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The Pedal Shop - 5 Reviews - 1600 Lafayette St, Gretna, LA - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (504) 361-8551

The Pedal Shop

1600 Lafayette St
Gretna, LA 70053
(504) 361-8551
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Great service at the Pedal Shop. You get free lifetime service on any bike that you purchase there. The previous reviewer 'MattSmith57' posted the same disparaging review on a...


Walked into the shop for the first time, and as the beginning of a bike shop tour in NOLA. Service seemed genuine and cordial, but casual. The salesman told my wife one thing and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/23/2013

It's very difficult for me to call this place a bicycle shop. I'm looking for a lady-specific full suspension 29-er mountain bike. I didn't expect to walk in and find one on the shop floor, but what I also didn't expect, was to walk in to this so-called ""Bike Shop"" and find over-priced WALMART bikes. When I walked through the rest of the shop to view the other bikes, I noticed that the high-end bikes are entry-level, at best. The only employee there assured me that he could order the bike I wanted. After getting the price, I decided to go somewhere else. The price he quoted, and all the other prices in the shop were WAY OVER MSRP. I went to another shop and got the same bike ordered for MSRP and wasn't charged shipping, either! I would rather pay retail and not get ripped-off, then pay hundreds over retail and get free service on my bicycle. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

Liars. Over promise and under deliver, will not stand by their word. All of my cycling partners told me not to come to this shop and I should have taken their advice. Please read on. \r I dealt with the owner a while back. A man that is clearly out of touch with the cycling world. He knows cycling products but knows nothing about cyclists and their needs (that is an entirely different story that I will not get into).\r I picked a product from the shop vendors (J and B Imports) catalog. He told me the product would arrive in a day (First lie. I ordered on Saturday, they are closed on Sunday) so I waited until monday and no call. I called on Tuesday and was told that the item was on back order (Second lie. I know this because I checked the vendors web sight and it was in stock in Alabama and Texas. I confirmed with a phone call to the vendor. They vendor gladly gave me the availability of the part number that I purchased, but not the sell price. Vendors words ""we have a ton of those here in Bama""). I called the shop on Wednesday and was told ""Yes, that is in stock down in florida but it will take longer than we thought for it to get here because it is coming from a different warehouse. You will receive your item on Friday. (lie three and four. Once again I checked the web sight and called. No stock in Florida and I didn't receive my order on Friday) I waited until Friday. Guess what happened. I didn't get my stuff. I called late in the day and was told that UPS didn't show up today. I requested the tracking number for the shipment and was denied that information. I then asked for my money back and was also denied a refund even though I was told by the OWNER of the bike shop that I would have the item in one day and he did not stand up to that promise. I requested to talk to the owner and was told that he would be in on Saturday. I went in on Saturday and he wasn't there. I asked when he will arrive and was told to come back closer to three o'clock. I did and still the owner was not in that day. (This is lie five) I had to wait 9 days to receive an item that I was told would arrive in one. Being lied to, and given the run around is grounds for zero stars. May I ad one more twist? At the point of sale the owner told me he would mach ANY internet or local shop price. After I pulled the item up online on my phone, he quickly back pedaled and said something along the lines of , that cant be the same item I am selling you (it was the same item with same part number), and fed me a few more excuses on why he can't meet the price even though he just told me minutes earlier that he would match any price. ( I think we are up to six lies now). Please look to any other shop than this one for service. This is a poor way to conduct business. This owners business ethics are severely off. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2012

Contrary to everyone else here, I had a good experience recently at the Pedal Shop. The employee, Paul, I think, was very helpful and did my repairs and tune up in a timely fashion. I would definitley return more

Rude & Aggressive 11/22/2011

I wanted to support a local business so I went to the Pedal Shop. I will not go again. The man working there, his name may have been 'Josh' but I am not sure, was arrogant and aggressive throughout the entire time that I was there. If you want to drive business away, act like this guy did. more

Bike Sales 9/8/2011

Walked into the shop for the first time, and as the beginning of a bike shop tour in NOLA. Service seemed genuine and cordial, but casual. The salesman told my wife one thing and would turn and tell me something slightly different, no worries, I find that to be a southern trait. Advice given to each of many questions was a personal opinion and not derived from trying to accommodate my needs or from finding out what kind of rider/customer I was or what I was looking for. To be honest I didn't mind at all as I had done a lot of research online and in books and Cyclist Forums. However after finishing up at numerous other bike shops, it really stood out how lacking and genuine the service really was at The Pedal Shop. When I further reviewed the bikes they had and their prices(from photos taken in shop) to the market value online, I found out that (A)they lied about model years assuming a 'beginner' wouldn't know, and their markup was significant and unjustified. They tried to sell a clearance bike for $200 over market, and it was marred and used. Unfortunately what i thought was just a lesser experience ended up being a shady and dishonest one. All in all I ended up purchasing from Westbank Cyclery because event hough their prices were competitive with or lower than online retailers, their service was patient, educating and very personalized and honest. You can shop where you like, there are more than enough to choose from and I have no stake in it, just save yourself from The Pedal Shop. JohnL22, why would you attack another reviewer unless you have a personal agenda with The Pedal Shop? Different reviews speak to consistency of service and overall track record, no pace will please everyone all of the time. Also, all bike shops I've ever stepped into offer lifetime service/tune-ups. more

Great Service 9/19/2010

Great service at the Pedal Shop. You get free lifetime service on any bike that you purchase there. The previous reviewer 'MattSmith57' posted the same disparaging review on a number of sites and it is the only review the user has ever posted - its likely that 'Matt' works for or owns a rival bike shop. more

Not Your Typical Bike Shop 1/18/2010

I visited the Pedal Shop because I was going to the West Bank (Gretna and Algiers) to run some errands, and was looking to purchase a bicycle seat for a friend. My first impression of this place was the posting on the window adjacent to the entrance, stating that the shop was complying with some regulation in posting that they would be selling low alcohol content liquor starting at such and such date. I then walked in, took about ten steps, and had caught the attention of the lone employee working at the time. He then walked towards me and proceeded to ask me if I needed any help in a manner which kind of made me feel like I was being profiled as a hoodlum, while at the same time made me feel as though I was inconveniencing him with my presence. He proceeded to try and help me to select a bike seat, which consisted mostly of standing next to me and staring at me. Finally, for the sake of removing myself from this eternal moment, I selected a seat hastily and we proceeded to the checkout counter. As I was checking out, I had commented on the condition of a road bike in front of the counter that was in for repair and in very bad condition, having rust everywhere (even, and especially, the seatpost!), tire rot on both front and rear tires, probably in need of a serious and costly overhaul, to which the employee stated (in what seemed to be the form of an accusation, or in impatience with my sparse questions) that it belonged to the man standing in line behind me (this man, along with his child, were not behind me but were off in the distance looking at the display bikes). The employee began talking to the man with the derelict bicycle before handing me my receipt, and failed to thank me or say goodbye once he became engaged in conversation with the man with the rusty bike. I?m not sure I can really explain what happened to me once I entered the Pedal Shop. In addition, the employee appeared to be accepting a bike in major disrepair and worth very little for a costly overhaul, which seems on the outside to be a dishonest practice. Next time I'll probably just go to GNO Cyclery--their employees are consistently helpful and courteous, and I don't have to check my ankles to see whether someone strapped a prison bracelet on me before I enter. Pros: Soon to be Selling Low-Alcohol Content Booze Cons: The Essence of Misery more
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