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Seabreeze Fish Market & Grill of Plano - 15 Reviews - 4017 Preston Road, Suite 530, Plano, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (972) 473-2722

Seabreeze Fish Market & Grill of Plano

4017 Preston Road, Suite 530
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 473-2722
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Seabreeze Fish Market & Grill of Plano - Plano, TX


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Don't understand the negative comments regarding rude staff. We buy fish from Seabreeze fish market routinely and always get excellent service. They offer great cooking suggesti...


Before going to the Sea Breeze, we thoroughly researched all the reviews on this and other sites. We assumed that the negative comments about the owner were exagerated, but we lea...

Fresh, Delicious and Helpful and Friendly 11/8/2011

Don't understand the negative comments regarding rude staff. We buy fish from Seabreeze fish market routinely and always get excellent service. They offer great cooking suggestions and storing instructions so that everything stays fresh up until the time you cook it. The prices are not cheap but you get what you pay for. We've eaten there many times too and have always had excellent food even if it is the same price as upscale restaurants. You never have to wonder if the fish is fresh. They will special order things like lump crab meat and live crawfish when in season. They are expanding now and I can't wait to see the end result. They are like a neighborhood Fish Market and Restaurant to us. more

Rude owner 9/28/2011

I love the food at Seabreeze, But like many of the previous reviews I haft to agree that the owner or whoever it is they have at the order counter is rude and doesn't like to explain anything to you if you have a question..I have been here 10 times and he is always the same.I would suggest someone with some people skills,You probably would improve business 100% more

New Orleans seafood lover loves this place 4/30/2011

Wow. Totally not what we expected. Great customer service and interaction with the owner. AWESOME.\r \r At first glance, Sea Breeze looks like a fast food joint in an upscale strip mall. You order at a counter, sit down at simple tables and wait for your food. That's where the similiarity ends.\r \r The food is beautifully plated and simply outstanding. I had the seafood stew that was perfectfully prepared - awesome tomato broth, tender mussels, shrimp. My wife had the seafood salad with REAL crab (not the krab crap others try to pass off as the real thing). My elementary-aged kids had pan fried trout, and as a testiment to SeaBreeze's quality, they ate EVERYTHING. The owner brought us some boiled crawfish to sample, again outstanding. The servers were personable and attentive. \r \r I grew up in New Orleans and I know what good seafood is supposed to taste like. This place fits the bill, and we will be back. One of our favorite places in DFW. more

Learn some customer service skills! 3/20/2011

Before going to the Sea Breeze, we thoroughly researched all the reviews on this and other sites. We assumed that the negative comments about the owner were exagerated, but we learned they were actually mild compared to our experience. We arrived with a partial party and since there was no line at the counter-serv ice, we ordered wine and appetizers and took a table to wait for our elderly grandparents to join us. They got lost , searching for this strip shopping center place, not visible from the intersection, so they called and we overheard the owner behind the market counter explain directions to them. They still weren't there 20-min. into our visit. The line started to form by now and the owner came to our table and told us we'd have to vacate the table and carry our drinks and pending appetizers to the waiting area until we could fill the table. Now, we understood that he was worried that those in line ordering may not have a table open ...but his insistance that we move, after we explained we had already ordered appetizers was beyond RUDE. Luckily, our grandparents arrived at that same moment, so he huffed-and-puffed and exhaled in frustration and walked away. As a fellow small business owner, I understand having to try to keep the tables turned, but to ask patrons to move after they've ordered? His tone and body language was coarse and accusatory. Insane. The poor bus boys seemed hard-pressed to rush us out, too. Our party had finished entrees, except for our grandmother who lingered with each bite, unhampered by the bus boys who kept checking to see if she was finished, while the owner nervously patroled the tables. Killed any interest in dessert, as we felt pressed to ""leave already."" Oh...and considering that our 5 entrees at around $28 each, plus appetizers, plus wine was $170 -- that's a hefty tab for counter service and an owner with a nasty ""I don't like my customers but am stuck doing this for a living"" attitude! It might have worked for the owner of Goff's burgers, but it's not going to work here! The food? skip the crab claws, but the seafood salad and grilled fishes were nicely done. But for the price, we'll go somewhwere else where they actually like their customers and where you can linger a bit over your food without fear of being rushed through a pricey meal or offended by the owner. more

Mixed experience 10/21/2010

Seabreeze came onto my radar when I looked online for a place recommended for its fish and chips. Except for the refrigerated fish display case, the restaurant looked more like a fast food place than what I would call a restaurant. But that's ok - I don't mind ordering from the counter, and as long as the place and tables looked clean (which they did), I can do casual. The menu listed ""Beer Battered Fish & Chips Plate"" as one of five items under the heading ""Authentic New England Favorites. Includes one house side item & hush puppies."" So I ordered two of those for myself and my wife. I asked for coleslaw for the sides. The man behind the counter asked ""Do you want the chips as your side, or the coleslaw as your side?"" I replied ""The menu says the fish and chips plate comes with one side - are you saying the chips count as a side?"" His answer was ""Yes, if you want coleslaw as your side, its just fish without chips."" I said ""Well, that's not what the menu says."" ""He seemed miffed, and said ""Fine - I'll just GIVE you the extra side."" I didn't want him to feel like he was doing me any favors, so I declined, and paid extra for the coleslaw. The food was good - not the best fish and chips I've had, but good none-the-less. Too bad it was paired with what I thought was a misleading menu and a less-than-customer-centric attitude. more

Second experience not like the first 8/17/2010

What a surprise. My first visit to Seabreeze was great. Super Cioppino (as good as the wharf in San Francisco) and although the service was spotty it was overall a good experience. Lobster roll was ok and the clams were perfect. However what a surprise on my second visit! The owner/manager might have been having a bad day but he took it out on both myself, my wife and our friends who happened to have called a head to ask about bringing their own fine wine and were told ""sure, although the corkage fee was a steep $10). Just as we were about to order the owner pops up and says we can't bring our own wine and he was in business to sell both food and wine. He embarrassed us in a line of 10 or se people. It was really an ugly experience and handled very poorly and overall in bad taste. Will I ever go back? NO Will I go out of my way to tell my friends not to go there? YES more

Wine Down Wednesday tonight with Matt Baron playing music! 4/13/2010

Okay, I found the amazing lobster roll. They are one of the few places in this city that knows how to make one. Ask for ""Rick the Fishman"" when you go. He can tell you anything and everything you wanted to know about seafood but were afraid to ask. \r \r Tonight I'm heading over because they have live entertainment from 6-830 pm with happy hour wine specials and 1/2 priced appetizers!!!!! Fun fun! Pros: 1/2 priced apps! wine specials!! Cons: nothing, unless you don't like seafood more

Great food, good prices 11/20/2009

Sea Breeze Fish Market in Plano is not a 5 star seafood restaurant. You will not find white tablecloths, dim lights and extravagant prices here. What you will find at Sea Breeze is top quality seafood, served at reasonable prices in a clean, if a bit spartan, setting.\r \r If you are looking for a spicy, salty, ""cajun-style"" fried seafood experience then you will find the food here bland or boring. Where Sea Breeze differs is in presenting high quality food, properly cooked, attractively presented, and casually served rather than over sauced, over salted and over done.\r \r The lobster roll consists of about 4 large bite sized morsels of perfectly cooked, fresh, sweet lobster. It is served on a lightly toasted, buttered slice of delectable white bread. No huge fanfare, no bow-tied waiter, just good lobster on a buttery piece of bread. Fantastic.\r \r We also sampled the cedar plank smoked wild salmon. The fillet was perfectly cooked, just firm and rare in the center, well marbled and beautifully presented with the plank served on tasty orange and ginger sweet potatoes. The salmon was topped with what seemed to be diced apples with dill and perhaps an aged balsalmic vinegar. Again, what stands out is the quality of the fish, and the absolute care in cooking and presenting it perfectly.\r \r Our 2nd entree was the fish and chips. This is an item that almost always dissapoints. Ever since enjoying fish and chips properly done I've searched the DFW area for a great place. I am not looking for a heavily spiced, low quality, filet covered with 1/2"" thick, heavily salted, batter then cooked to the point of being dry and flakey inside. This fish was done the proper way, much like the better chippies in the UK. The batter was crisp and light, in no way overpowering. It was lightly colden brown and perfectly juicy inside. You actually taste the fish (and a little vinegar of course). It can't be cooked any better. For those of you in the Plano area, you will find the fish and chips here superior in every way to the Fillmore Pub, Irish Rover, The Londoner, etc. and priced the same or less. \r \r The limited sides we had, fries with the fried fish and sweet potatoes and coleslaw were all adequate but nothing special. The star here is the seafood price/quality ratio.\r \r Entrees ranged from about $10 to $22 with most items being in the $12-$15 range. Beer and wine is available.\r \r If there are other places in DFW to find seafood of this quality at these prices please let us all know their names and locations. I absolutely will want to try them. Pros: high quality seafood, reasonable price Cons: spartan, boring interior more

Review from Trip Advisor leighcb in fort Worth 9/2/2009

Sea Breeze received a ""best of Dallas"" rating recently, so when in Plano, we decided to stop by. It is located in a newer strip mall area that is not yet full. We stopped in around 12:30pm on a Sunday for lunch. This is a restaurant as well as a fish market, with two large cases of seafood that can be purchased and taken home to cook youself.\r We were immediately greeted upon walking in from a gentleman behind the market counter. We were directed toward the menus and told we could sit anywhere and when we were ready to order, we should do so at the counter. In addition to the regular menu and daily specials, if there is anything that catches your eye in the case, they can also put something together for you.\r My husband ordered the fish and chips ($10 with two sides), which were perfectly cooked, hot and crispy. The batter was perfect in texture, though maybe a touch underseasoned - which was easily rectified using the house-made-tasting tartar sauce or malt vinegar that sits on every table.\r I ordered the lobster roll. It is a Texas take on the classic sandwich, with a piece garlic-buttery Texas toast instead of the roll. Although on the small side (not bad for $14 with two sides), it was full of large chunks of perfectly cooked lobster.\r Both of us chose fries and cole slaw as sides, though I opted to try the Asian slaw - purple cabbage instead of the standard green, and a bit of a horserash-like bite. Neither of the slaws were outstanding, though good palate cleansers. The fries, although again nothing special were perfectly cooked and crispy.\r Overall, the atmosphere is that of a diner - bright and no-frills. Service was friendly and prompt.\r We will definitely return for some good, fresh and inexpensive seafood when in Plano again!\r \r Pros: Best of Dallas more

The freshest fish in the Metroplex 8/25/2009

I went to this fish market / seafood restaurant in Plano a few weeks ago and was pleasently surprised with my fresh fish lunch. I was not sure if the sides and food was going to be good because this fish market/ seafood restaurant is Reflective of a market I use to go by the sea and the only think good there was the fish, but let me tell you, this fish dish was amazing! If you are looking for fresh fish prepered anyway you want in a casual atmosphere so you can go in any attire and eat 5 star dishes go here! This is hands down the best casual seafood restaurant in the metroplex and plano Pros: I picked out my fish and they cooked it! more

Owener is very very rude 6/27/2009

I went there 2-3 times, and I felt that the owner is so rude that you feel that you are not welcomed at this place. Customer service is horrible! In this bad economy this place can go down very quickly with that type of a rude service. Pros: close to home in Plano Cons: rude owner! more

Best in town 10/22/2008

I know fish extremely well and let me tell you that this is the best damn fish in the metroplex . their lobster roll is to die for and their fish tacos are the best around. Along with what i consider service with a smile, they had the nicest waiters around and made sure that my experience was a good one. I also beg to differ with fishman001 considering the fact that they were not only in the guide but also in D magazine, if you ask me it sounds like Rick fired him from a job and he still has a personal vendetta out to get him. so i would say if you don't go your only hurting yourself and leaving more for the rest of us. Pros: beautiful plates, wonderful service, good price for it's quality. Cons: packed on weekends more

Trust Me! 9/17/2008

I have worked with Rick in a number of locations and his resume is not as shiny as it appears, In the industry Rick was known for how to cheat the customer, on more than one occasion I heard him tell his employees not to through out bad fish, but to just rinse it off and put it into soup or grind it up and make it into a burger. as for his so called rise to power in Central market. well that came to an abrupt halt when he was found selling old fish and causing the customers to complain. Rick's unscrupulous practices have caused him to have lose many more jobs than he has listed here and I know from personal knowledge that he has been fired from at least four of his places of employment. And each of his business ventures has failed. so I would say eat at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: Quility Can You Trust That You Won't get Old Fish? more

Not cheap and the food is just so-so 5/9/2008

We ate there, had 2 wines, 2 orders of grouper with vegetables and salads, 2 beers and it was over $80. The fish was overcooked. We were not enthused to go back given the pricing and the fact that you have to wait in line like a cafeteria to get served (good luck getting a table). We ordered crawfish for a holiday, not sure how that will work out but the guy taking the order was a pretty rude for accepting a $120 order. He asked if we wanted corn and potatoes (boiled crawfish are $, not cheap) and I said not if I am paying $5.99 for potatoes, crawfish and corn, I will only pay $5.99 for crawfish.. He mumbled something then said ""if you would listen to me you would have heard what I said...we measure out the crawfish first...blah blah blah."" i asked for clarification, meaning the corn and potatoes are free? and he said YES, I HAVE TOLD YOU 3 TIMES. So I said, Central market is the same price. If you are going to be an AS#, I will call them and spend my $120+ with them. He quieted down after that but he was rude enough for me to never go back. I'm for Louisiana, I am a cook and I do know what I am talking about. but I think that if I am paying premium, I am not going to spend my money there. Those crawfish bettter be darn good. Pros: close to home, fresh fish from gulf Cons: wait in line, expensive, fish was overcooked, some poor attitudes with the management more

If you love Seafood, this a must! 10/24/2007

WOW! I was lucky enough to find them on my quest for a Lobster Roll sandwich and I was amazed. The sandwich was astoundingly good, the crabcake is the best I've had in Dallas and they even steam Blue Crabs when they are in season. This place is cute, clean and the food is amazing. One stop in and you'll fall in love too! They also are a seafood market...I can't wait to take something home.\r Sea Breeze Grill is a must try! Pros: food, service with a smile, the lobster roll sandwich, super fresh seafood Cons: small place more
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  • Sea Breeze has been listed by D Magazine as one of the Best Neighborhood Restaurants in West Plano. "The Best Neighborhood Restaurants in Dallas" is the cover story for the Febuary 2008 issue of D Magazine featuring Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill and our famous Lobster Roll.

    What's New at Sea Breeze?!?!
    Blue Crab Fridays! - live, steamed, or boiled Be sure to call ahead!
    Wild Alaskan Halibut and Salmon!
    Fried Whole-Belly Clams
    Fresh Salmon smoked in house.

    Try our Party Trays ? Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Salmon Dip, Crab Dip
    Perfect for Football watching!
    Now is the time to get your custom catering order in for the Holiday season!
    Feeling the economic crunch? Try our updated Stimulus Package!

    Every day is a GREAT day for fish at Seabreeze Fish Market in Plano.


  • In Short
    Glistening filets of salmon, grouper and platters of calamari and blue crab are laid out in the fish market counter. But there's nothing fishy about this simple eatery. The only...

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