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Sylvan Learning Satellite


2612 Santa Barbara Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33914

(239) 228-8854
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Sylvan Learning Satellite - Cape Coral, FL
Sylvan Learning Satellite - Cape Coral, FL
Sylvan Learning Satellite - Cape Coral, FL
Sylvan Learning Satellite - Cape Coral, FL
Sylvan Learning Satellite - Cape Coral, FL
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While I respect everyone's opinion to speak their mind...How in the world could this person "frankfoot" have a clue whether the Events and Adventures singles club, dating club is...


**I was surfing around and saw these reviews which erk me since they are all faked reviews byt heir sales staff.... Let me counter them with my review and some facts... I checked...

Non Member Reviews - Informative? Yes and No. 12/9/2010

While I respect everyone's opinion to speak their mind...How in the world could this person "frankfoot" have a clue whether the Events and Adventures singles club, dating club is worth the time and money? ?He admits he is not now nor ever been member of Events and Adventures. "Lots of Fake Reviews" (Nov 15, 2010) - possibly so since he feels qualified. Clearly, a non-member cannot state for better or worse the value a member derives in this instance. Common sense rules here. Honestly, I find his review helpful to me because I am confident whatever rules governing acceptance are they are worthwhile. Let me explain, E&A may or may not have a stringent enrollment process - but, they did weed out this type of characters. right? Ladies and guys too - I believe you will agree?we do not want to join any club where haters like 'frankfoot' are members. I am looking to escape haters not join them. He didn't get accepted or didn't apply for one of two reasons. 1. He was not the type the other members or company want representing them. Alternatively, 2. He could not afford it. - In this instance I am also glad he got screened out ? Why do I want to meet someone who can not afford their own admission ticket? I do not! Call me shallow! more

Lots of fake reviews here 11/14/2010

**I was surfing around and saw these reviews which erk me since they are all faked reviews byt heir sales staff.... Let me counter them with my review and some facts... I checked it out... It is a total scam. The sales people are so rude, and from minute 1 it is all lies... the start by telling you you will be meeting with a real member... which turns out to be a hard core well trained sales person. *To save you time... it costs about $2000 for one year of "membership". *There are other option... I ended up joining Urban Diversion .... same thing at a much cheaper price point!! $300 vs $2000!! and real people *I finally got a chance to talk to a real member of Events and Adventures last week.... he said it is "ok" stuff... nothing special... and he always sees the same "fanatical" people every time he goes... not sure what fanatical means... but it didn't sound good. **I am in sales... the sales staff there are very very very good... they take you on an emotional roller are single of you are susceptible if you do not 'buy" they do a "take away" which means they tell you something like "well, you probably aren't good enough for the group" or some BS. They have no real product so they have to scam. *Facebook - if this was the best adventure club ever, with 20 clubs across the US and "thousands" of members locally...there would be a active facebook page right!!?? Nope. the members are not allowed to post on their public community page... wonder what they would say. more

DeeAnn's Events & Adventures Review 7/23/2010

After doing the traditional internet dating for awhile, I realized how much time I was investing and without good results at all. I?d met someone whose photo did far too much justice to what he really looked like (add fifteen years and forty pounds), I was never sure if I was being told the truth and frankly, it had gotten a little creepy to agree to meet someone who I was never sure would be who I thought it would be. My sister signed me up for Events & Adventures. I cussed her for two days and then finally stopped long enough to give it a try. Did I mention she?s now my favorite sister? I?ve met an incredible man who?s charming, funny and everything he says he is. I was attending three, sometimes four, events a week, but after I met Chad, the two of us try to attend an event or two a month. We?re getting ready to move in together and the wedding date is tentatively set for September, 2011. There?s a lot of planning to do! I can tell anyone who?s single and looking for the total experience and not just a bunch of hit or miss dates that Events & Adventures is likely going to be the last company you have to put your faith into. The parties were always fun, the people are incredible ? I can?t say enough good things about the employees and the guests and you can do something different every night of the week if you want to. There?s so much flexibility with no pressure. You do what you want to do ? period. more

Ed's Events & Adventures Review of Belize 7/14/2010

" I?m still recovering from this trip we took to Belize! I have to say, until the Belize trip, I wasn?t sure exactly what I could write that would stand out, now, though, I have enough to tell anyone considering Events & Adventures that would fill a book. The vacation was awesome! The other members and I had an absolute blast. There was so much to do ? more than any of us could have even managed in two months! The options Events & Adventures offered was many and I think I speak for the whole group when I say our biggest problem was trying to decide which ones to take advantage of. Seriously, each morning, we were greeted by a message from the folks at Events & Adventures, review the events slated for the day, have breakfast and then from there, it was a whirlwind adventure! Kudos to the team! Even the glitch at Banana Beach was just that ? a minor glitch that was remedied quickly. It was by far a perfect vacation! I feel like I have a new lease on life. The last one was about to expire!! Every word of this is true and I?m really looking forward to my move to Atlanta now that I know there?s an Events & Adventures office. If the staff is anything like it is here, I know good things await me. I can honestly say I?ve come out of my shell and have discovered there?s far more than weekends at the office." more

DJ's Events & Adventures Review of New Year's Eve party 7/14/2010

" New Year?s Eve this year was the best ever! I could not have asked for a better New Year?s Eve party! The folks at Events & Adventures made it special and the turnout was impressive. There were a lot of people in attendance. The gambling was great and so was the food, the entertainment and the decorations. The club that was served as the host facility was just right for our crowd, which, by the way is a blast to be with It was truly a special night that I will not soon forget. Events & Adventures is unmatched in this industry (and believe me ? I?d know!) and the staff simply doesn?t get any better. The formula works for anyone wishing to break out of their predictable lives. I?m pretty sure this will be a new year?s that will be impossible to top! I?m looking forward to trying, though. I?m looking forward to going with the Events & Adventures group this summer on at least a few of the trips. I?m always impressed with the way the staff treats its members ? always kind and respectful. I can?t believe I was actually nervous to join! The friends I?ve met will be friends for life and the potential for romance is exciting ? I?ve met some great people on both levels. I think I can safely say everyone in attendance had a blast. No Events & Adventures review is complete without mention of this fantastic party. It?s clear these guys put their hearts into planning these shindigs ? Well done! " more

Fun Fun Fun !!! 2/22/2010

It?s to bad Mandu4u didn't have a good experience. I?ll admit I had the same concerns when I signed up and the first couple events were flat; HOWEVER, since then, I have met some really fun, reliable, thoughtful and welcoming people. AND, I have tried a bunch of fun things and enjoyed some great parties. Mandu4u must not have met Nada Klugh (aka Samantha) or Sean Connery, members who recently appeared in the Murder Mystery dinner and danced their socks off at the post event party. Samantha?s debut was telling her spider story on stage at a comedy club which I?m told was hilarious. Some other fun events I have participated in was the ugly Christmas sweater party bus, indoor skydiving, hiking, a fabulous New Years Eve party at a posh hotel in Half Moon Bay, indoor rock climbing, salsa dancing, trampoline dodge ball and how can you go wrong with ice cream?gee wiz. The list goes on. Next up, skiing in Tahoe, paintball fights, wine tasting and go cart racing! I have made some great friends that I get together with outside the club like girls night out dancing, birthday parties, hikes, pre and post event parties, going to the movies and so on. Life takes over sometimes, your usual friends are busy and it can be a challenge coordinating fun stuff to do. And, internet dating is laborious and not much fun. The club gets you out from behind the computer and meeting people in a fun environment. They arrange everything: you just sign up, show up and have fun! And, the next day, the E&A paparazzi have pelted pictures all over Facebook (filtered, of course, because sometimes we have too much fun). It?s an absolute blast. Yes, the sign up fee is high, but if you amortize it over your membership period it?s equivalent to a couple nice meals out a month. Really, not a big deal for a working professional that works to much and needs someone to fill their social calendar. If you join, I?m sure Samantha will tell you her spider story, yikes, it?s a good one! Pros: Enjoy fun events while making new friends Cons: Somewhat costly, depending on how you cut the cake more

Don't waste your $3000 2/10/2010

Ok, I admit I was lured in by the radio ads.... I called... I got nothing from them over the phone.... So I went to the "interview" after sitting there for nearly 2 hours and listening to their very slick sales people... I broke... I signed up and paid my $3000 to join. I don't know what I was thinking. YES $3000 is what I committed to, and I hear some have even paid more. I went to a few events.. they were nothing special... eat some ice cream, go to a dinner. It really is not worth the money! and they will not let you out of your contract no matter what... they have your money... that is all that matters.... so I'm going to let everyone know before they get locked in too. There are so many more options out there... and they are all sooo much cheaper and seem way better. Pros: something to do Cons: Not worth it more
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  • Learning should be personal, and at Sylvan Learning of Fort Myers, it is. Our tutors in the Fort Myers area do more than teach math, reading and writing. We motivate kids to succeed.

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