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Scribbles has been a wonderful place to take our daughter for the past couple of years. What struck me from the beginning was how warm and fun the rooms were and how engaged the ...


When I took a tour of Scribbles Academy three years ago, the director portrayed herself to be everything you would want in someone taking care of your child, and fulfilled our hea...

A great place to leave your child... 8/14/2012

Scribbles has been a wonderful place to take our daughter for the past couple of years. What struck me from the beginning was how warm and fun the rooms were and how engaged the staff is with all the children. Starting with the infant room, Ms. Cheryl is knowledgable, very experienced, with a great love for what she does. She was so good and thorough in her communication that it was almost a shock when moving to the 1 year old room to not have such great daily reports. I cannot recommend her highly enough and you can be assured that your baby is under great care. In the 1 year room, i've appreciated that the teachers are frequently down on the floor with kids, that they are teaching signs, and that my daughter loves being there! With so many activities and special things to look forward to, it really is a fun place. They always have something going on and they really get to know each particular kid. It's fun to see my daughter thrive there and learn so much! I realize that there have been some really bad reviews on here lately-- which surprises me after the experience I have had there. Have I always liked the director? No, not particularly. Sometimes she has a bad day. Sometimes she can be a little short. Really, she just seems human. There are more kids going to Scribbles than ever and she manages it all and keeps track of all the individual kids and families. I know an incredible amount of work is involved. And maybe i just give her the benefit of the doubt. But at the end of the day- it's not her who is taking care of my daughter. And i've *loved* the teachers who are. I would just encourage you to spend time in the rooms where your child will be and make the decision for yourself. You'll definitely know if it's the right fit for your little one! more

Awful! 6/29/2012

When I took a tour of Scribbles Academy three years ago, the director portrayed herself to be everything you would want in someone taking care of your child, and fulfilled our heads with many promises. With the price she offered, I thought we had found a great deal! Right when everything was set in stone, Debbie was never the same professional, caring person she was at our tour. I blew off her unpleasant ways for the simple fact that she wasn’t in the room with my child, and lucky for her she had a hand full of great employees that made our three year stay worthwhile. During our three years, we experienced some stuff that pushed us to our decision to remove our child! In the one year room I witnessed the lead teacher Sam, whip the children around and not show any compassion to their crying or to fact that she physically hurt them. I also noticed once Debbie’s granddaughter started going there all of the other children were pushed to the side an un-noticed. I was called at work numerous times told that my child had a temperature and I was forced to leave work. When I would take my child to the doctor it would be nothing serious and the temperature was not what Debbie or the lead teacher had told me. Once my child started coming home with bruises that didn’t match up to the accident reports, we were fed up with everything. Even though my child was never in the infant room, every time we walked by that room the babies were always screaming their heads off. Please don’t make the mistake I did by choosing this daycare. I learned the hard way and without knowing it, I put my child in harm’s way. more

Horrific daycare! 6/28/2012

Horrific daycare! I took my children there for 2 years. One of the main reasons why we stayed there for the 2 years is because of financial reasons. Over the two years I witnessed numerous incidences where Debbie, the director, would grab a child by the arm and fling the child around like a rag doll. She would also scream at the children and her employees in front of parents. When my child was bitten numerous times in the one year room, I confronted the head teacher Sam, who stated that it was my child’s fault. After doing my research, I found out that the child who was responsible for biting is Debbie’s granddaughter. I was furious because when my child went through a biting ‘phase,’ I was given warnings that we possibly would be dis-enrolled after my child bit only twice in that room. Our tolerance level had reached its limits when Debbie did not disclose a serious viral infection that was going around the one and two year rooms. Please be cautious if you choose this expensive babysitting daycare. Sincerely, Concerned Parent more


My daughter was at Scribbles about a year ago. They decided to move her up to the 2's class when she was 18 months old. She bit a little girl and one of the girls who worked there told me the director slammed her down into a sitting position on top of a table and Yelled in her face. I removed her after that. She was too young for the class she was in. Frustration because she could not talk to the big two year olds led to the bitting. Observed several other events while picking up my daughter that just did not feel right to me. NOT A SCRIBBLES FAN! more

We love Scribbles! 11/11/2010

We've had our daughter at Scribbles since she was 4 mos. old. She's now completing kindergarten there. The teachers and owner love kids and provide plenty of fun time as well as great instruction. Our daughter has thrived under their care and looks forward to going to school each day. She has also made close friends who have lasted since the infant room. What more can you ask for? Highly recommend!! more

Daycare Feels Like Extended Family 2/12/2010

I have a 4-year-old and an infant enrolled full time in this daycare.All staff at this daycare seemed well-trained (assistants as well as teachers) and seem to get along really well with one another. I always feel like the children are well-supervised, no matter if I'm picking up early or late. Also, there is not a lot of staff turnover. The director and owner is involved in day to day operations and is always available and willing to talk to parents and to help staff members. In the infant room I felt very supported in breastfeeding my infant. I have breastfed without supplementing with formula for the past 6 months, and I could not have done it without the teacher, Ms. Cheryl. In the rooms for the older kids, teachers consistently distribute to parents a monthly calendar, so you know what your child will be learning each day and can reinforce it at home. Also, there are many organized events for children and families, including an Easter egg hunt, book fair, and barbeques. As a result, there tends to be a lot more family involvement than I have experienced at some of the more corporate type daycares. Also, children can participate in field trips, dance lessons, and can get their photos taken (for the holiday season). Mainly though, of the dozen or so daycares I've looked at in Longmont, I just felt this daycare had the warmest atmosphere. The people who work at this center are doing it for a career rather than for a job. more

Better than good daycare center 8/22/2007

We have had our daughter at Scribbles for a little over two years. She started attending Scribbles when she was 4 months old and she is now 2 1/2 years old. We are so happy with the staff and the facility at Scribbles, and we feel grateful that we found them in our search for daycare. We were especially pleased with the infant room. There is no better person in the business than Cheryl who runs the infant room. She was a lifesaver for us! The owner, Debbi, goes to great lengths to schedule fun outings for the kids as well as to provide them with a very supportive, learning environment. The caregivers are so kind and patient. Our daughter is fully engaged with the activities and the other kids, and she's generally happy each day when we pick her up. That, in so many ways is PRICELESS to us, to know that she is being well cared for and learning a lot of new things every day. more

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Good daycare center 8/17/2005

After looking a number of preK programs in Longmont, we choose Scribbles Academy. They offer programs for infants through Kindergarten. Their preK program is structured during the morning, a nap after lunch and then more free play in the afternoon. The teachers had all been there for several years and had lots of experience. more
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