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Sleepers To Sneakers - 17 Reviews - 1303 Margaret St, Eau Claire, WI - Child Care Reviews - Phone (715) 834-6794

Sleepers To Sneakers

1303 Margaret St
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 834-6794
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Sleepers To Sneakers - Eau Claire, WI
Sleepers To Sneakers - Eau Claire, WI


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I really like this child care center. I a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I previously had my children at a large child care in another state and then relocated a few years ago. I ha...


I have to say reading these reviews a parent would have no choice but to be confused! Let me just say that having had my children there and being friends with one staff member inp...

Teacher 11/14/2011

The place is a dump! Unprofessional staff. There are better options. Owner should be ashamed. Do your research. more

Very happy 11/2/2011

I am very happy with this daycare! My daughter has gone here for over a year since she was an infant. Nancy is excellent in the toddler room in CF. They do tons of crafts, play outside, and have little parties. They also teach the children. I was shocked when my 16 month old daughter started counting outloud when we were stacking blocks one night. She didn't learn it at home, she learned it at daycare! Thanks Nancy for your dedication and loving care! They also communicated well with me and called me if anything happened that they wanted me to know. more

Violations! 2/19/2011

So I am currently looking for a center to bring my three year old for a 3k program. After reading all the reviews for this place and doing some research myself I would not even tour this place. You can find all of their violations online. They have had two recent ones within the last year and a half. One of them being not doing a background check on their employees! I don't know about you but I think that is a huge deal!! So any place is going to have flaws but I guess it is up to everyone to decide what they can or can't live with! more

former parent/employee 12/7/2010

I used to work at this daycare and it is the worst daycare in the Eau Claire area. I wouldn't even put my dog in there. Marlene doesn't care about the kids, she care all about money and her next new vehicle. As an employee, we were under staffed all the time. Liscensing would come in we would be told to go off our breaks and get in our rooms until he left. When we would have staff meeting with Chippewa she would make us all sit chippewa eau Claire, because she didn't want anyone to talk. She always told us you do it her way and there is the door. ALWAYS talked behind employees and parents backs. She would be nice to your face, but soon as you left she was talking about you. Rhonda on the second hand is the worst teacher, about as stupid as the tree in the play ground. She things she was king and was the biggest loser and i feel for those kids there. The only most wonderful person there was Sue the office lady. Your Awesome Sue! To bad you have to fora person like that. more

Daycare 8/13/2010

I currently have my almost 2 year old at Sleepers To Sneakers Daycare and we love the center. My son would actually get up in the morning and cry when he couldn't go to daycare because he has that much fun there. I finally had to switch him to full time because of that. His teachers are awesome. He has learned so much from being there. I would recommend this daycare to anyone. more

Perhaps a more realistic view 3/15/2010

I have to say reading these reviews a parent would have no choice but to be confused! Let me just say that having had my children there and being friends with one staff member inparticular that most of the bad reviews really have alot of truth to them.Marlene is a very accomidating person when she is happy with the situation. She does talk about staff and other parents in a demeaning way behind their backs. She pays a pittance compared to the effort and work most teachers put forth. Most of the teacher do love the kids and make an attempt to teach with what they are given and the examples they follow. as for the tv i can vouch for the fact that it is used far to often. there are teacher who are obvious smokers who make no attempt clean or cover it! And for the lead teacher upstairs rhonda she is only concerned about how she is ssen by a parent or Ms. Marlene. She does ahve no real idea what they kids are up to unless she is being watched. All in all this is not the worst place your ch more

Satisfied Mom! 12/4/2009

I currently have my two year old in Sleepers To Sneakers and I am really happy. I think that Nancy and Amanda are great with my daughter and I never worry about her while I am work. I worked in a daycare setting while I was attending college and I am very happy to see the time that the teachers spend with the children and really like the creativity that they display. I think that the center follows policy very well and I trust that my child is in good hands. I am completely satisfied. more

Sleepers To Sneakers Is The Best! 12/4/2009

I really like this child care center. I a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I previously had my children at a large child care in another state and then relocated a few years ago. I have been extremely saitisfied with the programming and professionalism displayed at the center. My children love the teachers and look forward to going to daycare every day. I am planning on having more children and am excited that I will be able to keep them in a learning, friendly environment. The Director, Marlene is also very pleasant to work with and has treated me and my children like family. I would highly recommend Sleepers To Sneakers Childcare Center to anyone! more

Sleepers To Sneakers is a law breaker 11/5/2009

i worked here for awhile and did my schooling so i'm koosher but- worked short staff at times me with 12 1, 2 yr. olds by myself all day or the cleaning lady! would be put in to help. when chance to get more kids/money she shifted rooms/age groups to for more kids in, yes, it was like it was all for money. there's a case they never reported dropping a child, hitting her head. she is two-faced and did talked about others. more

Sleepers To Sneakers is a scam 9/29/2009

We had our kids there for two days, and they both came home with bite marks! Can you believe this high-buck day care is actually a non-profit, tax exempt organization?!! I guess my wife and I are in the wrong business -- we only drive used cars. more

Wow 3/27/2009

I am sorry to hear that you parents are so brainwashed by Marlene. If you cannot see through her, than I'm deeply sorry. I took my kids out of there after a year for many reasons. As for the staff, not all of them are trained, and look at some of their records online, many had to take the class numerous times. I have my B.S. and I've also taken child care courses; they are not that difficult. The smoke smell on the employees is ridiculous, and Marlene is just in it for the money. She has no compassion for children. I've heard her talk about so many parents and families behind their backs one day outside her office door. That was one of my reasons for taking my children out. I've seen her be rude to her staff in plain sight; no discretion. Not to mention the germs that fly around that place. Since I've switched my children to another center, they haven't been sick once. At sleepers, they were sick every other week. So Lynn, maybe you should get all your facts straight before you start j more


I had a comment on here about the facility. I was trying to be subjective from all aspects. But when I saw the review written by Kristin, it made me think again. She provided all kinds of negativity but nothing to move forward with. So Kristin, I guess now what I am asking, is when you decide to say something negative could you please provide us with a solution? This means, yes, state the facts you believe to be true. I don't dog you for that. But at the same time, provide us with a solution. For example, did you report them for the reasons you stated? Also, are there any centers in Eau Claire that meet your standards. If so, which ones? A b**** fest solves nothing! If you feel sorry for me...stop. Step up and help me keep my kids safe...I will listen to you. Thank you. more

Are you people serious? 1/22/2009

As for those of you who think that 1 year old should be learning colors and shapes, go to a school and learn about child development! Sleepers to Sneakers staff are trained and do care about the children they care for. Taking the words of a previous employee is just irresponsible. If you are sincerely concerned about this or any child care center, check with a state licensing board to see what citations they have had and what measures they have done to remedy them. I know have requested the records for S2S and haven't found anything that is detrimental or damaging. And children do bite, my daughter was at the receiving end, but understanding child development (having an M.S. in Child Development by the way) and working with her teacher really helped. And also, I asked the teacher upstairs, Rhonda, for some of her teaching materials for my curriculum, and I have a Master's Degree. I feel she is highly educated and very creative. I have observed nothing but warmth and empathy fro more

Unbelievable 11/20/2008

As an ex - employee, I am here to tell all you parents looking for a daycare to not even think about considering Sleepers to Sneakers Two. There are so many ridiculous problems with this center. I will go room by room. Front Toddler Room: The lead teacher, Roberta, cannot talk correctly. She REAKS of mold and smoke, and it's nauseating to even stand by her. She is teaching our children who absorb our behaviors and mannerisms like sponges!. Now, on to the baby room. First and foremost, Kathy, the baby room teacher just reaks of smoke as well. I brought my child home every night, and all I could smell was her smoke that she passed on to my child throughout the day. Not to mention, she always seemed to take over in the room, and blamed the other teacher for concerns I had with my child. I did not feel safe with my child in her care. Oh, and one of my BIGGEST concerns was that my child was ALWAYS in one spot such as the exersaucer or swing for hours at a time. For the most expensive room i more

disapointed 11/4/2008

I thought S2S was an above average daycare, and it is, I definitely think it is better than an in home daycare or just a regular babysitter, They keep the center pretty clean and Yes Marlene the director and owner is a stickler on cleanliness, But, There was and maybe is still a habitual biter there, one child I know of bit many children and was caught trying to bite children on a daily basis. but since the biter had a sibling there Marlene would be losing money if she told her to leave, so she kept the biter in order to keep both children there, and when a parent complained she simply said "it's daycare" Yes it is daycare but enough is enough, if Marlene truly cares about the children then they should be more important than money. The one year old room does hardly any teaching, they should be going over colors and numbers and shapes, also animals and the sounds they make, not to mention body parts. It's mostly a three ring circus where I heard a lot of yelling from staff. most of the more

Proud sleepers mom 9/10/2008

Just in reading the previous review.... sooo sad. My kids have been a part of Sleepers now for three years. My son just got done with day care due to going to school. It was sad. Marlene the director is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. She loves all of the children that come there and treats them all fairly and like family. They have tought my so much and he has benefited greatly from this place. I would NEVER say a single bad word but only HIGHLY recommend it. SO what if there isnt a FANTASTIC state of the art play ground. They do other activities to make up for it. They get more than what they need here. \r \r -- OH and yes you can get upstairs by walking through the kitchen, there is another way!!!! more

You make the decision 11/1/2005

I had a tour of this daycare and decided that it was not the one for my child. I found a lot of good things but there were more bad then good. I liked that the kids were very quiet and polite they had the 1.5 year olds putting there dishes in the bin and putting the garbage away. I wasn't to fond of there playground it just wasn't that exciting. They let the kids watch T.V. inseted of taking a nap or quiet time, you have to walk through the kitchen to get UPSTAIRS! which in its self is dangerous. Maybe you should check it out for your self but I just felt like it wasn't the one for me. more
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