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Farewell Skinner Montessori, Six years ago, I’d started looking for a school for my 4 years old son (then) – with two things in my mind: I wanted for him a school where there w...


The school is generally decent, but it's run by a rude and incompetent owner, who is also a teacher, her name is Nikki Skinner. As a parent, I was expecting the school owner to ha...

Great school for my kids 8/28/2014

Farewell Skinner Montessori, Six years ago, I’d started looking for a school for my 4 years old son (then) – with two things in my mind: I wanted for him a school where there was discipline and he gets a good start in his education. After attending many ‘open house’ events for lots of schools in the Vancouver area, I got to attend Skinner’s also. From the very first moment I walked into that school, I knew that this is the school that I want my son to attend. I’ve felt cosy, comfortable; I’ve got a sense of close and united family. All kids being very polite, dressed up nicely. I remember seeing a lady from school saying “Bonjour” and speaking French to kids and kids responding back. I was amazed; that was the French teacher! After 3 years, it was time for our second son to start school also so we’ve picked up the same school. With this Montessori school, my kids got the chance to be in the same classroom, which was great. My little one already felt comfortable with his brother’s buddies so ….we had no problem here, at all. He wanted to go to school everyday and spent time with his older friends. When it came to academics, of course, he’s followed his brother path: learning lots of things. Well, after 6 wonderfull years spent at Skinner Montessori, with regret we are saying that: it’s time for us to move on in life. My son, who is 10+ now, wants more PE activities and sports and we’ve decided to take him to another school. The bad part is that, my little one has to leave Skinner also, because it would be too hard for us, with kids in different schools, although Skinner would be a perfect fit for my little one, for at least 3, 4 years. One last thing I want to add: when I’ve took all the paperwork to the new school, the lady from adminsion took all the printouts of the work that my kids had done at Skinner, browsed through and said: “Wow! That’s impressive. I have to say that, we are not that advanced, here”. Thank you Skinner Montessori! My kids will always remember the years they’ve spent here. more

Exellent Montessori school 6/4/2014

Love this school. We have been at Skinner for 7 years. My kids have been very happy there. Their math skills are unbelievable---way beyond their grade level. We love the small size and the personalized attention. The teachers truly care about their students. I would definitely recommend this school. more

Good school with bad management 4/30/2013

The school is generally decent, but it's run by a rude and incompetent owner, who is also a teacher, her name is Nikki Skinner. As a parent, I was expecting the school owner to have a reasonable conversation with me regarding an issue I was concerned about, instead, she simply said she can decide what ever she wants, but she said it in the most offending and unprofessional way possible. This woman obviously lack the very basic communication skills any business owner should have. I'm definitely taking my kid to a different school next year and thank God the school year is almost over. —Submitted by a parent more

Avoid the upper Elementary, but attend Pre K without reservations. 6/9/2012

We have attended with our children for several years and have gone from believers to completely frustrated like many others before us. If it was only a school for PreK and primary students I would give the experience 5 stars-they will have your child reading and writing well above grade level. The problem is if you continue into the upper level (K and up, more $$). There used to be more choice in teachers so you could avoid the one with a bad reputation but that is no longer the case. The teachers left are the owner and her sister and it is a no win situation. The sister teaches K-2 and shouldn't be teaching anyone but adults (and would have a hard time succeeding at that if not for the family business) Parents are leaving in droves each year once they experience her: she cannot tell you your childs progress; she doesn't reply to phone calls, emails, notes; she refuses parent volunteers and uses those of us who do insist on volunteering as secretarial staff instead of working with our children as we did on the primary side; she is inconsistent, contradictory, emotionally insensitive and borderline abusive to parents and children. Children are traumatized and afraid. Avoid. more

Parents Beware! 7/16/2007

I also pulled my child out of Skinner Montessori. The icing on the cake was that my child was shown movies and Scooby Doo television in the classroom EVERY DAY for three weeks straight. I was stunned. At 5 years old she watched High School Musical, Scooby Doo, and then a long list of Disney movies I monitor my child's TV and Computer time very closely and was never told that she would be watching movies. I was paying a LOT of money for that time! My complaints were met with anger. And I was told by Nikki that she "investigated" and nothing wrong. I am a licensed Family therapist and I promise you there is NEVER a reason to show movies to curious, and learning Montessori children. Nikki runs and very different kind of "Montessori" that is not traditional AMI Montessori. The uniforms are the beginning. I didn't mind the uniforms, but children are allowed very little outdoor time and the school is very rigid (all in opposition to Montessori philosophy). Another mom just pulled her child out of Nikki's classroom after the TV was pulled out the first week. Amazing. Not educational movies -- we're talking Disney. The staff is trained to ignore the parents as much as possible. Sometimes they even lock the office door. There is very little communication with parents who are treated as pests rather than active participants in their child's growth. Oh - except when it comes to money. The "Mandatory Donation" is an example. Good luck and be careful in the choices for you child! more

Skinner Montessori School, the 7/3/2007

I worked there for a year ('05) and have checked in regulary since. I am a former 8th grade teacher & I currently teach at a college. Nikki's program is wonderful. The teachers are wonderful. I have never seen a more hands on approach, more constant evaluation of each child, or more SATISFIED parents. I had a wonderful experience and saw many parents return over and over who had taken their kids out only to realize how FAR ahead their kids where from other schools and how much they lost while away. I never saw a TV the whole year I was there. No kids could be more loved and their education more cared about. I personally administered the reading assessments to the whole student body over two and a half years- I was AMAZED how fast students progressed, how motivated they were to try everything I asked, and how important Nikki made it that every child read BEYOND WELL. Nikki was personally hurt by low scores, made it a mission to see imrovement, and even let staff go that just couldn't handle the reading instruction expected. My family has a long Montessori history and I will be proud to send my 2yr old son (and any future siblings) to Nikki when he is ready. P.S. An auction has always funded the Skinner community past, present and future! Please go and invite others! They just put in a $30K playground structure (it IS beyond cool....) from this and past years procedes and they are saving to add a classroom for another "K" class. A computer lab was added the year I was there and it was a struggle getting it funded due to lack of attendance at the auction. GO! go one is forcing you to bid or pay one dime extra. It's only once a year and personally, I'm all for supporting a private school of such quality....they don't hound you with mail solicitations like our colleges or larger private schools! You want tuition to cover everything??? Enroll at Goddard! Want an affordable option? Enroll at Skinner and go to the auction and think, (THINK!) about what you are getting and what they need to make it even better. more

Nicky Skinner does not run a Montessori school 10/27/2006

We pulled our two daughters out of Skinner after two semesters. While there were many things we liked about the shool, there were more things that were deeply troubling. A short list would look like this: 1) a fund raising event that happens yearly became mandatory for parents starting in fall of 2006 - (um Nicky that is called a tuition increase not a fund raiser) 2) funds that were to be spent on the current student body were funneled into an account to expand the school's classroom sizes for future students - in fact the legality of how this was done is questionable 3) t.v. sets are used. call the american montessori institute and ask them if t.v. sets are part of maria montessori's vision. Nicky Skinner has given blanket permission to all the teachers to use t.v. as a babysitter for the kids especially towards the end of the spring semester. If your kids go here ask them daily during the last 4 weeks of the spring semester how much tv (how many disney dvd's) they watch. It will blow your mind that you are paying tuition to have your kids watch the little mermaid. 4) office staff - well they are just weird. but once you get to know nicky skinner you will understand why more
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