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Stevens, Molly, Dc - California Wellness Ctr - 22 Reviews - 1428 Phillips Ln Ste 204, San Luis Obispo, CA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (805) 543-8688

Stevens, Molly, Dc - California Wellness Ctr

1428 Phillips Ln Ste 204
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 543-8688
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Everything about this clinic is superior. These doctors are always my first stop when I feel pain or need to improve my overall wellness.


PASS. I wouldn't say this guy is the worst doctor in the world, but I'd say if all of the worst doctors were suddenly missing, he'd be in the second level to go, know what I mean?...

***EHHHHH**** 9/18/2009

PASS. I wouldn't say this guy is the worst doctor in the world, but I'd say if all of the worst doctors were suddenly missing, he'd be in the second level to go, know what I mean? \r \r He's definitely bad and definitely inept and definitely weird but I wouldn't say he's had no training. He was aggressive but didn't hurt me like some other posters have said, he did tell me I had a problem with my ankle that I know I don't. I looked it up after he told me I had it and started ""treating"" it and I had none of the symptoms that sites like webmd, mayo clinic etc., said I should have with it. So yea, I'm sure you can do better than this guy. Pros: energeticish (in a weird way) Cons: aggressive, doesn't listen, misdiagnoses more

badnewsbears 9/17/2009

I just moved to the area and been to my share of chiropractors in my lifetime but Dr. Rex is by far the worst - ever. He's abrasive and quick and not thorough AND he told me I had a problem with my leg which I didn't - until he adjusted it! then it was screwed up. Save yourself heartache (and a huge ridiculous bill) and go someplace with real doctors. more

Miserable Experience 9/15/2009

I had a truly awful experience here. The dr that originally recommend them to me is extremely competent so I trusted his recommendation -- BIG MISTAKE! Dr. Steves (Rex) is extremely conceited, pompous, and arrogant. He acts like he doesn't have time to explain what's going on with your body. He glosses over things and when I asked a question, his answer was to pop my ankles and say come back twice a week. Yeah, sure. But the worst part is he misdiagnosed (can I even call it that when he's not a real doctor?) a problem with my foot! I went to a real doctor afterwards and he said I had no indications of what Dr. Stevens claimed I had! So Dr. Stevens put me through painful and numerous (expensive!) treatments for something I didn't have! I never bother writing these reviews but for someone this bad, I am glad to make an exception. more

Treatment like I'm in Tijuana or 1000 B.C. 9/15/2009

Did Dr. Rex even go to chiropractic school? It seems like maybe he found a diploma somewhere and then glued it to the wall because he sure as he11 didn't earn it. The guy doesn't know anything! I've been to good chiros and this guy isn't one. He did something to my muscle in my shoulder, I haven't figured it out yet but am waiting to go to the dr in the hopes it heals. My tip? Save your money and just lay down under your car and let it roll over on you - that would probably be more helpful (and pleasant) than going to this sham. more

unimpressed 8/24/2009

in my opinion a very bad chiropractor. more

no way 8/20/2009

would i ever go back here! dr rex screwed up my neck and shoulders and back and i haven't been able to play baseball or surf since! now i have to go to another doctor to get fixed! Pros: (he's not one) Cons: (he is one) more

TERRIBLE 8/19/2009

This idiot screwed up my back! I would never recommend you visit him. There are plenty of qualified chiropractors out there - he is not one of them. IMHO, he's dangerous. Cons: EVERYTHING more

DO NOT GO HERE 8/16/2009

How does this place have such a high rating?! Mr. Stevens screwed up my muscles and misdiagnosed a problem which I had to then pay to have a physical therapist fix! My .02 cents: this guy is awful. DO NOT SEE HIM! Pros: you're getting an early warning Cons: arrogant and doesn't know what he's doing more

Somewhere else. 8/10/2009

In my opinion there are probably better doctors to go to. more

great place! 12/22/2008

Everything about this clinic is superior. These doctors are always my first stop when I feel pain or need to improve my overall wellness. more

Exceptional Family Care! 7/26/2008

To Drs. Rex & Molly and everyone of your Staff, Thank you for taking exceptional care of our whole family. Of all the appointments in our lives, the ones we want to keep are our appointments with you. Thank you for keeping us as balanced as possible! Pros: Comprehensive to say the least, vast knowledge and seemingly limitless resources more

Health Restoration! 7/26/2008

Dear Dr. Rex,\r \r I just wanted to express a huge ""thank you"" for what I feel is a health restoration. I appreciate the work you do & how you have helped me get back on the right path. Thank you also for taking care of my dad. Dr. Rex, you may never know the extent to which you have helped me! more

Helping Me Live An Olympic Dream! 5/21/2008

I have been training to make the 2008 Olympic Wrestling Team for the past six years, and up until this year I have never used Chiropractic care. I never realized how it could benefit my training. After talking with Dr. Rex, I had a new perspective on athletic performance, injury rehab, and sports specific Chiropractic care. Now since seeing Dr. Rex on a weekly basis my chronic shoulder pain is gone. On top of that, I was recently told I needed surgery to repair a very painful ankle injury. At this point, with the Olympic Team Trials being less than two months away, surgery is not an option. Ever since the injury Dr. Rex has been working on my ankle every week. The pain is minimal if any at all. My first major competition since beginning Chiropractic treatment I won the 2008 National Championship at 55 kg and am currently ranked #1 in the country. Chiropractic care is now part of my training and has allowed me to keep my focus on the 2008 Olympics. Thank you for all of your help Dr. Rex! more

wonderful people, awesome doctors 5/20/2008

Being a chiropractor myself- I have to say that Drs. Molly and Rex are two of the most intelligent, skilled, loving and motivating chiropractors that I have ever known. On a personal and professional level, I believe that someone who is considered a Wellness expert should be someone who not only knows their stuff but also someone who role models the wellness lifestyle. Drs. Molly and Rex are excellent role models, for their patients and chiropractors alike. I love and appreciate you guys! more

A True Life Saver 5/20/2008

I am an American decathlete training for the Olympics this summer and found out about California Wellness Center through a friend. Dr. Rex and Maggie have both dedicated a bulk of their time to making sure that I am healthy for the trials this June. Before I met both of them I had terrible hamstring and hip problems. But through their expertise and dedication I will be competing this year in the Dominican Republic and also making a bid for the Olympics in June. They have been a true blessing in my life and I highly recommend their service not only to professional athletes but anyone who suffers with pain. I would not be where I am today without their commitment to making me healthy. Pros: Not enough space to name them all Cons: Rex always looks too good in the office with his spiffy clothes....... more

Onward and Upward 5/19/2008

Listen, I am the last guy (other than my dad) that would be writing a review of two doctors of chiropractic, but I must give credit where credit is due. I have been an athlete for most of my life, playing hockey competitively in high school and college. Recently, I began having knee pain. Unusual, since I couldn't remember doing anything to make it this way. Feeling worried, I met with the Stevens'. I told them about my hesitation with chiriopractic work, to which they said, ""You may not need it. It could be a muscular or tendon issue with your knee."" After explaining my pain, Dr. Stevens asked me to work my fingers between my quad and my hamstring along the side of my leg. ""Push there and move your fingers around. Do you feel anything."" Soreness and pain! At this point, he had not even touched me. He explained that what I was telling him led him to believe that I had agitated my IT band. I had no idea I had one, much less where it was. ""Foam roller"" was his answer and some stretching. He helped me get a foam roller, which I would roll on. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But Dr. Stevens said that it was like getting a massage where the knots get worked out. It hurts, but it will get better with each application. \r \r I have continued to stretch and foam roll. The foam roller has put me back in the game. Running, playing hockey-not a problem. No more issues.\r \r I can't speak for other chiropractors--this was the first one I have ever seen--but I truly believe in the character and intergrity of The California Wellness Center. Both Rex and Molly Stevens (and their massage therapist) provide a great enviroment for treatment. Friends have told me that many chiropractors will adjust you, without even testing you to see if you need it! That makes no sense. \r \r Listen, if you want a no-pressure wellness doctor, this is your place. If you want a doctor that addresses the issue, and doesn't automatically adjust you, this is your place. Thanks Rex & Molly. Pros: Clearly wants to find the root of the problem. Cons: Apparently likes the San Diego Chargers.. more

Skilled and Compassionate 5/19/2008

I am very pleased with my experiences at California Wellness Center. Dr. Rex and Dr. Molly are very skilled in their treatments and they are also excellent teachers. They obviously care about my whole body wellness and encourage me to make healthy changes. Their staff is friendly and their massage therapist, Maggi, is outstanding! more

A Refreshing, Brilliant, and Natual approach to women and children's health! 5/18/2008

I can't thank Dr. Molly enough for her intelligent, comprehensive, fundamental, and caring approach to chronic women and children's health issues. If you or a loved one has been plagued by ANY chronic condition, is hooked on medication, or seems to have ""tried everything"" and experienced no result, please sit down with Dr. Molly! She will eloquently and simply provide a perspective that not only makes sense when you hear it, the application has yielded nothing but results! Thanks so much Dr. Molly for your results oriented care...women & children need more health mentors like you! more

Amazing Care! 1/1/2007

I have had recurring back pain for years, and just thought I'd live with it. After a few adjustments by Dr. Rex, I am able to have a greater range of motion, with less pain than I have had for a long time. I was fed up with doctors, but his bedside manner and attention to my issues have kept me coming back. Pros: Always has started on time with a great attitude! more

Good Hands and Great Care 12/18/2006

Dr Rex is a fabulous chiropractor. I am a chiropractor myself and love to get adjusted by Dr. Rex, his skills are only surpassed by his knowledge and passion for what he does. You are in good hands with Dr. Rex. more
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