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Standard Engine Co Inc - 11 Reviews - 1332 Truxton St, Chesapeake, VA - Auto Parts Reviews - Phone (757) 747-0896

Standard Engine Co Inc

1332 Truxton St
Chesapeake, VA 23324
(757) 747-0896
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Im Tom the guy that answered the phone at Standard Auto. My job was simply this,sell engines.Period.I had no hand in the way the business was run,David Steadman did.He's a smarmy ...


I read your review about Dave Steadman. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. I am writing you from Dillingham, Alaska and we have had a person named Dave Steadman move ...

Dave Steadman con man? 5/17/2011

I read your review about Dave Steadman. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. I am writing you from Dillingham, Alaska and we have had a person named Dave Steadman move into our area. I trusted him to lease the automotive shop that my wife and I own and now he owes us approximately $2200 dollars that I don?t expect to see. He has told me many times that he will come by and pay me, that he would take on the utilities, pay for heating fuel, etc. Of course he never did any of this. He brought many junk vehicles onto the premises. I assumed he would repair them as his ?Discount Auto? sign assured, but most of the clientele only visited at night and I am unaware that any vehicles were repaired. I have yet to see the money he owes me. He seems to fit the same description as the person that you have dealt with. I am writing it off to experience, but plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in hopes of preventing further abuse. But maybe we?re talking about different Dave Steadmans. more

Standard Auto is no more 6/12/2009

Im Tom the guy that answered the phone at Standard Auto. My job was simply this,sell engines.Period.I had no hand in the way the business was run,David Steadman did.He's a smarmy little fella that lies,lies lies.When I left in late September 2008 it was because I was owed in excess of $8000.00.Davids word means nothing,there isnt a deal he makes that he wont break.Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.As for the chulo in Hawaii,I only took his order,Dave screwed him over.It all boiled down to how much it was going to cost to ship it to Hawaii.And it would have meant losing about a lousy hundred bucks. Its all irrelevant,Dave was forced to close because the city of Chesapeake pulled his business license,Standard has a judgement from the IRS in the amout of $169,000 in owed payroll taxes(gospel) and if theres a God,David will be grabbing his amkles in a federal prison. And all he had to do was pay his people. Hey Dave,how do you like me now ??? esad Pros: David Steadman is not ripping people off anymore Cons: nobody is getting their money back more

Complete Scam! 3/29/2009

Standard Auto has this great, professional looking website, and seems so legit. It says engines will be shipped out within 1 to 10 days of receiving your money, and claims to give a 5-year warranty. So I ordered a rebuilt engine for my car. After two weeks, the owner, David Steadman, started making one excuse after another about why the engine hadn't been shipped out yet. That's when I found out that they have an ""F"" rating with the Better Biz Byuro (this site won't allow me to print their name with the correct spelling), and saw this list of bad reviews here on City Search. Too bad I didn't have the sense to check their reputation first. According to a friend of mine in the Chesapeake area, the shop isn't even open anymore! Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: The owner takes people's money, then doesn't deliver. more

ripoff artists 3/26/2009

they get your money and thats all they care about. i purchased an engine from them and have never recieved it. they dont answer emails and the phone goes to voicemail. do not give them a credit card number Cons: all more

One Year and they still haven't fixed it! 1/30/2009

I was told by a dealership that I needed a new engine in my Lincoln Navigator. Too find out after Standard Engine and No 1 Auto installed a new engine that all I really needed was a coil pack, appox. $120 fix. No 1 Auto/ Standard Engine said I didn't need a new engine and No 1 knew that but a new engine is what I asked for so that is what they gave me. Well this was April 2008. I have had my car in and out of their shop ever since. Today is Jan.30, 2009 My car has not run right since they installed the 'NEW' engine. First the belt was loose, they told me it wasn?t, I paid a dealer to look at it and prove it was, the belt was about to split after one trip from standard to the dealership. So I had standard tow it back to them. My A/C and transmission didn?t work because the hoses were not connected, all this on top of a loud engine knock. After all that the engine is still knocking just like it did the day I picked it up from them. After months of back and forth between standard and a Lincoln dealer trying to prove to Standard there is a problem, Standard/No1 supposedly installed a 2nd engine because the first one was bad. I get it back and the second engine sounds just like the bad one they had in the first place. So back and forth again with the Lincoln dealer and Standard because Standard cant hear anything wrong. Finally after months Standard takes it back and says they tore down the engine and this time it is a bad tentioner in the engine and Dave says its fixed and it sounds perfect now. When I went to pick it up the same noise is still there! Dave says the noise I hear has to be a bad fuel injector and that is no big deal. His brand new car sounds like that so don?t worry about it, your car is just fine. Well now my car knocks so loud that even strangers ask me about it. So now I have to take my car again to another mechanic and pay them to tell me it?s a engine noise! And then what take it back to Standard so they can FIX it again? more

Never Recevied; Great Customer Service. 10/6/2008

I wanted to write this review to inform everyone of Standard Engine. The Owner David is one of the nicest people you could deal with during a problem such as replacing your whole engine. Even when things would get a little heated, he would remain calm and take the blame when it was obviously his fault. Well, his shop's fault. But by being the owner, he has to take the heat for the people working in the shop. My engine was a specialty engine, and we ran into problems from the beginning. It took weeks to try and locate all the things he needed for my engine. But, with ever delay came David's generosity. He was always ""felling bad"" about the situation and would offer me my refund. I didn't accept because I wanted a Rebuilt with a 5 year warranty. There was one major thing that bothered me during the 2 months that David tried to get this motor completed. It was the lack of communication. I am the type of person who hates to wait for a response. Sometimes I would call numerous times and the phone guy Tom would ""take a message"". Other times I would just get the answering machine. Either way, I hated it. But, in David's defense, Tom was an idiot and David ended up removing that position about half way through our 2 months; then David was left to the phones. This meant leave a message and I?ll get back to you. Running a business cannot be an easy thing. Taking care of customer that our having problems with there cars (America's Life Line) has to be even harder. So, with that being said David handled the whole ordeal with the respect I would expect from an owner of a company with such high stress customers. I appreciate the whole tribulation, even though I didn?t end up purchasing my engine from him. Pros: Wonderful Owner! Cons: Communication Problems (fixable) more

The Worst!!!! Run Brother.... 10/3/2008

BEWARE!!!! This company sells engines at the best prices. However, the problem is that after they sell you something ""An Engine"" you can no longer reach them. The telephone number for this business continues to change. Don't be fooled by the nice guy on the phone should they decide to answer it. This is ""BAD"" business, and people are spending their hard earned money with these people. This company is very neglectful and don't not support the products they sell. Pros: They're nice on the phone and good prices Cons: Run.... fast! The quality of their engines is questionable. more

You will NEVER see your Car AGAIN !! 5 Months still waiting for my car! 7/10/2008

, I had some engine problems with my 1999 Grand Am, and I called Standard Engine Auto Repair in order to service my car. I had the car towed to Standard Engine, and when I spoke to the mechanic at the shop, I was told that the car could not be repaired, and I had needed a new engine. I had the repairs done and about three weeks later, I started having problems with the car again. FIVE MONTHS have passed and I do not have my car. I have called on several occasions, and I have been told that the car would be ready in a week and they are still waiting on the part to come in. I had to finally purchase a new car because the cost of renting cars weekly was becoming too costly. Pros: Will give you the run around. Cons: Will avoid you instead of helping!! My car started growing grass under it. more

Stay clear, not trustworthy! 6/23/2008

I ordered an engine 2 months ago, because they sounded like good guys who knew what they were doing, and the price was reasonable. But I never got the engine! I put it on my debit card, and they quickly took their payment, but the engine has not arrived! Every time I called them, they'd give me a different story about why I never got the engine. One time, they even said they ""lost"" it and needed to send me another one. Now, all of their phone lines are ""conveniently"" disconnected... I'm very upset because I ordered that engine for a customer of mine, who's been waiting patiently while these guys give me the run around. The customer paid almost $2000.00 for this engine, and now my business is in jeopardy because of Standard Auto! They owe me a refund, but I'll probably never see it since I'm all the way over in Hawaii. I will never do business with these guys again, nor will I recommend them to anyone! more


I cant say enough good things about STANDARD AUTO.They have always treated me as a valued customer,have never overcharged me or kept my car longer than they said they would.The staff,from the front office to the mechanic working on my cars have always been professional and courteous.I once brought in a car that I was certain needed a waterpump,I left the shop and 30 minutes later I received a call telling me that I could come pick up my car.Upon arrival I was told that electricl plug on my cooling fan had come unplugged.They wouldnt even charge me for finding the problem. I highly reccomend STANDARD AUTO in Chesapeake. more


got my car towed to ""standard engine""(due to transmission fluid leak). when i called them 3 days later they said ""your car is on the lift right now"".4 days later..i went to ""standard engine""andfirst noticed that my car had not been moved (same spot my tow truck driver left it)...second, nothing (from what i saw)had been touched under the hood...... Pros: the guy who answers the phone is really nice Cons: he's the one with the lisssssp, who will screw you over more
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