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T-Bone Tom's - 23 Reviews - 707 Hwy 146, Kemah, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (281) 334-2133
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T-Bone Tom's

707 Hwy 146
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 334-2133
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T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX
T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX


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I don't understand these people who had bad experiences at T-Bone Tom's. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Do these people not know good food. For goodness sakes all the ...


It is a cute looking place, but the food is no better than going to a cafeteria. Service was almost non-existent. Even the beer was flat and not that cold. I really hunt for a ...

Smoked Barbeque 9/2/2013

Our latest visit to T-Bone Tom's was a little disappointing. The barbeque rib plate has shrunk from serving 4 ribs, to serving only 3 ribs. Likewise, the Seafood Platter was obviously lacking in fish. There were only three, tiny bite-sized pieces of catfish; not the former large pieces of fish. The oysters was significantly overcooked, as well. The ribs, while soft, had absolutely no smoke flavor at all. Plate consistency is also suffering. My wife's rib plate had a raw piece of bread, while my seafood plate was correctly accompanied by a grilled piece of Texas Toast. ...Very disappointing to see such obvious signs indicating a lack of attention to detail. This is not the T-Bone Tom's we had grown to love, and they should eed to do better than this. Pros: Great steaks and barbeque more

Best steak food 12/21/2011

I love t-bone Tom's ..I have a business closer and we have lunch there always .I love the way they cook!I I Do recommend this place to my costumers !Desiree Dantas owner of Brazil In Drops Salon & Spa. more

Awesome food, These Bad reviews are crazy!!! 7/9/2011

I don't understand these people who had bad experiences at T-Bone Tom's. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Do these people not know good food. For goodness sakes all the food is made fresh from scratch and has awesome flavor. Do you people eat cardboard for dinner or what? They smoke, grill, make their own sausage, even their own barbecue sauce. You must like tofu if you don't like this food. Anyway better for me if you don't go and better for all of us who know what good food is. Love you T-Bones more

Talk about a Bum Steer.... 6/4/2011

It is a cute looking place, but the food is no better than going to a cafeteria. Service was almost non-existent. Even the beer was flat and not that cold. I really hunt for a good chicken fried steak and I had heard so much about T-bone Tom's and ......what a ""bum steer"".... more

Great Place! 5/30/2011

I love T-Bone Tom's! I have been there numerous times and have never had a bad expirience. This place is fun with live music and a huge patio. The bbq is delicious and the meat is fresh and delicious. I take out of town guests here often and have never been disappointed. It is busy because it is GOOD! more

Bland & Boring & Really Bad Service! 4/24/2011

Typical Texas roadhouse that is living on it's laurels. This restaurant has the worst staff I think I have ever seen. The hostess seemed lost. The service was inept. You are sitting there trying to wave down anyone and you get no response. The manager or bartender or whatever he was can only be described as a ""Troll"" or maybe a very short ""pirate"". He was dirty looking and too old to be working behind a bar. The guy was yelling at everyone and spitting out vulgarities, yet he couldn't get the staff to do anything right. The food was ok. My Chicken Fried Steak was average, but the BBQ plate was decent, but it came out cold. They had a live band, but it was more of an annoyance than entertainment. I won't go back... more

Just had lunch at T-Bone Toms 2/11/2011

We just got back from lunch at T-Bone Toms and I have to say it might be the best meal of my life. I had the Toms Choice marinated Ribeye steak. It was wonderful, very tender and cooked perfectly. My wife had the Seafood Platter and she said it was the best Seafood platter she has ever had, and she eats them everywhere including Galveston and the Boardwalk place. My daughter had the Chicken Fried chicken and she ate every bite and said in the car that it was great. The service was very nice as Brenda did a great job. We will be back, probably tomorrow.... more

Not sure what the Hype was about 10/28/2010

My hubby and I wanted to try a new place for my birthday so we went to T-Bone Toms based on a few reviews he had read.\r \r This was going to be the LAST steak dinner we were to have for a while due to a food detox we were doing so we were very excited about this place. \r The outside was nothing to look twice at..looked like a dive but I don’t think much about that as we go in bcs I know most of the time the best places are these lil hidden away gems. \r Not much parking, off a BUSY street and ladies beware of the walk in the parking lot a tone of rocks and pits.\r We walked in and no one said a thing we had no idea to seat ourselves or wait for them to seat us. BUT it was packed so I thought that was a good sign.\r It was very loud and ""Mel's diner-ish"" not what we were expecting.\r Waiter came to wait o his and he was nice, but not so nice it made up for much.\r When I asked what the difference in 2 particular steaks are he had no idea. \r We got a tiny salad not to good. \r Then after a LONG wait we got our steaks. My steak was 80% fat and after cutting it all away there was not much to enjoy. The greenbeans were VERY salty and the Fries (my hubby got) were yuck yuck yuck.\r The bill was pretty high as well. \r I much would have rathered Outback, Red Lobster or many other places. BUT at least we tried something new. \r Would I go there again...NO would I tell a friend to go...NO would I order take out from there...NO\r Sorry...\r more

Not Worth the Long Wait!!!! 10/19/2010

This place looks really interesting from the outside. You can hear the band and people are waiting forever to get a table. Then, we finally got seated and the second part of the wait began. Our drinks took 20 minutes to get. The food took an hour and when it did arrive it was undercooked and cold. The band was way too loud....service wasn't friendly.... We just wasted our entire evening waiting for bad food, while being tortured by an extremely loud band and ridiculously poor service. There are better places to go in Kemah..... We had a long weekend in Kemah and got to sample the local fair and I would pick Madeline's or Amadeus or Terrace Cafe over T-bone Tom's. Madeline's and Amadeus are pricey, but well worth it. Terrace Cafe is not much on service, but they make up for it with really good food. Even little Tequila Mia's had better food, and more to offer than......what I am trying to say ....if you go to Kemah, .....don't waste your time and money at T-bone Tom's.... more

Bad Food !!! - Vulgar Service!!!! 10/8/2010

It was like the start of one of those Jay & Silent Bob movies.....the one were the guy stands outside of a Quickie Mart and cusses for 20 minutes. The short male manager was cussing out staff members in front of guest. I was glad I didn't take the kids. The food was nothing to write home about. Sort of like a hospital or high school cafeteria. They are resting on their reputation only!!! They did have a band, but it was really loud. The waitstaff looked like they just got out of prison.....Ugh! Food was below average and over priced, ....service was slow,,,,drinks were expensive......I can't recommend this to anyone!!! more

T-Bone Tom's 7/13/2010

Lived in Seabrook, Texas last summer. Went to Tom's many times. We were never disappointed! Pros: Never disappointed more

Food and Service 5/8/2010

We recently went to T Bone Toms due to viewing it on Diner's, Drive in's and Dives. We ordered the Appetizer platter and I can honestly say it should be only for 6 to 8 people, but was good. Our waiter was excellent and was very friendly and on top of the service. We ordered the Toms Special Steak that I guess is supposed to be marinated over night. It was not what I expected especially for the price. It lacked flavor to me, but was cooked to order. I do not recommend the steak for sure if you feel that you can cook one at home. Thanks Pros: Had a Great Waiter. Cold Beer Cons: Tom's Special Steak not what I expected more

poor quality stale food 4/20/2010

The chciken wings served on Monday April 20th were the worst I have ever eaten and obviously beyond safe selling date. I pointed this out to the manager after eating just one wing. The guy sitting mext to me suggested that they smelled sour and suggested I not eat them, which I did not. I think they were serving wings from the previous day that had been warmed up, covered in hot sauce to mask the smell and served to me.\r \r I felt sick that night and the following day obviously from eating just one of the wings served. This will be my last visdit to this restaurant. Pros: beer was cold Cons: chicken wings were terrible and stale more

Loved the Seafood Platter 3/9/2010

Daughter had the Chef's Salad.. Didn't comment on it.\r \r Onion Rings were tasteless. I liked the breading. Just that the onion flavor is totally missing.~bland!]\r \r Seafood Platter--Awesum!!! The oysters were Outstanding! The shrimp were huge...3-4 bite shrimp! Battered & fried to perfection.\r Catfish was al-dente in the middle of the piece. I loved the fried shrimp and the oysters.\r \r The service was fillers, bussers, no service issues; no attitude from the servers.\r \r This were totally worth the trip!!\r \r Pros: Good Food Cons: Hard to get out of the parking lot more

Seems To Be Slipping 8/27/2008

Quality seems to be slipping lately. Our waiter was obviusly new, and forgot our drink orders until we reminded him. Our steak plates were brought without the Texas toast that used to accompany the steak dinners. My request for extra blue cheese dressing for my salad was also forgotten; I had to go up to the counter and ask a different waiter for extra dressing. The quality of the meat also seems to have degraded some lately; too much fat and gristle on the rib eye steaks. Pros: Homecooked steaks Cons: Crowded Parking more

Great 'home' cooking! 6/28/2007

This place had huge chicken fried steaks & the crispiest fried chicken around. Mashed potatoes come with that country cream gravy. It's a small, casual place that has opened up an entire backside and has bands play outside on the weekends. Their stuffed japs are the bomb! It is kid friendly. The service is friendly & good. This is where the locals hang instead of going to the more expensive & worse service of the Boardwalk. Pros: Quality of food, service, live music. Cons: Not much indoor seating. more

Rude and incompetent staff and management. 5/24/2007

I went there to celebrate my birthday with my fiance and future mother-in-law. This was my first and last time there. We were in the back, where it is open and was enjoying the band. We ordered our food and passed the time dancing. The place was busy, so after waiting for an hour and a half, I asked our waiter, a tall, young, caucasian guy, how much longer until our food would be ready. He left and then came back to inform me that he had forgotten to place our order, but he just put a rush on it and it would be ready in 45 minutes to an hour. That was totally unacceptable, because we were supposed to be at a (surprise) birthday party for me in an hour. I asked for the manager. A short hispanic guy showed up and I told him what had happened. His response was, verbatum, ""What do you want me to do about it?"" The ladies and I decided to leave. I stayed behind to pay our bar bill and to add insult to injury, that waiter, after handing me my change said, ""Enjoy your meal at Burger King."" I guess since they do so much business they can afford to be rude and incompetent. New people show up all the time, so why bother trying to get repeat business, right? I relate this experience to everyone that even thinks about going there and try to steer them someplace they will really enjoy. This all took place August 12th, 2006, in the evening, in case someone of higher authority there sees this and wants to know who to blame. Needless to say, this put a big damper on my birthday. Pros: We liked the band. Cons: Please, don't go there. You will regret it. Spend your money someplace else where you'll be respected and treated well. more

Best in Many Categories 3/2/2007

I am constantly seeking out great barbecue. I have eaten at every place that I can find in a 20 miles radius and this is #1. While Tom's, as the locals call it, is known for its steak, it is a limiting label for this restaurant. Tom's has the best burger in the area, bar none. Their burger is so much better than what gets passed off as burger today, that you will find yourself saying ""So that what a burger is supposed to be like"". Chicken fried steak is great. If you eat one of these a year, this is where to get it. The meat is tender and the gravy actually has flavor. Service is great. Fried pickles are a good start. The quality of the food here reflects a comprehensive level of professionalism and dedication to quality. Biggest Secret: Fried Shrimp are fantastic. Get it here and skip Fertita's Frozen Food Follie. Pros: barbecue, hamburgers, fried shrimp, chicken fried Cons: deciding what to eat more

Awesome! 2/17/2006

We went to T-bone Tom's while visiting friends in the Kemah area. T-bone Tom's is their favorite place to grab a Pig sandwich or a steak. We took their advice and went. Wow.....great food at a great price. Cozy setting. You can't beat the Pig sandwich. Loaded with sliced Pork, and served on a hardroll with BBQ sauce on the side. All for $4.99. The service was fast and friendly. Pure Texas hospitality! more

T-Bone Tom's VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! 10/10/2005

Seeing all the roadside advertisement-thought we could do no wrong,seemed like an established restuarant. ordered ribs and brisket w/pinto beans and potato salad, my boyfriend ordered a regular chicken fried steak w/mashed potatos and fried okra. the waitress spoke BAD English, and whispered . the brisket and ribs were NOTHING but FAT!!!! the pinto were dry! celery in potato salad & dry. I understand some fat but all? My boyfriend's chicken fried steak was a regular, but Iit looked more like child's portion!His mashed potates looked like they had scrapped the bottom of the pot - okra was cold ! Don't waste time or money! One good thingwas the bread was fresh, and the bar-b-que sauce had a good flavor, but to pay $30 for bread and sauce! I did get the meat to go for my dog could get a meal , but he even turned up his nose. Pros: decor, location Cons: food, food, price more
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    As the name suggests, T-Bone Tom's specializes in meat. The crowning menu item is a 16-ounce porterhouse T-bone. Other popular cuts include a bacon-wrapped tenderloin, rib eye...

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