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Red River Dance Hall & Saloon - 53 Reviews - 23238 FM 149 Rd, Tomball, TX - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (713) 266-2676

Red River Dance Hall & Saloon

23238 FM 149 Rd
Tomball, TX 77375
(713) 266-2676
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damn good bar! great ppl kinda strict on some stuff but dont do anything stupid and its a blast


I'm Hispanic but I don't speak Spanish & I love country music. I went dressed cowgirl & all having a good time. The group I went with we were the only group of Hispanics there & f...

racist 9/13/2011

I'm Hispanic but I don't speak Spanish & I love country music. I went dressed cowgirl & all having a good time. The group I went with we were the only group of Hispanics there & from the moment we got to the door to the moment we got kicked out the dumb cops picked on every one of us they made sure to check every ounce of our background & yell at us for no reason. & this security lady came up to me being sarcastic & I played along with her & she told the cops I yelled at her so we got removed. Aside from that the place was real fun. more

damn good dance hall and bar 6/15/2011

damn good bar! great ppl kinda strict on some stuff but dont do anything stupid and its a blast more

Love this place, but I dislike one of their waitresses! 7/20/2010

I have been going to Red River for the past 3 years...My friends and I all celebrate our birthdays here every year. They have a great mix of music and super cheap drinks! I have never had a problem with the staff until recently. The waitresses and bartenders have always been sweethearts except for one. This past Saturday I celebrated My BFF's B-Day and we spent about $200 on shots and beer and gave this one waitress great tips even though she was a total RUDE ASS! She had an attitude the whole time and we had to call her over to us instead of her asking if we needed anything. When ordering our 5th round of budwisers, she said that they weren't anymore and we asked her well what kind of bar runs out of a certain kind of beer? She just rolled her eyes and said we just dont have order something else! So we order budlight. After that we started ordering from this other waitress who was so nice and when we asked her about budwiser...she said that they still had some and wasnt sure why the other chic said there werent any. So one of our friends went over to the rude waitress and put his arm around her shoulders and asked for budwiser again and she got pissed and had him escorted out for puting his arm around her. WTF! My friend had put his arm around the nice waitress and she didn't seem to have a problem with it. This rude ass gal was just looking for a reason to kick one of us out! So please do not order from this chic if you happen to go to Red River...She is the only waitress i have ever had a problem with. I dont know her name but i do know she has shoulder length hair with blonde highlights and has tattoos above each of her boobs and she is a total biotch! She mostly works around the pool tables that are in the back, upstairs to the right. Pros: Great Music, Very Reasonable Drinks, Laid Back Dress Code Cons: Just one very RUDE Waitress more

to those of you with negative opinions... 5/14/2010

Reminder: for the NEGATIVE only...Okay, here's the REAL skinny... you want to know why the waitresses and bartenders are so rude to you? Because either you left your measly 50 cents, or you didnt tip at all... would you work for free? (provided you even HAVE a job) No? I didnt think so. So why should the bartenders and waitresses? They make $2.13 an hour. Thats 2-3 nights a week, 6 hours a night... do you think getting paid $40 every 2 weeks is going to pay the bills? Not to mention they have to pay taxes on the beer or liquor you drink. If you cant afford to throw a dollar in the tip jar then buy a 6 pack and stay your ass at home! Yes, I agree, the cops and management can be rude, but you have to understand there is a reason for that... your drunk ass did something to piss them off. You dont realize what an idiot you look like when ur wasted and hanging on the bar or any guy/girl you lay eyes on to keep yourself upright... you are wasting the clubs time... those guys dont get out of there till 5 AM and you are just prolonging their departure. And you act like Red River is the only place that you could get your stuff stolen from... Dumbass... if you left your camera at Jack in the Box, it would get stolen... walmart... stolen... its not the establishment, unfortunately this world is littered with thieves with no conscience... so take that sh*t somewhere else. I could keep going and going about you losers, but i DO have a life I have to get back to.. kinda feel like this was 5 minutes of my life wasted... but if I knocked ANY sense into you jugheads, it was worth losing 5 minutes.... have a good day! Pros: cheap drinks, spacioius, live bands, great bartenders Cons: with cheap drinks comes cheap patrons... more

WTF 4/12/2010


Employee Scoop from someone that works there 2/26/2010

*First of all I want to start by saying if it is such a bad place as it has been put on here how come it has made it 27 years and still standing! Hmmm? * Pros: Good times, cheap drinks, Good music Cons: All the douche bags that have nothing better to do than hate more

horrible!!!!! 2/4/2010

I'm from huntsville (a hicktown) n we have one good bar n they rejects from there go to the bad one n the rejects from there go to red river okay i wasn't impressed at all. they replayed songs all night. it was ridicilous!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: the margaritas were cheap Cons: it is where all the rejects go more

OVER CHARGED and MAD 1/31/2010

I was charged 60 dollars on my debit card, and had two drinks.. WT F. I called my girfriend and she said they did the same thing to her. Is this standard?? I am so mad right now. I have no idea of thier operation hours, but guartee if they dont fix Channel 2 news will be showing up over there! Cons: Too far, Too Crowded, overcharge you more

This sums it up 1/15/2010

I've been going there (not so much lately) for over 8 years. Whether or not you like this place, you cannot say it's the best COUNTRY bar. When the play Hip Hop almost 50% of the time and baseball caps outnumber cowboy hats 10-1, you cannot say it's the best country bar. They need a stricter dress code or ""no doosh bags"" policy, it's a shame when you have to be told how to dress in a club. Such as caps not worn straight, flip flops, visors, and sunglasses on your head when you're inside and it's been dark for 5 hours. The music they play is crap, even alot of the country songs. But the drinks are cheap and most of these other reviews are right on about the cops and the owner's being rude. They will always side with the girl, as far as racist, I don't know. I think they don't want thugs in there but with the music they play, it doesn't help. Pros: Cheap drinks decent atmosphere Cons: Patrons, music selection, employee rudeness more


Most of the complaints here were valid... Fortunately, the bar is under new ownership and management. A lot of the old staff quit when the management changed, and it was probably the best thing that happened to that place in years. The new owners are putting in money and effort to make it a great place to be. Give it another chance! You may be quite pleasantly surprised! Pros: Easy to blend in or stand out, cheap drinks, some good staff Cons: Cheap people and idiots, like any other bar. more

Such a lie! 11/29/2009

sorry but ms weezy baby you are totally wrong!! i have been going to red river for about 2 years and lately its been nothing but bull shit.. danny & larry are both RACIST!!! i know this for a fact!! Wee Man is the little guy who collects your entry fee and he is a good friend of mine.. last night they threw out my black for bc he supposedly gave this girl he doesnt even know alcohol.. they banned him for life but told her to just call it a night and see her next weekend.. after it closed i talked to Wee Man & he told me they were only throwing him out bc he was black!! they knew he was innocent!!! yeah the drinks are cheep and most the staff is friendly BUT i agree with the first girl... the front door man is the rudest person ever.. he needs to learn to put on a f-ing smile every now and then!!!! another thing why in the world are they playing YMCA we arent 10!!! Pros: drinks, pool tables, Cons: some music, door man, small dance floor more

Great place even better people!!! 11/2/2009

I have been going to Red River now for 4 going on 5 years! I love that place! The peole who work there are awesome and take care of you! The police men there are awesome always smilling and do a damn good job at taking the trash out of the bar! The drinks are cheap and the entry is cheap! Never any drama with my friends and we are always having a great time! Pros: Great people, great staff, Cheap drinks and great music!! Cons: The loosers who complain all the time about the place! more

Cheap, fun and a great place to go too 10/23/2009

I have been going to Red River for about 2 years now. I made friends there, I had fun, and the drinks are cheap. The Employees are friendly... If you like a variety of music this is the place to go. You can dance, sit and talk, and play pool. Besides the little drama and it gets crowded on Friday and Saturday it is more than worth the wait. I met my husband there and we go there once to twice a month and recommend everyone to try it at least once. Pros: cheap entrance, drinks, and great music Cons: gets crowded, and a little drama more

The ""Big Jerk"" at the door 10/18/2009

I drove 40 miles to go to this place and what a total waste. The old man at the door,,,,,the ""old"" owner/manager ..and i do mean old AzzH*le at the door,,,,,,, needs to get a life. He is a total jerk! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING THERE. There are so many friendly UP WITH THE TIMES places to go where the owner/manager really loves people, their customers, and is not riding shotgun. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO THIS DUMP. more

love it! 10/14/2009

i have been going to red river for 3 years and always have a great time, cheap drinks and good music and never pushy or rude guys...i would recommend the experience to anyone! Pros: always fun and safe Cons: cant think of any more

Not mad but hurt 10/7/2009

I went there last sat and had lost an item. Sun i tried to call no anwser sun i went up no anwser, no one there. i have called everyday since and no anwser... How do you get property back or info if it was found without going up there on Thur. Fri. Sat. I was put in a bad place on Sat. it was my husbands birthday and was were having a good time till I was confronted and touched by a compleat stranger right before closing. 5 min more and i would have ended a great night w/ good company. But no I was had cuffed and taken out with items still in the bar. I want to recover them. Pros: music Cons: people more

They charged me and my friend $60 more than my bill was 10/5/2009

My friend and I were the Usual's going in there every other weekend and had a great time. We have always used the cash bar because she was great at making drinks. Instead me and my friend decided to use our credit cards and keep a tab. My bill turned out to be $14 because i put a $5 tip for her! my friends was about $6. She called me the next day saying that the lady charged her credit card $75! So i was just thinking maybe she messed up and it was an honest accident. I then called to check my credit card and I had a $75 charge too! WE WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!! Now I'm trying to call them and they have a busy signal on there phones! So to go talk to them I need to pay $5 to get in! Ahhhhh Pros: I used to go there all the time Cons: Until they stole money from me! more

fun place to be somebody else 9/1/2009

I've gone to Red River 4 or 5 times now, and I've never had a horrible experience. The last time I went, things were a little strange. I went with my best friend and we were both dressed pretty nicely, not in western attire and we pretty much had the entire bar convinced we were rock stars passing through Houston for the night. People were buying us drinks all night because they were under the impression that they were in the presence of celebrities.. We didn't ask for them, but they were definitely appreciated. It was a really funny and entertaining night to say the least. The laughs were in abundance, no doubt bout it. Anyways, after a few drinks and a giant crowd gathered around my friend and I, I was approached by a few big guys, making very rude remarks to my face, suggesting that I was a little light in the loafers if you know what I mean. It really put a damper on the night until one of the guys we met that night practically threatened to castrate one of the guys that talked to me.. it was pretty funny because the big guys came back up to me and apologized.. HAHAHA!!! All in all, it was a really fun night, but there are always people that are gonna try to rain on your parade, no matter where you go. Pros: friendly service, hot babes, cheap drinks Cons: unfriendly patrons, too much pop country more

Best country dance hall in Texas 8/12/2009

I've been going to Red River since it was Fanny's way back when, used to ride in the rodeos on the weekends. The police 99% of the time sit at the end of the back bar just watching...The only time I have ever seen them interact with the crowd is when someone does something stupid...If you were hemmed up by these officers, there's a reason for it. They don't just pick people to jack with. I have never had a problem with any of the door men and if they have reasons to believe something is wrong with your I.D. there is an officer at the door that will check it for them...All of you people leaving bad reviews need to reflect on what it is that you were doing to have created instances with the staff...They will never ask you to leave or forcibly remove you if you haven't done anything wrong...Being intoxicated and stumbling around WILL get you thrown out...Simply because most don't know that it is against the law in Texas to be intoxicated in a public place...This is why you IDIOTS are being told to leave...I also never have to wait very long to get a beer either... Common sense tells you to go to the beer cart girl instead of waiting at a bar...On a Friday or Saturday night, if you're ordering mixed drinks or shots...sit on the side of the bar where the pool tables are, you will get faster service there. I love this dance hall and will continue to go to it until it closes its doors. Pros: Cheap beer, beautiful women, and great music more

Racism - WILL NEVER GO BACK 8/10/2009

My husband and 4 of our friends went to Red River this past Saturday and were asked to leave by 3 Houston Sherrifs for NO reason. This place is very racism towards hispanics and the customer service is terrible. I would not recommend this place and I have filed a complaint. Cons: Too smokey, small estalishment, Racism more
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