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Tan Zone - 13 Reviews - 45-480 Kaneohe Bay Dr Ste C20, Kaneohe, HI - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (808) 234-1986

Tan Zone

45-480 Kaneohe Bay Dr Ste C20
Kaneohe, HI 96744
(808) 234-1986
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read all the reviews and considered driving to the other side of the island. Then I called and had a talk with one of the Receptionist. I asked if she had time to answer a few que...


1. Playful decor\r \r 2. The Bed Bulbs are either wrong kind, not properly maintained or intentionally weak. It takes two to three sessions in a Zone bed to get the same amount ...

You Can't Always Get What You Want 4/12/2009

I have given Tan Zone not one, not two, but three chances to prove that they are a bonfide tanning salon. Well call me insane, because I have been sadly disappointed each and every time. I have no one to blame but myself. I was hopeful that over a two year period of time, the owner or owners would upgrade and update the tanning salon. Nope, no way, no how. the tanning equipment is a throwback to the 80s and aren't we now in the year 2009?\r I will be the first to admit I am lazy and I am all about convenience having the Tan Zone right down the street. I have woke up from a bad dream and now get in my car and drive, passing beautiful and breathtaking scenery along the way to a REAL Tanning Salon, where I am definitely getting what I pay for. Up to date equpment, friendly staff, and cheaper prices. Pros: There Are None Cons: Throwing Money Away more

Worse run business on the island 12/16/2008

Easily the worse run business on the island. They never open on time, close at random times (usually during lunch). Today is Tuesday 12/16/08 and I went there yesterday morning and this morning at 10:00 am and both times they were close. They have a special where they give you a discount if you tan from 10:00am-11:00am which I have never been able to use because they're never open on the days that I try to come. They always hire young, snotty teen age girls that have no sense of responsibility or work ethic. I once got there at 10:45 am saw the ""close for ten minutes"" sign and wanted until 11:50 am. That would mean that, assuming they opened at 10:00 am (a generous assumption) the girl had to work a full 45 minutes (assuming she just left when I got there) before needing an hour break. Beginning today I am now going to a salon in Pearl City (18 miles away instead of 2 miles from Tan Zone) because I'm tired of being treated like a scker. I wish a responsible person would buy this place, fire everybody, and start a new. Just opening during the posted hours would be a huge improvement..\r \r BTW, these negative messages are not posted by the competition because there is no competition. It's the only salon in area. That's how they get away with treating their customers like sht. Cons: Their existence more

I am very happy that I didn't judge them based on other reviews 10/26/2008

read all the reviews and considered driving to the other side of the island. Then I called and had a talk with one of the Receptionist. I asked if she had time to answer a few questions and she was more than happy to answer all my questions. I decided to go down the next day and was willing to pay for a month membership. Surprisingly they gave me an extra month for half price. I have been going there for three weeks now and have been extremely pleased with the warm hospitality of all the receptionist. You don't need to schedule an appointment, just show up during business hours. I have never had to wait longer than 5 mins to get into a room and I have never seen a burnt out bulb. The rooms are clean and I have always been treated with respect. I have gone to tanning salons for over 25 years and this is the nicest and most convenient one. I don't know if it is competitors leaving negative reviews and if it is, shame on them. I would advise everyone to give them a chance before driving to the other side of the island to pay the same exact price. Use your own judgement and if you like them, please leave them positive reviews to counter balance the negative ones. Happy and tan in Kaneohe! more

Rude Staff, Overpriced 7/20/2008

Staff is rude...costs too much...bulbs need to be changed...never open, so if you bought a week package your are out of luck... Cons: staff, price, old beds more

Go somewhere else! 7/20/2008

Go somewhere else. This place is a scamming people. You will pay almost a $100 for burnt out bulbs. I wonder if they have ever been changed since they opened? I am sure you can get a better deal somewhere else. Even if you still have to pay a high price, they will probably make sure their beds work properly. Pros: Location, decor is cute Cons: Beds are old, burnt bulbs, overpriced, staff rude more

High Disappointed! 7/19/2008

I was highly disappointed wih this tanning salon. I was even more disappointed when I read the remark written by what I am assuming is the owner/manager/staff? For those of you considering this their comment and it will only support all the rest of us who feel they are overpriced and ripping people off. They commented on people who have been their clients for years, but I noticed that they get certain beds and the they are ""locals."" If you are not a ""local"" you get the ""rip off"" beds (i.e. burnt out bulbs, dirty, etc...). If you have ask for a different bed, they won't give it to you. As for the comment overpriced products and having to deal with it - no you don't. You find another place that does not rip you off and is over price or you just don't shop there. However, this business does not have to worry about their business, because are closed so much, they do not maintin their bed and this cuts dowon on overhead. Not to mention, they realize they have a ""cash cow"" on unsuspecting military spouses coming from the mainlaind and know that they will pay for a a tan, a week or a month to try it out and then not even probably come back to get their monies worth - again this helps with overhead. I suspect that when they are low on cash flow, they close (don't have pay staff, less electricity, etc..) or only open for a little bit and make an excuse about computer problem (buy a better computer - their pretty cheap now a days). You get the picture, so give someone else your money and stop supporting a company that obviously wants to rip off military spouses/families. Cons: All more

This place s a rip off! 7/19/2008

This place is horrible. They have burnt out bulbs and should be able to change them with the prices they charge. They have old radio/cd players with nasty headphone hat look like they were taken out of a dumpster and they barely work. However, it doesn't matter, because they play their choice of music over the main speakers so loud that you couldn't listen to what you you wanted to listen to, even if you had a brought your own MP3 player/IPod. The staff is extremely rude. The beds are old and sometimes you have to clean them yourself. You have to borrow a key to use the restroom for all he offices and it is nasty; however, you don't really need to freshen up because the beds never get hot enough for you to sweat. Go somewhere else or save your money and go to the beach or pool. Pros: In Kaneohe Cons: Everything more

Poorly Maintained Tanning Salon - Drive to Waikiki/Honolulu, and you will be happy. 7/19/2008

This is the only tanning salon in the Kaneohe/Kailua area, and (unfortunately) they make their money by those of us who relocate to the island and pay for an overpriced $80+ dollar package/non- refundable and we never coming back or finish the package deal when we realize we were ripped off. When you complain they give the ?paradise BS? when most of us have been there/done that and seen better. I don?t mind high prices, but at least clean the beds (I had to clean my own one day-staff was talking on their cell phone), spend a few bucks to replace the falling apart/not working equipment/accessories, and replace the bulbs on time. I would strongly advise spending the gas money to drive to Waikiki/Honolulu. The amount Tan Zone charges for their package is equal to the drive time, gas money spent and the package deal at another salon. You will get a salon that is well maintained, clean and equivalent to ones in CA, FL, TX, D.C. and even NC (YES I have been to all of these places and paid for tanning salons-some very small). I understand it is a small business, but they never keep to their posted hours/always an excuse, management is lacking, and the staff has not work ethic/customer service skills. I bought a one week package that included several types of bed. I went everyday and they were never open on time, always on a break when I returned. I waited for over about an hour from the posted return time and the staff started laughing and never apologized (also made me wait another 15 minutes before they would let me in). The beds are poorly maintained, and bulbs rare eally old/never changed. I had ""goose pimples"" from the 10 minute bed when I usually at lease get a little pink. When I asked when the last time the bulbs had been changed, the staff never answered me (even when I asked a second time), and they just gave me a rude stare until I left. I now drive to Waikiki, get more for my money, get treated better, and I get a tan instead of ice sickles! Pros: Location to the Kaneohe/Kailua area. Cons: Poorly managed, overpriced, operation hours not maintained, noncourteous staff more

For All Our Important Customers 1/14/2008

To anyone and everyone who chooses to read this,\r I understand how frustrating it is to not be able to tan for a week, but if you take a minute to think about the fact that Tan Zone is a small business then you will realize that it is normal for problems to arise. Tan Zone is a small business that has a limited number of employees which means that sometimes there are problems and we have to close the shop, or that the shop wil be closed for a few minutes when a bathroom or food break is needed. Waiting a few extra minutes really isn't that big of a deal and if it is then please come back a a later time. As for being closed for the past week there were a lot of technical problems that needed to be taken care of and while it did take longer then expected there was a number to call if you had any complaints to make or if you wished to speak to someone about what was going on. However, let me stress that Tan Zone is not stealing your money. The salon is up and running and you can now go back to your daily routine of wanting to pay money to get a tan instead of going to the beach like many of you threat to do. \r While many are complaing about being ripped off because of high prices I only have one thing to say, YOU LIVE IN HAWAII (AKA PARADISE) SO YOU PAY MORE FOR WHERE YOU LIVE. For those of you who shop at any grocery store, mall, car dealership etc. then you will realize that milk, and cheese, and clothes and cars and the gas that the car takes to run are over priced but it is something you have to deal with. Tan Zone does not force you to buy a one time tan, or a week, or a month you the customer chooses to do so and there are many people there that have been clients for months and even years. So you, the people who are complaing, keep us in business because you keep comiong back. No one is saying it is the best salon on the island, but it is what it is a place to come and pay for a tan. more

They're scammers! 1/9/2008

I chose tan zone since they were the only one in the area and right next to a 24hr fitness that I also joined. \r I signed up for one month unlimited and paid cash. When I returned the next day to tan they were closed and said it was due to computer problems. It's been a week now and they're still closed. I wish I read the previous reviews. I think I was scammed and they just took money even though they knew they would be closing. They still have the same hand written sign on a piece of paper saying that they are closed because of computer problems. How long does it take to fix a computer? Where do I go to get my money back? Bunch of thieves and cheats. I hope enough people complain and they are sued for fraud.\r \r BTW, I also wish that I could give negative stars. Cons: thieves more

By far the worse. I wish I could give negative stars. 10/25/2007

\r This is by far the worse salon I have ever gone to. Not only to pay through the nose for old bulbs and an unmaintained facility the worse part is that it closes at random hours for the clerk's breaks or lunch. I just joined and wasn't able to tan on four occassions because they were close ""for maintenance"" from \r 10-00am-3:00 pm . No advance notice or nothing. And I can assure that there's no maintenance going on since the place is dark and empty nor is there any noticeable difference in the facility. All you have to do if you want to put this place out of business is just be open during the stated hours. Not too much to ask. This place is only about a mile from where I live but I've just joined a new salon 15 miles away. At least they're open. \r \r Pros: They're able to rob you without physical violence Cons: Everything more

Go somewhere else if you can 4/14/2007

Over priced. Poorly maintained. Burnt out bulbs not changed promptly. Doesn't open on time. The worse is that it's frequently closed without warning. This Sat 4/14/2007 10:30 am I saw several customers just standing around waiting for the studio to open (it's suppose to open at 10:00 am). I came back an hour later and it was still close. No number to call no nothing. It's the only salon in the area and they seem to be mindful of that. Anybody waiting to open a tanning salon in that area will find an idea location in the Windward shopping center. I have never met a customer that has been happy with the Tan Zone but only go there, like me, because there's no where else to go. Pros: clean Cons: everything else more

It's on the Windward side! 11/10/2006

1. Playful decor\r \r 2. The Bed Bulbs are either wrong kind, not properly maintained or intentionally weak. It takes two to three sessions in a Zone bed to get the same amount of color as once in Tanning Beds elsewhere.\r \r 3. CD/Stereos are supplied in each room but are useless. The music delivered through the Zone's main speakers is so loud that individual music selection can not be heard. Even with ear bud volume blasted to pain level, the Zone's selection is louder. If you don't like their music, tough! Pros: Decor Cons: Ambiance, Maintenance more
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