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Sheila Rosanio School of Dance & Gymnastics

233 Washington Ave
Revere, MA 02151
(781) 284-4060
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I love the studio! ive only been dancing there for 3 dance seasons and everyone is so nice including the teachers as well as Sheila. She pushes her students to bring it but ive ne...


I sent my daughter there last year for a short time and Sheila was so rude. The other teachers Alicia and Shelby are sweethearts but Sheila has a poorly run business and has no or...

LOVE IT!!! 6/29/2017

I love the studio! ive only been dancing there for 3 dance seasons and everyone is so nice including the teachers as well as Sheila. She pushes her students to bring it but ive never seen her be rude to students or parents. The studio is a place where ive made a lot of friends and connections. The dancers and teachers are all very talented and know what theyre doing. My second year at the studio i was invited to join competition and its made me ten times happier and better at dance. I love my team and I love the people off of my team as well. We're all a huge happy family and i love them all to death for always being a support system more

SHOCKED!!!! 7/31/2015

I was extremely surprised when I read these reviews. My daughter has been dancing for her for ten plus years. The stuff she can do with the little ones. She can get them to tumble like no other instructor I have ever seen. She has been in business for 30 years now. If you really knew her, as I do, you wouldn't be posting these harsh comments. She truly cares for each and every student. So much talent has come from that studio. Their are some parents out there that just want to blame someone, for either the bad behavior of their child, or lack of talent and dedication. Your children need to learn at some point that they are not going to be babied by everyone the come across. Its called constructive critisism. I hate the idea of everyone getting trophies for participation. What kind of future will this country have???? I love Shelia and think she rocks more

Starting at Sheila's 7/26/2015

All I can say is wow! The studio is very well run and Sheila is so caring and sweet! I have realized that some kids have trouble taking corrections in a positive way and think their teachers are being negative when they are only doing their job! I'd recommend for everyone! The kids always learn something new!! more

Competition student 4/14/2014

all the rude reviews are not true all there information is wrong sheila is a loving great dance teacher she does her job! shes amazing at her job also she is hard on you only because she wants you to learn if she wasnt hard on you than you wouldn't learn anything i have been at her studio for 3 years now and everything i have learned is because of her! dont be rude and disrespectful to her she wont be back i love sheila so much! shes an all around amazing dance teacher! i definitely recommend bringing your kid to this studio(: more

dancing queen 4/23/2013

My babe loves to dance and i have never heard a complaint from her, nor have i ever seen sheila mistteat my daughter or any othet children more

Don't go there ! 10/10/2012

I sent my daughter there last year for a short time and Sheila was so rude. The other teachers Alicia and Shelby are sweethearts but Sheila has a poorly run business and has no organization. I have heard she repeats the same dances and I am so glad my daughter no longer goes there. When being there for the short time I noticed she has certain parents she likes better than other allowing them to stay in and watch while the others stay in the room. I wouldn't go there ever again. more

What it used to be 6/24/2012

When I was younger I used to go there. It was the best dance school I went to. It's probably changed now but when I used to go there there wasn't a girl named Alicia but there is now from what I've read. I'm not sure what to think about her but I know that Shelia is a great teacher she's kind and respectful she even let us hop up and down on a trampoline when we had a few spare minutes. She was the one who taught the dance.If we weren't dancing or on the trampoline we'd watch people do gymnastics in the room next door. It wasn't like a funhouse though we learnt the dance well and had a great show. Yet that's what it used to be before more

stay away! 2/27/2012

The studio is run poorly and the teachers are rude and mean to the students. Sheila and Alicia are cruel and do not make dance fun for the children. My daughter would complain and cry almost every week due to yelling and being pushed around. I WILL NOT tolerate that and i hope the other mothers see that its wrong too! more

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PS 4/4/2010


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I had respect 4/4/2010

I had respect for sheila until i called and she didnt address her customers problem appropriately I didnt say fire alicia but she needed to be spoken to or needed to calm down. Like I said it was all handled unprofessionally. This studio maybe for some moms. But Im a real geniune mom and I saw alcia do what she did to a couple kids my kid asked me to not go back there becuase the teacher was mean. I REFUSE TO HAVE MY KID TREATED POORLY....Im sorry maybe thats just the mom in me.. What can I say. :) more

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Hello! 4/4/2010

I was suppose to be refunded for a 83 dollar costume, its like 5 months later I still got nothing. She even was saying on the phone I can get you half back I said whatever thats fine. Then out of nowhere she siad If you dont believe me that its to late to get the other 40 dollars back you can call the company. Shady much. I still have not gotten anything back. I mean im not desperate for cash but she is clearly so she can keep it lol. If she needs it. more

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OOps I forgot. 4/4/2010

My daughter is well loved. None of you need to worry about that. Thats why at the first sign of unprofessionalism I pulled her out of there. I dont ever lay a finger on my daughter and I will be damned if some young teeny bopper understudy will do such a thing. Its obvious the same person wrote those last 5 posts unless 5 people conviently posted on the same day at the same time? PATHETIC. My daughter is an amazing dancer, she was a step ahead of what lame dance was being taught to those kids. So if any of you are going to insult here grow a set and leave your name. Remember she is only 4! Your problem is with my review not her. GET IT? Your problem is with my review becuase it goes against what you feel in that place, But sorry for you I know what I saw and what I will stand for when it comes to my daughter. That teacher is lucky all I did was walk out. Sorry but it was very unprofessional how the whole thing was handled, I called to voice my concern to shiela and she shrugged it off and made excuses. She acted like a cliquey valley girl and not a buisness owner. She was right about one thing when Our call ended she said my daughter was a doll. So She was correct about that. So you can keep your head up sheilas behind and enjoy your time I mean to eachs own. But my daughter is to good to be treated like that. Sorry but any kid is. Bye loves. :) more

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Re:“If your kid gets pushed around, maybe they stink at dance and need it!” 4/4/2010

TO THE LADY WHO SAID: “If your kid gets pushed around, maybe they stink at dance and need it!” So im glad if your kid or goat stinks at dancing you think he or she deserves to be pushed around. Your kid can get degraded and treated like that whatever lol. My daughter is much to precious to me to ever be treated poorly if does not excel in something. WOW FEEL BAD FOR YOU! TERRIBLE. <3 Peace loves. more

Alycia is great!!! 4/3/2010

I feel that I have to write a response to the review written by "Jocey'smommy" Fitst of all I love the way you refer to your daughter as a "kid". A kid is a baby goat, not a beloved child. Secondly, I have been around Sheila's studio for quite a long time and I have NEVER seen Sheila missing when teaching is going on. I have three close family members that are taught by Alicia AND Sheila . May I add that Alicia is not only a very wonderful young lady with great values,but she is also very dedicated to dance and teaching the younger children. NEVER have I seen her "abusive" to anyone. In fact, I know that she loves children and would never intentionally harm any one of them. If you follow the news at all, and judging by your note I wonder if you even read, cyber bullying will soon be a punishable crime. Stop the rumors and take your "kid" somewhere else, although I think you are just a troublemaker and will make trouble wherever you choose to go. STOP the lying about someone who does not deserve it.!!! more

This Dance School is Wonderful 4/3/2010

Good: Sheila Rosanio is an amazing teacher. Like anything it is a business. Not everyone is going to be happy with the service they receive. My daughter has been dancing there for about 8 years. I can't even list all the things that she has learned (and not just dance or gymnastics) from sportsmanship, to determination to believing in herself. You can do or be whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it.. Bad: Like anything or anyplace I do not like that people will complain and complain and yet still send their child there. If you have something to say say it and move on. Don't just gossip and complain.. Improvements: I would love for Sheila to continue to be teaching and doing what she is doing.. Other: Sheila's dance school is like any school. You need to pay attention and be focused. If you're not you are not going to succeed. As far as Sheila reusing music and Choreography Just think about it for a minute. A lot of people complain about price etc. I know schools that not only charge for classes but they charge for music & choreography. Has anyone checked about the price to have music cut? Sheila does not charge for these expenses. Call and find out what studios do?. more

Great School 4/3/2010

My kids have been going to Sheila's for many years. All the teachers have been GREAT. Alicia and Brittney even babysit for us often. All 3 of my daughters have really learned a lot over the years.I would never think of sending my daughters anywhere else for dance. As a matter of fact, when we were recently house hunting one of our criteria for our new house was the proximity to Sheila Rosanio School of Dance. We really do consider Sheila's part of our family. more

love it <333 4/3/2010

i have ben going to sheilas since i was 9. i think that sheilas is the best dance studio that ive been to. the teachers there are awesom. when i go there everyday i look forward to being with them all. i think if you cant handle being told wat to do u shouldnt be dancng. peace out <3 more

If your kid gets pushed around, maybe they stink at dance and need it! 3/17/2010

I think that Alicia is great. After teaching a bunch of young kids that can't dance, I'd be frustrated too. Don't put your kid in dance if they can't follow directions!!! more

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GASP! 1/16/2010

I went when I was younger, it was good. But now there is a girl working there who just DOES NOT belong working with kids. She pushes and pulls there arms.....she gets annoyed very easily with them. She texts the whole time she is teaching them. Her name is Alicia. Sheila herself pops in like for 5 mins of the whole class and says get in your spots then leaves. Meanwhile alicia is getting annoyed with the kids, SHE HAS NO PATIENCE WITH KIDS.....AND SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED FROM THAT PLACE. My daughter was in there I took her out because thats my baby I dont TREAT HER LIKE CRAP AND CERTAINLY OVER MY DEAD BODY IS SOME OTHER CHICK GOING TO TREAT MY KID LIKE THAT. I TOLD SHIELA IF SHE TAUGHT THE WHOLE CLASS THE WHOLE TIME MY KID WOULD BE THERE BUT SHE DOESNT. IM SERIOUS WATCH HOW ALICIA TEACHES YOUR KID. A LITTLE BOY WAS DOIN A CARTWHEEL OR TRYING AND LEARNING HOW SHE PUSHED HIS LEGS FROM HER FACE AND SIAD DONT KICK ME IN THE FACE. LIKE THE FOUR YEAR OLD BOY MEANT TO. SERIOUSLY SHE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TEACHING KIDS TILL HER SNOBBY IM TO GOOD TO TEACH KIDS ATTITUDE VANISHES.....THATS ALL......PEACE OUT PROBLEMS ISSUES JOCEYSMOMMY@COMCAST.NET :) BYE NOW. more

Repeats & Stealing 8/24/2009

Shelia has a history of repeating dances not only multiple years in a row, but pulling dances from the past and then using them again in the future, such as "Tweedledum & Tweedledee." Her worst act, by far, is stealing the choreography of a dance for "Powerpuff Girls" from a dance competition. more
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