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Thomas Construction Inc - 45 Reviews - 4761 Earth City Expy, Bridgeton, MO - Construction & Repair Reviews - Phone (314) 739-1111
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Thomas Construction Inc

4761 Earth City Expy
Bridgeton, MO 63044
(314) 739-1111
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Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO
Thomas Construction Inc - Bridgeton, MO


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The roofers replaced my roof with six tab shingles of materials able to stand up to a 50 year guaranty. \r \r The roofers were on time, polite, professional, and the quality was...


HMMMMM. So many name changes in this company makes you wonder what is going on companies bought and sold merged and closed only to relinquish liabilties I know since i am still...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/18/2013

RUN! Now doing business as True Home Value, but is Thomas construction ... well known for their high-pressure sales. If I would have known beforehand, I would not have engaged in what was to be a 30min to 1 hour meeting with good ideas for enhancing my home to a 4+ hour, three different prices offered, must say yes on the spot meeting - - complete with the call to the boss to okay lowest 'final' pricing. When being pitched over $20,000 of 'improvements', I don't think it's beyond anyone who's paying that to ask for a little time to digest, plan, etc. The big pitch was their financing and the salesman wanted particulars of my finances to ensure I'd qualify. And... for all this and for all the dollars, there is no CAD design, no sketch of proposed changes... just a flour outline of the proposed location in my backyard - yes, FLOUR - borrowed from my pantry! And, as I said I couldn't give an answer right then (four different times), when the salesman left, everything - - all proposed pricing, flyers, etc., went with him... all that remained was the 4+ hour loss of time in my day.... They got my name from a sweepstakes they were talking about on Great Day St. Louis, this was SUPPOSED TO BE an 'idea exchange' and an overview of their products offered. Not a 4+ hour waterboarding experience... and again, had I known that True Home Value is actually Thomas Construction, the sweepstakes would have NEVER been entered. Lived and Learned... and lost four hours I will never get back... more

Thomas,Thermoview,THV ,Nu-View 2/11/2012

HMMMMM. So many name changes in this company makes you wonder what is going on companies bought and sold merged and closed only to relinquish liabilties I know since i am still waiting on my 6,234 paycheck for jobs I sold as a salesman for Thermoview which is THV which is Thomas not a very trustworthy group of folks ThermoView Completes Chapter 11 with Buyout January 1, 2007 Companies ThermoView Industries Inc.’s CEO Larry Smith has led a management buyout of the company and its subsidiaries from the private equity firm that purchased it while it was reorganizing under Chapter 11. Blackstreet Capital Management (formerly Milestone Capital Management), a Washington, DC, firm, had purchased the company in 2005. “We are pleased to conclude the sale of ThermoView,” says Murry Guntry, managing partner of the firm. “As a result of the efforts of the management team, this concludes a very successful investment for our fund. We are confident that under Larry’s guidance ThermoView will continue to grow stronger.” Louisville, KY-based ThermoView manufactures and installs vinyl and composite replacement windows and doors as part of an array of full-service home improvement offerings. The company markets products under the Thomas, Primax, Leingang, ThermoView and True Home Value brands. The company is listed as a Window & Door Top 100 company, under its THV brand, in the $50 million-to-$75 million category. more

What a scam! 1/18/2012

The differences between Thomas Construction and Contractor ""X"" , who I ultimately went with on my bathroom remodel are:\r \r Thomas Contruction: \r 1. Spent 5-10 mins max in the bathroom and the rest of the time at my dining room table doing a hard sell\r 2. Took no measurements\r 3. Spent 3+ hours selling me on how great the company was -- walked me through an entire binder page by page about the company and finally talked about the bathroom for maybe the last hour, along with horror stories about other contractors.\r 4. No details given regarding the estimate. Just wrote the total cost in large numbers on a blank paper and then proceeded to drop the estimate a total of $3,000 within 5 minutes. Of course, to get that price, I had to sign now or it would go back up $2,000 over night. It was like dealing with a used car salesman.\r \r Contractor X :\r 1. Total meeting lasted no more than 45 mns and contractor spent the enitre time in the bathroom. He took measurements, drew a picture of the layout, and made notes.\r 2. Told me he'd work up an estimate with a couple options and get back to me in a few days.\r 3. Sent me the estimate which was fully detailed on what would be done and products used. The estimate was $1,300 LESS than Thomas' sign-now-or-else offer, plus I would get better products (cultured marble vs acrylic). Contractor X saw problems Thomas did not, such as light switch would be inside of shower and needed to be moved. In addition, Contractor X would be doing more work such as moving light switch, removing old tile; whereas Thomas was putting acrylic walls over the old tile, and still Contractor X estimate was lower.\r \r Under pressure, I am embarrassed to admit that I signed with Thomas Construction that first night and gave a deposit, but regretted it as soon as he left. The next day I signed the ""Right to Cancel"" which you can execute within 3 days to cancel the contract and I faxed it to them. I checked my bank and they had already cashed the deposit check (must have been at the bank when the doors opened!) Right to Cancel stated I would have my deposit returned within 20 days and guess what, still trying to get the deposit money returned to me. Contractor X said they do not even cancel the deposit check until the 3 days Right to Cancel expires. \r \r Last, but not least, I had called Thomas Construction to come to my home in response to a promotion that they would give me $50 just to come in and give me a free estimate. Well, big surprise, I never got the promotional $50 either!\r \r Don't fall for this scam. It's not worth 3 hours of your life listening to their rhetoric -- no matter what they offer! If they were a business that had a quality product that they truly believed in, they could sell the work without using promotional enticements, pressure sales pitches, and horror stories about competitors. more

Excellent Roof Job 10/5/2011

The roofers replaced my roof with six tab shingles of materials able to stand up to a 50 year guaranty. \r \r The roofers were on time, polite, professional, and the quality was spot-on. Clean up was thorough. The price was totally worth the product and the premium guaranty. \r more

Smooth Sailing! 8/3/2011

My job was actually replacement of Soffit/Fascia and gutter/downspout. I had an appointment for an estimate on Siding, but the salesman pointed out that my siding was OK; it was the inferior soffit/fascia product which was giving me headaches. Birds and squirrels were driving me crazy because they were able to get in and nest (read: make huge messes!) under the eaves and I was worried about the squirrels' ability to get into my house and/or damage the multiple cables running into the house in those areas. The old soffitt/fascia and gutter/downspout were removed and replaced by superior products. The job looks great, neat and the seals are all tight enough to repel all wildlife. With the recent completion of this latest Thomas Construction project more

Completely Satisfied Customer 7/18/2011

The advertising adage of customer satisfaction guaranteed is absolutely applicable in regards to my purchase and installation of Thomas Construction tilt-in replacement windows. From the start of the process with the sales representative to the very end with the follow-up after the installation, I have been treated with professional dignity and up most respect, as if I was their most important client. I am completely satisfied with everything and would proudly recommend their services to any of my associates needing windows. more

Friendly Installers 7/18/2011

My gutter guard was completed on time by a well-qualified and friendly installer. The quality was also very good! Thank you Thomas Construction for you wonderful and efficient work! more

Very, Very Pleased! 7/8/2011

I am very pleased with my remodeling project. \r \r Everyone on the Thomas Construction team was very professional and courteous. The deck was finished about a week ahead of schedule and was also a great job well done!\r \r Keep up the good work Thomas Construction! I would recommend them to any of my friends and family. \r more

horrible experience 6/14/2011

Has to be the worst remodeler of all time. Tub liners are a joke, had to have it taken out, mold growing underneath, disgusting. They wouldn't do anything about it even though less than year. Thumbs down Thomas more

Great Windows 6/6/2011

The Thomas Construction installer was competent, efficient, and cleaned up afterward. The windows are great and the price was reasonable. I will seriously consider them for my next construction project. more

Love our New Windows! 3/9/2011

After years of living with construction grade windows- we decided to replace them. Winter meant I had to close blinds and curtains to help keep the cold air out and try to keep the heat in! Our new windows are great! I no longer feel cold when I walk up to my windows and can keep my curtains open and let the sunshine in. Our only regret is that we didn't replace the windows sooner. more

Buyer Beware 3/6/2011

I had my bathtub relined in 2009 by Thomas. The first tub was cracked and they had to replace it. Their 2 day job turned into 6 months. The tub was not completed properly and I refused to pay the entire amount owed unless they made repairs. Darrell refused and repeatedly stated ""I don't see a problem with the tub"". The wall liner was not adhering to the wall and he stated that was normal also.\r \r I just discovered the tub is cracked. The gasket in the drain was dry rotted and water was leaking into the basement. The caulk on the tub is YELLOW and there are large gaps at the top of the wall liner. HONESTLY, I could have done a better job myself. I would suggest you be extremely cautious in dealing with this company.\r \r I trusted I would receive quality work but that was far from the truth. My son worked for them in the past and when I contacted the local news Thomas told them I was simply doing this because they fired my son. My son was NEVER fired. I guess that is there way of not addressing the sloppy work they did in my home. \r \r I also had them put gutters and down spouts on my home. The down spouts were not anchored for nearly six months. I discovere that when I returned from Afghanistan. They did promptly anchor them.\r \r BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Sales Approach Needs Flexibility 12/1/2010

I had a door-to-door young sales rep come knocking on a night when it was pretty cold outside. I wasn't in the immediate need for a product, but had long considered a side door upgrade. As a courtesy to his hard work, I agreed to a sales visit. Like others, I thought the commitment of an hour of time was excessive; along with the requirement of my spouse being present; but I agreed to a 7:30 appointment on a week night. When the very friendly and cordial sales rep arrived, (at 8:10pm) we advised him that we were only looking for a quote at this time, and that due to uncertain job futures, could not make a commitment in the foreseeable future. I additionally advised him that I was a repeat Thomas customer, and didn't need the ""re-sell"" on the company as my last experience was very positive. He indicated the process would therefore go quickly, which was quite welcomed. We were only interested in replacing the side door of our home with the potential of a storm door. We were expecting the quote to be in the range of $1500-$2000. What we weren't expecting was being forced to go through a lesson on sales. We tried very politely to have him abandon the approach without success. About the time the sales lesson concluded, the lesson on why people do and do not make decisions began. The sales approach is one I would expect if I were buying a time share, it just wasn't a lecture I was willing to intellectually invest for a single door. The meeting, unfortunately, ended abruptly when we realized it was 9:20 and there was no apparent end in sight for the sales attack. Combined with the bid amount of 3x our expectations, the takeaway from the experience left us feeling violated. I'm sure there are applicable opportunities, and successful opportunities for using this business approach. You wouldn't be in business if it wasn't successful. However, as construction workers, you should well know that you can't build everything with just a hammer. Mature customers do not want to be forced to listen to that kind of aggressive and insulting sales language - ESPECIALLY in their own home. Had the quote even been reasonable - the experience left us so upset, there's no way we'll even return a phone call. The real downside to that is - Thomas does incredible work. I can't help believing that if you believed more in your company, you wouldn't need such a ridiculous sales approach. more

Repeat Customer 11/15/2010

I have utilized the services of Thomas Construction for various improvement programs for my residence. These services have included new windows, the addition of a deck as a replacement for a patio and a gutter guard. The selection and the planning for the services has always involved the use of a knowledgeable representative that has provided me with the desired result. more

5 Stars for Thomas 11/11/2010

Installation was completely painless and completed in the same afternoon. I love the windows and recommend Thomas Construction with 5 stars. I will use them again in the future! more

Positive Experience 10/28/2010

My dealings with Thomas Construction were very positive. The salesperson was friendly and professional. The employee who installed the windows was both polite and courteous. I would recommend Thomas Construction if presented with the opportunity. more

What a bunch of liars 10/26/2010

I have had a terrible experience with Thomas Construction. Ownership and local management lie. I will never do business with Thomas Construction again. more

Very pleased 10/12/2010

We are pleased with the soffit and facia project that Thomas did for us. It has really improved the appearance of our house and reduced the maintenance. We would recommend Thomas to anyone who is planning a home improvement project. more

House of Thomas Windows 8/11/2010

We have now had all the windows in our home replaced by Thomas Construction, and we love the qualtiy and the look of them! We are also pleased with the quality of the work of the installers and with their neatness and professionalism. They've done a great job and cleaned up perfectly each of the three times they've come. Thomas also stands by its gurante--replacing a window that was broken--our fault, not theirs. We are really satisfied with this company and would recommend them to anyone on this site more

Satisfied Customer 7/30/2010

The crew for this company did a great job- It took them one day to finish and I am totally satisfied wtith the result. I also appreciate their clean up and their job well done. Use this company if your considering doing some remodeling. Pros: Fast installation Cons: I can't think of any more
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