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Rispler, Jacob, Md - Laser & Dermatology

9730 Wilshire Blvd Ste 111
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 288-0760
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Hi my name is Anne. I have been going to laser centers to treat my skin Condition for about 10 years now. About 18 months ago I found dr.rispler recommended to me by my friend. I ...


I have never left feedback online for anything before, but after attending a consultation here this afternoon, I felt I had to sign up for this site to warn other people about thi...

Actual medical practice! 5 stars! 4/27/2012

Hi my name is Anne. I have been going to laser centers to treat my skin Condition for about 10 years now. About 18 months ago I found dr.rispler recommended to me by my friend. I was refreshingly surprised that it was an actual medical practice instead of one room store that has one laser machine. Ldi actually has many for different treatments. Which is perfect for me, because I used to have to go to several different places in series of steps to help me with my skin treatments. I cannot believe how good the dr. Is here. He already has saved me a lot of money because its a one stop deal. My skin really is 90% better for the first time. It makes a huge difference to go to a medical practice that has FDA approved machine. I hope this is it, thank you dr. Rispler keep up the good work,! more

Best!!!! 2/21/2012

Don't usually write reviews, but there is defnitley a notable mention in the dermatology world. I have been going to 3 different dermatology clincs in my local area. I don't understand why, but there was no improvement for the past three years! I almost given up hope. I spent loads of money, and I still couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I was truley going to give up. I want people to know that it's not about that, it's about finding the right and most experienced dermatologist. It makes a world of a difference. I have first hand experience. I found Dr. Rispler my man, at the LDI clinic, who has been doing this for more than 30 years. I actually went there starting from November 2011, after listening to their radio commercial, I thought, why not, it is a free consultation! immediatley, what the Doc was telling me was so different from the other dermatologists! He was telling me, don't use this shampoo and that hairspray, just basic everyday simple changes to begin with, and none of the other Docs told me that, I guess cause they wanted me to keep coming back! Anyway to keep a long story short, every day simple changes, a load of laser and proper treatment from the right doc, will fix your face. I have no, and I mean no more acne scars, even my wrinkles went away at the sides of my eyes. It's really amazing. The lasers he has are top notch, huge machines, and the other docs didn't even have anything close to it, just little tiny machines you can find at the spas!  I will upload pics soon! Thank you for hearing me out! more

Dont lose hope! 2/21/2012

Hi! My name is Deanna, and I wanted to write a review because I need to tell everyone that if you are desperate there is a way to help your acne. I hit my lowest just 6 months ago, I was really rock bottom. I was so depressed because of my acne so I missed school so much I actually got expelled. I spoke with my guidance councellor and she was kind enough to let me know that her son had this same issue. She really understood!  She said that dr. Rispler at Laser Dermatology Insititute of california, in just 3 months, got rid of her son's acne and even all his scars. I want everyone to know that you must do laser in order for your scars to go away, there is nothng else that works. I even tried microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peels, nothing worked! Just made it worse and more red. It was really like my whole face was a sore. Yeah it was a sore for eyes!  I just finished my fourth treatment, and I am so happy to say I HAVE NO MORE ACNE! all my scars are gone! Just all of them is all gone! My face is not even red!  It's like I am 10 years old again! woo hoo! can you believe it! I also bought my guidance councellor a gift for leading me to the right place. I didn't even know they had all the FDA approved lasers. Anyway, I thought i'd share my story, and lead everyone to the right place. Don't suffer anymore! Thank you LDI! Love always, Deanna more

Avoid at all costs 2/3/2011

I have never left feedback online for anything before, but after attending a consultation here this afternoon, I felt I had to sign up for this site to warn other people about this terrible terrible place. I have a small scar on my forehead from an accident a few months ago that I was looking to get improvement on. When I first arrived I filled in some paper work and was taken into a 'consulation room' where the doctor came in and was accompanied by a man in a suit. He took one look at my small scar (about 2cm in length) and said I should expect to see about a 50% improvement from the laser treatment and then went outside to discuss how much it would cost. The Dr was in the room for about 20 seconds. The man in the suit then came back in, and said it would take 3 laser treatments that would cost me $5,000. I was totally gobsmacked. I then asked which lasers he planned to use and how far apart the 3 treatments would be, and he said he wouldn't tell me until I paid the money. I then pressed him a little harder, saying I wasn't comfortable paying the money until he told me exactly what I was paying for! He then muttered something about probably using a yag laser. I then mentioned how I had been quoted $80 for a single yag treatment at a plastic surgeon's and that $5k seemed a little steep. I was then told in a stern voice to either pay or leave - so I promptly left! It angers me so much that people like this are out there conning people and are obviously solely driven by money, with little or no interest in actually helping a patient. If you're reading this you'll probably notice that a lot of the reviews on here are positive and seem to give the institute 5 stars. Take a moment to click on each of the profiles that have recommended this place, and you'll see that each reviewer has only ever left feedback on Dr Rispler and his various institutes and is clearly a fake profile that has been created either by the Doctor or his staff. There's not a single genuine reviewer on here that has ever left feedback for any other product/service! The people who run this place and put fake reviews online to try and trick vulnerable people into paying extortionate amounts of cash are dispicable and should be utterly utterly ashamed of themselves. I only hope by posting this review that others may read my honest experience of this place, and avoid ever having to set foot in there. more

perfect perfect perfect!!!!!! 12/6/2010

Excellent services provided. Top notch quality care.\r My experience has been five stars. I have no more acne scars, it only took 4 laser treatments. I had acne scars for 12 years on my face, and it took 3 months for everything to go away.\r Wonderful experience with Dr. Rispler as well. A true guru of skin.\r Thank you from the bottom of my heart. more

I am very very lucky to have found LDI! 6/3/2010

I am very very lucky to have found this place. I would rate it 5 stars. All my adult acne, it's unbelievable. It went away within 3 treatments only. I am very very lucky. I just can't blieve it. more

no more pock marks!!!! 5/24/2010

My last option. Laser. Too expensive. \r The conclusion: Don't wait any longer.\r Especially for me, I realized not to waste my time and just do it. I am glad I didn't wait any longer. \r I did the laser, it is amazing. It is not expensive afterall.\r I love my new face. I look amazing. more

Free constulations sure got me in through the door! but now 5/21/2010

I am West Indian, so usually we have really nice skin. However, I am one of the few that have too much sweat glands, therefore I am always sweating from my face, and also, my pores are enlarged because of it. In the recent years, I found that due to hormonal activity, the pores would get trapped by sebum, and therefore, I would get severe acne patches. LaserHQ, I heard on the radio, and they said no matter what skin condition, and to come in for a free consulation. So of course I tried them out. Well, its been 4 and a half months, and its impossible that was me just a couple of months ago. I have no more excessive sweating. My pores are not even there anymore. I didn't ever dream it was this simple. Anywayz this is really the place to go for, for your skin conditions. I wholeheartedly believe in them. Thank you LaserHQ.\r \r Pros: great great for west indian skin Cons: wish it was 1000.00 cheaper more

Best Treatment Facility I've ever been too. Great Doctor 5/14/2010

First Class, Laser Dermatologist Facility. I've been to Laser Center's around the world, and none of them could get to the root source, as Dr. Rispler was quick to identify. He knew immediatley I have a rare skin condition. My brown spots keep growing on my face and they never stopped. It looks like I have a mask on my face. However, the previous laser facilities I've been too, seem to be quick fixes and painful. The major difference between LDI I noticed, was the treatment procedure, the way in which it was conducted, and the aggressive treatment approach Dr. Rispler was not afraid to use. He does have state of the art lasers, I was surprised because I searched for this particular laser, and tracked it down here next to my actual city. I have been flying all over the world to get treatments, and if I just looked here, I would've found it earlier. I have completed all of my treatments except for one. And my face has never looked so clean. It is a milky white, no brown spots, no masks. Dr. Rispler said I won't need another laser treatment for 10 years after this. I am ecstatic, and want everyone to know the kind of service I have received. Excellent service, excellent dermatologist, great value. more

This Location is even better- best treatment plans 5/10/2010

After my divorce settlement, I was bed ridden for quite a few months. I decided to go on jenny Craig, and get a face lift. I discovered lasers are pretty painless, and less cost than an actual face lift. So I tried LDI, because they were all over the freeway on my way to work. I just can't believe what a new person I looked like. I look atleast 15 years younger. It took 3 treatments, and I met my ex last week, and he was shocked. I told him that it was because we divorced that I felt rejuvanated. I think that did it. more

my mom forced me to go here LOL! I love you mom! hehehe 5/5/2010

My mom forced me to Dr. Rispler's office, and I was terrified. I thought for sure, it would not help at all. I tried all the infomercial products, when all the teens looks so beautiful within a week after trying the product. Well, nothing was good for me. In fact, in just kept getting worse.\r I was really mortified for a while, feeling really really hopeless. I just want to say, that not only did Dr. Rispler help identify my bad habits, that exacerbate my acne, but he even lasered off my acne scars. It took 30 days, and that is no time, compared to the products I bought that never worked.\r I think this will be one of the most memorable things, my mom has ever done for me. And mom if you are reading this, it would be great to have a set of wheels too! LOL but I won't push it.\r \r So mom, thank you, I love you! And thank you Dr. Rispler, and all of LDI staff! more

Very Dissatisfied 5/2/2010

My experience happened in Jacob Rispler's Irvine location. On my first visit, a man in a lab coat walked in who I assumed was the doctor(I didn't know what the doctor looked like). He talked about my looks and my face. Soon he handed me a phone trying to verify my credit. I was billed that day for as many visits as my credit would allow. Later I found out he was not the doctor (I should have known, but I felt intimidated when he started looking at my face.) When I did meet the doctor, he looked at me briefly. Next they moved me to a treatment room. The doctor walked in that door and with no explaination or warning started sticking needles/syringes in my face. I had spent the money, so I went back a few times for more needles in the face. I never got better nor was treated with the advertised laser. I eventually gave up more embarassed about my skin than before I went there. Pros: No pros in my experience. Cons: Bad Patient treatment, No laser performed, Billing Practices more


STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!\r The will make unreasonable promises that will NEVER EVER come true.\r I am a real LDI customer who spent thousands of dollars on there's my story.\r I signed up for four laser treatments in 2008 at a whoping 8K which according to them is a deal...when I tried to cancel they said I had signed a contract and owed them $1500 for a lousy 30 second treatment that they have you do intially so that in case you do decide to back out they can charge you for it plus another $1500 administration fee. It got to the point where there Beverly Hills lawyer got involved and forced me to either go thru with the treatments or pay them 3K.\r In protest, I went thru with all treatments which were extremely painful and cost me several days of work after every treatment because you look like s BURN VICTIM(seriously). It would take forever to heal and now after over a year my skin is back to what is was...with very little to no improvements(oily skin, breakouts, pimples, etc.)\r Save your money and consult with your doctor who will recommend you to a a will save you money and the results will be better because your given alternatives instead of LASERS that rip your skin off and do not heal anything except for minor scars.\r If you have acne the four treatments WILL NOT help you...believe me and everyone on this site. This place will treat you like the cats meow when you first arrive...after they scam you of your money, your nothing but a pain in there BEHIND and they can't wait to kick you out the door.......BUT NOT before you spend more money on there medicines, lotions, creams, sun blocks and hair gels which may I remind you are NOT INCLUDED in the expensive contract......OF COURSE!!!\r You are a FOOL if you subscribe to there theory that lasers will be the solution to all your problems...I call BS!!!!\r LDI DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS AND WILL MAKE YOU SIGN WHAT IS CALLED ""ARBIRATION FORM"" BECAUSE THEY KNOW FULL WELL THAT MOST IF NOT EVERYONE OF THERE CLIENTEL WILL NOT BE SATISFIED WITH THERE OVERPRICED SERVICES AND LOUSY STAFF...THIS WAY THEY WIN BECAUSE YOU END UP IN A COURT WERE THEY SAY YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT WHICH, ACCORDING TO THEM, CLEARLY STATES THERE IS ONLY A 20-30% IMPROVEMENT IN SCARS....BUT THEY WILL NEVER MENTION THE FACT THAT YOUR SKIN WILL BE BACK TO IT'S OLD SELF AFTER A YEAR DURING THERE SALES PITCH BECAUSE IT IS NOT TO THERE BENEFIT.\r LDI ARE A BUNCH OF MONEY HUNGRY SWITCH AND BATE CON'S!!!\r SOME DAY DR RISPLER(or ripper as in rip you off) AND HIS STAFF WILL GET THERE'S...IF THERE IS A HELL, IM SURE THEY WILL ALL BE THERE\r Cons: SALES PITCH CON MEN, OVERPRICED RUDE SERVICE more

I can't believe how much laser works! 4/23/2009

True story! I started off using an eyelash serum not mentioning any names, but the serum started changing the color of my iris, and then my skin! I didn't know what to do, so I opted for laser. no joke, I am so glad this happened, because I ended up getting the laser for my skin as well because I had such good experience with the laser getting my skin back to normal after using the eyelash serum. Now I look better than ever, and threw away the eyelash serum. Hard lesson learned, but turned out to be a success. Thank you to the Doctor! Pros: Laser Works more
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