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Shrager, Alexis, Dds - Orange Dental Assoc - 20 Reviews - 12329 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL - Dentists Reviews - Phone (407) 870-2255
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Shrager, Alexis, Dds - Orange Dental Assoc

12329 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 870-2255
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Shrager, Alexis, Dds - Orange Dental Assoc - Orlando, FL
Shrager, Alexis, Dds - Orange Dental Assoc - Orlando, FL


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I have worked with Dr. Joseph Shrager for many years as a referring partner and administrator, and find his work to be outstanding. He is a very caring, loving and considerate pe...


I make an appointment for my son for screening and cleaning. We got there 20 min. early, they finally called in my son 45 min later. I waited and waited thinking they was doing th...

I don't recomend it 11/27/2011

I make an appointment for my son for screening and cleaning. We got there 20 min. early, they finally called in my son 45 min later. I waited and waited thinking they was doing the cleaning. After 2hrs one of the staff member came with an evaluation that would cost over 4 thousand dollars and they didn't even do the cleaning. I wasted over 3 hrs of my time and nobody apologized when my son spent all that time sitting there and was ignored. I just found a better group. more

Dental 11/23/2011

fantastic very friendly very helpful willing to work with me on financing more

Amazing Dentist!!! 10/19/2011

I have worked with Dr. Joseph Shrager for many years as a referring partner and administrator, and find his work to be outstanding. He is a very caring, loving and considerate person-centered dentist, and there is never a question in my mind when I tell others that there could never be a better place to have their dentistry done. -Valeria P. more

Horrible expirience and Horrible Service 9/6/2011

As an emergency I had to unfortunately go to Orange Dental as it was the closest place to my house and the only dentist I could find to take me right away. I was in severe pain and looking for relief so I overlooked the filthy floors and dusty unclean looking equipment that looked as if it had never been cleaned. After x-rays dr. ali suggested that he had found the problem and numbed me up to go see an endodontics. (crazy, yes.) because the endontics was unable to determine if that was the accctual tooth with the problem as the xrays did not reveal a problem. Needless to say dr. ali prepared the wrong tooth and I later found out that the teeth he got ready for a root canal were perfectly fine. After having the correct tooth repaired by a reliable endondontics I tried to speak to the office at Orange dental only to have major attitude from the unprofffesional, unfriendly, rude and defensive office staff. Who I guess may be a relative of the dentist because I dont understand what other proffesinoal office can put up with such attitude. I hope you think twice about going to this filthy disgustting place where obiously a sterile envrinment is the last priority. I unfortunaletly had to deal with these unproffesional people in their office on several occasions to try and get my acount resolved and have witnessed on my three or four visits people complaing about one thing or another and on one of those occassions someone almost going postal. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay away from this disgusting place. I will be contacting the Board as well as code enforment to make sure that no one has to go through what I have had to endure. Glad it's finally over and you can keep the money you erroniously billed. DISGUSTING. I wish you did not have to give a star to publish this review bu that is not anoption so the one star is really a negative 10 stars more

Staff is great. caring. Helpfull 7/5/2011

Doctors. Knows what they are doing. Great staff they were very helpful and D sensitive to my needs. A lot of dental offices feel cold and quick to release you, here I felt like the staff was there for me.. more

Orlando's friendliest dentist 1/27/2011

Staff friendly and professional, From first visit everything has been smooth, even handling insurance, recommended by a friend, I could not be happier. I had not been to a dentist in over 12 years, wish I had known about Orange Dental sooner. They made me feel like a regular from the start. more

I love orange dental,, 1/27/2011

I work at orange dental for over a year now, and i have worked at other dental offices before. And I can honestly say I do not know of any other better place I love my job and the people who I work with. We have several doctors here and each one better than the next I highly recommend this office to all my family and friends. more

Great 11/18/2010

They have great staff and definitely recommend to anyone. more

Horrific experience 4/10/2010

My husband and I found this dentist via the internet. Upon arriving at Orange Dental for his first visit, we waited quite a bit of time for him to be seen. His 9 am appointment turned into a 4 hr horror show! The lobby was filthy, the carpet was dirty, and the bathroom trash was over flowing, no paper towel and it clearly had not been cleaned for quite some time. My husband had a cracked tooth and needed to do it TODAY! They wanted him to complete the work in the next 3 hours, after he had been there for three hours! After an extensive conversation, my husband told them he wanted a second opinion and needed to think and do the appropriate research. They did not like this and continued to tell him that he needed to get it done now! He told them this was alot of money and would not do it on the spot. They office manager was short with him, and continued to pursue the original suggestion of doing it right then. Needless to say, we left, took the paperwork with us, canceled the appointment the following day, (which they threatened to make us pay for) and are looking for a new dentist. Beware of high pressure sales!!! It was a very uncomfortable experience. While we have no doubt that the dentist is good and competent, he was extremely offended that my husband would question his suggestion. He said he thought my husband was questioning his integrity! Go figure! When you go in to fix a crack in a filing and get thrown a 5k curve ball, YOU need time to THINK!! Pros: good website Cons: sales tactics more

Horrible experience at Orange Dental 4/6/2010

I have been going to Orange Dental for years and was able to look beyond how dirty the place was but my most recent visit put it all in perspective for me. There was 2 gerbils in an open box under a chair stinking up the lobby that belonged to the dentist, I was told. I waited 1.5 hours after my scheduled appointment before I was called into xray. The issue was they have no record of my children being there yet I still receive postcards for check ups. Also they said they could not get info back on my insurance so I called them myself so they could talk to someone. Once inside, I was told that I needed to have a deep cleaning and she was not taking no for an answer. I repeatedly told her no and that I was scheduled for a cleaning and exam, that was all. I was told the dentist will not do a cleaning so I had a choice to leave or do the deep cleaning. After saying no over 10 times, I told the assistant I felt as though I was being harrassed and that this was similar to the high pressure sales of a car dealership or time share. I do not deal well with high pressure sales tactics so I had a panic attack and let them know I would take my business elsewhere. I never even saw a dentist. Pros: location Cons: dirty more

Good experience at Orange Dental 10/27/2009

Work was what I expected and Gina the assistant was very professional. Pros: Work was what I expected, Gina was very professional Cons: None more

Looking for a good dentist? Look no further 10/25/2009

I had to find a dentist that took my new insurance plan so with no recommendations I chose Orange Dental. I am very impressed with Dr. Shrager and his staff. Besides the obvious, getting me into my appointments in a timely manner and treating me very courteously, Dr. Shrager explained everything that was going on in layman’s terms that I could easily grasp and understand. He explained what needed the most attention and what could be just looked at. He provided options. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but this dental experience was one of the best for me. I am very pleased with the work. I had a phenomenal dentist 25 years ago in Santa Monica, California and all these years later had never found one to compare. I have now. Pros: Love the work Cons: Can't think of any more

I love Orange Dental 10/22/2009

Dr. Joseph Shrager has been my dentist for four years. He is very smart and very caring, as are his support staff. With Dr. Shrager the patient always comes first. He is dedicated to providing the best care possible. I think of him as a family member. Adminstrative staff beautifully compliment the Doctor and his immediate support staff. The thing that can't be overlooked... I think their prices are very good! I mean this. Pros: Best care givers! Cons: I wish they were closer to my home. more

Great Dentist 9/4/2009

It was a great dental experience, as a new patient I went in for an exam and a cleaning received an appointment right away. On the day of my appointment everyone was quit helpful and friendly, my x-rays were taken quick and friendly by Robin and Christina, the offices is well maintained, clean, and ran in an orderly manner. Dr. Romy was friendly and concerning, and my cleaning was great, Urla did a very good job I had no pains and my mouth did not end up sore. I will defiantly keep going to this office. Pros: frendly & clean Cons: can't think of any cons more

Best Dental Office in Orlando Bar None 9/3/2009

Orange Dental provides the best dental care possible. The dentists and staff are very professional, providing the best care that suits your needs and wants. Entering the office is always a pleasure as the reception is quite appealing. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Strager who is commited to the best possible treatment available. The staff at Orange Dental are Responsive, Accurate, Helpful and Informative. Urla, Rui, Chawn, Gina, and Arianna, I would say they go beyond the call of duty to make you feel comfortable. I recommend Orange Dental to all. Here is a dental office that makes dentistry what it ought to be. PS: They have the latest and most modern equipment to serve your need. Pros: Professional and competent staff. Cons: n/a more

It was humiliating! 7/27/2009

I made my appointment, went in, and I was immediately seen. Although, one of my teeth was hurting SO MUCH. but instead of trying to fix it, he tugged on my tooth, and called me a cry baby (in all seriousness). He told me that All I wanted was attention. Never going back. I looked at him like "How dare you?" Because, if I'm paying you to keep my mouth healthy, I don't want to be talked down to. and, everyone heard me D: Pros: They left alot -.- Cons: They just want money. more

What an awful place!!!What a humiliating experience 6/19/2009

Oh where do I start....I will be losing my insurance at the end of the month so I was trying to get a cleaning before it ended. What I got was humiliation and embarrasment from this place. My original appt was at 11:00 they called me and asked me to move it to 1:30, but please be here at 1:00 to fill out the paperwork. I arrived at 1:00 to a note on the door that said we're sorry but we are closed until 1:30 for a meeting. At 1:30 they let me in only to let me sit until 2:00 before I filled out paperwork. At 2:30 they called me back to the xray room, to be xray'd by a girl who had never done it before. By 3:00 I was taken to room number 2, which is nothig more than a big room with 4' dividers in it where you can see and hear everything about everyone. At this point I had been there for 2 hours, and had only had xrays done. By the time the doctor arrived at 3:30 he proceeded to humiliate me as he explained the problems with my current dental work, tells me how I have bone loss and how my teeth are going to loosen and fall out because of it. By 3:45 my nerves were shot, and I had still not had my teeth cleaned. The assistant "Star" comes to me with a print out of all the dental work I needed, and did not have the ability to explain it to me but the total dental work exceeded 8000.00. I at this point had explained to 4 different people that I only wanted my teeth cleaned and any thing that needed to be urgently done, because my insurance was going to expire in 7 days. Miss Star walked away, an d unbelievably she brings the office manager over who starts explaining a payment plan to me. I tell her the same thing. I don't need a payment plan, I need my teeth cleaned. At 4:00 I am finally seated in the hygenists chair and it is explained to me that they can only clean one side that day, and i would have to come back to have the other side cleaned. At 4:35 I was able to leave 3 hours and 34 minutes later. I made an appt to get a very small, filling put in on friday, and explained to a 5th girl that my that was all I could get done because my insurance was expiring. I returned today to get the small filling put in, I arrived at 11:50 for my 12:00 appt, there wre 20 people waiting in the waiting room, some standing because there were no seats. I was called back to assembly line dentistry room. Where I waiting for 30 minutes for a girl to come over and tell me that I needed the other tooth fixed. I told her I understood that but I was only there to get the filling, why, because my insurance wase expiring in a few days. I wait another 10 minutes for the Dr to come over as I listen to all the workers talking about one client who needs an anitbiotic, one who needs his stiches out, NO PRIVACY!!! He finally comes overand tells me that it was brought to his attention that I didn't understand what I needed done. Why was I wasting my time on the filling when it was the other tooth that would need attention quicker. EVERYONE CAN HERE MY SITUATION I then proceeded to tell him that he is the one that didn't understand, and that he wasn't listening to me, that I had I had explained my situation to 7 different people in that office. I told him that I was done, picked up my purse and left. What an unprofessional, un private office. It was like a slaughter house, overbooked appts, then you are at their mercy to wait. I will never go back, and SAVE YOURSELF, do not go there I then lose it. Pros: none Cons: unprofessional, assembly line, no privacy atmosphere more

Bad 1st experience 1/10/2009

I called on Monday 1/7 to get an appointment for both myself and my husband. My first red flag should have been that they could see me 2 days later but I made the appt. They scheduled my husband for 11:00 and me for 1. When they called the day before the appt, they said his appt was at 11:30, 2nd red flag. I went in for the 11:30 appt and got there at 11:20 to do all the paperwork. At 11:45 they called my insurance company to get the approval, even though I had given them all the information on the phone when I made the appt's. The girl who made the call was sitting at the front desk, in the lobby so anyone listening could hear her say my husband's SS#. At noon I went up to her and asked if it was going to be much longer. I let her know that my husband had the 1PM appt and I needed to leave by 12:30 to get home and watch the kids. She said she'd get me back to see them a.s.a.p. At 12:05 I see her and a colleague looking around for something. At 12:10 the girl at the front desk picks up the phone and I can hear start telling the person on the other end my information again. I went up to the desk and told her I had to leave, that there was no way I'd be able to get home in time for my husband to get here for his appt. I asked if my husband came in for his appt at 1PM would he been seen on time, she couldn't say either way. She asked if I wanted to reschedule and I told her with all the dentists in the area, probably not. I then asked her for my paperwork and she gave me the originals. I asked for the copies and she gave me them too. There are too many dentists in the area to have to wait 50 minutes and not even be called back. more

Horrible Horrible Horrible Dentist! 9/2/2008

I went in for a first patient apointment, filled out the paperwork and waited to be seen. They asked me to provide my Social Security Number but I told them they needed my husband's since the policy was under his name and employeer. When I asked them to use his and refused to give mine, I was asked to step into the back office for privacy. This office has no walls, so there was no privacy I was just behind the counter. I suggested that they had over 1000 files out for everyone to see and asked if the Social Security Number was stored in those paper files and she said that they were. I asked about security and she said they had a system. I looked at the front doors for a key pad or a sticker but saw none. I said that I didnt want to provide my SSN#. She then said she was going to cancel my apointment to which I reacted by saying "Can we call the insurance together and comfirm that they need my SS# and then I will give it". At this point she started telling me to vacate the premises I left (out of shock) without any of my paper work. I got half way to my car and turned arround to get my paperwork with my personal information. I opened the door and stood outside without stepping in the door and said "Ma'am I need my personal information back". She said she shredded it and at that point I said "how can I believe you?". She picked the phone up and said loudly "can someone please call 911." I left. I can understand this behavor when someone is yelling and screaming and threatening people, but I was calm but firm about my SS# and never raised my voice or threatened her. These dentists might be good but I have no way of knowing since I was treated so horribly by the office staff. I have to say that my experience was humiliating, and bordered on harassment. I would like to add that when I got home I called my insurance company and they confirmed that all the dentist needed was my husband's social security number. They didnt even have mine in their system. Pros: How could I know I was threatened by office staff before even getting to the dentist chair. Cons: Horrible office staff more

Great Dentist - no wait 10/4/2005

I called around to many dentists in the area. I had an infected tooth and needed to see someone ASAP. Many dentists weren't able to see me right away. I called Orange Dental Associates - OBT location. They took me that day. I went in at 2:59 and my appt was at 3:00...I was seen by the dentist by 3:10pm. Since then, I've had 3 other visits with them. They're great - no waiting time and Dentists were easy to talk to and very caring. Would definetly recommend! Pros: Convienent, Professional, Inexpensive more
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  • Orange Dental is proud to say that we are in our 18th year of business serving South West Orlando. Some of our staff have been here since the same day we opened our doors. And many have been here for 5-10 years! We are a multi-provider office. Many general dentists and specialists all working closely to provide the best possible communication and care, under one roof. A second opinion is always a shout away! Our 10 operating offices can easily accommodate walk-ins and same day treatments. Orange Dental is a one of a kind. We are a private office and we love to share our enthusiasm for dentistry every day! We speak many different languages too!

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