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Soleil Total Fitness

321 Middle Country Rd Ste B
Selden, NY 11784
(631) 716-1800
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Soleil Total Fitness - Selden, NY


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This gym has had a serious impact on my life. 6 months (and 20 pounds heavier) ago I walked in with my friend. I have a gym in my condo complex that I can use for free, so I jus...


I am a member of this gym and I am finding a new gym. I have belonged to this gym for approximately 1 year: The staff is beyond rude they are obnoxious. I needed help on an ellip...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/1/2013

For anyone who thinks the negative comments here are incorrect, please take a look at yelp and insider pages. Out 6 reviews on insider pages, 4 are negative. 1 review on yelp and it is negative. FYI, on insider pages they mention how they do not believe the positive reviews, and think the employees are behind them. BEWARE: this is not a quality gym and they employ fraudulent employees. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/1/2013

I hate Soilei...\r I don't know what gym some of these people are reviewing. I agree that some of these positive reviews are just unbelievable. \r I've NEVER been greeted by name. But, then again I have never been greeted by name at any gym I've belonged to...why? Because, it would be impossible for any gym worker or owner to memorize its customers. That is why I find all the reviews about being greeted by name hard to believe. It makes me think that they are acquainted with the owners or employees. I understand not being greeted by name, but I think it is impolite to not greet customers in a basic manner. \r In the months I have been at Soilei, I've never seen the owner treat anyone like a celebrity, never seen her greet any of the customers herself, never seen her gush over anyone's children, never seen her encourge people to be better human beings...I mean are we talking about a gym here or a church? I think some people are pouring it on a little thick here! I've only seen one owner like 3 times, and I'm a member for about 9 months. Honestly, it's a gym, I think the owners are more focused on giving you a one stop- shopping experience than stacking their facility with knowledgable and courteous staff. I don't need a haircut, a spa, a massage, or my nails done...I need my Zumba class. That's all! 2 days ago I saw the baby sitter leave the room and the kids in it to talk to another employee for about 10 mins. I am only 18 and I don't have kids but, I have baby sat, and I know it only takes a minute for something bad to happen. It was unprofessional, and if I had kids I would not bring them to the daycare after seeing that. I wouldn't trust it. \r Just to mention, I did read a review of Soilei that a former employee wrote saying that she used to be paid by Soilei to write phony good reviews. So, how trust worthy are the good reviews? I will be leaving Soilei A.S.A.P! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2012

I am a member of this gym for 6 months, and cannot wait for the year to be over. I would like to know when these other reviewers are going to workout that the place is empty? Because, I have had the experience of the previous reviewer that people stand around and wait for the treadmills...ONLY the treadmills. The other machines are usually not as crowded. I have also found the staff to be less then co-operative when approached with a problem. By-the-way, to the reviewer who said she is personally greeted by name...either you know the owner or they are reading your name off of the cp when you check in. I check in everyday, some of those days I have been greeted, and others no one looks up from their phones to say ""hello"", and never once have I been greeted by name.\r Also, I question these other reviewers who call the bad reviewers liars, whinners,ect. I am pretty sure that they are either employees or they are good friends with the owner. I say this, because I go to the gym EVERYDAY, and in 6 months I have not once seen either of the owners there. The positive reviewers take great lengths to personalize their experience with the owners to the extent that I believe they are involved with the owners in some way.\r This is a business, this is not about racism as one reviewer rambled about, or whining, or self love to be able to love others as another reviewer rambled about. It is about business, and people have the right to complain if they are not receiving the services they are expecting for their money. I found the negative reviews to be quite sincere, as I have experienced many of the same problems. I don't think it is fair to call people liars when they are just relaying their experience. No offense if you want your review to be taken seriously then don't ramble incoherently about racism (which has nothing to do with this) or ramble about self love. Honestly, it's just embarrassing. more


This gym has had a serious impact on my life. 6 months (and 20 pounds heavier) ago I walked in with my friend. I have a gym in my condo complex that I can use for free, so I just wanted something cheap since I didn't really think I needed a gym. I was smoking a pack a day. I met the owners right there. In fact they're always there. Reema and Tony. LISTEN CLOSELY: I read some negative reviews on here... Tony and Reema are two of the most genuine, caring, encouraging, and dedicated owners you can meet. They are there all the time. I joined because Reema showed me the importance of being at a gym where the atmosphere promoted a better lifestyle (unlike my condo gym where the hours were limited, as were the equipment, and there's never anyone there.) The culture of the gym is a direct reflection of their dedication. Members respect each other at Soleil... they put their weights away on the rack when they are done, if I walk to a machine at the same time as another person, we each will welcome the other person to go first. Other gyms it's NOT LIKE THAT. I've belonged to many... believe me, it's different here. No juiceheads, all genders, ages, races, and that makes it easy to be there. Sometimes I'll go in my dress shoes, slacks and t-shirt after work (I have very limited time) and I'll still feel comfortable because no one gives me funny looks at all -- I think everyone there respects one another because we're all there for the same reason -- to be better physically and to be better to each other as people. Tony and Reema... I'm telling you they set the example. Since I joined I've lost 20 pounds, I've quit smoking, I've gained so much motivation and energy. I am a much more positive person in life and I look forward going to the gym as much as I can. It's a place to go to be around people that are like me... just a normal guy that wants to get in really good shape. And it's anything you want it to be... there's a boxing ring, mats and punching bags for people that want to do MMA training (I haven't done it yet but it's fun to watch while on the elliptical or treadmill, there's plenty of machines and weights so I never have a problem getting a machine I want to use (I'll usually go somewhere between 6 pm -11 pm.) If you just walk in you'll see what I mean. There's a barber shop, day care, massage area, and a few other shops inside the gym. I can't speak for how they are, but I already have a stylist, I don't have kids and I'm not into the massage thing. They all look clean, professional and welcoming so I wouldn't have a problem walking into any of them. You're only going to get out of a gym what you put into it... but I'm telling you, you can get ripped here, lose weight, make friends, be comfortable, play pool or ping pong, take a shower, get a haircut... it goes on and on. You won't know whether or not this is the gym for you by reading my review or anyone else's for that matter. I suggest just going for free for a few days and hopefully I'll see you there! I'm the guy in the dress slacks. more

S. T. F. You love it or you hate it! 5/23/2011

I love it. The staff is friendly. Most of them know me on a first name basis. I speak to a lot of the other members and they are friendly too. I wish some of these other reviewers could share my experiences.\r \r As for the facility, it's usually not crowded and rarely overcrowded. There are always ellipticals and bikes available for cardio. Sometimes I'll have to wait 5 minutes or so for a treadmill,but not typically. Sometimes the eqiupment breaks, but it's usually repaired fairly quickly. It would be nice if the equipment could be cleaned by a staff member right before you use it, but that's not really practical. They do always have paper towels and disinfectant available. The instructors I've met have been really nice and knowledgeable.\r \r Any way, I too own a small business on Long Island and have been in service related industries for my entire life. I know how difficult it is to make customers happy and even more difficult to keep them that way. On the whole, there's always room for imporvement in any operation, but speaking for myself, I'm very satisfied with the value of my membership at Soleil.. more

FAMILY!!!!!!! 5/1/2011

KEY WORD FOR SOLEIL!!!!...My entire family is at the gym 6 days a week. We work out...We hang out!!. It seems like we are always there....and the only explanation for that is~~COMFORTABLE!~~Our family does everything together and Soleil allowed for us to work out together as a family b/c of all the different options available to us based on our needs....We utilize everything from personal training to boxing etc!!!....So many parents are working out while there children are across the room getting a good old fashioned work out by jumping rope, sit ups, push ups and learning boxing which teaches them such Great coordination!!!.....It is just peace of mind to know that our family is all in one place getting healthy!!!.....Thank You Rima & Tony for providing that place for us!!!!....... more

I LOVE SOLEIL!!!! 4/22/2011

This gym has a great atmosphere! If your looking for a gym for you AND your family to join this is it!! ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THIS GYM ARE OBVIOUSLY FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT AND DONT KNOW HOW TO READ WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR MAYBE YOU SHOULD START LOVING YOURSELF SO YOU CAN START LOVING OTHERS TOO. Ive never seen owners like Rima and Tony, this gym is their life and their members mean the most to them. From the moment you walk in you are greeting with open arms. They are warm and always want you to be comfortable. PS -it doesnt hurt that their whole staff is extremely beautiful and so sweet when you ask them for a favor!!! more


this gym has everything an average joe can want. i can come in and do my workout while my kids are being watched by the most amazing babysitter (who actually play with the kids instead of just sit and watch them). my kids wanted me to join because of the babysitting, and what more can a parent ask for other than their kids to be happy while they do their things?! the owners are very humble and hospitable whenever i come in. like seriously, how many owners are out their thaT are willing to give all their time to spend it at their place of business. you can tell their goal is to aim to please the consumers. my account never had a problem (becase i actually pay my bills ON TIME). i dont know why people try to give this gym a bad name. the staff always greets me and are always excited to see my kids. these are the poeple who i see every day when i come to the gym. so for anyone who is even CONSIDERING beleiving the other comments, they are 100% WRONG!! you know what, dont even take me or them up for our words, just come try the gym out for yourself so you can experience this amazing place. so for all u haters, stay away.. dont contaminate\r \r rima and T are the best thing that ever happened to soleil ,I SEE THEM HOW HARD THEY WORK DAY IN N DAY OUT , ,... RIMA PLAY WITH MY GIRLS ALL THE TIME ,,EVEN BEFORE DAY CARE OPEN ,I COME EARLY SOMTIMES AND MY 2 GIRLS STAY WITH RIMA AND SHE TELLS ME ILL TAKE CARE OF THEM ,THEY HANG OUT IN THE FRONT DESK WITH HER N SHE SAY TO ME 9 THERE ARE THE FUTURE SOLEIL TEAM IN TRAINING, AND MY GIRLS SMILES ,SHE GOES OUT OF HER WAY IF THEY NEED A SNACK OR ANYTHING AND IF I EVER NEED A QUESTION ABOUT ANYTHING SHES ALWAYS THERE TO ASSIST ME AND TO ENCOUREGE ME TO KEEP IT UP.\r that never happen in any gym were the owner herself treat her members like celebrities ,i feel i can come even with no make up ot my hair in a bun , my pj if i want too because NO 1 JUDJE ME THERE OR INTEMIDATE ME OR HIT ON ME ,AND MY HUSBAND HAS A LOT OF FREINDS HE LIFT WITH , NO JUICE HEADS OR MEAT HEADS ,ive seen her clean house,she kicked all the bad elements out and she wont settle for anything less than clean and warm atmosphere for the whole family ,realy were can i find a gym looking and feeling like a home to me my family ant not the racist people who dont get there way or the others hwo make up lies to feel good about themself , ive takikg all the classes ....well most of them theyre are awsome exept for lee ,,,,rude inst ,,,thank god shes gone.... devin ,mike, wonderfull and nice too,luanne very nice, shelley too ,and the ZUMBA WITH ZUZIE WOW, all the staff are SO SWEET too,I REALY NEVER HAD A PROBLEM ,TO ME I LIKE A GOOD ENVIROMENT FOR ME AND MY FAMILY, NO INTIMIDATION OR RUDNESS ON THE FLOOR OR SHOW OFF IN THE CLASSES \r .......THANK YOU SOLEIL....THANK YOU RIMA more

I come in, I lift, and I leave 4/21/2011

I dont even know what some of these comments mean, stop whining. I come in do my workout and I Leave. The floor is never crowded, plenty of weights, and my account has never had an issue.\r \r Lift-N-Go!!!!! more

DISASTER OF A GYM!!!!! 2/7/2011

I am a member of this gym and I am finding a new gym. I have belonged to this gym for approximately 1 year: The staff is beyond rude they are obnoxious. I needed help on an elliptical machine. I asked a woman at the front desk for help. I was told by the woman that the trainers are not allowed to help unless you have purchased training sessions. I have belonged to gyms before, gyms with personal training, and never ever had anyone tell me that. They do not have enough treadmills! I have personally had people stand behind me/next to me while I was on the treadmill just to claim it when it's free. Not only a violation of space but dangerous, and not a single employee said a word to stop it from happening! I have also seen clients leave the machines without wiping them down. Not only disgusting behavior but un-hygenic, and once again not a single employee stepped up to address the situation. I've had to wait in excess of 30 minutes for a treadmill. I come in to do my work-out and leave. I don't have time to wait. I have tried early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening. The only time I had luck was around 9pm. But not a very convenient time with 4 kids, and the day care closing at 8:30! The gym is not crowed either. Most of the other machines are empty. The treadmills are popular, and it is very hard to catch one empty. That is why they should have more than 8 treadmills. I have also seen the owner Rema, several times, sit in the juice bar area and stare at the clients. She appears to comment and laugh at them, including myself! I fell off of the (above) elliptical machine that no trainer would show me how to work! Rema watched me fall, and didn't even offer to help me up. Normally, I wouldn't complain, but I would think the owner would be concerned with someone falling, and would have at least asked if they were OK...not watch them fall and laugh about it. A few days later one of the treadmills' was missing a bolt (the bolt was lying on the floor next to the machine). I brought the bolt to the front. A woman came over looked at the machine, shrugged her shoulders, and went on her way. I am not entirely sure what occurred next, but a few minutes later a woman went flying off of the same treadmill. The same employee, who previously shrugged her shoulders, came to officially shut the machine down. The daycare center is a joke. On one particular day, I only had my 12 month old son with me. I was on the treadmill for approximately 15 minutes watching the daycare channel. When, I witnessed a little girl scream and spit in my son's face. I was shocked! I stood there for a minute not quite sure what to do. While, I was waiting for the babysitter to react...the same little girl hit him in the head with a toy. I jumped off the machine ran inside and got to my son, all while the babysitter was still sitting in her chair. Apparently, she had only heard the child scream, didn't feel that any intervention was warranted, and didn't realize that the child had beaten him in the head with a toy! And I do say beat, because my son had a huge black and blue with a lump on his forehead for days afterwards. I, also suggested that maybe she might want to call the little girls' mother/father in, and let them know what she had done (the child was around 4 or 5). Perhaps the parents would like to have the child apologize. The babysitter told me that she didn't feel the incident warranted ""disturbing the mother from her class"". I took my son, complained to a employee in the front that did not seem to care at all, and never went back! F.Y.I - the incident took place over the summer. I had to wait all this time for my contract to be up so I could cancel and join another gym! P.S., The daycare hours are 8:30-12:15 and then 5:30-8:30. No afternoon hours. Either first thing in the morning which is inconvenient for working moms or in middle of dinner time. They close by 7pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday, and daycare is only from 9am to 12:15. more

going downhill... 2/7/2011

Used to be a great gym but it seems to be going downhill fast. The toughest instructors all seem to be leaving, Lee,Nick Pat....Great babysitter also left.You can't belive a word Rima and Tony say,they won't think twice about lying right to your face. The place is falling apart and nothing is being done about it. Broken mirrors, toilets that have been broken for months. Now there is buckets all over the place catching water dripping from the broken roof. The studio is a sand pit. The stereo in the big studio breaks so instead of fixing it they take the one from the little studio so now there is no stereo in there. I'm having Aspen deja vu all over again! My membership is up soon,I'm going to start looking around. more

Not a good place for your gym home 9/7/2010

Mush of the customers seem very confused there. Classes keep changing and everything keeps breaking down. From the babysitters to the class schedule it just keeps changing. People keep getting ""removed"" . It's not a good place unless you like drama. I want to work out, have fun with the women i workout with. If I have a suggestion I want to be heard and not ""yes"" to death. The owners Tony and his wife Rema are not working to keep the customers they have happy but rather keep proving to these customers that they have idea how to run a business. If you must join try it first and pay for only one month, it won't take long to understand what im saying. more

Go somewhere else 5/14/2010

Save your money and go somewhere else. Do not give Soleil Total Fitness your money. These people do not care about there customers needs. Gym is not doing well because of they're additude and lack of concern. Many people are talking about leaving. Pros: Owner knows everything, yes I'm being sarcastic Cons: Getting worse everyday more


Staff is extremely unprofessional and rude. I went to the gym for almost a year, and my credit card was stolen, so I reported it to Koga because I was set up for monthly billing. I got a bill a month later stating I was behind on my payment, said I went down to the gym and they said they never changed the credit card, so I gave them the new credit card in person. So about 6 months went by and one day I went to the gym and they explained to me that was account was in COLLECTIONS. I called the agency and explained the situation and they said I needed to deal with the gym. I called and explained my situation and they said they never received a new credit card, I explained to her that I changed my credit card twice, how did you not get the new card? They still had the stolen credit card on file, and how come I never received ONE phone call or ONE letter about this issue, I was then transfered to the Manager and never in my life have I ever dealt with someone at a business more rude then her. She called me a liar, used foul language, hung up on me twice. I called the owner and he said he would meet with me, I went down to the gym at numerous amounts and he was never there and never returned ANY of my phone calls.\r I have spoken to many other customers and I have a list of 14 people that left that gym because of incorrect charges, extra charges and when they attempted to to resolve the matter, they were treated just as I was. more
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