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Sparkletts Water - 100 Reviews - 1740 West Broadway, Mesa, AZ - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (800) 492-8377
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Sparkletts Water

1740 West Broadway
Mesa, AZ 85202
(800) 492-8377
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Sparkletts Water - Mesa, AZ
Sparkletts Water - Mesa, AZ


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I have been a customer for 4 years, I love the water! There is a difference in taste! The only con I have is that the delivery has gone to every 4 weeks so you have a lot of bottl...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water that O Premium provides. We've had service for just under 2 years. \r \r In those two years we've been thru I think 5 water coolers. Each time one ...

NOW! SPARKLETTS WATER!!!!!!!! 12/24/2009

Today I got a call from some one that runs the Sparkletts in my area. They offiered to bring me water that I never received from Opremium Waters. If you have had business with Opremium Waters, call Sparkletts they will take care of you. I never got my water delivered from Opremium Water and now Sparkletts just delivered me my water that Opremium was suppose to deliver. Their prices are reasonable & even better than Opremiums. Just at least call them & go from there, I just had to get on here & right about this, so many people have gotten screwed over through Opremium Waters.. Pros: They are taking care of me now.. Cons: None... more

Don't Do Business With O Premium Waters 12/9/2009

We've had O Premium Water service since March of this year. I signed on for their service because of the great taste of their water, even though the salesman was extremely pushy and after looking over my contract with a fine-tooth comb, I found several discrepancies between it and what I was told verbally. I had to have the salesman correct a few things on the contract before signing and then afterward, I still called customer service to change one more: #20 on their Terms sheet states, ""I understand that canceling this service requires a 30-day written notice prior to discontinuance of service. A $199 (salesman crossed out and put $99) sanitizing, refurbishing, and restocking fee will be charged if you cancel within 12 months of initiating service and a $149 (salesman crossed out and put $99) fee if you cancel after 12 months. All equipment must be returned to OPW within the 37 days of notice to cancel or an equipment pick up fee will be assessed"". What? A huge cancellation fee no matter how long you're a customer? No way. I had them email me stating that I would never be charged a cancellation fee. So besides the contract, everything else was fine until I inquired about our upcoming move to Tucson. I had been told that O Premium Waters services Tucson, but I needed to know if we took the equipment and bottles with us or if they picked them up and delivered new ones to the new address. I waited on hold for 15 minutes before a very rude customer service rep answered and told me (while I was still asking the question) that I needed to take it all with me and call with the new address. After hanging up, I thought that just didn't sound right and I had better get written confirmation and find out what would happen if we ever canceled after moving. I sent three requests through their ""Rapid Response"" online system. The first two requests they responded to with the same, ""I can help you. What's the phone # on the account?"" I had already given them my phone number, account number and address! Why would they need my phone # when I'm logged into the account when I write the request? I am still waiting for a response to my third request that I submitted online. I also called their phone number again yesterday and after waiting 25 minutes on hold, the same rep answered. I was asked for my phone number and then I asked to speak to a manager. I was connected to ""Amy's"" voicemail. I left a message and gave my # twice. I have not received a response. I called again today and selected the company directory. They never actually give you a directory. You have to type in the name of the person you're trying to reach, last name first. Since I don't have ""Amy's"" last name, I hung up and called back. This time I selected ""0"" for help. The system told me no operator was available. I hung up and tried again. This time, I selected customer service and then ""4"" for cancellations. After waiting on hold for 3 minutes, the system told me no one was available to take my call and to leave a message. I left a message and no one has called me back. Now, I've typed up my cancellation letter and tried to fax it to the fax number listed on their website. Guess what? NO ANSWER. What a shocker. Certified mail it is, but I'll be attempting to fax again just for my records. Can you say ""evasion""? Stay far, far away from this company and if you've already been suckered in, then make sure you keep a very detailed log of what has taken place with them. The BBB website states they have 248 complaints against them and they get a C- rating. I don't think they even deserve a C-. For me it's an F. Pros: great tasting water Cons: shady company, no customer service, outright evasion more

the WORST IDEA EVER 11/20/2009

this company is ridiculous. i got conned into joining for a ""free month"" which turned out to be like a $40 month. when i realized this and called to cancel, they told me to fax them something that said that i wanted to cancel. who the hell has a fax machine lying around?? not college students... then i went to the office with everything that they gave me and they still gave me the run around...\r DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE\r \r THESE PEOPLE ARE A WASTE OF TIME\r \r THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS\r \r Pros: non whatsoever Cons: lies, expensive, lies lies lies more

Biggest lying rip off 10/14/2009

They are the biggest rip off ever. I had the nice sales man rick tell me there was no obligation no fees till november 5th which i understood. The only charges that would be on my account is them taking a dollar out of my account and putting it back in to make sure it is active. Mean while they have you call the activation call guy told me to say yes because the people were like robots and will get confused and talked to me while I was trying to listen. I apparently agreed to a service charge, which was the check I wrote that was told to me was for deposit and would not be cashed and was then cashed on thursday day before i got payed giving me bounced check fees. I called the guy and he said they were spose to do that and here i am 4 days later still fighting to figure this out having the supervisor telling me tough shit you agreed. Now I'm out money about to lose my home because the guy told me he was aware i didn't have the money right now but would for the first month payment. now i'm a few days from being homeless i'm extremely excited Cons: lying, bad customer service, everything about them more

Fraudulent Company 8/25/2009

While the product may be good, you may never receive it while still be charged an arm and a leg for the service they claim you are receiving. Once you have had enough with this company and decide to cancel it, you discover their is an unknown ""contract"" that keeps you locked in for them to continue to steal money for you for months to come. Oh but you can cancel and owe them more money, regardless of the fact that they admit to have taken money from you for many months and not delivered you any water. Their response- tough luck. That's just how it is with O Premium Waters. Please report them to the Better Business Burrow if this has happened to you too, we need to get them shut down! more

Liars and Cheats! 6/11/2009

I wish I had looked this up before signing up on June 3 2009. I was short this month and told the rep I would love to have this service but would need to wait until next month. He assured me as well as 2 other reps at my home with him that I would not be charged a dime until july 5 2009. Ha! I was debited 49.99 that cost me 20.00 od charge! I called and was told this was a start up fee. This is no where on my contract and they do not care! They refuse to rectify it. The other 3 bottles of water they owe me for the month,(they left 2 of the 5) I wont get until 6-30-09, so they say. They are scams and customer service, what service? Pros: Good Water Cons: Liars and Cheats! more

O Premium Waters is a RIP OFF! 3/17/2009

If you are considering O Premium waters to provide water for you, then please, READ YOUR CONTRACT. If you want great water at a great price they are great, but if you ever need any customer service or if you want to cancel, that is a completely different story. I have not had any service (i.e. no water delivery) since October of 2008, here it is March 2009 and after numerous emails and phone calls, they still charge my account. I had to resort to canceling my debit card to stop them from charging. Now I suppose in April the collections dept will be calling me for payment of services, that were never rendered. Frank Leonesio is a flim-flam man and a shyster. Pros: Great water, great price Cons: Customer Service, What customer service? more

WARNING 2/23/2009

WARNING do not have any dealings with this company. I worked there. They are very dishonest. They have been investigated by the state of Arizona Attorney General?s office and have paid fines in the past for consumer fraud. Be advised, be warned. Cons: Everything more

Great Water, but not worth the headache 2/19/2009

This company is awful! Granted, the water is great and their prices are not bad, but the customer service is worse than awful. One star was too many, but i had to give them one to continue with my comment. \r \r I signed up for a free trial, the agent said I would not be billed for x number of weeks, but they started billing me the next day and didn't stop for 2 weeks. They charged me over $300! The only way I got them to stop was to flag my account with the bank with a notice that this company is not allowed to take any more money out of my account. \r \r I called the customer service phone number and talked to (different) people every single day for 2 weeks about this, they all said they would help, and I would get a call back, but I never did. I wanted to talk to some of the same people but they were never available. The only time I got phone calls was from the cancellation department asking me if I was sure I wanted to cancel. \r \r Just beware- the salespeople will say anything and will flat out lie to you. This company seems to be great if you don't have any problems, but if you do have an issue, don't expect to get any help.\r Pros: the water tastes wonderful Cons: nothing is worth this kind of aggrivation more

worst customer service 2/2/2009

These folks misrepresent everything they tell you!! I would suggest that before you do any business with them you check them out! Cons: they lie about everything and keep trying to take money from you when you cancel service more

Awesome water! 1/29/2009

I have been a customer for 4 years, I love the water! There is a difference in taste! The only con I have is that the delivery has gone to every 4 weeks so you have a lot of bottles to store between deliveries. The customer service is awesome and responsive. I wouldn't use any other service! Pros: great water, awesome customer service Cons: length of time between deliveries more

Great drinking water and service! 1/28/2009

With the hard economic times, my husband and I decided that Opremium water was a necessity and not a luxury. Can't beat the great tasting water of Opremium. Haven't had any issues with billing or service and the staff has been very helpful. Pros: safe drinking water, great service, cheaper than buying gallon water, don't need to shop for gallon water at supermarket. Cons: would like the unit to be maintained earlier than the required year. more

Best Water In Arizona 1/20/2009

I think a great tasting water that arizona people should try is O Premium Waters. U really taste a difference in water. Pros: N/A Cons: N/A more

O''Premium is not what people think they are... 1/19/2009

ZERO RATING!!!\r \r I wont even rate this company but I had to pick at least 1 star otherwise I couldn't move on with my complaint!\r \r They are not honest, reliable people to work with. No customer service skills what so ever!\r \r Cons: Not honest and will avoid you if you have a complaint! more

O Premium Waters ...... Great Company........ 1/14/2009

R U tired of going to the store every week to buy water? Well I was so I signed up for O Premium Waters in 2007. It was a pain getting that water in and out of the car every week. Once I signed up for the service I never had to buy water at the store again. If I ran out of water I could just call and have it delivered the next day. I have received the best customer service from them. They always show up when they are suppose to and the water taste great. If anyone out there has been looking for a company to sign up with I highly recommend you try this company. You will not be disappointed!\r \r Pros: Having water brought to my home. Cons: I do not have anything bad to say about them. more

opremium great delivery 1/14/2009

for delivery service opremium is top notch. Even in the desert sun the drivers lug the many bottles to the front door.The options for water are comparable and the quality is superior.I have suggested my friends and family try opremium and will continue to do so.whenever there is a question all you have to do is call the customer service number and the representitives are happy to help answer the many questions you might have yet, in over three years of service I have only had to call the customer service line one time.I will continue to use opremium waters even though we are planning to move in these hard pressed times.acct#00851372 Pros: service Cons: accuracy more

O Premium Waters is the Best 1/13/2009

\r \r \r We have nothing but great things to say about O Premium Waters!\r I have a family of six who can't get enough of it. Always on time, friendly staff. We have never had any problems with them. I highly recommened O Premium Waters for you water service. more

o waters service 1/8/2009

I have recieved home water delivery service from o premium waters for about a year and a half now and during this time I have found the product to be fresh, clean and refreshing. I would like to see service improve, with the year and a half service I have had I have not always received prompt deliveries. more

Refreshing O' Premium water 1/8/2009

I am really glad that I switched to this water. I use to get leg cramps but now that I have this water (which by the way is the only thing I like to drink) with the electrolites in it I do not get leg cramps anymore. I know this will help in the summer too with my kids. They play so hard it will be nice to know they are getting extra care by drinking this water. I would recomend this water to anyone. It taste great and their service has been easy and quick so far. more

All well and good until you need help 1/7/2009

I had a wonderful experience with opremium waters until the day I found I needed to cut expenses. \r On September 24th I used the website to file a cancellation request (they have this option, but my advise is to never use it). On the 25th I received a reply stating they would hate to loose me as a customer, would I consider a different plan? I actually didn't realize that it would be imperative that I reply to this email, I thought I had requested a cancellation. \r There would be a 30 day notice required, I would have to return the equipment and bottles myself and that there would be a ""restocking fee"" or a ""sanitizing fee"". I was not contacted again by anyone else, so I thought I would be returning the equipment and bottles as soon as they were emptied (the bottles are very heavy when full, as is the cooler and I would have to pay another fee to have someone pick it up) and that would be that. I was charged the regular monthly service charge again in October, which I had not planned for, and my strict budget was blown. I made a call to customer service, and that was not helpful, so I sent two other emails.They close the website ""tickets"", (email correspondence) when they reply I guess. In the first reply they noticed that I had called customer service (thanks for noticing) and informed me that I would be contacted the next morning (I was not). The second reply informed me again I would be contacted by the cancelation dept. (I was not). I sent another email that day, there was a reply the next day, ""someone will contact you at noon tomorrow"". I didn't talk to anyone until November at which time I was informed that I would have to send an email in writing saying that I wanted to cancel. Um, I did that in September, I explained. This time in the correspondence I asked that they contact me before taking money from my account. Today I was again charged, oh yeah forgot about the ""sanitizing fee"". Pros: Good water Cons: They really don't want to loose your business, you are stuck for as long as they string you along more
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A home and office delivery service provider of bottled water, water filtration, coffee and tea.

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  • Meza, AZ operated. People have been enjoying the great taste of Sparkletts water for over 80 years. Today, Sparkletts offers a multitude of drinking water options--including Spring, Fluoridated, Purified, Distilled and Crystal Fresh--that can be delivered straight to your home or office. With home or office water delivery from Sparkletts, new supplies of 3 or 5 gallon bottled water arrive to your doorstep every two weeks. Upon each delivery, your friendly Sparkletts water delivery professional will collect your empty water bottles for reuse and return them to Sparkletts facilities to be cleaned, sanitized and refilled. Refreshing Sparkletts water can also be delivered in .5 liter, 24 ounce or 8 ounce single-serve bottles, providing a convenient solution for those who like to stay hydrated on the go. Using the latest in drinking water filtration technology, Sparkletts' Relyant tap water filtration services--available in both convenient coolers and under-sink models--improve the taste and purity of your home or office drinking water. Sparkletts' commitment to fulfilling your family and employees' beverage needs isn't limited to home or office water delivery; coffee and tea delivery with Standard Coffee offers both batch brew or single-cup delivery solutions to your office or restaurant's employees and guests. Coffee and water delivery services are available to homes and establishments spanning our nationwide beverage delivery routes.

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    Mon-Fri 5am-8pm, Sat 6am-5pm, Sun 8am-5pm
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    Fiesta Neighborhood Group, Dobson Ranch