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This is the first review I have ever written online. Because I feel so strongly about Emily and TCRA I felt compelled to share my story. I will try to make it brief! My husba...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2012

""My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for two full years when I decided to look into\r acupuncture for fertility. That's when I found the Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture in Plano. When I met Emily at my first appointment, I was so touched by her genuine concern and her interest in all the little\r details I shared with her about my journey. It was such a different experience than I had while visiting with doctors. Rather than listening to me, the doctors I met with would jump to suggest clomid or other medications and procedures before trying to even diagnose me (or my husband). Because of this, when I first met Emily, I was very skeptical and extremely hopeless. But I left that first appointment feeling full of excitement and hope for the first time in a long time! I knew I had found the right place.\r \r Before trying to get pregnant, I had been on birth control pills for 11 years in order to regulate my menstrual cycle. I had never had a regular cycle prior to starting birth control. After stopping birth control, my cycles were still very irregular and long, and I wasn't sure if or when I was ovulating.\r \r I decided to try at least three months of acupuncture and herbs. In addition, Emily gave me specific advice on how to holistically heal my body and put it back into balance. After about a month, I had never felt better. I was less stressed, getting better nutrition, my digestion and allergies had improved, and I could just tell that this was really working.\r \r Two and a half months later, I found out I was pregnant! I am now nine months pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my baby any day now! I continued to see Emily for acupuncture through my 1st trimester and did not experience morning sickness. My pregnancy could not have been better or gone more smoothly. I have not had any complications and believe that my improved health prior to pregnancy allowed my baby and me to stay healthy these past nine months.\r \r Had I not met Emily when I did, I would have soon gone down the path of seeking help from a reproductive endocrinologist because I had given up on my body's ability to get pregnant. I thank God for helping me find Emily and decide not to give up on body. I am so grateful that I was able to avoid medications and costly fertility procedures. Thank you Emily!!"" more

So Grateful for TCRA! 9/24/2011

This is the first review I have ever written online. Because I feel so strongly about Emily and TCRA I felt compelled to share my story. I will try to make it brief! My husband and I tried getting pregnant on our own with no luck and finally ended up at an infertility clinic where I was diagnosed with more

Try it- it really works! 5/17/2011

TCRA is a wonderful; I had read really great reviews and decided to give it a try. I really didn’t know what to expect-some weird new age atmosphere, some clinical setting? I was very pleasantly surprised. The San Antonio office is beautiful. It is very comfortable, but everyone is a complete professional and very friendly.\r My first appointment was with David. He took our medical history, and thoroughly explained how their treatment works. It was an hour and a half, and by the time it was over, my husband and I were sure we were making the right decision.\r I am 41, have had severe PMS symptoms, irregular periods and spotting for years. I have had several miscarriages and had trouble getting pregnant. I also have Bell ’s palsy (I woke up one day and ½ my face was paralyzed), and migraines.\r While I’m not pregnant yet, TCRA has completely evened out my cycle. No more PMS, little to no spotting before my cycle, and my basal body temperatures have stabilized. I am very certain, if there is a way I am going to get pregnant, it is with their help.\r They have also done wonders for my Bell’s palsy. I see Kirsten the majority of the time, and she is wonderful. When I started coming to TCRA, the left side of my face really drooped, but after coming to TCRA, you don’t even really notice it (unless it is windy outside-as Kirsten explained would happen.) They treat your whole body. I have come in with a back or neck ache, and by the time the treatment is over, it is gone.\r I usually don’t take the time to write reviews, but I have to let everyone know about an amazing experience I just had at TCRA.\r I have been getting severe migraines for about the last 10 years, I have been going to TCRA for almost a year, and the headaches have virtually disappeared. A few Tuesdays ago I had an appointment with Kirsten. On the way (I have a 40 min drive) my head started pounding. I got to the appointment about 20 min. early and felt like I was going to pass out. I sat by the bathroom because I was sure I was going to be ill, it was one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had in my life. Kirsten was able to squeeze me in early; I almost couldn’t walk back to the acupuncture room. Kirsten asked my symptoms and where on my head the pain was, I told her, and she said that she would make me a special shot cup of herbs, and by the time the acupuncture treatment was over, it would be gone. (In my head I said “yeah, right. Maybe it will feel a little better, but be completely gone?).\r When the treatment was over, I sat up, and absolutely no more headache!!! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I called everyone I knew to let them know!\r I’ve had times when I’ve come to an appointment, and Kirsten will, for example, notice that I was limping. I wouldn’t even be aware of it, I’d get up and walk-I was limping. She would, of course treat it; they are just very aware and observant of every aspect of your body. They also give you nutritional advice based on your symptoms. If you are hesitant to try acupuncture, I urge you to give TCRA a try, the staff is friendly, the needles don’t hurt, and at the end of each session you are completely relaxed, but the best part is, it really works!\r more

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 5/16/2011

I first heard of TCRA from a friend who gave me an article out of the paper. Her daughter was undergoing IVF and her doctor had recommended acupuncture to her, so her mother thought it might me something that could help me as well.\r I initially went to TCRA because my cycles were completely out of whack. I have NEVER had a 28 day cycle (unless i was on the pill). Once my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for a baby and I got off of the pill, each cycle would get longer and longer in duration. 35 days, 42 days, 65 days. Once i had the 82 day cycle, we decided that we needed some help. Its very hard to get pregnant when you have no idea when you ovulate.\r I met with Emily and told her my story and she immediately put me at ease. After I left my consult, i sat in my car and cried because I finally felt like there was someone and something out there that could help. We started with a 3 month treatment plan that included acupunture 2x a week and herbs. I was suprised at how relaxing the treatment really was. So much so, that i actually counldn't wait for each session. After the 3month treatment cycles were definately shortening and becoming more regular. We continued with another 3 month plan and halfway through that plan i got pregnant!! WOOHOO!! Emily then treated me through my first trimester to help me with morning sickness and fatigue. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and going strong!\r The day Emily released me, I cried because I just love her so much. She really helped me through an emotional time and you will not find a more calming spirit in a person. She is a gift from above. I do not have enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude to her. It took three people to make this baby: me, my husband and Emliy!! I would recommend her to ANYONE in need of fertility or reproductive help. I cannot wait to bring the baby by to meet her!\r more

Praise God 4/4/2011

After about a year and half of trying to be pregnant, I was getting dejected and in despair living in this limboland cycle after cycle. I went to doctors for various treatments and with each failed cycle I was disillusioned with the way things were going. Being from India originally I am aware of holistic treatments where the whole body and mind are treated for a particular problem, whereas with western medicine the individual problem is treated. It wasnt possible to find a Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment here and that's when by God's grace I became aware of Accupuncture treatments. I called a good number of accupuncture clinics.. but the reviews posted here below me gave me the needed encouragemnt to choose TCRA. I was relieved to find they had a location in Plano and that the accupuncturist was Emily (I wanted someone to whom I can communicate clearly to)\r \r Though I had a positive approach to trying accupuncture it is still a new and unknown thing to me, but from the very first session I noticed so many changes in me.. The first session I had 'bloackages' removes from my tummy area... everytime Emily pressed my tummy I had pain... and she found the appropriate accu point to counter that and with the next deep press of the tummy the pain was gone! Really surprised me. With the positive first session, I had little hesitation in making the decision to invest in a 2 month treatment.\r \r The accupuncture treatments that followed under Emily's care, along with following her diet recommendations had a positive effect on my overall well being, much lesser stress and a general positivity. \r \r Other things to keep in mind is that if you are not going for completely natural conception, then clearly understand what medications you are taking prescribed by your Ob/Gyn or your RE, so that you can communicate that clearly to Emily and then your treatments will not clash. If you are taking medications to suppress ovulation, then its no good to do accu treatment FOR ovulation. So whatver medications you are taking clearly find out what EACH ONE is supposed to do and how each medicine is supposed to affect your cycle or body. Western treatment and accupuncture can definitely go hand in hand in complete harmony..\r \r Emily is genuinely caring. Sometimes you may want to talk things out but dont want to disclose things to people in your family and friends circle. With Emily its just you both in the circle so you can disclose EVERYTHING and talk things out.\r \r The office (on dexter dr, plano tx) is a very clean and calming place.\r \r Anyway, longstory short, I am now pregnant with twins during the third month of my treatment! I just finished my first trimester treatments and absolutely no morning sickness inspite of the high hormone levels that come with carrying twins.\r \r I will defintely miss going there.... I absolutely recommend this clinic and accupuncturist... Seriously awesome! more

Seriously awesome! 2/15/2011

I actually see them in San Antonio but Plano is my home town so I wanted to share my review here too since many of their team work in all locations! I'm currently pregnant, but here is my whole story! They are amazing. I wasn't a typical fertility patient - I got pregnant on my own and miscarried at 40. I started seeing them just because I wanted to feel ""normal"" again. And they were so supportive and helpful and really listened to my needs with no pressure to make choices about the future. I started seeing them 2 weeks after my miscarriage and soon was feeling a lot better. I got a cold - they helped me with that too! My sinuses drained 10 minutes after they put the needles in:) Then I had a gallbladder attack - they focused on helping me get through the symptoms and tests, then the surgery and then to heal fast after (I did!). When I decided I DID want to try for a baby, they helped me and I was pregnant in 2 months. But I miscarried again, and couldn't face more so I said, ""I'm done"" but I guess I wasn't - ended up pregnant at 42! I started having so many problems with sinuses, allergies, swelling and huge anxiety attacks - I called them around week 20 when things just kept getting worse. They were once again so supportive and got me in immediately - and HELPED ME! No western medicine could/or wasn't safe since I was pregnant. But now at the start of week 27 I feel so amazing and happy and pretty much have no side effects from pregnancy. I go once a week and will the rest of my pregnancy and also post partum for a while (they will help me heal faster, regain normal hormone levels, and even can help support lactation efforts!) If you have ANY issues relating to reproductive/hormone health, are pregnant or want to be, anything - you should call them and at least talk to them. The entire team is awesome, from practitioners to office staff. They never make promises and are always honest, but also always so supportive. And look up studies about acupuncture and the success increases when used with any kind of fertility treatment. The worst thing that might happen is you'll end up feeling better and more centered than you ever have before. The best thing? They might help you hold a living dream in your arms one day! more

Found Hope Again! 8/25/2010

My husband and I had tried to become pregnant for about four years. During that time, I went through two surgeries to remove uterine fibroids, numerous medications, and two failed IUIs. During the summer of 2009, I discovered the work of Randine Lewis (author of The Infertility Cure) and attended one of her fertility retreats. That was my first introduction to acupuncture. Upon returning home to Fort Worth, I found an acupuncturist in the area and began treatments. I believe it did a lot for my stress level, but I wasn't seeing improvements in my fertility, and I started the downward spiral again of anxiety and depression associated with fertility challenges. The hope I had found on the retreat was vanishing quickly. I took a break from acupuncture, and my husband and I revisited the idea of IVF. We thought and thought and finally decided to go forward with it. I still believed in acupuncture and wanted to find someone more specialized. I found TCRA from a google search and at the time didn't realize they had a local location. After reading their success rates, I was honestly trying to figure out how I could get to Austin once a week when I realized they had a Fort Worth location. I knew it was meant to be when I saw that they were using space in my doctor's building! When I first met Emily Guevara, I was taken in by her calm, caring manner. She listened intently to my history in a way I hadn't experienced except on the retreat. I left that first consult with something I had been losing...hope. I cried in the car and called my husband and said, ""this is our answer"". I signed up for 12 weeks of treatment with the plan of doing IVF after the first cycle. Well...I got pregnant during that first cycle doing acupuncture, herbs and following the dietary changes Emily recommended! We were all shocked--me, my husband, Emily, and our doctor! I will never forget the shocked but happy look on our doctor's face when I went in for the first appt of our ""spontaneous"" (as he said) pregnancy! I simply cannot say enough good things about Emily and TCRA! I recommend her to everyone I meet who tells me they are experiencing a fertility challenge. She is incredibly skilled, intelligent, and competent. Her warm, compassionate manner is extremely sincere--one meeting and you will know how much she cares about you and your health. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and looking forward to returning closer to my due date for ""easy labor"" sessions. I honestly don't believe we would be waiting for this little miracle to come without the treatments I received through TCRA. more

Thanks to Emily and TCRA 6/25/2010

I have been facing some problems trying to get pregnant. I found about the TCRA on the internet and started to work with Emily Guevara. Things started falling in place right away with regular, easy periods, healthy internal system etc. Emily, a wonderful and dedicated person worked with me with utmost care. Thanks to Emily’s care, I am now pregnant with twins. I have been following the advice of Emily with my eating habits and exercise and that has helped me have a very easy pregnancy so far. \r \r TCRA clinic is a very well maintained, clean and peaceful environment and I would recommend Emily and TCRA to anyone facing problems of infertility or finding it difficult to get pregnant and also to pregnant women who have been having a lot of trouble with morning sickness etc. \r \r They go above and beyond their duties to answer your queries through emails or phone calls, promptly.\r Pros: Knowledgeable and caring accupuncturist; vey nice facility more

Great addition to IVF treatment 4/8/2010

I have loved working with Emily throughout my IVF cycle and early pregnancy. I was so thankful to find someone to help me during this difficult and stressful time. It helped give me more confidence that I would have a successful IVF cycle, and I was especially glad to work with someone specilizing in fertility acupuncture. Emily is very calming and fantastic to work with! I would highly recommend seeking this type of treatment during your IVF cycle. more

Amazing experience 2/11/2010

When I first came to TCRA I hadn't had a 28 day ""normal"" cycle my entire life. I had been told I probably had PCOS and would need medication to achieve pregnancy. My intention was to go and try to regulate my cycles and just see how my body responded and if there was a possibility I could become pregnant before turning to further medical intervention.\r \r Not only did I have a 28 day cycle the first month of being a patient at TCRA, I was pregnant the next month! In fact, they were the ones who recommended I take a pregnancy test and they were correct. I then continued their services until I was around 20 weeks to keep both me and the pregnancy healthy and thriving. Now I am 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and can hardly wait until I get to go back and prepare for labor and delivery.\r \r I firmly believe I would not have had such an easy and successful time with this without the help of the acupuncturists at TCRA. And, almost as important, I have had such a blessed pregnancy because of the acupuncture. No nausea of any kind, no discomforts, and they were even able to help me keep any anxieties at bay. They say acupuncture can help a pregnant woman feel better, however, if you are already getting acupuncture treatments when you conceive you the results are so much more drastic. I believe that now very firmly.\r \r The staff at TCRA became more than service providers, they became my second family. In fact, I was more excited to tell them I was pregnant than my own family! Sorry mom and dad. I worked mainly with Dixie and Emily (who even acurately predicted the sex of the baby at 5 weeks), and Kirsten was my case manager, but I am sure that anyone they would employ would exceed anyone's expectations. The front desk staff was so informative and caring, walking in the front door alone was such a calming and healing experience. \r \r I even joked with Dixie that I wouldn't recommend walking down the sidewalk outside TCRA if you weren't interested in being pregnant, they really are that powerful of a group. It is a commitment, you have eating guidelines and herbs to take, but I just turned myself over to them, gave it 100%, thinking, if it didn't work what had I really lost? At least I would have had some acupuncture. Instead, I've walked away with a dream I never knew I wanted so badly. Whenever I speak of them to someone a huge well of emotions usually comes up, but once you've met these people you will understand. I can't wait to take my daughter up to meet all her adoptive aunties who were such an important part in her creation. Call them, they will help you. - TR, due 4/8/2010 Pros: Completely supportive and involved staff more

A Great Help in Fertility 11/24/2009

I really enjoyed my experience at TCRA Plano. The treatements helped enhance my fertility. Working with Emily helped bring understanding to what can be an anxious and fearful journey. It was so important to have someone to 'process with' and to know that I was doing something productive during the waiting and wondering, to enhance our chances at having a child.\r Many times in my journey specialists discouraged us from trying to have children but we are grateful to have had acupuncture as part of our faith journey and are looking forward to being parents in 2010! Pros: friendly, personal, attentive, holistic more

Best Board Certified Reproductive Acupuncturists 7/23/2009

The team of acupuncturist that David and Kirsten have put together is incredible. They work with the patient needs in mind as their most important goal. As an IVF provider I have work with them for over 2 years and I am very pleased with their professional service. They dialogue with the patient and when appropriate combine medical and acupuncture therapies. The only winner is the patient who truly gets a holistic approach. If you are looking for acupuncture, stop looking: Texas Center for Reproductive Acupunctuer is your place. I wholeheartedly recommended it. Pros: professionalism, results, honest more
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