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(704) 344-0011
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So after much thought I finally decided to go ahead and get a few piercings I've always wanted to get but have been too scared to do. \r I went by myself and it was late afternoo...


can i get my belly pierce at 14 in this place??

Great experience!!! Will go back! 11/30/2011

So after much thought I finally decided to go ahead and get a few piercings I've always wanted to get but have been too scared to do. \r I went by myself and it was late afternoon. They were steadily busy but the staff was helpful and polite.\r When it was finally time for me to go back and get pierced - my piercer was totally awesome, Autumn I believe her name was. She sat me down and talked to me about what I wanted to have done and walked me through the process, never rushing me. She did a great job - and upon checking out the guy that works there suggested I get provon soap along with H2Ocean to ease the after care. His suggestions worked great along with the at home care sheet they provided! I went back about a month after that to have them take a look at my navel piercing (which was NOT done by them). Corrina took her time to speak with me - the piercing had suffered trauma and had started to migrate. She gave me some suggestions for possibly keeping it in but was honest about the chance that it might be best to remove it. She also gave me a 5$ off coupon. I followed her advice and removed it and she was right - it healed up with no problem (wish I would've went to them first). I'm a bit late in writing this review but I want to say they are the BEST in Charlotte - do yourself a favor and go here for any of your body piercings. They are experienced in what matters most and have your best interest in mind!!!!! You guys are awesome! more

Horrible over the phone! 11/29/2011

I called this business to inquire about a piercing. I only had 2 questions to ask because I have never gotten a piercing before. Before I finished the first question the woman on the other end of the phone was already giving me attitude. I apologized to her if she misconstrued my question but then she let her coarse demeanor fire back yet again. If this business pierces the way they answer questions over the phone good luck! more

can i get this done here?? 9/15/2011

i would like to get my nose and maybe a cartlige piercing or to and im 14 can i get it done here? more

can I? 7/12/2010

can i get my belly pierce at 14 in this place?? more

Best place in charlotte for piercings! 2/14/2010

I have gone to Sadu's for over 8 yrs and wouldnt trust anyone else with my piercings! But from time to time , you will get attitude from some of the girls who work there! Dont let there sometimes bad attitude deter you, they are still the best place to get pierced by far! Pros: experiance, choices in jewelry Cons: customer service more

GREAT piercers HORRIBLE customer service 4/15/2009

I've came in to Sadu three times, twice with my friends to get their piercings, and another time to get piercing jewelry transferred. The woman who does most of the piercings is AMAZING! She's nice, always has an answer to your question, and is very patient with scared/nervous customers. Although all three times I've been there I've had a very unpleasant experience with the woman who ran our credit cards and gets the jewelry sterilized. She always has an attitude and hates to deal with people or answer questions. I remember I asked her a question about some jewelry and she actually said ""I don't know and I don't care."" But I will continue to go there because the piercer is amazing. Pros: Piercers are knowledgeable and great at their job! Cons: Woman who checks you in is MEAN! more

Could have been better!!! 2/1/2009

I've been here several times, first time with my daughter after she had the bad experience with Tattoo Bill's piercing, several times by myself and/or with my girlfriends. This place is definitely a step up from Tattoo Bill's piercing (please notice that piercing is all they do, no tattoo here), though it did go up and down in the customer service department sometimes. Corina is great since she is the head piercer and all; but every once a while, they'd hire some girls who doesn't know what she is doing (my review is a sumery of me going to Sadu for almost 2 years) I guess we all take chances here, just remember wherever you go, please ask for their credentials, portfolios, sterilizing equipments, etc. (I'm a nurse by the way) Your health is the uttermost importance Pros: good enough for piercings Cons: parking more

Excellent! 1/14/2009

I honestly don't know where anyone could come up with a complaint about sadu! Knowledgeable and sanitary personnell, pleasant lobby, you would be hard-pressed to find a better piercing place in charlotte ^_^ Pros: Great customer service, decent pricing Cons: Parking was difficult to find! more

Accolades for Sadu! 1/2/2009

I've lived in Charlotte my whole life, and I'm no stranger to Central Ave. I've been to Sadu to watch my friend get an Industrial there and talked to another friend who had her belly button pierced at Sadu as well. When I went with my friend for his Industrial, I was very impressed by how his piercer explained the piercing and necessary aftercare. When I went to get my first piercing, my bellybutton, it was done very well and my piercer was very careful throughout the procedure. I was even more impressed when I received my second piercing though! She worked very carefully and also took time to make sure that I was comfortable with the procedure and to talk about my concerns. And also she did the actual piercing very quickly, which is very important especially for sensitive areas! i would definitely recommend Sadu to anyone looking to get a piercing. Their customer service isn't great, but I think that's because they aren't very amiable. They do their job well, however, and they are certainly willing to talk to you about your piercing before and after. Pros: Good for Piercings and will answer your questions well Cons: mediocre customer service more

Piercer didn't know how to shape a nose ring 10/13/2008

It seems a lot of people forget that tattoo/piercing folks are employed because of their skill. Not their people skills. I have been to many studios and have grown accustomed to this; although, rarely, you will find a skilled artist or piercer that also has great service as well.\r My girlfriend and I went to Sadu last weekend to buy a new nose stud for an existing piercing. The girl at the front counter was nice and did the typical pull stuff out of the case for us to look at. When we picked out the piece that we wanted, she called the owner of the shop who is I guess the main piercer. Nose rings have to be ""fitted"", in that they need to be cut down to size and given a little curl at the end so it won't fall out.\r The owner came out and began to curl the stud but stopped halfway through and asked us how it was supposed to be shaped. I would presume that a piercing shop owner would be familiar with the fundamentals of how nose piercings work. After we explained to her how it was supposed to look she was able to duplicate it. She did all this work on top of the glass case in their lobby. I thought that was a little unhygienic... She pulled it out of the case and then bent it and wiped it all over the top of the case (where everyone puts their hands while they're looking at the jewelry). When I asked if she could clean it off she said that normally she didn't do that and it should be fine if the piercing hole has healed well enough. When my girlfriend put it in (after sanitizing it ourselves!) we realized she hadn't even done an effective job sanding the end that she trimmed. There were still prominent metal burrs on the end.\r This is my first time that someone didn't clean jewelry after purchasing so I always thought it was standard. Also, maybe she doesn't sell many nose studs so that is why she did not know how to shape it. Anyway, it didn't seem like she was too professional or skilled.\r \r The lobby was very clean and lit well though. Pros: Nice lobby Cons: Unskilled piercer, poor customer service (on par with most piercing shops though :) ) more

Nice jewelry selection, bad customer service!!! 9/4/2008

Thats about to sum it up. I was just wondering since it is the only place do stricly piercing, they are allowed to be obnoxous??? Anyplace welcome you with a bright nice smile, know how to pierce, clean and sterile will have my business. And thats that!!! Pros: they do a wide range of piercings Cons: bad customer service, it seems they care more about doing advanced piercings than just regular (nose, belly, etc.) for an average Jane ...*sign* more

worst customer service ever! 7/7/2008

First of all, I'd like to say that I had high hopes going into this place. My sister came into town for the 4th of July and I decided I wanted to get my nose pierced. I originally drove all the way to ink link on independence because a few years ago I got my eyebrow pierced there. After finding out they no longer do piercings, I asked for some suggestions around Charlotte because I was unfamiliar with other piercers. Sadu was one of the places he threw out, so I decided to make the trip to Central Ave. Upon arriving I was very impressed with the look on the inside. It was very stylish, it looked clean, and there was an amazing selection of body jewelry. However, there was no one working the counter. I was patient at first because I heard people in another room getting pierced and I was ready to wait for a few minutes. After about thirty minutes passed by, I started to lose my patience. The one lady I saw who obviously worked there popped out of the piercing room for a minute to grab something, and then I didnt see her again for another fifteen. By this time, about three other people had made there way into the place. We all just stood around looking at jewelry, knowing that GOSH they have to be almost done!! Finally after about another ten minutes, the piercer, and three people came out of the room, TWO girls had gotten their noses pierced. The piercer walked passed me, and didnt say a word. She didnt even acknowledge the other four people now waiting. She then opened her food, took a bite, and then waved for another girl to come back with her. Soon after, my sister and I just left. It was ridiculous, and I didnt even want to get pierced by her at that point. I know there are a lot of tattoo and piercing shops in charlotte that still do business with the mentality that just because they do tattoos, they dont have to have good customer service standards, but I honestly didnt expect that from this place. \r more

Professional and Knowledgable*****AAA+++ 6/7/2008

After alot of research online and asking people around town which is the best piercing parlor and ALOT of prayer, I took my daughter on Thursday to have her nose pierced at Sadu. I was very intimidated by the atmosphere (ie the gages in the glass cases and pictures of people pierced to the max) but it quickly disappeared when our piercer started explaining the procedure and what and how she was going to perform this and what care was needed for the after care. She was very knowledgable.\r The parlor was clean and had no smell. There was a comfortable sitting area for me to sit while I waited for the girls to come out. They were out of studs for another cartilidge percing but that was a plus also, the piercer stated they were out of STERILIZED studs, not just studs period. And our piercer was not shaking, she was very confident of her ability and at the same time very aware of how my daughter was feeling and took the time to talk to her and reassure her and was very caring. She even gave her a choco kitty to hold while she was being pierced. I was extremely impressed with our visit to Sadu. The girls want more piercings and I can say we will always go to Sadu!!! Pros: All female staff!!! :) Clean, friendly, knowledgable, caring, confident & understanding Cons: I can think of none. more


i went to this piercing place with my friend for moral support whhile she was getting her nose pierced. This place had run out of nose studs and had nothing but hoops for her eyebrow.her piercer was very unsanitary and had very shaky hands while piercing, she did not wear gloves or use the correct piercing procedure.The shop was unclean and smelled fowl, i know how piercings are supposed to work because i hae 20 piercings myself.i would NOT ecommend this shop to anyone. Cons: everything was horrible more

I was so scared!!! 2/23/2006

I was shaking so bad when I came in for my piercing! I left with a huge smile! I was totally happy with my entire experience. more
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