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St Tropez Bistro

1010 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 767-1073
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St Tropez Bistro - Fort Lauderdale, FL
St Tropez Bistro - Fort Lauderdale, FL
St Tropez Bistro - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Editorial review from Urbanspoon 8/27/2012

Food 0 / 3 Decor 2 / 3 Service 0 / 3\r I was extremely disappointed with the cuisine and service. I purchased a Groupon to try this restaurant and was treating a girlfriend for her birthday. The wine list said ask your server for the champagne of the day. When I asked he said, "sparkling or champagne?" I said champagne. He repeated the same question and I said champagne and he said it's $19.50 a glass as if I could not afford it. Being an attorney dressed for a night out the snotty treatment from a restaurant which was completely empty when we arrived and had only 2 other patrons when we left was more amusing than it was insulting. \r \r The waiter refused to let us choose our table saying another was reserved, again NO ONE was there when we got there and only 2 other tables were seated when we left. My duck was burnt and inedible and the birthday girl's plat du jour was 3 sausages and the rest of the plate was filled with "French" fries, which ironically were also inedible. NO one goes to a french restaurant for French fries. Having just returned from Paris and knowing their utter disgust for french fries we had a great laugh that this was what the Zagat rated restaurant would serve. \r \r The restaurant added a $2.40 charge for escargot which was not part of the terms and conditions of the Groupon or included on the special groupon menu we were given and they force placed gratuity (which probably isn't a bad idea given how inhospitable they were). Again this force placed gratuity was not part of the terms and conditions in Groupon but was a surprise sprung by St. Tropez after the meal. The food was overpriced, inedible and the server managed to insult and offend in the short time we dined there. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 8/11/2012

The mussels were the smallest I have ever seen the pomme fres(French fries) were drenched in oil. The onion soup wasnt bad but $9.00 was a little over priced. Beef Bourgoine was tolerable at best, even though it looked like Dinty Moore Stew. The bread came cold and was definitely from Publix. But the Piece d'resistance was when the waiter came over and accused us of not tipping him. \r He didn't even look to see if the tip was on the receipt. Dessert was awful chocolate paste with some kind of mango sauce . In other words don't bother going here a big waste of money! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/21/2012

I frequented Saint Tropez after it opened. Back then I was thrilled to find a simple & delicious steak /fries that reminded me of good parisian fare. I hadn't been back until recently. In past weeks I've been there 3 times. Each time has been worse than the last. The place has become a tourist stop, and apparently the owners couldn't care less about food/ service now as long as they're packing 'em in like sardines & charging top prices. The chaos, bad food, and bad attitude is astounding. The mussels were gritty and rubbery. My favorite steak frites tasted like it had been made hours before and shoved in the oven (though not long enough) before serving; the steak was tasteless, the fries were cold. Even a simple salad looked & tasted like it had been made yesterday. The service: APPALLING. I could care less about an unfriendly server, but the owners/servers here are way beyond that. They get visibly annoyed if you ask for salt, water, or anything at all- and believe me you'll have to ask b/c once they slap the plate down in front of you they're done with you. On each of the 3 visits something from our orders was wrong -and the waiters actually argued with us about it.\r Oh & Reservations? After making three, I finally figured out the secret- they really don't book your reservation, but they act like they do. Once you get there they'll tell you that somehow, your reservation just doesn't appear in the system. But they're happy to accomodate, so you stand outside & wait (can't wait at the bar 'cause its piled w/ dirty glasses). This happened all 3 times I reserved & it also happened to my friend who booked a table for 8. (When he got there- oops we don't see a reservation for 8 in our system, but we'll accomodate! My friend said 8 people waited on the sidewalk for 20 minutes). Ugh. -- Spend your $60 per person anywhere except this disaster. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/12/2012

To say that this is fine French dining is not correct. The place resembles the street corner bistros in Paris. We started with the escargot which were perfectly done and very flavorful. We followed with the smoked salmon. I have definitely had better. My wife had the rack of lamb. She said it was prepared to her liking but thought some of the meat was chewey. It came with French fries. I had the hangar steak which was done perfectly but was covered in some kind of sauce which was unexpected. Mine came with mashed potatoes. We skipped dessert but their menu was tempting. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 3/26/2012

Sandy mussels, stale bread, and a waiter who is anxious to sell bottles of wine but is too dis interested to remember who ordered which dish or bother to re-fill water glasses. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/17/2012

Four of us had dinner on January 15th and found the food to be excellent, the service pleasant and the prices reasonable. The Salmon, Hanger Steak, Muscles, and Red Snapper all met our expectations. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 12/20/2011

I don't know where all of the negative reviews came from, but I just went to the Saint Tropez Bistro yesterday afternoon for a lovely romantic afternoon lunch with my boyfriend after much needed "alone" time together. We were promptly greeted and asked where we would prefer to sit by the waiter. When he sat us outside, he immediately brought us menus and told us all about the specials with a very elegant slight "Russian" accent, but well pronounced French words. My boyfriend noticed an indoor seat that was perfect for an intimate lunch and even though it was no longer his table, he responded with "great choice" and escorted us over there with our menus. He then quickly got our server who was very attentive and made us feel very comfortable. We were served our wine and bottled water right away. We ordered the mussels and fries and a chicken baguette and greens to share. What an excellent choice. The mussels were exeptional and the fries were so scrumptious dipped in the sauce from the mussels. The baguette was fresh and the service was very very professional and attentive. I have travel and eaten in the best restaurants in Paris and I was pretty satisfied with this place. Of course, we were unaware of the price for the mussels alone, $23 but we quickly got over the shock and left quite content with the service and the food. My boyfriend is a chef and he said he has not had such fresh greens in his entire restaurant experiences down here in Florida. The only real problem is that we were so stuffed that we had to take an afternoon nap on the beach right after. lol, so next time we will stick to one meal since they serve pretty descent portions. We will definitely be having lunch again here soon. Well done! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 9/22/2011

My first impression when i stepped in the restaurant is a shock and awe, i thought i was in a museum rather than a restaurant too much decor with a bad taste cards...It's like a european garb placed all over the place.. the bar is attention whatsover no greeter nor a hostess, staff is rude and not helpful at all...that was my first impression. Food is nowhere near any french that i have been in's a tourist trap...i blame zagat for the rating..this is my opinion..please judge for yourself.....advise you not to try.... more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 8/20/2011

Firstly - lousy service. The waiter acted like he was doing us a favor by waiting on us, and as we were sitting outside, when it started pouring with rain and I asked him if he could perhaps pull the curtain to stop the rain drenching me, he just shrugged, like, tough, just deal with it. I was drenched. It was only the bus boy (kudos to you - you were awesome) who suggested moving us to their undercover outdoor section around the side. Menu is so incredibly limited - I struggled to find an entree I wanted (although some of the appetizers looked good). We ordered the coq au vin, which was barely done - it was tough and meat did not fall off the bone, which it should have, although the flavor was very good. The pan-seared snapper smelled of fish (fish should never smell fishy) yet it tasted bland - so I only ate half of it and left the rest (I NEVER leave food - with prices being high, and the economy being tough, I always clean my plate) - this was just not worth taking home, and I couldn't face eating it all. Portion size was good. It was very crowded - a wedding party was there, so maybe that's why the waiter treated us so badly - once he brought the bill, it took him so long to come back and get payment that I in fact took the bill inside - must have been 15 minutes at least. So, lousy service apart from the busboy who was fabulous - lousy food. Will not go back. Will go back to Sage, on US1 between Sunrise and Oakland Park - that truly is wonderful French food with a huge menu. St. Tropez - this isn't France - you can't treat people like dirt and expect them to come back. We saw another couple leaving in disgust - couldn't hear what the problem was but they apparently also didn't like getting treated badly. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 2/27/2011

Absolutely Fantastic! Stumbled on to it, for early brunch on Las Olas....felt like I was in Paris, due to it's eclectic French Bistro style ambiance. We had great cappuchino, then marvelous Seafood Crepe,Ham & Cheese , and Rattatui Omlets.....! The Baguette was unreal...what a great, authentic Chef! I thought the check was reasonable, $45. We can't wait to go back for Dinner! Go! Enjoy a little bit of France... more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 2/10/2011

four of us dined at St Tropez for the first time Feb 9 th. The atmosphere was quite nice and we had a table inside. The wait staff were quite pleasant and helpful in menu selection.\r We shared two salads that were very nice and the bread was crispy and good.\r We all ordered the mussels, a big heaping bowl with in house made french fries. The mussels were a little bland they needed some garlic , fennel or even some sausage to liven the dish up a bit. \r With such a messy dish we had to ask for more paper napkins 2 times, yes , yes I know we were dining on las Olas and there were not cloth napkins. With entrees $22 - $34 dollars you would expect a cloth napkin. \r maybe the owner who sat at a table next to us with his Ipad and Iphone ablaze will read this and rush out and buy some cloth napkins. Also , maybe some matching wine glasses we had three different white wine glasses on our table. \r Dennis more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/24/2011

I have eaten here 4 X in the past year & each visit has been wonderful. Great bistro menu & well chosen wine list. The seared foie gras was as good as anything I've had in Paris. The merengue sausages with frites and salad is so good, it's hard to order anything else. The snapper was slighly crispy on the outside and flaky in the center. The waiter, Michael, was outstanding. We had a bottle of Gevery Chambertin, but there's lots to choose by the glass. C'est Magnifique! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/8/2010

Well, my husband and I certainly don't know anybody that has to do with St. Tropez (that seems to be an issue of some debate for another Urban Spoon review). We both grew up in South Florida but live in Tallahassee for the moment. We were in town visiting family when we walked in. In fact, my husband and I weren't even looking for Saint Tropez when we found it. We have come to rely far too heavily on Urban Spoon via the iphone to help us find a spot - - and we were looking for a different restaurant the day when we wandered in. In fact, I can't remember the last time we happened upon a restaurant - who does that these days? We are forever trying to make our own luck by picking reviews apart and targeting what we think will please our senses. Not this time. The rain was coming down in buckets. I was cursing at the parking meter behind Las Olas for not taking my dollar as the storm intensified...and we cut through the breezeway to the street to find that the place we were looking for was across the street and a few doors down from where we were standing in front of St. Tropez. We were faced with a wet, unpleasant trek on the one hand or the welcoming pull of an unexpected adventure on the other - and the music and incredible aromas coming from the kitchen were so inviting we couldn't resist. So, we sat down in St. Tropez. And the rest was history. What started as that all-too-rare spontaneous decision to duck into a place we knew nothing about evolved into one of those meals you never forget. The water was cold and crisp and the absolute antidote to that warm, cloyingly muggy South Florida feeling. The Pinot Noir was a perfect companion the meal and the place - unpretentious and solid. The bread and butter were exactly as old friends should be - comforting and plentiful. Just the right blend of warmth and crunch and chew and chew and chew and crunch...I don't know how to describe it beyond that it was the kind of bread you want in your head but almost never get. And we got plenty of it - sliced just for us - before we ever knew we wanted (God help us) a second basket. Everything we wanted was anticipated - including space and time to hold hands over the table and reconnect and remember that there is more to life than managing life. We felt perfectly taken care of - and we are not exactly big spenders! We split a French Onion Soup, Escargot, and the Crêpe of the day - and walked away in an altered state. Absolutely everything was fantastic - the balance of flavor in the soup is not something I've experienced before - it was so good that I almost had to talk myself into believing that it was just a particularly good day so as not to be sad when it wasn't exactly as I remembered upon has to protect oneself from heartbreak! Escargot is a favorite dish for my husband and I - it did not disappoint. Just like a good diamond doesn't need a bunch of busy setting nonsense competing with it for attention, the escargot was a study in simple elegance. I wouldn't call it rustic, because there's no way that combination of seasoning and doneness comes about save for advanced skill and blessed talent - but simple just the same. And finally the crêpe, which was suggested to us. I wish I could remember what it was called - in my dreams we will go back in the rain some day after having tried other things there sometime in the future when we feel like it is one of our official "places" and they will just happen to be offering the same crêpe of the day. This one offered flavorful veggies and was topped with an egg and made us appreciate the art of cooked veggies over raw. It made us want to see an opera or visit a museum. It made us appreciate culture and civilization in a time (at least for us) of great sadness with regard to the general human condition. My husband commented that the experience was what living is all about. I would have agreed, but I was in my own little world of bistro bliss. My only regret is that we were pressed for time and ultimately decided against coffee and dessert. We said we would return for it - and eventually, we definitely will. Everyone should be so fortunate as to just stumble upon this gem. But I have written this, my first restaurant review ever, out of sheer gratitude for the meal and compassion for all those people that might never have otherwise found it. Please, for heaven's sake, go and enjoy. I may be long winded - but life is short. And this place is good. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/27/2010

You can sens when someone write a genuine review based on an individual experience and a PR review written by a sollicited customer or friend.... i let you judge by yourself . The last reviewer is so obvious .... more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/10/2010

I am reviewing here because it is so rare that I feel I need to say something about a French restaurant in the USA.\r Originally from France, I am usually very picky when it comes to french gastronomy. \r Usually when it comes to French restaurants in the USA, it goes over pricy, cliché, mediocre food and bad service...\r I mean, as for service, I have to say that in France, except in some very expensive places, it is very bad usually...\r \r So this saturday, on the request of some friends of mine who were willing to surprise me, I accepted to go with them once more for a "french" evening...\r \r A new French place that opened on Las Olas called "St Tropez Bistro"... And once more I was sure to be disappointed and to get into one more tourist trap as they are so many on Las Olas...\r \r I was so wrong about my "a-priori"s...\r First of all, the decor of the place :\r From the moment you step into the restaurant, you just feel like home. I mean, a french home...\r The concept of the place is a "bistro". And I was amazed to see that for once, nothing was cliché.\r It looks exactly like a typical french bistro.\r Perhaps because for once the place is ran by real french people and not by greedy people trying to make some money out of a french concept thing...\r \r The whole team was french. Very authentic. I just felt like I never left my country, except maybe for service which was perfect. ;)\r It looks like when they decided to open this place, they took the best of french and american culture.\r Service was amazing, quantities are on an american range and you don't feel like you are getting a sampler for everything you order.\r \r Food was absolutely wonderful. I actually don't recall having had such a good dinner in France...!\r That night, there was some live entertainment with a singer singing french tunes... And once again I was amazed... The guy had a fantastic voice and his repertoire was just perfect for the evening.\r Even as for entertainment it had nothing cliché.\r \r When you go there, you go for the real thing. This place is actually a typical French restaurant in South Florida...\r So the food is great, the atmosphere is awesome, the decor is fantastic and the check was completely reasonnable. \r \r I have never gone twice to a french restaurant in the States... But this place... Well, I had to come back yesterday bringing some other friends to have them discover what a real French restaurant is...\r \r If you can't affort getting a place ticket to go to France on vacation, just go to St-Tropez Bistro... It's all there... \r You can't be disappointed, I've been there...\r \r Patrick more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/1/2010

I would like to correct the last reviewer Donaldson that this place does not offer a full bar, just Beer and Wine so please do not exaggerate, it seems like you are another person who advertise for this place. When i go out i try to give my opinion based on how fresh is the food, and how great is the ambiance as well as the service to help other people in choosing a good restaurant... this place is average.. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/1/2010

Located on trendy Las Olas Blvd, just minutes from the beach, St. Tropez offers surprisingly tasty french food in a good french riviera atmosphere. They consistently serve the best selection of french cuisine. A great place for romantic dinner or impressive business lunch. St. Tropez offers a full bar with a surprising wine list. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/11/2010

Since you have a new Chef\r Your Restaurant "St Tropez Bistro" is the only one\r French Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.\r Thank You Christine et Gerard\r ERDNA de SAVENAY more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/8/2010

Most of the reviews are pure propaganda to the restaurant and the owners. I ate there i have no idea who own the place, i'm more interested in the service and the food quality ,it seems like some people who write reviews are not giving their opinions but advertising for the place. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/4/2010

They could improve few things to make the place work better, efficient and less expensive .Unfortunately the owners do not speak english i believe they forgot that they opened the restaurant in the united states.\r also sad to know that some people rather advertise for the restaurant than give their real opinion about food and service. so please enough advertising it's so obvious.. more
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