatment. I never feel like they think my questions are unimportant or silly. One of the drawbacks of seeing doctors who place a strong emphasis on spending time with patients and answering questions is that on busy days they may run behind schedule. I would rather wait a few extra minutes and be able to see a doctor who really cares about me and my child and is readily available when needed. I am always offered a work-in appointment when my child is sick, even on the busiest days. I have never been told..."sorry we cannot see you. We are just too busy." I am thankful I found this pediatric office! Pros: patient and caring doctors Cons: sometimes have to wait more

Love this place 11/22/2009

I had my 1st child in July and have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Tillman since she was 3 days old. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes past my appointment time and the ladies are always extemely nice. There were a few issues with the delivery, so Dr. Tillman made sure to follow up with us to ensure my daughter was doing well. Unlike previous reviews, I have seen Dr. Tillman every time and have yet to feel rushed. She always makes sure all of our questions or concerns are addressed before leaving the room. I strongly recommend Dr. Tillman. more

Bad first experience! 10/13/2009

When i first met Dr. Tillman at this practice, i thought it would be the best place for my child. Now im rethinking what i said. My son has never seen Dr. Tillman (who is his doctor). I waited 20 minutes in the waiting room past our appointment time for his Newborn check up. I then was called to be put in a room..... needless to say... i was sitting in there for 60 minutes!!! So long, that we cut into 15 minutes of their lunch break! Ridiculous! No one should have to wait (especially a newborn) 80 minutes just for a follow up! I'm heading to Sweetgrass peds, goodbye oakbrook! more

Had Enough! 10/5/2009

My son is Dr. Tillmans patient, you know how many times he's seen her since birth. ONCE!! more

First Impression 9/24/2009

My husband an I met with Dr. Smith this past week. We weren't made to feel rushed and we were taken care of quite well! We are trying to pick a pediatrician since our first child is due at xmas time. He gave us a TON of great information and told us how they would handle our daughters birth in the event that we had her on a weekend. He gave us ample time to ask questions and even provided answers to questions we didn't think to ask. He made great Eye contact, and treated us both with respect. He was very Professional and I couldn't have been happier. He told us about the other people there, adv as long as we schedule appointments in advance like baby shots we would alway stick with the same doctor. I really like this guy, he seems like the perfect person for our daughter!!! Pros: Dr.Kirb Smith Cons: None Yet more

Totally Done with them 4/2/2009

Everytime I go my son sees the nurse practioner last name rowland. We are always rushed and i get the felling because I am a young mother that some how my concerns dont mean as much. My son had an appointment 2 months ago that was supposed to result in a referal to musc developmental peds. After waiting this long i called so see if it had been done and She didnt even call. The lady at musc said there is nothing pending. So I called oakbrook and now have to wait for someone to call me tomorrow. Ugh! Totally disgusted and looking else where for a pediatric doctor. Pros: Easy to get an appointment Cons: Rowland more


I had to write a review because of the other posts. I have been taking my children to Oakbrook Peds for 4 years now and have never had a problem. Dr. Tillman is patient, caring and thorough. I've asked many, many questions and was never made to feel stupid or as though I was wasting their time. I would not take my kids here if they did not consistently receive excellent and thorough care. If I ever need a referral or authorization, the staff is right on it. I never have to wait to get my kids in for an appointment. Everyone I've ever talked to has only had good things to say about this practice. Pros: new office building with large waiting room, nicer facilites than previous space more

NEVER GO THERE 3/25/2008

the doctors here are not good at all. my brother was young and got a ring stuck in his throat and the doctos said oh he just has and ear infection so i took him to dr. redwine and he rushed him to the hopsital and did surgery on him asap. the skin was growing over the ring and the doctors did no xrays at all. dr redwine said that if we didnt bring him in that day he would of died.. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE, HAVE TO MANY FRIENDS THAT END UP LEAVING BECAUSE OF THE DOCTORS NOT CHECKING THE BABIES OUT FULLY!!!!!! more
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