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Shoreline Amphitheatre-Mtn Vw

One Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 967-3000
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I attended the George Lopez, Santana concert just recently and it took over 1 hour to get from the freeway to the parking lot. The line to get into the parking lot was backed up ...


Venue is too big and the sound system is horrible. It's hard to go get drinks during a show and hard to get out of the parking lot after the show. Pros: bands Cons: sound...

What a bunch of whiney little girls 10/16/2011

You need to understand what this venue is about. It's about the music and the experience. It's not about drinking wine on a blanket with a picnic basket, undisturbed by those around you. If you're watching whats on the screen between sets, you probably need to learn to talk to the people around you, or better yet, the people you came with. Complaining about the prices of food/drink? get real. It's this way everywhere. They are there to make money. Don't wanna pay, don't. Pregame instead. Ok. The place is old. No argument. But it's iconic. Take in it's charms instead of bitching about the lack of amenities. Enjoy the fact that some of the biggest names in music have performed here, and some HUGE names call this home. Don't like the smell of pot? Is this your first concert? I've been to Christian concerts that had weed burning in the background. Weed is a part of the concert going culture. I let my son know about it before his first concert. I'm not condoning it, but its as much a part of a concert as taking a baseball glove is to a ballgame.or putting facepaint on is a part of going to a football game. Don't like walking (seriously. The walk from the parking lot isn't that far. Maybe a mile?). Get your fat ass in shape before going. Lastly, if you are expecting something out of a Vegas type show with the Vegas comforts and the Vegas plushness, go to Vegas. This is a venue for true fans who go to experience the music and the general feeling of community. If you can't get with the program, STAY THE F%$K AWAY!. Awesome place BTW. more

Not Recommended 9/26/2011

I attended the George Lopez, Santana concert just recently and it took over 1 hour to get from the freeway to the parking lot. The line to get into the parking lot was backed up all the way onto the 101 freeway and it was a single line of cars all the way to the parking entrance. I followed the sign to general parking, not knowing I would be on an unpaved road, still following a single line of cars. Finally after entering the lot (one car at a time) we still wouldn't get to our seats for another 30 minutes. \r \r Eileen\r Pacifica, CA more

I don't know about you guys... 6/8/2011

I've just read some of the other reviews about the Shoreline and I must say that I disagree with all of the negative. First of all, you're going to a concert, people! Not a formal dinner at the White House. A concert is a place where people go to enjoy themselves and the music that they have paid good money to see. Other people have paid good money, just like you, to see the performances. I can understand wanting to find someone with authority over a fight, or someone needing medical attention, but when concertgoers like myself go and want to have a good time, we don't want someone telling us that we can't. Depending on the genre of music that is being played at the concert, yes, there will be people smoking pot, and drinking. If you don't like it, there's PLENTY of grass for you to find a more suitable view of the show. It's OUTDOORS! I don't care if you're right in front of me, or all the way across the venue, you're going to catch a whiff of someone smoking pot. This reminds me of a concert I went to at a different venue, where I had nosebleed seats, but still enjoyed myself. The person in front of me was a woman with her younger daughter. While My group and I were enjoying ourselves, and getting up to dance, and sing along, and scream.... this woman had the nerve to ask us to try and keep it down because her daughter was doing her homework! Are you kidding me???? I am here to have a good time, let me do my thing! Parking. How can you really complain about parking being a long walk for a venue that accommodates thousands of people? Sure, if you're high maintenance enough to complain about walking through the huge, dirt parking lot, then you're probably a rich snob, and can afford to park closer for $20. Bathrooms. I have no complaints. Yea, they could use a little upgrading, but cleanliness is nothing to complain about. They have people who tend to that as frequent as possible. When you have thousands of people, people who have been drinking, and are eager to meet back up with their friends, it can get sloppy. Big deal!! Deal with it, or hold it! Sound. Never once have I said to myself or anyone else ""Gosh, this just sounds horrible!"" Could just possibly be the band or artist you've chosen to see that sounds bad! Video screens. Perfect for up close shots when you're on the lawn, and want to see the performer. Do you really sit and stare at the monitors while you're waiting for the show to start? How about you socialize with the people you're with. Get up and use the restroom... do something other than sit and stare at the screen the whole time! Snack Bars. It's to be expected for any venue to have steep prices. Eat or drink before you go in, or buy something and savor every single bite of that hot dog, or every sip of that beer! I honestly have to say that most, if not, ALL of my most memorable times have been had at the Shoreline. If you're a loyal fan to whoever it is you're going to see, you will make it work so that you can enjoy yourself, and not ruin it for anyone else who has paid their way into a good show. more

bad bad bad 8/23/2010

bad sound, bad food, bad bathrooms, bad venue more

Where's the Security and Authority at this place??? 8/12/2010

I should have followed the reviews however I figure what the heck I will give it a chance, ""how bad could it be""? Well trust me avoid this place like the plague. If you're into a place that has no concern for rules and really shows zero enforcement of any clearly posted such rules then you will love it. Bring your 420 and smoke away!!! As for me I brought both my early teen boys and this is not what I was expecting to be so blatantly present right next to me and pretty much everywhere in the Shoreline Amphitheatre. We earned our seats by paying an extra $5.00 each for the fast lane, so why would I now release them for a bunch of pot heads and drunks? I was stuck in a no win situation. Stay in an ashtray of smoke and drunks or forfeit my spot for a nosebleed lawn spot. Now don't get me wrong I don't care what you do on your own time but please don't subject me or my sons to your idiocy. I looked for anyone with some form of authority for help but none provided for this venue AT ALL!!! Police??? Zip, none, no-where!! Pathetic display for any future patrons. Why say no alcohol and smoking and then have zero enforcement?? On the good side we had carpool parking and saved the fee to park. I would have gladly paid $30.00 to park knowing proper presence of authority would be at this venue. All employees are hired in a lump for each venue. They know nothing whatsoever about what they are hired to do. No experience, just paid bodies to point and smile and thank me for coming. Sad times we are living in. Please voice your opinion so Shoreline Amphitheatre will clean up their act!! more

Regardless of how great the music was, this venue BLOWS 7/6/2010

The absolute WORST venue I have ever been to. I wouldn't go back here to see ANYONE!! Here are just a few details: 1. We bought ""Fast track"" passes for $5 each when we purchased our tickets so that we would be more likely to get a decent spot on the lawn. After waiting in line outside the venue and being subjected to the hateful ravings of fundmantalist Christians on megaphones for an hour, they finally opened the gates. Then, when we got to the actually entry to the lawn/seats, they made us wait for ANOTHER hour, sitting on the pavement in the hot sun. Why??? 2. The parking lots are a LONG walk from the amphitheater and if you want to park closer, you pay $20 3. The sound if you're on the lawn is HORRIBLE. 4. The staff seem miserable (probably because they have to listen to the angry complaints of ticket holders every day). 5. The beer is $10-14, depending on your choice of draft. A bottle of bottom shelf wine is $28. A hot dog is $10!!! Water is $8!!! Need I say more. 6. Bathrooms are in a sad state of disrepair. 7. The massive video screens are not only useless, but they projected episodes of ""Cougars"" in between the acts!! Seriously??!! I didn't come to a concert to watch bad TV! Pros: The music was great Cons: Read on...(this is a rant) more

Decent venue, confused parking 11/22/2006

My girlfriend and I came here for a Dave Matthews concert a few months ago. While the band wasn't very good, the stage itself was decent and seats were pretty cool. I liked their concession stand, even though their prices were pretty steep (like most venue snack bars). Their bathrooms were very clean and were very east to get in and out of. The one major drawback is that when it gets very crowded, they start parking people on the dirt lot in back, and it took over an hour before we could even start our engine and get in line to leave once the concert was over. I'd like to come back and watch some good bands. Pros: nice location Cons: parking on dirt lot when crowded more

Shoreline Ampitheatre 8/17/2003

I saw Pearl Jam at Shoreline in June 2003. overall it's a decent venue. parking is ok. too many ads plastered near the stage though kind of annoying. overall no different then any other Ampitheatre near any other big City more

Too far away and too big 11/6/2002

Venue is too big and the sound system is horrible. It's hard to go get drinks during a show and hard to get out of the parking lot after the show. Pros: bands Cons: sound system, location, lay out more
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