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Spa Ja - 121 Reviews - 300 W 56th St, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 245-7566

Spa Ja

300 W 56th St (at 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 245-7566
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Spa Ja - New York, NY
Spa Ja - New York, NY
Spa Ja - New York, NY
Spa Ja - New York, NY
Spa Ja - New York, NY



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I have visited many spas in the city, searching for a comfortable place for facials and massages. I first discovered Spa Ja from Groupon, with an amazing deal. Not too long afte...


i don't like the entrance but once you start walking up you can tell they try to overcome the building limitations and by the time you get there, it's all black, red, water trickl...

go elsewhere 12/20/2011

My massage at Spa Ja was very disappointing. The masseuse I had gave a very mediocre back rub -- she didn't even begin to get the knots in my back despite the fact that I asked for more pressure. Instead of feeling significantly better after this massage, I felt like I hadn't even had one. more

After Work Ahhhhh 9/9/2011

After a long day this was a lovely spot to unwind. Friendly and professional, James was able to fit me right in for an hour massage and half hour reflexology. Eka my therapist was just wonderful. Hitting all those tight spots. I will definitely be back. Worth your time to visit this sweet oasis in midtown. more

SPA? HA! Dirty and abusive 7/7/2011

Let me preface by saying that I am a massage expert. For years I had weekly massages from professional medical therapists in addition to occasional leisurely massages. Until today, never have I experienced a massage and service so appalling. First, the establishment looks horrific from the outside and cheap and dingy on the inside. Not just straightforward and honest cheap, which I can kind of respect, since at least it's not pretending to be something it's not, but the worst kind of cheap - cheap tryin' to look expensive, dirty tryin' to look clean. Don't be fooled by the photos posted by the place, which are airbrushed glamour shots. Roses, candles, fish bowls? Oh please! My massage therapist came down after about 10 minutes, and I immediately got a bad feeling. She looked like a glum, miserable person. I scolded myself for making snap judgments based on appearances. I shouldn't have. The treatment room - just like the reception area, except packed into a 4 x 6 room and lit with a black light. Yeah you heard me, a black know, like at a rave? I immediately cringed and felt claustrophobic. Products cluttered every inch of an entire wall. My lady asked if I wanted Swedish or deep tissue, and if there were any areas I wanted her to focus on. I don't know why the hell she bothered asking. I told her I needed deep tissue and the entire hour on my back, shoulders and neck. I was in extreme pain, so I was very vocal about my knots and trigger points and how much pressure I wanted - and she did NOT like that, even though she asked! I wasn't about to pay for and suffer in silence through another weak and ungratifying massage. She hit a few knots in the beginning on my shoulders and for a few seconds I thought I might have been wrong, but then she proceeded to lightly rub anything but the areas I specifically pinpointed for her, as if she were mindlessly scrubbing a floor. When I reiterated that I really needed her to work a specific knot, she got completely hostile, said she knew what she was doing and didn't need to get this particular knot because she was generally massaging the whole area and that would be enough relief. SAY WHAT?! I could actually feel her hatred and resentment oozing through her fingertips. After suffering 10 minutes of useless rubbing with the flat part of her fist, I asked her to go deeper and use her fingers. At that point, she proceeded to vindictively dig her elbow with 10x the pressure into the canal right by my spine and raked it across my ribs. My body jolted. I howled in pain, "You just dug your elbow into my ribs!" I incredulously listened to her angrily explain that she hadn't even touched my ribs, which were buried deep within. Deep within where?! My skin?! Then she stormed out saying she would get the front desk to send up another massage therapist. Shocking? Incredible? Wait, it gets better. Fast-forward 10 minutes - enter massage therapist #2, an older Brazilian woman. Immediately she begins to antagonize and attack me, asking what happened because the other woman has never had any complaints 'til now. Ironically, she lectures me on how they aren't doctors and can't apply a lot of pressure because they can't risk breaking bones or hitting nerves or organs, despite my cracked rib, can't focus on just one area b/c it's not good for you, and that I can't expect to have all my ailments healed in one session. Who the hell asked you to heal me, lady? Don't I have the right to pay for some temporary relief? And why the hell are you offering deep massages? She also yelled at me for trying new massage therapists when I should stick to just one I've liked and called American massage therapists ignorant and disgraceful. Lastly, my poor friend walked out with severe neck pain she didn't have after a similar massage, minus the verbal and physical combat. more

lies about price but great massage 1/27/2011

i don't like the entrance but once you start walking up you can tell they try to overcome the building limitations and by the time you get there, it's all black, red, water trickling, soothing decor....but watch out, the Groupon "deals" are no deal! it's a TOTAL SCAM...i'm still bitter (and it's been 2 months since my visit) because i was misled by the unattractive, unpolished, unprofessional man at the front desk. when i booked my appt he was mostly concerned with telling me about his back problems (i noticed he wore a back brace.) to his credit, he was honest when i asked him which i should get, either reiki or massage. he said the reiki wasn't that good so i should get a massage and since i was interested in the stone and deep tissue options to go for the FUSION MASSAGE which combines both. that was helpful but all help was cancelled out by my SEETHING anger upon paying for my service when it suddenly cost TWICE what was quoted. it was a CLASSIC BAIT & SWITCH. the groupon i had was from a friend who'd moved to Argentina. it had expired but the spa said they'd give me half off. i thought 50% was off the face value of the groupon. i said as much when booking the massage. imagine my SHOCK and anger when after a great, soothing, firm, deeply nourishing massage i got tense as hell right away when the woman at the desk demanded TWICE what i expected to pay. the groupon i had was worth $120 services but had expired so i figured i had a "store credit" of $60 so i got the $70 massage (30-min) which meant i expected to spend the difference of $10 plus whatever for tip. The "special deal" they were giving me had NOTHING to do with the groupon but rather THEIR reaction was to charge me half the cost of the service, so i had to pay $35 (half the $70 massage normal charge). it was almost 3x what i meant to spend. sadly, because of this low ethical business, i was unable to afford to tip my masseuse. i paid $35 for the massage which would have been totally fine if not cheap for NYC, but in principle, i felt so hoodwinked and abused, i just got the hell outta there. and the weird tea with big fruit berries floating around was OVERRATED. not good. and all the products that are so supposedly organic are easily seen ANYWHERE else so this place ain't special. please. not at all.....the masseuse lady was great though. i really liked her. i told her that so she slipped me a little note with an address of the other place she does massages and she agreed it's RIDICULOUS what spa ja charges for the same service as her other spa job in NJ. just be careful if you go here. GET PRICE CLEARLY STATED UPFRONT.....unless you like crappy surprises. however i do wanna mention i remember a silver necklace i really loved. they have an area of knick knacks of jewelry and stuff to buy. they sure love taking your money. more

The best spa I have been to so far! 1/7/2011

I have visited many spas in the city, searching for a comfortable place for facials and massages. I first discovered Spa Ja from Groupon, with an amazing deal. Not too long after, Spa Ja sent me a promotional offer that was even better than the Groupon deal. I enjoyed a wonderful microdermabrasion and deep tissue massage. To go without a deal, is a bit over my budget but if there's a deal, I will literally, run there! The spa is owned by a very sweet couple. They offer you complimentary tea with fresh berries. They also have nuts, cookies, etc in the sitting area while you wait. Everyone there is very attentive. The outer appearance is not pleasing, but the interior design is definitely worth forgoing the exterior. more

Great Spa 12/1/2010

Thank you Spa Ja for such an enjoyable experience! The treats and tea were a great way to start my visit. A very relaxing and nicely appointed space with friendly and professional staff. My treatment exceeded my expectations and I will happily return for additional services. The products I purchased were unique and top shelf, good job on all fronts! I intend to recommend your facility to my friends. more

Love the brazilian wax BUT they need to replace applicator! 11/15/2010

I used to go to this place a lot for my bikini wax. However, it was only lately that I started noticing that THEY DO NOT REPLACE THE APPLICATORS after every use!!!! They will use a different one for each client but they will however double dip that applicator for the same client. Ladies -- think about just any disease you can get from this! I brought up this problem to the front desk -- what if the person before me had any STDs or any other skin disease -- how am I protected from that if you double dip that applicator!? He simply shrugged his shoulders and said that the heat will kill all the germs!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible. Not going back, while I do love the service, not risking my delicate parts for an unhygienic practice like this!! more

Great wax experience 10/31/2010

I've been coming to this spa for a few years and my experience has always been great. From the moment you walk in, you are treated to a hot towel and delicious tea. I love this tea!! I've gotten wax services from both Flor and Isa and they have always been good and efficient. They use organic wax which seems less painful for me. It's very clean which is important to me. Overall, I've enjoyed my experience here. more

Terrible male receptionist. Much better facialist. 10/30/2010

Front of house service via an older male receptionist was surprisingly unfriendly and unwelcoming for my first visit to this spa. Right off the bat, terrible first impression. Organic brazilian facial ($130) was good and Victoria was very nice. I also agree he was short with me and condescending. He added back on the 20% discount, for all new clients, that Victoria deducted from my bill, because I used my kgb coupon. There are no fine details indicating this could not be used with another offer neither on the coupon nor the website. I said okay. He barely uttered a small thank you when I left. I'd say if you do not like new patrons using kgb and all other groupon sites to step into your spa, then kindly don't offer it! There are tons of spas in the city. I enjoy how you spend your career teaching children how to be kind to others, and you encounter a dismal man so unhappy with his job with people. I urge you to not employ this gentleman if it is worth losing potential clients over. It left a terrible taste in my mouth and a lasting impression. more

Great waxing service 9/3/2010

I've been going to Spa Ja for a couple of years to get my bikini waxes and they do a great job! Fast, clean and efficient. It's never really a fun process anywhere you go, but their skill and technique minimizes the pain. I have recommended it to several friends. more

A Plus Spa Treatment Again in NYC/Thank you Spa Ja 7/30/2010

I had yet another fabulous visit to Spa Ja. After all these years it is still a pleasure to walk in off the streets of NYC into such peaceful professionalism. That is what I look forward to. The massage was excellent (I asked for deep tissue and I love deep tissue.) The facial was also excellent. I do appreciate the show: all the over the top professionalism--it all makes a difference to me: uniforms, paper face masks, attitude, cleanliness, etc-- I want to feel like I have left the city behind and checked in to a Swiss Spa and at Spa Ja, once again, I did. I did have to wait fifteen minutes for my massage but with the berry tea and little snacks and steamed towel the nice guy uniformed guy brought me I was practically asleep anyway... Great experience, again! Pros: Best Facial, Fabulous massage Best Wax more

WORST SPA EVER 5/26/2010

I went to this spa because of a gift certificate that they gave me. I choose an hour swedish massage and it last for sure for shorter time and I am not even sure they gave me a swedish massage, instead of being relaxing it was hurting, probably they switch to a deep tissue massage, without asking me.. I had pain on my back for two days. Not relaxing at all. The woman that gave me massage, was complaining with other coworker that she gas to do a hard work on me, she didn`t know i could hear her obviously, totally unprofessional. I ask for a brazilian pedicure too and it was done in a rush. Not a nice environment at all. don`t be buyest by the pictures on the website is totally not nice as it looks. DON`T GO THERE and DON`T BUY GIFT CERTIFICATE Cons: bad service bad environment more


DO NOT GO TO THIS SPA! The service was horrible! My boyfriend and I arrived approximately 5 minutes early. They made us wait about 15 minutes before taking us and then once we got into the room they took their time coming in. I wouldn't have minded this at all except that when I looked at my watch when it was over she stopped a few minutes before what should have been a full hour IF we started on time. So what was supposed to be an hour massage was more like a 40 minute massage. In addition, I signed up for a Fusion massage which is deep tissue and my boyfriend for a Swedish. My massage was no where near a deep tissue and I mentioned this to the woman giving the massage and she acted confused and said "next time you should get the deep tissue". It was at that moment I realized that my boyfriend probably got my massage and I got his. As soon as he came out he complained his massage was too "deep" and he asked his massage therapist what kind of massage he had and she told him "Fusion" which is deep tissue with hot stone. So clearly they made a mistake and neither one of us enjoyed our massages. The spa took NO responsibility for it and on top of it wanted to charge us BOTH for the deep tissue which is more expensive even though one was booked as a swedish. The woman behind the desk didn't seem to care at all and did not acknowledge the mistake and kept arguing with us. All we wanted was to be charged appropriately. We didn't even press the issue that THEY made the mistake and gave us the wrong massages. They did nothing to accommodate us(not even an apology). This is the worst customer service I have EVER experienced in MANHATTAN...period. Waste of time and money! Not a good massage and we got yelled at so I left with more stress than I went in with!! PS, I think the good reviews on here are probably them posting or people they know! There is no way this spa deserves any stars Cons: Not a good massage, made mistakes, worst customer service more

Ok but missing some key elements 3/30/2010

Spa ja is good for a fast, efficient wax, although the room is small, the table doesn't look very clean and the door opens directly into the hall so when the therapist comes in anyone outside can see in. I would skip the massage. The rooms are pretty noisy and way too cold. There is a strange blue lighting scheme inside that doesn't do anything for the place. But the massage itself was really almost bad- cold hands are such a no no! Fast, jerky movements, I love massages and I really didn't enjoy much about this one. Pros: Good waxing Cons: Ambience is lacking, massage almost bad more

Worst Facial EVER! 3/29/2010

I was excited when Spa Ja was running a promotion on Groupon. I had always been meaning to go have a facial there, but they are not convenient to my home or work, so I hadn’t made the trip uptown to check them out. I had a meeting in the area so I scheduled an appointment in the afternoon. The spa is very nice in appearance but was shocked by how awful my facial was!! After steaming for only a short amount of time, she started on my extractions. They were extremely painful and I asked the esthetician if maybe a needed to steam for a little longer. She said that it wasn’t necessary and continued on. I have been to over a dozen spas for facials around the city and have never experienced such pain. When she was done, she added a serum which left my face feeling greasy- the last thing you want after a facial. The worst part of all was that I was left with red marks and open wounds on my face. It has been 5 days now, and my face is still red and peeling in places. I am just praying now that I don’t scare. I never believed reviews before when people said they get scared by a “professions spas”- I mean how does a spa like this stay in business? Without the Groupon the facial with tip and tax would have cost $145. There are so many better spas around the city that give amazing facials for half the price. Maybe I just had a fluke experience, but I wouldn’t risk it. Cons: Painful, Scarring, Attitude more

Best wax it 3/4/2010

I have been coming to Flor for my Brazilian wax...she is the best...and of course is painless..Thank you Flor...and Spaja for a warm and professional stuff more

Great Brazilian Waxes! 2/4/2010

I go to Iza. She is extremely thorough. After the waxing she goes over the whole area with a tweezer and makes sure that not a single hair is missed (which is nice considering that many poor reviews written about waxing services at other salons complain of being sent home with stray hairs). She is extremely professional, and quick. I am in and out in under 15 minutes every time. This is well worth the money! Pros: Very fast, thorough, and as pain free as possible Cons: Non more

Brazilian wax for any nationality!!! 9/23/2009

I am an African-American female and I have found a new place for a Brazilian wax. Val did a great job! She took her time and it was mostly painless...I couldn't believe it. My husband it still thanking her for doing such a wonderful job. I was so grateful for the warm and friendly environment. After leaving my old spa I've truly found somewhere a lot better at a reasonable price. See you guys soon! Pros: Minimal Pain Cons: None to date more


I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the commitment that Iza at Spa Ja has shown me with helping me clear my adult acne. My skin was truly bad and after trying numerous doctors and methods to clear my skin, I was at the point where I almost just wanted to give up. I began going to spa ja just for their fabulous waxing services and she noticed over time my face becoming worst and my demeanor changing. After a consulation, during which she explained everything she was able to do and how it worked, I began the cold light treatments. I noticed results the first time and the results just kept getting better with each treatment. She was professional and fabulous to work with. I recommend her to anyone having trouble with adult acne or just for a great facial. Val is great for facials and waxing as well and the whole staff is friendly and warm. Pros: IZA and VAL are the best Cons: none so far more

Fabulous facials, brazilian wax and massages! 6/14/2009

Tucked away near Columbus Circle I was introduced to this fabulous day spa by my boyfriend. The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly, you're greeted with scented towels, hot berry tea and piles of fruits, nuts and organic cookies (always a huge bonus), and later led upstairs to have your treatment. Having tried many of NYC's I can honestly say that this one is very much worth the money and the entire experience is lovely. The therapists are lovely, in particular, Val gives the best oxygen facial I"ve ever had in the city and while its not 'giving it away', its really worth the spend as the glow lasts for about a week and you really notice the difference over a period of time. They use lots of natural and organic products and the caliber is much higher than many of Manhattan's other spas. Its worth the investment. Also, did I mention the brazilians?! Trust a brazilian to be fabulous at this - again, Val gave the best brazilian bikini wax I"ve ever had - again not the cheapest BUT it lasts people and its worth every penny as it lasts 2 times longer than other cheapy waxes at mediocre salons. I'd hugely recommend a visit. Pros: Val's oxygen facials are worth every penny more
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  • New York's most beautiful and inviting spa with an incredible selection of organic spa products. Warm and fabulous professionals with the finest equipment will provide you with the most effective treatments and the highest degree of pampering. You will love it here. Treat yourself to a Brazilian manicure/pedicure, a massage or polarity therapy, then look your very best with one of our facial treatments. Our noninvasive facelift works wonders and our noninvasive cellulite treatment can melt away up to 10 inches or reduce certain problem areas. We have the technology and professionals to make you Feel Great and Look Smashing


  • A bold red and black scheme surrounds this spa, offering full body treatments, ayurvedic herbal therapies, and organic beauty products.

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