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The Dallas World Aquarium


1801 N Griffin St (at at Hord St)
Dallas, TX 75202

(214) 720-2224
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The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
The Dallas World Aquarium  - Dallas, TX
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This aquarium is home to some distinctive flora and fauna from various countries and continents. Always a fun place for kids!


My girlfriend and her daughter have asked me for months to take them to the Dallas World Aquarium. We finally had the opportunity to go last Sunday. When I went to the window to p...

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Editorial Review 10/28/2011

This aquarium is home to some distinctive flora and fauna from various countries and continents. Always a fun place for kids! more

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World Aquarium 3/29/2006

This place is amazing. An absolute must to see. Kids and adults will enjoy. You can take the dart train and get very close. It is located close to downtown Dallas close to West End and is a most popular place. The atmosphere is really great. Lots to see so plan to have several hours to spend. You won't want to leave. more

Dallas aquarium 12/31/2005

This place is definately worth the trip. I loved all of the different fishes and reptiles that were on display. I got to see exotic fish, eels, and crocodiles, which was amazing. The gift shop is also very good and the prices are very reasonable. It's very colorful, which is probably the thing I liked best about it. more

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Do you like H20? Sure, we all do... 12/13/2005

The Dallas World Aquarium stated out as a pretty small affair, with some great food and a few fish tanks to look at. What is has become is more of a family oriented place, with so many more attractions than before. Some highlights: the albino alligator, piranha, jelly fish, and of course: the walk through aquarium tunnel (all water except the ceiling). I would recommend this place to family's as a substitute to the zoo. The zoo is great, but kids can get tired of repetition. Switch things up, or take a date. I've been about 10+ times, and still enjoy the experience. Be sure to look in you entertainment book for a coupon for admission too. more

Dallas World Aquarium 11/21/2005

Dallas World Aquarium is a world class aquarium. They have lots and lots of fishes.I like it very much. They also haven't taken themselves too literally as an aquarium. There are all kinds of other animal like turtles,cats and birds etc. I totally recommend them. You should go see it at least once if you like in dfw area. Kids also love it. more

Great place to take kids. 9/23/2005

The Dallas World Aquarium is a great place to take kids. The have the tanks set up by different areas of the world. Such as Fiji, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and others The also have a tunnel to experience a panoramic view of reef life. The also have a Predators exhibit. They have tanks that represent the waters of four continents, three oceans and various seas. The also had a Penguin exhibit where you can see the penguins swim around. It was a little pricey but it is worth it to see you childs face light up with joy. more

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Up close and personal 9/6/2005

This is a very nice place to go see the marine life. They have a vast collection of sea animals to view. The colors of the many fish are very beautiful. This is a nice place to take the entire family. The kids will love looking into a world they rarely see and they will love the fact that you can really see them so close! more

Dallas World Aquarium 8/30/2005

My family and I love to visit the Dallas World Aquarium. It is a little expensive to get in, but it is defiantly worth the price. This aquarium features marine life from around the world, and there is also a rainforest which I enjoyed very much. It is a great experience for both children and adults. more

This is a definite do-not-miss! 8/24/2005

Whether you're a resident of Dallas or just coming to town on vacation, one place you do not want to miss is the Dallas World Aquarium! Located in the warehouse district close to downtown Dallas, this amazing blend of tropical rain forests and aquaria will keep you spellbound for hours. The variety of wildlife, sea creatures, exotic fishes, and other flora and fauna is unprecedented. This is a popular place, so avoid holidays and weekends, if at all possible. more

Dallas World Aquarium 8/23/2005

We visited the Dallas World Aquarium after being very disappointed by the one at Fair Park. This is a nice Aquarium - a bit small I think and expensive for what you get to see. The highlights are the tunnel that you see fish all around you and also the penguins from cape Town South Africa are a big hit for us - brings back a bit of home! There is a restaurant to eat in but we have not yet done that. I think it is a nice place to go visit if you have not been to an Aquarium in a while. more

wonderful for everyone 8/21/2005

Even if you do not particularly care about fish for anything other than food, you will surely enjoy your visit here. A lot of the fish are no longer fish here; they are like living and beautiful works of art, as are the other animals. Children will no doubt love seeing every single exhibit, which all give you a feel of other parts of the world. The location isn't too far away if you take the Dart train there. Just make sure to bring money; it's somewhat expensive! more

A Must See! 8/19/2005

The Dallas Aquarium is a very well done aquarium. Although it can't quite compare to those seen in NYC or other huge cities as such, this one is still very very good and has plenty to see. This is a wonderful outing for the whole family, especially the children. But I tell you, I had more fun than the kids did. Just a great experience. The pricing is the same as what you would find at most places like this anywhere. For me and 2 kids, it came out to be about 35 bucks or so, which is not bad cause you make a whole day out of it. And they have a pretty good place to eat inside the aquarium. So I highly recommend this place. more

awsome place 8/19/2005

This place is so cool. Its not just an aquarium. Its more like a big rainforest. You start off at the top layer known as the canopy you go down all these different sections and end up at the bottom were the aqariaum is. There is all kinds of animals monkeys, rabbits, and fish all the things which you would find in the different layers of the rainforest. This is a great place to go. more

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Beautiful, yet expensive! 8/17/2005

This place is a lot of fun for people of all ages. It truely is something to behold. The fish are so peaceful to watch, as are many of the different exhibits. My daughter loved watching the sloths, and my son prefered the sharks. There is something for everyone at the Dallas World Aquarium. Take the DART train and make a day of it. There's a good restaurant located inside the aquarium. And everything is stroller friendly. I highly recommend! more

Fun and worth the trip 8/17/2005

The Dallas Aquarium has always been a favorite of mine--there's so much to see and it is very well laid out. You can walk through a 22,000-gallon (83,280 l) tunnel to experience what it's like to live in the reef. There are ten 2,000-gallon tanks that display marine life from Palau, Southern Australia, Lord Howe Island, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Bahamas, British Columbia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Japan. Admission is $15.95 for adults and $ 8.95 for kids, 12 and under. more

Dallas World Aquarium 8/16/2005

The Dallas World Aquarium is a great place to go with kids, family, or on a date! It is very big and has all sorts of animals. It is like a zoo, but for aquatic animals. It has sharks, manatees, monkeys, snakes, frogs, birds, large cats, and even penguins. The gift shop is very nice and the cafe inside also has good food. The best part is the big room as you first walk in, with the layered exhibits and a 40 foot waterfall that falls into a big tank below, which hosts lots of big fish you see at the end of the exhibit. Lots of fun! more

Enter the jungle 8/16/2005

Not just an ordinary aquarium, i was surprised to find it was more of a jungle exhibit. Monkeys, alligators, birds, there was much more than just fish tanks. A wonderful place to bring the kids, they will be constantly running from exhibit to exhibit just staring at all the animals. It's a great place to bring curious children. more

A perfect place to spend an afternoon 8/16/2005

Everywhere you look at the DWA you're going to see something amazing. From the outside the building doesn't look like it can possibly be big enough for more than, say, a 200 gallon tank, but it goes on and on. Unlike most of the aquariums I've been to, this one is designed vertically rather than horizontally, so you work your way down and then back up again. The unique design allows for some spectacular displays. One path wends its way through a rain forest area, and as you're going past terrariums and tanks on the outside wall, you get to see the gigantic pool in the middle from almost every angle and height. In another you walk through a tunnel built into the middle of a shark tank. A third is a wall where visitors can get inches away from manatees and other fish. They also haven't taken themselves too literally as an aquarium. There are all sorts of other animals such as birds, turtles, even hunting cats. We happened to be there at a time when their Mayan dance troupe was performing and spent a pleasant hour admiring the costumes and talking with the performers. I can't recommend the aquarium enough! Make sure to check it out. more

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very very very impressive! 8/10/2005

i am so happy that i took the long drive to dallas to see this aquarium. i could not believe all that they had! in addition to an absolutely amazing aqarium they had things such as a a multi-story rainforest and exotic cats exhibit. unbelievable! we ate at a small cafe inside and it was very affordable and sooo delicious. its about $15 to get in, and its just about the best $15 ive ever spent on entertainment. they have a great gift shop too, actually there are about 3 of them. you must go!!! youre missing out!!! take your kids and your spouse and anyone you can get to go, they will thank you! more

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Good 7/15/2005

This place is a really neat place to go. I love going here and just seeing all of the different types of animals that live in the water. They have so many massive tanks that house so many different fish. If you want some thing to do that is different from other things then this is the place that i suggest that you go. I know that some of the fish were bigger then my kid. I think it was a pretty cool experiance plus the people here are just so nice also. This place is deffinatly worth the money. more
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  • In Short
    Everything from innocuous anemones and angelfish to daunting predators like sharks and stingrays make their home inside this aquarium. Take a walk through the...

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  • Hours: Monday To Sunday From 10:00 AM To 05:00 PM
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