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Riverside Motors - 35 Reviews - 1319 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN - Other Reviews - Phone (615) 896-0210

Riverside Motors

1319 NW Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 896-0210
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I saw a car on their website, called and was connected with Bill who was very pleasant to talk to. He was helpful and knowledgeable. Went in the same day to get an appraisal on my...


I went to see what their ad meant your job is your credit, well they will gas your head up like they can help you really when your job is not your credit. gary is a nice person bu...

I recommend Riverside Motors as the choice to buy a vehicle. 2/7/2012

I saw a car on their website, called and was connected with Bill who was very pleasant to talk to. He was helpful and knowledgeable. Went in the same day to get an appraisal on my vehicle and got more than what I thought I would get. Bill is an excellent sales person if you go buy a car I recommend Bill and Riverside Motors as the choice to buy a vehicle. more

Thanks! 1/31/2012

Very helpful and courteous staff. I really enjoyed how thorough all of my questions were answered thank you guys for tremendous help. more

Great service 1/17/2012

Wonderful repair shop. Came in to get my brakes checked and fixed if there are any issues. There were, and they took care of them for me. Thanks guys! more

Worst of the Worst 1/11/2012

We can start with their top notch shed where their salesman who look like they are on work release greet you. The floor feels like it is going to cave in any second. Stacks of paperwork on the floor. The car I looked at appeared to have been in a wreck. Within 5 minutes I left and I suggest you not even show up on the lot. more

Very courteous 1/9/2012

Very helpful and informative. Answered all my questions asked. Was professional and courteous. Would recommend to friends. more

Great service 1/9/2012

Micheal was very friendly. Great people person. He works really hard for the customer. Thank you! more

Great service 1/4/2012

Micheal is the best in the business! Very good service from him. Thank you Micheal you made my day!!! more


I also went to Riverside Auto... Dealt with Mr.Jon Thalor who called me 3 times to tell me I was approved by the bank and that he had 45 banks to work with, called me again first thing Saturday morning to see when I would be there. I was then told the car I was origionally interested in was not avail to me according Mr. Thalor. But he could finance me for a certain amount and I WAS APPROVED BY THE BANK. He kept forcing a car on me that I was not interested in and I asked for another car in the price range and he basicly told me that car WAS my only option. Upon test driving the car just a few miles down the road it ran out of gas. Who lets a car off there lot with out gas? I had advised him I thought the tires were bad and he shook it off. I ended up taken the car which had a blow out the same day and while being helped by a friend it was discovred there was no spare tire on the car and the tire that blew was not even the correct size and did not match the other three in size. NOT SAFE! HELLO what if My son was in the car???? And a accident would have occured? The 3rd day I had the car it was breaking down and I was advised to take it to their mechanic. I have no idea if the problem was fixed or just adjusted to make it run. Next Morning I get a call from Mr. Thalor asked me for a few more Thousand down, and now the bank won't finance me, and if I could not bring a few thousand more, to them I was to return the car. I called Riverside Auto to advise them I was leaving work 5 hours early to accomidate them and was advised they would be open till 7pm. I arrived at 6:25pm and guess what. No one to be found and building locked up. I think YOU MR. Owner are writing the fake good reviews..... You are a shotty business with a bad reputation which I found out later, You take advantage of people and send them on there way in dangerous unsafe cars with liars misinforming unsuspecting people into your midst. I WOULD NEVER RECCOMEND YOU OR YOUR COMPANY! I WILL INSTEAD MAKE NUMEROUS REVIEWS TO WARN PEOPLE OF YOUR MISDEEDS. – January 04, 2012 at 08:20:21 PST NOT TO MENTION WHILE SITTING IN JON THALOR OFFICE I NOTICED A STACK OF ABOUT 2 FEET TALL ON THE FLOOR NEXT TO MY CHAIR WITH ALL THE PAPERWORK FROM PREVIOUS PEOPLE, THE APPLICATIONS FOR THE BANK WHICH HAS ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION LIKE SOCIAL SECURTITY NUMBERS. I COULD HAVE STOLEN THE IFORMATION TO STEAL HUNDREADS OF ID'S!!!!!!!!!!! more

Thanks you for everything! 12/6/2011

Effective and informative during the whole process. I enjoyed the way I was treated and I will make sure to recommend you to everyone that I know. more

Expert service 12/2/2011

Amazing. Very friendly & helpful. Helped me get financed when I didn't think it was possible. Thank you. more

Knowledgeable Staff 11/16/2011

I responded to an ad on the radio and my experience was a great one! I did not feel pressured, the staff was knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. The selection was extensive, the prices and incentives were excellent. Keep up the good work guys! more

Awful Liars, Awful cars 10/17/2011

If anyone is in the business to buy a car and you don't have a lot of money for a down payment. Do not, I repeat do not go to Riverside Motors. I purchased a car or at least I thought I did until about a week later I was received a phone call telling me there was a problem with the Bank. I needed to bring the car back. I did return the car but when I asked for the money I gave them for the Title, Taxes and fees I was told by the salesperson Jon Thalor that he will have to talk with the owner. I told him I do not have a car and now you telling I don't get my money back I gave you. He shook his head yeah. They think they are getting away with getting my money when I was honest enough to turn the car back in to them. Believe you me they have not heard the last of me. I will fight to the bitter end to get my $700 back. I have already retained a lawyer which will cost me more but it is the principle of it. So please do your research before you go anywhere near this car lot. They will feed you a bunch of lies. The motto is "Everybody Drives" but they do not tell you for how long you will drive. more

Riverside Motors 8/20/2011

To my competitors that have written fraudulent reviews to discredit my business. I am finally responding because unlike you, we stay busy at Riverside Motors, moving vehicles and caring for our customers. We do not have time to create phony accounts and log in to make false allegations to others in our line of work. My name is Bill, Ty is an employee here, come by and meet both of us, we'll be happy to serve you. And I would like to thank the legitimate customers who have commented on the service they receive from Riverside. However; if I have missed any that have an issue with myself, any of my staff, or our vehicles, please come back so I can correct any errors, immediately. Thank you, Bill K. more

Liars, Scam Artists, Used Car Dealer 4/14/2011

This is where used car dealers got their bad reputation from...these guys had to be the first of the worst... Oh My Goodness. I ihave read a ton of reviews with bad information on this company and maybe three that rave about good service. I suspect it is the owner, William Koenig that is signing in under psuedonyms so that his rating is not ZERO stars. If you have had bad dealings with them, why are there ANY stars given? Oh it's because there is a minimum of one star...too bad you can't give negative revue ratings, this place deserves a negative rating. Did you ever notice that none of the sales people have business cards printed with their names? Did you ever notice, none of the sales people give you their last name? Did you know that the owner, William Koenig, aka Bill, aka Ty, has many aliases? Doesn't that all seem a little suspicious to you? It's bad enough that they sell all wrecked vehicles, and when you ask about getting a carfax, they tell you none of them are truthful! What? I don't care if this was the only car lot on the planet, I would get a bike instead of buying from them. How many businesses do you deal with that have 5 complaints with the BBB? Don't just walk away from this place RUN! All of the bad review written in here I have found to be accurate details of dealing with this pitiful company. more

I wouldn't refer it to my worst enemy. 2/8/2011

This place was horrendous! Their commercials on the radio are SO misleading. They claim "bad credit, no credit, no problem" and "zero down." It's all a load of bull. A couple summers ago, I went there because I was a first time buyer and didn't have a good credit score nor a co-signer for a loan. The FIRST thing I was asked when I got there was "What's your credit score?" Um, I didn't think it mattered? I had my eyes on this one car and they told me I couldn't get it because of my first time buyer status. They told me I could, however, have this Sebring they had on the lot. So I was like, okay, whatever. I REALLY needed a car. So I put half of the down payment on it and was going to put the other half on it the next week and pick it up. The next week, I go to pick up the Sebring and they tell me I can't have it anymore BUT I can have the car that I originally wanted...they claimed that it had something to do with the I was pretty excited. I go to drive it off the lot and THEY COULDN'T FIND THE KEY TO IT. They lost my freaking keys! So they had to call a locksmith to bring one. Not only did I lose out on the key but I lost out on the keyless entry it was supposed to have. THEN, when I went to go get the permanent tags for the car since the temps had expired, they didn't have them either! I asked for new temps and they said "we can't do that." You're allowed at least one more temp tag! And they told me "if you get pulled over just have the cops call us." ?!?!?!??! a cop would really do that. They finally overnighted my permanent tags to me. I will say...the ONLY good thing was that they did help me out with the down payment...other than that, it was terrible. I will NEVER EVER do business with Riverside Motors again. more

Terrible people, prices and vehicles. 2/3/2011

My girlfriend and I stopped to ask about a toyota celica that they had on the lot. An older man came and was very rude from the start. He said it had a rebuilt title and the price was 8,000. The mileage was 130,xxx miles. discolored bumper cover, dents, the interior was so-so. when I made a reasonable offer he said I was crazy. I know alot about cars so I continued my inspection and realized the frame was broken from the wreck. welded and straightened (sort of). JUNK and unsafe! So I laughed I told him he was rude and knew nothing about cars and I'm glad he didn't accept my offer because it was way too much and told him to shove the car somewhere unpleasant. I wish they had negatve stars on here. more

needed a call of help... 1/30/2011

i went almost a year without a car due to a problem with finances and losing my job. now i got a steady job and was lookin for a car. these were the only people who would deal with me without having to pay thousands for a downpayment. thank you Riverside. more

fraud all the way 12/16/2010

My experience with this business has been awful. The day after I bought the vehicle, I was told that they didn't have contact info for the bank financing me. They wanted me to send them $500 in 1 month just because. they hicked the price of the vehicle by $2600, said it was due to my credit. If anyone is interested in a class action. I am ready! more

stay away 11/22/2010

i brought a car from these people and three day later the trans went on it. so they sent me over to greenway to get fixed he had it for five months and it never got fixed i had to take it somewhere eles and spent $3500 on a new trans. these people are a scam stay away. they should not even be able to sell cars. and stay away from greenway as well. very pissed more

Recent Purchase 10/9/2010

Found the listing on autotrader and called about it. Salesperson (John) got back to us very quickly and with great info. Drove all the way from Huntsville and had a great experience. more
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