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Taking classes with Serafina is fun and I look forward to each lesson. She explains everything very well and she encourages everyone to try. It is a safe and fun environment where...


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Empowering women 7/20/2014

Taking classes with Serafina is fun and I look forward to each lesson. She explains everything very well and she encourages everyone to try. It is a safe and fun environment where we all can learn, be confident and empowered. I love taking classes with her! more

Serafina 4/9/2013

Serafina Dances has really given me a chance to try something I never thought myself apart of. I love it!! more

Loads of fun 12/12/2012

Serafina has been an insparation to me. I would not be where I am in my dance journey without her teaching, encouragement, support and frendship. She makes every class a fun and exciting experience. Serafine is not only a beautiful performer and dancer she is also one of the best instructors you will find in the area. more

The best! 12/11/2012

I'm so happy to have found Serafina ! I enjoy her professionalism and enthusiasm ! I look forward to learning from her and taking more classes !!!! more

A diamond in the rough! 12/10/2012

I met Serafina about four years ago, and ever since then my life has been completely changed. Of course I've become healthier and more active, but I think what is most unspoken about Serafina is the fact that she's such a down to earth instructor who CARES for her students and takes the time to break everything down for the individual until they get it right. She's very patient and understanding, and what surprised me most was the fact that I felt like I had truly become a part of something, not just a belly dance group-- but part of a family. I had gained confidence being surrounded by like-minded women who were more than happy to take the journey with me. Serafina offers a place to relax, learn, and coexist peacefully-- all while shredding away at calories. I mean, you do work up quite a sweat and I've been doing this for almost four years now. The studio is spacious and homey with plenty of wall length mirrors so that you can see what you're doing. It's always warm and welcoming and not to mention, clean. It also includes hard wood floors, which is nice compared to the other surfaces I've danced on. This instructor, whom is not only well versed in her lessons but also well varied in her style, is certainly a person I would have gone to again and again, and it's easy to say that she's a diamond in the rough. Seriously, go check her out-- I found her by mere mistake on google search-- but I'm so glad I did. I learned how to be comfortable in my skin, gained tons of new friends, was able to become less stiff, learned how to take what I hear and put it into motion, and have an amazing workout all for a very reasonable price-- And that's saying something as I live off a college-kid budget. Seriously. For what you get, you can't beat it! more

So glad I found Serafina! 11/21/2011

I've been taking classes with Serafina since March 2011 and she is worth every penny and more! Her classes are affordable, flexible, and fun. She is a great teacher, capable of adapting to different learning styles, and has a great balance of pushing you, yet never making you uncomfortable. Her class structure allows you to get what you want out of the class - either a casual fun workout or the ability to build your skills and perform with a troupe. I just took her Performance Hair and Makeup Workshop yesterday and was floored with how patient she was teaching 8 very different women to get out of our idea of how we should look and how to really bring out our inner divas for shows. I NEVER wear makeup, but after seeing what I could do to enhance, I might actually try now. Also, after having been to some of her performances...she's definitely one of the top-notch performers in the area. Thanks Serafina! more

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Serafina 9/11/2010

I have been taking lessons with Serafina for a couple of months now and I just want to say how much fun I am having! I could not ask for a better teacher! As many of the girls have said below - she is an amazing performer and a fantastic teacher and I feel very lucky to be a part of this group. I felt at home immediately and can't imagine myself doing so well with any other teacher (or group of fabulous dance sisters!). The way Serafina breaks down dances helps me to understand the move I will be doing and feel confidant when I get it! more

Serafina RAQS! 5/9/2010

I began taking belly dance with Serafina about 4 months ago. Not only is she a wonderful instructor, but she is an incredible performer as well. Her love for the dance shines; she is enthusiastic, encouraging, and very professional. She has an amazing spirit, and her energy is contagious. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. Her passion for belly dance radiates and she brings out the best in each student. Our class starts with a warm-up with stretches and yoga, and then leads into drills where we learn new moves, constantly adding on to whatever we’ve learned in previous weeks. She teaches us not only how to dance to the music, but to really feel it and count it as well. She educates us on stage presence and technique, and how to perfect them. She immediately makes you feel like part of the belly dance community by keeping you informed of local events, classes, and performance opportunities. She offers many different convenient class times, her home studio is divine, and her classes are FUN! I always look forward to class and spending time with Serafina and the great group of dance sisters that I am proud to call friends. more

Serafina Makes Hip Circles Around My Heart 3/11/2010

I have been taking Serafina's level one class on and off for about six months because of a back injury. She is able to take the time to catch me up without compromising the other student's level of competency. She teaches with warmth and spirit and has such a genuine love of belly dancing. Serafina is constantly continuing her education so she can continue ours. She is a wonderful person and an excellent instructor. more

Serafina Dances 3/11/2010

She is GREAT!! I too am a slow learner, she is so patient. Work has been VERY hectic, she still keeps me posted about upcoming events and classes...I plan on returning soon, I think will take advantage of some private classes as I want to benefit from more of her knowledge and skill. The dance is just beautiful and feels great!!! Serafina is one in a million!!!! And she is too cute, we went to see her perform, I only had a couple of classes under my belt and she wanted me to get up and dance, she is a girl's girl....just have fun, be a girl....thank you Serafina, very much!!!! more

Serafina Dance 1/17/2010

Serafina is a wonderful teacher and dancer. The knowledge that she has regarding belly dancing is unbeivable! She is warm and welcoming to all students: beginner, advanced. Serafina shines whether it be teaching a new dance move or teaching a new dance! Very peaceful and fun experience; you will leave her class with an empowerment! more

AWESOME! 8/13/2009

i love Serafinas classes. She does really well for working out of her home. She expects good results from her students and she knows how to get them. we start and end each class with a warm up and a cool down that often involve some sort of yoga. in between she teaches us all sorts of movements and how to put them together. she works us pretty hard and it always leaves me feeling satisfied with myself by the end of class.i've really pushed myself to do things with my body that i've never expected to be able to do and it's truly pure FUN. Sometimes at the end or beginning of class she shows us dvds of other dancers or performances that she's done or been to which is also helpful in many ways. she is constantly informing us of opportunities to perform, or see other performances, making us feel quite at home in the belly dance world. more

FUN TO SHIMMY W/ Serafina 8/13/2009

Good: I love taking classes with Serafina. She's an amazing instructor and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I am a slow learner and she's very patient with me and cooperates with me when I need her to really break down a move and go extra slow until I am able to really understand it. You definitely get your moneys worth. You'll be shimmying in no time. =). Bad: That I have to drive so far. But it's worth it. I'm just disappointed when I can't make it to my classes, but she's really understanding.. Improvements: Better punch card system, I can't find mine. =(. Other: Serafina always keeps you up to date on what's going on. She definitely makes you feel a part of the belly dance community by creating opportunities for you to perform, events to go to, people to meet, etc ... She radiates that she loves what she does and it makes you enjoy it too!. more

Dance instructor extraordinaire! 8/11/2009

I started with belly dance about 5 months ago, and now I am level two in Serafina’s dance school, and already been a part of the belly dance show! When I contacted her for the first time, I asked if my age is going to be a problem, and her answer was: “Belly dances is for women of all ages, all sizes, all fitness levels and the best part is that no prior dance experience is necessary!”, I could not ask for more: ) . Most instructors teach the basic steps, but Serafina takes the time to share the subtle movements that transform her students into great dancers! As the lessons progressed she pushed me to learn more, challenging me with new steps whenever I got comfortable with what I had already learned. My body now moves with ease and fluidity, my posture is much improved. I can feel the music, my body moves easily with the beat and I can hear nuances in music that I was never aware of before I had lessons with Serafina! She is passionate, attentive to details, enthusiastic and genuine. She is very perceptive of her student. She understands your level of comfort, your rhythm and your expectations. She is very creative and has a vibrant energy. She has a very high work ethic and wants you to succeed. Serafina not only taught me how to dance, she helped me improve my posture and my style. Whether you're just learning to dance or refining your technique, Serafina can help. I always look forward to our class - she is warm, encouraging and makes each lesson FUN. Maria more
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