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Shechter, Jay A, Md - Banner Heart Hospital - 7 Reviews - 6750 E Baywood Ave, Mesa, AZ - Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities Reviews - Phone (480) 835-6100

Shechter, Jay A, Md - Banner Heart Hospital

6750 E Baywood Ave
Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 835-6100
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last year i had a miscarriage and obviously went to the closest hospital possible. i arrived at banner GATEWAY and sat bleeding for over 6 hours, while people who arrived after me...


I had chest pains and was taken to Banner Baywood. I had no pains when I entered the E.R. I had an awful encounter with nurse Nazi over them trying to haul me with a bed sheet off...

Banner Baywood Hospital - Very Questionable???? 8/22/2011

I had chest pains and was taken to Banner Baywood. I had no pains when I entered the E.R. I had an awful encounter with nurse Nazi over them trying to haul me with a bed sheet off the ambulance gurney. Then I saw the E.R. doc several hours later and a ton of blood work and an ultra sound. That E.R. doc had me transferred to the Heart Unit. There I saw a P.A. and he asked me if I was in pain and I said NO. He asked me if I wanted something for anxiety he mentioned Ativan, it is for anxiety. I agreed. Then I don't remember anything but some doc standing at the foot of my bed asking me questions and I could not talk. He finally said ""I don't have time for this. I have other patients to see"". Whew! I was totally out of it and had no idea what this man was talking about. I was discharged and told I was gripping the handle bars on my treadmill to hard and it was causing my chest pains. What kind of bogus diagnosis is this crap? Weeks later I get a copy of my bill and I find they ordered Morphine for me through my I.V. Morphine!!!! I am allergic to morphine and I was not in any pain what so ever. These people are incompetent and so was the cardiologists. By the way my chest pains are caused from ""Fatty Liver Disease"" The E.R. doc was not interested in finding out if my gall bladder was the problem instead he dumped me on the cardiologists .My symptoms are classic gallbladder disease. It was and still is. I am keeping my gallbaldder, those b@#$%^&* are not getting another dime out of my insurance company or me. Banner Baywood Heart Hospital will charge your insurance company out the wazoo and order every test know to man. I CALL IT SOAKING THE GOLDEN GOOSE ! more

loooves it 11/1/2009

last year i had a miscarriage and obviously went to the closest hospital possible. i arrived at banner GATEWAY and sat bleeding for over 6 hours, while people who arrived after me, were seen before me. the staff at GATEWAY were rude and treated me with little respect unless my mother (i was a minor at the time) was in the room. My mother also has chrones disease, and has been to banner BAYWOOD numerous times, and they've always done their best to treat her. they're very respectful and in tune with her needs, i wouldn't want her anywhere else Pros: friendly staff Cons: time consuming more

Great Place not to be 6/8/2009

In December I entered the hospital ER with chest pain/pressure. I had just undergone a 5 cabbage at a great hospital. Unfortunately I was having chest pressure and didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to get to my doctor. Bad decision. I had t wait hours to see a doctor who after x-rays and numerous tests, by an incompetent who couldn’t find a vein if it jumped up and said here I am, said there was nothing wrong and sent me home. I kept on driving and went to JOHN C LINCOLN where they admitted me and removed 2000 ml of fluid from around my lungs. This was only hours after the doctor at Banner Baywood Heart Hospital said it was normal. It’s a wonder anyone who enters comes out alive. Great place to die. It is a shame i had to give this a 1 star rating, a zero or minus 3 would be better, but one star was as low as i could go. Pros: Great Place to die Cons: Incompetent staff more

horrible treatment here 5/20/2009

I recently went to this hospital post stroke, and I had to wait in the ER for over 10hr, 6 hrs before I got a bed. I was transfered to the stroke unit and was there for 5 days. It was a horrible experience where I had nurses who didn't seem to know what they were doing, They seemed more focused on what JACHO would or would not say not on patient care in one of there surprise audits than they did about the patient. To think Nurses get paid more than I do with only a 2 yr degree and I have a Master's. What is wrong with this picture. Frankly, who gives a damn about this state run organization. It is just as corrupt as this hospital. I even had a Cardiologist come in to my room and speak to me about a heart condition and the information given to me was about another patient. The Doctor was in a hurry to go to the gym as he was carrying his gym bag. The Neurologist was rude and uncaring-- I went back to reading instead of listening to this quack. I even complained to the Charge nurse only to be told that they would take into consideration my complaints. I had to stay in a semi private room and the room mate that came in on the third day I was there, disrupted everything. He literally yelled for an entire 2 days, and the nurses were back and forth helping him, but ignoring my needs. They offered to put me in a private room, however, this did not transpire --no explanation was offered me either. I could not sleep, I had to walk outside the room and pace up and down the hall most of the day, and night. I sleep in the lobby area where patient visitors were suppose to meet. What kind of @#@# is this! and to think our private insurance companies pay for this--Not AHCCCS. Hell, the people on AHCCCS get better care seemingly that those who take responsibility for their life, and have to pay for insurance. The medical community and Banner Hospitals --make me puck. the health care in this state is very poor and a lot to be desired. Were in the hell is the compassion that the medical community is suppose to have? It certainly was not here. Pros: none Cons: money is the bottom line. No patient care more

We wish they would tell us results 12/7/2008

I agree with the CEO, yes the patient care is wonderful... but the ability of the doctors to find the problems that brought the patient there is questionable! The doctors are all over the board testing this and that, but family gets nowhere in finding out results of those test. The doctors do their test and say well its not this maybe it's this and off they go. Our experience started with them saying possible pneunmonia,( but that was not the symptoms) tested, then they say heart problem, which made sense to us as chest pain was in the history lately, more test. Nothing. We heard many ""could be this"" in the course of five days PNeumonia,valley fever, heart problem (electrical and aroeta and possible blockage,neurological, and acid reflux. Tested! Tested! Tested! Great we were glad they were testing for everything... but ...""WHAT WERE THE RESULTS "" Still don""t know. I think they are sending the patient home. Good luck getting these Dr. to find the problems concerning your loved ones! Pros: Nice shift staff Cons: Where are the Drs. hiding more

Elder Abuse & Incorrect Diagnosis 10/31/2008

The single worst ER visit ever with unfathomable ineptitude & a prime example of elder abuse. My father came by an ambulance after falling & complaining of rib pain. He was Xrayed & after a couple of hours was returned to the area where my family was waiting. He has Alzheimers & came into the ER with an incontinence product in place. He was laying in cold urine when he came back to us. We had to ask repeatedly for help as we did not bring one with us. They finally cleaned him up, but still no incontinence product. This was done by a a heartless nursing staff person who has annoyed that we even asked for help. Then the Doctor comes in & says there is no break, everything OK. Dad is still complaining of pain & clutching his side. We asked again to help him with something for pain. NOTHING!! What an incompetent unprofessional ""care"" center! After hopsice came & took him to assisted living, the nurse discovered that the Radiologist had detected a possible fracture, but an MRI was needed to see how many ribs, front or back. We don't even know if the ER doctor even read the Radiologist's report. The ER Dr looked at the XRay & declared all is well. \r Mission statements from Banner's website. I would recommend this place to people already dead or people I do not like so they could receive abusive, uncaring, incorrect, and non-care. Perhaps even a misdiagnosis so they could suffer needlessly.\r Letter from CEO\r Our physicians and our commitment to provide the best possible experience for our patients distinguish us as a leader among health care providers. \r We are committed to excellence in all that we do and look forward to serving your health care needs. \r Patient Care\r At every Banner Health facility, the expert care provided by our staff and physician partners makes a difference each and every day... our focus is on providing excellent patient care\r Pros: Close to home. Cons: EVERYTHING REGARDING PATIENT CARE! IT IS THE WORST! more

Excellent Care 2/25/2008

I want you to know that my Dad has been in Banner Baywood Hospital on numerous occassions and has had excellent care. I want to especially call out Dr. Barlingay for her caring and interest in my Dad. She is and excellent example of what the medical profession is all about. more
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