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Spa La La - 26 Reviews - 234 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (503) 233-2106

Spa La La

234 NE 28th Ave
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 233-2106
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\r Spa la la is the only place i go to get my nails and waxing done. i love the atmosphere, cute boutique, and i love the huge windows provide the entire place with natural sunl...


OK, so I'd read the negative reviews but it was the day before I wanted a mani/pedi and all the good places were booked. The other reviews were all quite old, so I gave this plac...

Rip off 4/17/2010

OK, so I'd read the negative reviews but it was the day before I wanted a mani/pedi and all the good places were booked. The other reviews were all quite old, so I gave this place the benefit of the doubt. Also, the rate for the service I reserved was considerably less than the nicer salons, so I thought it was more a matter of you get what you pay for... I was willing to have slightly less luxurious service if I wasn't paying as much. \r \r The foot bath was cold (on a cold day, brrr....) and the massage rushed (and I was the only customer in there for the entire time of my appointment - and there were at least 3 employees, so why anything was rushed or not done well is really unexcusable). The actual nail maintenance and polish seemed fine at the time (though later my fingers peeled and peeled from the cuticle trim). I was actually not too disappointed until I went to pay. They charged me ten dollars more than the advertised price from their website (for a 'luxury' as opposed to the 'deluxe' treatment I'd reserved). If what I received was their 'luxury' treatment (I don't think it was!), then I don't want to know about the 'deluxe' service. \r \r So, after tip (which, as a former service industry worker, I always give basically unless someone spits on me or something), I paid pretty close to what I would have for a relaxing, warm experience at a decent spa and that was not the deal I had agreed to.\r \r I'm not going to sum up, I think you can draw your own conclusions...\r \r Oh, if it makes a difference to anyone - they have vibrating chairs (?) for the pedicure. Pros: Polish job was pretty good Cons: Overcharged and not a ""luxurious"" anything. more

Speed pedicure 4/19/2009

Having a pedicure isn't really about the polish. It's about relaxing, and be pampered a little. I went to Spa-la-la expecting that, and instead was rushed out of one chair, into a ""drying chair"" and out of the door in 20 minutes. Not much pamering, and certainly not very soothing or relaxing. I won't be back. Pros: It's a cute place, and in an convenient neighborhood Cons: They did a pedicure in about 20 minutes more

Disappointing 11/23/2008

I was given a gift certificate to Spa La La and had a facial there yesterday.\r I wouldn't say that I'm a spa aficionado, but I have been to a few along the west coast and I have to say that I probably will not return to Spa La La.\r $50 got me 35 minutes in a tiny, rather dirty little room off the main area - open to the shared ceiling and therefore to the noise and nail chemical fumes as well. The little pink throw rug under the bed was dirty enough that I didn't want to put my bare feet on it, there were cobwebs on the walls, holes where it looked as though someone had tried to place a picture many times and just given up, and the face towels smelled overwhelmingly of bleach during the facial and once I got a look at them, proved to be all a dingy gray.\r My technician was nice enough but I didn't feel that she cared a great deal about my particular skin needs or that she was very enthusiastic about being there - and who could blame her, working in an environment like that? \r Overall, Spa La La has the feeling of a place that was once someone's idea of a cute, bright place to get a manicure and maybe more, but feels very tired and seriously in need of a deep cleaning and maybe a coat of paint. Pros: Complementary glass of wine. Cons: Dirty, smells strongly of nail painting chemicals. more

Nail Butchers 8/3/2008

I've been to Spa La La a couple times, usually I go back because a friend wants me to join her or I have a gift certificate. It's also conveniently located. The most recent visit will be my last visit ever. The ladies are sweet, but they are very, very rushed and the entire experience is stressful and (on this occasion) painful! My toenails were cut entirely too short... so short the nail beds are now exposed. My big toenails were cut at angles at the corners which is a big no-no. I asked for my fingernails to be squared, they were also cut way too short and rounded. The cuticle ""treatment"" and cutting was extremely painful and my fingers bl3d in several spots. The polish was sloppily applied as another group of women lingered impatiently in the entry area waiting for their turns. When I got home I slathered my butchered toes and fingers with Neosporin for fear they would become infected. Ouch! And all this for $48 plus tip?! Never going back. Pros: location Cons: experience more

worst pedicure I've ever received 7/28/2008

I received the worst pedicure of my life at this salon. It was rushed, sloppy, inattentive, and all-around terrible. I was left with red stained skin, where nail polish had been sloppily applied and then attempted to be removed, and toenails that looked like my 4 year old had painted them. I would recommend that anyone who wants an enjoyable, quality pedicure stay far from this place. Pros: the wine Cons: the service more

A spa that feels like home 1/11/2008

Over the last two years, my friends and I have enjoyed the services at Spa La La, but it wasn't until I had a less than fabulous experience at another spa that I realized just how much I appreciate Spa La La. Homey and hip, Spa La La provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and consistent service, from manicures to pedicures to waxes. The staff are friendly and accommodating, whether you want to chat, to trawl through a tawdry magazine, or to sip tea, wine or champagne. I have never felt rushed or neglected; I have always felt as though the staff looked forward to seeing me and my friends again. My pedicures in particular have been top quality and have lasted for at least a month. After waxes, Kim has always made sure to give me a good once-over with some foundation to conceal the inflammation. It's a sheer bonus that the jewelry, tchotchkes and lingerie for sale are stylish, affordable, and enticing. Spa La La helps me feel fabulous, and look polished in the process. Pros: Friendly, professional, personable more

Disappointing Experience - twice 10/13/2007

I've been to Spa La La twice now with groups of girls for different events. The first time they were incredibly rushed and provided very inferior nail services but I thought it was just due to it being busy in there that evening. They were so rushed that the massage HURT! She was tugging and pulling on my arms so hard I just wanted it to stop! And the 5-minute massage advertised was more like 2 minutes. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and suggested it to my friend for her group of bridesmaids. The bride bought us all the ""deluxe"" french pedicures which are 37 bucks a pop and the 5 minutes massages were terrible (they used rubber gloves!) and were not 5 minutes long at all - very rushed.\r \r The quality of my french manicure & pedicure were very poor quality I've had much better quality at cheaper places. The staff is semi-friendly, but they don't listen when you tell them what you want. and they don't ask what you want. They are very understaffed and service is rushed. \r \r Bottom line, this place puts on a good front by being cute and girly and serving free champagne and wine, but I wouldn't go back because you don't get quality service there. Not worth the price at all. more

Not worth the price 7/9/2007

I made an appointment based upon reviews I read and was very excited to take a girlfriend from out of town. Although we made appointments ahead of time, we had to wait 25 minutes before they could take us. My massage chair was broken and I've had much better pedicures for half the price. All around a disappointment. The only saving grace was that the staff was very friendly. more

i LOVE spa la la, great location, great atmosphere, great people! 6/28/2007

\r Spa la la is the only place i go to get my nails and waxing done. i love the atmosphere, cute boutique, and i love the huge windows provide the entire place with natural sunlight. the service is always nice. i find the nail technicians to be very friendly and are great with nails and massage and the receptionists are very helpful too. I absolutely recommend Spa la la. It?s a great place to go to with your friends, and I personally love taking my boyfriend there to get cleaned up and have a moment to relax together. If you get a chance, you should check this place out! the complimentary wine and mimosas are always nice too!\r more

Worst Spa EVER! 5/31/2007

Last Saturday 5/26/07 three of my girlfriends and I tried out Spalala for a bachelorette night out. We received a call from the spa's owner (the day before) asking if we could come later because a larger party ahead of us was bringing more people. We pushed our dinner plans back to accomodate the change. I assumed that the quality of our services would not be compromised. I was wrong! We arrived at 5:15 pm, as told to, and were surprised to see the previous party of 18 still being serviced. We were told it would be another 15-20 minutes. Luckily, the spa is in a good location.(the only thing they have going for them) We hopped next door to the gelato place and had a bite. After seeing many women leave the store through the window, we headed back over. I am pretty experienced when it comes to mani/pedis. I regularly have waxing, massage, etc done. The first problem I had with our pedicure was that they were wearing gloves. I have never ever seen people wear gloves. I noticed because it was cold and tickled more than usual. Secondly, I noticed that the bride-to-be was done before anyone else. It was the fastest pedicure on the planet. After being herded into the mani chairs I was surprised that my cuticles weren't being cut. It's pretty standard to have your cuticles cut. When I asked the girl to cut mine, she seemed extremely inconvenienced. Before I knew it we were done. The whole experience lasted under 1 hour. I couldn't believe it. I felt rushed the whole time and never had the chance to relax. Also, one of my friends was aked to ""Stop talking"" because her manicurist was trying to focus. How rude!! I have one slanted toe nail and left with paint on my fingers from where she had missed! It was overall a very lousy experience. Not worth the money at all. I called the owner to tell her my thoughts about our experience and she could have cared less. Lastly, we were charged for a ""deluxe mani/pedi"" . There's nothing deluxe about it. I do NOT recommend Spalala. Pros: good location and concept Cons: poor service and staff more

Disappointing experience, pretty cute location 4/10/2007

I had a ""luxury pedicure"" at Spa La La, which includes a 10-minute foot massage. I am sorry to say that it was disappointing. The employee actually used *latex gloves* to massage my feet. I was really puzzled by this, and it felt medical and cold. The water was also kind of chilly. I ended up feeling tense instead of relaxed, wondering why on earth she was using rubber gloves--my feet weren't dirty!\r \r I thought it was only fair to discuss this with the woman at the cash register, who was friendly but didn't really offer any info about the gloved approach. I almost felt bad about telling her--but it seems more productive to give them constructive feedback, especially because they're a new small business. I did not get the sense that they were going to change their policy/standard because of my concern though.\r \r She did take $5 off the total cost of $35. I didn't tell her because I was seeking a discount--I really just thought it was unpleasant. Pros: Good location Cons: Disappointing pedicure more

I love Spa La La! 3/2/2007

OK, first off, I will admit that Spa La La is the first and only place I've had a pedicure, and I've been there only about three or four times in the past couple of years, only for pedicures. I'm not highly girly-girl (though enjoy a god pampering), and don't have the experience to know what constitutes a bad ""spa experience."" That being said, I have always had a great pedicure at Spa La La. Love the champagne, love the relaxing atmosphere.\r \r I don't really care if my pedicurist doesn't speak much English, or if she talks to the other pedicurists in Korean during my service. I just sit back and relax, and enjoy not having to interact that much. They are always very nice, and I have not experienced ""rushed service."" At times they've seemed busy, but I have never felt like they cut my time short,or done a sub par job, because of it. My pedicures have always been perfect, and have lasted for weeks! \r \r I will keep coming back as long as my experience remains like this, and will continue to recommend Spa La La to others. Pros: champagne, relaxing atmosphere Cons: nice stuff in the shop, but too pricey for me more

poor girls.......... 2/18/2007

Because this place is close to my house I thought I would give it a second chance after the first one was lousy. Well, they didn't redeem themselves. Both times the girls working were very very rushed. I don't believe they want to be doing a rush job. The way I saw it, they were pressured by the owner to rush. The first time I went it lasted 30 min.The second visit was 25. Ridiculous for what they charge. Maybe you should save the complimentary wine or bubbly and give me a little more time to relax. It seems to me that the girls doing the work would like to take more time but just aren't allowed. Bummer. Pros: nice girls Cons: way overpriced, very rushed service, atmosphere not relaxing. more

not worth it 1/29/2007

Same as other reviewers, I experienced a rushed pedicure (30 min total when it includes a 10 min massage?) and terrible paint job. It just isn't worth the money, even with a free glass of bubbly. Pros: Cute store, free bubbly, nice owner, started on time Cons: Super rushed, bad paint job, indifferent service more

So fantastic! 1/15/2007

Great pedicures, great wine, great shopping!!!! I bought all my christmas gifts here, local jewelry -- treva dea, local tee shirts-- twinkle(?), local bath products --talulaha! all in one place and they rubbed my feet. more

love the place 1/15/2007

So nice-- I don't see why everyone doesn't totally love this place!! I could live here! good shopping good service great! Pros: nice people nice place!!! more

wonderful atmo! 1/15/2007

I had a great pedicure here, very nice-- the lights weren't floresent and in my eyes so I could totally chill out. They offered me a glass of wine-- so awesome. I bought my new favorite jewelry here too! They have local hand bags (stylesister??) and treva dea jewelry (silver square) and local belts and scarves by pixie-- i had a great time. Pros: waxing Cons: nothing more

Nice boutique setting but not at all relaxing! 11/22/2006

We had an appointment for 4 pedicures - and only three were accomodated at one time. When I arrived I was assigned to someone who immediately left me standing there......and a few moments later someone else came and guided me to the pedicure chair.\r \r We all received the ""Luxury"" pedicure.... it was by far the shortest pedicure I have ever had - and the four of us get pedicures monthly! The water was cold, and although she tried to warm it up, my feet were not in it long enough to matter. \r \r At the time I paid, I was extremely offended when the person taking payment asked if I would be leaving a gratuity - something I am very generous with - if satisfied with the product and service!\r \r I typically try to focus on great service and products but this experience was so disappointing I felt compelled to post. Pros: Lovely boutique feel - quite cute products for sale Cons: No value to ""luxury"" pedicure - not relaxing more

My nail person talked on her cell phone while giving me a pedi. Nice. 10/1/2006

I went there on 9/06/06... I was very disappointed. It came highly recommended, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else to go there. The lady doing my nails was very abrubt, talked on her cell phone, and kept leaving me to do other things. I went in with my sister for a mani/pedi, it was not relaxing-- and I felt bad it was my sisters' first spa experience. I picked a fingernail color that I was told I could not use because it ""chips"" (why stock it then)... she picked a color I didn't like (it was supposed to comparable). When I told I didn't like the new color, she didn't give me a chance to change it. I went home and changed it. I told the front desk lady about my impression and experience. She was nice and apologized, but offered nothing else. It is a really cute place, with tons of potential, but not a good staff (except the front desk lady).\r \r I envy those who had such a great experience. It was right before my wedding, and I was looking for a nice break and a chance to relax and hang with my sister. \r \r Pros: supercute place, great location, cool products sold inside. Cons: not relaxing, rude and abrupt nail techs, painful more

Great staff, super sweet setting! 9/11/2006

I so enjoyed my pedicure. The shop was just darling, lots of fun stuff for sale. My gal who did my pedicure was very attentive and friendly. Overall impression of the staff was excellent, NE 28th is charming with lots of fun shops and restaurants. Great shop and experience.\r Pros: Great staff more
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    The spa is light and bright, with a feminine summer cottage décor. Pillow-topped wicker chairs and a pink-gingham draped farmhouse table make a comfortable, multi-seat...

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