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Sushi Station - 10 Reviews - 1641 Algonquin Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4395, Rolling Meadows, IL - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (847) 593-2450

Sushi Station

1641 Algonquin Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4395
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
(847) 593-2450
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Sushi Station is the best and I don't like raw fish! They have a good selection of cooked sushi (crab, shrimp, eel, etc.) including my absolute favorite: The Cajon roll (baked sa...


Was meeting up with 2 other friends here for lunch. The guy gives me a ticket and a few minute later asks where the third person in our party is? I call him and he says he is ju...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/7/2013

HORRIBLE! Please do not subject yourself to the worst dining experience that you will ever have. The owner simply does not care about anything except getting you in and out. My children were starving after waiting one hour. We were the only people waiting (table was open) and she would not allow us to sit until my husband arrived. Finally, I decided to feed the kids and husband arrived 5 minutes later and was told that he would have to sit at the counter if he wants to eat (even though we had 2 empty seats at our table). Can you believe the nerve of this woman? The food is mediocre at best some of the sushi looked tired from rotating around the restaurant for god knows how long. Customers are treated like dirt and we will NEVER return. The soup nazi is funny. The sushi nazi, not so funny. more

Worst Experience of my life! 2/16/2012

Was meeting up with 2 other friends here for lunch. The guy gives me a ticket and a few minute later asks where the third person in our party is? I call him and he says he is just parking the car. I get off the phone and tell them this. He turns around and tells me can you walk out there with me and point out your friend to me. With the look shock I look at my other friend waiting with me to be seated. And I proceed to call my other friend waiting in the parking lot so this staff could see his photo on my phone and go look for him! Wow this is amazing and as I'm dialing the phone he skips right over us to the next people and gives up are table so then we have to wait another 20 minutes to be seated! Oh my friend walked right in as he was seating the other group in our place! And not even an apology from the staff! We have been loyal customer since they opened and definitely not going back. more

If you enjoy people standing over you to finish eating... 4/23/2010

Took my staff of four for a birthday luncheon yesterday. Unbelievably, they not only told us to hurry because other people were waiting, even as we were in the middle of eating dessert, but a man in a cook's outfit stood over us as we were finishing up. That left a bad taste in our experience there. Too bad, the $75 spent on the meal would have been spent again in the future. But we won't be spending any money there ever again. Pros: Reasonably priced. Will save money in future from this place Cons: Rush you to finish. more

Terrible Management! What a shame! Will never go back again. 4/13/2010

This restaurant does not even deserve a star but because the price is reasonable and it has the conveyor belt that is the only reason I am even giving it a star. Management and service really make a difference and play an important role in my dining experience. And unfortunately I have to say I am very very appalled and disappointed with the service Sushi Station provides-in particular with the attitude and lack of respect from the manager. The experience I had was far from the reviews it deserves. We got to the restaurant and it was busy. Which was ok we didn't mind waiting. Others were getting seated before us. So what is the whole point of passing out tickets with numbers if they don't even follow it? Then we got seated and water tasted like metal. It was our first and last time there. Since we had never been there we looked at the menu with patience deciding what we wanted to get. The waiters kept asking are you ready. We said no not yet just 1 more minute. Then the manager came over and said, ""is everything ok"". We thought how nice to come over and ask and said, ""yes of course thank you"". Not thinking anything and the response of this lady (who we later found out was the manager) was..""oh ok because you are taking too long to order there are people waiting to eat here too. order now"". I was shocked. this was our first time there and she had the nerve to pretty much tell us to hurry up and eat so they could seat others. The nerve! I've never had such poor and terrible service. I tried to brush it off and not let it ruin my night and was still willing to eat there but my boyfriend was offended and said, ""that's not right, I'm going to ask to speak to the manager"". Then he called the waitress over and said, ""could you please get the manager for me"". Seconds later the lady who told us to ""pretty much hurry up"" came over. We said , ""we'd like to speak to the manager please"". And she said, ""what is the problem i am the manager"". We said very kindly and respectfully that we may have misunderstood but we didn't appreciate being treated that way. She got mad at us and said, ""ok and walked away"". Again we were like, ""what is going on"". She was so rude and didn't care at all-total lack of respect for her customers. My boyfreind was then like,""lets leave"". And me always trying to give the benefit of the doubt and not wanting any problems was like, ""well lets just order an appetizer or something"". So he said, ""ok fine"". We then looked for the waitress but she was talking to the manager and both were looking over at us and talking. The manager was angry. After 15 mins of waiting for them to stop talking and waving our waitress down. I got up and walked over to the register where the manager was talking to our waitress in Japanese. As i was approaching the manager she turned her back on me. Little did she know I may not be Japanese or look it but I am fluent in Japanese and lived in Japan for 5 years. I understood everything she said! And the things she said were shocking and very unprofessional. I played it off like I did not understand and heard her saying, ""don't help them if they don't like it here they can leave, we have to get as many people in here and out as fast as possible"". That was the final straw for me. I turned around walked to the table and told my boyfriend, ""I had it, let's go"". We got up and left and will never ever return there again. There are so many good sushi spots in Chicago and in the suburbs. I'd rather drive thru rush hour and traffic and look for parking downtown on a Friday night and pay so much more for less sushi than ever go here again. I find no reason to subject myself and my boyfriend to this atmosphere and belittling treatment. I guess it's like they say you get what you pay for and this place has cheap prices but so is the quality and service. What a shame, such a nice location and they ruin it with such a bad manager/owner. Pros: they have sushi Cons: Rude and disrespectful manager,lack of respect for customers more

Horrible and Rude Service 2/25/2010

We have been regular Sushi Station customers until our horrible experience on 2/25/10. We arrived at the Sushi Station in Rolling Meadows last night and were given a ticket to wait for a table at the sushi bar for 2. We sat for 15 minutes until the owner took our ticket and sent us across the restaurant to sit somewhere else and wait for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, she was sitting other couples who came in after us (all Asian decent). I told the owner that we have been waiting as she has been seating others and she told me that ""they would be quicker."" I didn't really know what that meant. When we finally got seated, the couple sitting asked to us asked if we didn't mind telling them what was happening with this rude owner and we told them what she as doing. The owner then came up to us and said to us ""what is going on, don't talk to my new customers."" I was so shocked she came over to yell at us like we were dirt. The couple next us couldn't believe how rude she was and how she was acting. She couldn't take the time to come over and apologize, but had time to tell us not to talk to the people next to us. I then told her that we can talk to whoever we want and proceeded to get up and leave the restaurant. We will NEVER go back! I've never been treated more rudely and have never been discriminated like this in my entire life. Horrible expierience and rude owner. She said her name was Akim. Don't support this racist establishment. Pros: Food is pretty good Cons: Service is Awful more

not recommended 2/15/2009

Pros: no pros just cons Cons: customer service more

Best Sushi Place in Chicagoland! 8/29/2008

Sushi Station is the best and I don't like raw fish! They have a good selection of cooked sushi (crab, shrimp, eel, etc.) including my absolute favorite: The Cajon roll (baked salmon surrounded by a fried tempura ""skin"" and a spicy dipping sauce). The Rolling Meadows restaurant is small, but very experienced and well-managed. The new Elgin restaurant on Randall Road is huge, but needs more experienced waitstaff. But it's getting there! The same wonderful food coming at you via conveyor belt! If you can't find what you want on the conveyor belt, just order it from your waiter/waitress. They also have great Japanese tempura, udon and miso soups, and much more...albeit in smaller portions. Wonderful! Pros: Unique approach to dining; good variety of cooked sushi for those who hate raw fish! Cons: Waitstaff in Elgin could use more training. more

Sushi Station is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant which o... 7/20/2007

Sushi Station is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant which offers a fantastic array of traditional rolls and... more

Sushi Station is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant which o... 7/20/2007

DeusInnomen Provided by Partner
Sushi Station is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant which offers a fantastic array of traditional rolls and nigiri as well as a variety of specialty ... more

Authentic Japanese sushi in Chicago area 10/12/2006

Would highly recommend this sushi restaurant! This is as authentic Japanese as you can get in the USA. The variety of sushi is constantly being prepared by numerous chefs and placed on rotating conveyor. The conveyor travels to each table which allows patrons to select the sushi/sashimi they want. Pros: EXCELLENT sushi, Unique Japanese restaurant atmosphere, Not your typical USA sushi bar. Cons: Limited seating, may have to wait. more

Fun! 6/27/2006

The first time I went to this restaurant I got excited seeing their revolving sushi dishes. It's like the one in Japan! I'm not sure what they call it, but its the one where all types of sushi goes around, and you just pick it up. Anyways, not many sushi places have this so i thought it was very different and made the restaurant a bit fun. Also, because you see all sushi going around, you can't help but get more. It makes you just want to keep on eating and trying all the other sushi. The problem with this place is the space. It's not that big. The conveyer-type machine pretty much takes up the space and also parking is horrible. The only reason why I had a good parking coz we came in right before they opened. The food is pretty pricey as well but they do have a lot of variety, and special sushi/rolls that you don't really see in other restaurants. Pros: Sushi going around the conveyer belt, and different and unique sushi/rolls Cons: Small space and parking, and some sushis are too pricey more
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