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The M Lasik Center

1920 McKinney Ave
Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 235-5274
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The M Lasik Center - Richardson, TX


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As a plastic surgeon in LA , I was only interested in the safety of my lasik surgery and I decided to close down my office for a week and have my lasik with Dr. M. I also brou...


I had Lasik surgery at Dr. Michael Mazaheri. The doctor was talking to his assistants the whole time like I wasn't even there, and made me feel like he wasn't even paying attentio...

I trusted him with my son...need to say more? 8/2/2011

As a plastic surgeon in LA , I was only interested in the safety of my lasik surgery and I decided to close down my office for a week and have my lasik with Dr. M. I also brought my son and I stayed in the room during his surgery. Its an amazing procedure, as surgeon I enjoyed Dr . M's Confidence and dexterity. I trusted him with my son...need to say more? more

he doese not make a cut or flap. 7/28/2011

Dr. M performed the flapless lasik on my eyes 5 years ago, I was a PHD student then in California. I chose him because I found out he doese not make a cut or flap. I have seen other doctors for my routine check ups because I still live in Orange County, I loved it when another eye surgeon looked at my eyes and said "what a perfect job! Who did your eye surgery?" more

very pleased and satisfied with the level and quality of care I have received from Dr. Mazaheri and his staff. 7/18/2011

I chose Dr. Michael Mazaheri several years ago for post-operative vision care. I have been very pleased and satisfied with the level and quality of care I have received from Dr. Mazaheri and his staff. more

I have been impressed 7/5/2011

From Day one I have been impressed with the way the staff has treated me. Dr. Mazaheri was very clear about the procedure. Very extensive tests were performed to make sure I was a candidate. I have to admit I was nervous on the day of the procedure, but Dr. Mazaheri put me at ease, and the procedure was a snap. They even played classical music during the procedure to relax me. The results have been extraordinary. Everyday I am grateful that I no longer need glasses or contacts. I am also impressed with the fact that Dr. Mazaheri only performs a certain number of procedures a week, so he can provide more individual attention to each patients. It is wonderful to wake up each day and be able to see without glasses. more

Your knowledge and experience truly made this an easy decision. 6/30/2011

I was just writing to let you know how pleased I was with my procedure. Your entire staff is very courteous and professional and was always willing to answer any questions I had. Before my surgery I was a -12 prescription, and after my 1st checkup I now have 20/20 vision. Not only did the procedure restore my vision, but you were able to save a large amount of my corneal cells, unlike many other procedures out there for people with a prescription like mine. Another thing I think separates the M Lasik Center is the personalized attention I received. You are not an office that has hundreds of patience in a month like some other offices in Dallas, and this allowed for an individualized treatment plan. Your knowledge and experience truly made this an easy decision. more

changed my life for the better 6/7/2011

It's been over 4 years since I received lasik treatment in both eyes from Dr. Michael Mazaheri back in 2007. The pre-surgery was easy, the surgery went smoothly, and recovery was quick. I have not had any problems since then, and I continue to have perfect vision with no corrective lenses. It's changed my life for the better and I'm grateful to have had such success with the surgery. more

I am spoiled by my new eyes! 6/3/2011

It has been 7 weeks since my Flapless Lasik eye surgery and already I am spoiled by my new eyes! I was so nervous about the procedure, but now, as pleased as I have been with the results and recovery (which was Flapless Lasik, thanks to your expertise and attention). more

amazing results I received! 6/1/2011

Your reputation as an eye surgeon is unsurpassed. Little did I know your expertise in eye enhancement surgery is even better! You were so precise and attained perfection on your work. Women especially can be extremely vain and their looks as they age. After a complete consultation and visually inspected pictures from prior patients, I decided to have the eye enhancement procedure done on both eyes, upper and lower. I cannot express in words the difference eye enhancement surgery has made in my life. Not only do I look 10 years younger; I feel 10 years younger in spirit. The surgery has definitely made a difference in my personal appearance as well as my emotional well being. New clients cannot believe I am really 55 after meeting me. Please have any person; female or male considering eye lid enhancement surgery call me for a reference. It would delight me to share my wonderful experience with absolutely no pain. I returned to work the same day of surgery. I will never be able to thank you or your professional Dallas staff enough for the excellent surgery performed and the amazing results I received! more

wonderful work. 5/23/2011

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful surgery you performed on lifting my eyelids at your Dallas office in June of this year 2001. You and your assistant were efficient, timely, and very caring. I was able to go back to work the same day, with very little pain or swelling. I now look at the before and after pictures, and I am amazed at the difference in how much better I look. I now do not see a shadow when I look straight ahead. On the follow up visit, you checked for right dimension, any scarring, and said I had healed very well. I thank you for your time and wonderful work. more

It was a great pleasure knowing you 5/19/2011

It was a great pleasure knowing you and having the opportunity having you carry out the Lasik surgical operation on both of my eyes with full success. I truly appreciate what you have done for me, because being a scientist my eyes are a great treasure to me at the age of 76. To prove the case I traveled twice from Dallas to Florida all by myself and did it with the help of my new eyes. God Bless you and thanks again. more

Thank you again for your thoroughness and professionalism. 5/17/2011

I thank you for your performing my laser vision correction through the LASIK procedure early this month. I am happy to inform you that my life has changed dramatically since then. It is a great feeling to be able to participate in sports and other activities in a more active manner, the way I used to, before I had started wearing glasses about twelve years ago. I am very happy and satisfied with the professional level of care that I received from you and your personnel in Dallas. The fact that you yourself were involved in all aspects of my LASIK surgery procedure from preoperative visits to all my post-operative visits made me very pleased. Thank you again for your thoroughness and professionalism. more

I am extremely happy with the results. 5/13/2011

I have had the procedure done and I am extremely happy with the results. The actual flapless Lasik procedure is a little scary when it first starts but it doesn’t last long. However, the end results are totally awesome. After the Lasik procedure your eyes will hurt but do what the doctor tells you and within eight hours you will feel better and your eyesight will be better. I was amazed that I could start seeing things within eight hours without glasses. I talked to a lot of people that had Lasik eye surgery and I have heard nothing but good about it. I think it is great and I am happy I decided to do it. I will be happy to talk to anyone considering having this done. Come see me, “I can see you.” more

the best surgeon. 5/10/2011

A couple of months ago, I made two of the most important decisions of my life. The first was to have Lasik surgery to correct my 20/200 vision. The second and, by far, the more important decision of the two was to have you perform the eye surgery. You were not the least expensive surgeon, nor were you the most advertised surgeon. You were not even the closest surgeon to my home. You were, however, the best surgeon. From the beginning of my initial office visit to the end of my last follow up visit, you made it abundantly clear that you were much more interested in correcting my vision than simply collecting a fee. Your unwavering commitment to perfection has combined with your dedication and perseverance to create a professional standard that few in your profession will ever achieve. Your success, Dr. Mazaheri, is clearly visible in the smiles of your patients. Some call Lasik surgery a miracle. Maybe, but if true, I respectfully submit that the miracle would be in the hand of God guiding the hand of a supremely gifted surgeon. Oh, did I mention that when you tested my eyesight five minutes after the surgery and it was 20/15? Remarkably, my vision has actually improved since then! For those considering surgeons for Lasik surgery, Dr. Mazaheri, you are the clear choice. With my sincerest respect and appreciation, more

FREE consultation 5/2/2011

I want to thank you for giving me my freedom back. I thought I would always have the restriction of having to wear corrective lenses for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even see my feet without them. I had been wearing corrective lenses since I was seven years old. I was in shock when I first found out I was considered legally blind without my glasses while dealing with stresses of starting high school. My eyes got worse through time and the ongoing damage finally came to end when my prescription reached 14.75 in both eyes. After extensive research about Lasik surgery, I decided it was time for me to go see a doctor. I made an appointment with a local doctor known for his Lasik surgery at low costs, which by the way charges $250.00 just for a pre-consultation. I was very disappointed after waiting for almost four hours followed by a quick two to three minute consultation with the doctor himself. He said, “You are not qualified for Lasik”, as he continued telling his assistant to “process my refund”. He did not explain why I was not qualified and no other options were explored. I was disheartened with his quick analysis and had begun to lose hope. I called many other local doctors’ (Lasik) offices in town but, just after listening to my situation, they all advised me not to even make an appointment as they could not help me. Then, I called your Dallas office Dr. Mazaheri, and asked if I can make an appointment I explained my situation to your staff over the phone, staff consulted with the doctor about my situation and asked me to come into the office for a FREE consultation. I was very pleased to see someone who was willing to at least do some due diligences before rejecting me. With no consultation fee and doctor still wanted to see me I had nothing to lose. To cut this long story short, I had a late appointment 6:00pm but I could not make it and called the office to reschedule for some other day. Instead you kept your office open and kept the staff until 8:00pm that evening to see me, for FREE. Dr. M. you and more

I will make sure to pass your cards on 4/25/2011

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to compliment The M Lasik Center on the great customer service from all of the associates working there. It is quite obvious that your Dallas office has a great plan in order to meet the needs of your patients in an expedited manner. I will make sure to pass your cards on to potential patients looking to get No Cut Lasik surgery. There is no doubt in my mind that they will have the same positive experience as I did. more

Without any hesitation I would recommend Dr. Mazaheri 4/21/2011

When my family and I decided to get our eyes done, there was no question in our minds to see Dr. Mazaheri at The M LASIK Center. His knowledge, skill and patient care is outstanding. Our eyes have never seen better. Without any hesitation I would recommend Dr. Mazaheri for LASIK surgery. more

we recommend him to you without reservation 4/19/2011

As a physician I was very cautious about LASIK Surgery. When it came to my eyes I wanted surgical skill more than an advertisement. In 1999 my wife and I both had LASIK surgery with Dr. Mazaheri. It is one of the smartest moves we have ever made. Dr. Mazaheri is the best in our eyes and we recommend him to you without reservation more

Dr. Mazaheri did such an outstanding laser surgery on my eyes that I referred four other members of my family. We are all extremely happy with our results. 4/13/2011

Dr. Mazaheri did such an outstanding laser surgery on my eyes that I referred four other members of my family. We are all extremely happy with our results. more

Doctor Mazaheri is a great 4/5/2011

Doctor Mazaheri is a great doctor. He is very professional and did a great job on my Lasik. I was referred by my husband who is a physician and had Lasik done with him 10 years ago, over the years I have referred him to many friends and everyone loves him. Getting LASIK done with Dr. Mazaheri was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I am very pleased with the results, and recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Mazaheri for a job well done. more

I am writing to express my thanks and to communicate my complete satisfaction 2/23/2011

I am writing to express my thanks and to communicate my complete satisfaction with my "no cut" laser surgery you performed on my eyes in August of 2010. My eyes were very bad (-12 with 5 diopters of astigmatism) and I did not even expect to be a candidate for the surgery when I went to your office for a consultation. You were very upfront with me, explaining that getting to 20-20 was nearly impossible, but 20-30 or even 20-25 was possible. I told you that unless I could be reasonably sure that I won't need glasses for quite some time that I did not want to proceed. You told me that you were 99 percent sure I would not need glasses for 99 percent of the time. I felt very comfortable with this and I do appreciate that you managed my expectations about the procedure - I simply could not expect 20-20 vision given how bad my eyesight was to begin with. Five months later my vision is 20-25 and I never wear glasses. Just last week I went to the DMV and got the restriction for corrective vision taken off my license. It is a pleasure being able to see without glasses or contacts. Going to the beach with my kids used to be frustrating since I could not really see what was going on, now I can fully enjoy going to the beach. more
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