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Red Garlic - 18 Reviews - 1455 Pleasant Hill, Lawrenceville, GA - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (770) 923-3010
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Red Garlic

1455 Pleasant Hill
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(770) 923-3010
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Great food that is prepaired fresh to order.


I saw a bug on the wall and another on the floor. I never can forget thisTERROR. They should be reported to the health department before they make this entire community SICK. Of...


I saw a bug on the wall and another on the floor. I never can forget thisTERROR. They should be reported to the health department before they make this entire community SICK. Of course I won't go back there. Cons: THEY HAVE HYGINE ISSUES!!!!! more

Under new ownership & may not be halal 11/8/2009

The restaurant looks much better and quite elegant.\r The new owner is nice and friendly. No complaints there except that they said the restaurant has HALAL meat especially blessed meat for muslims but does not say it anywhere on the menu nor do they have a sign. My skepticism increased when i questioned them about this and looked quite startled. Please if anyone reading this from Atlanta visits this rest. make sure its really halal. Pros: Still Good Food Cons: Say halal no sign!!!! they removed it ..Also lesser quantity more

Cozy spot Great food. 5/26/2009

Great food that is prepaired fresh to order. more

Want great Thai food? then visit Red Garlic 11/20/2008

I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years,and I have found a great Thai resturant. The Red Garlic, the atmosphere was very comfortable,the resturant was clean,and the staff provided great service. I ordered the Garlic Duck,and Jesus Christ did I make the right choice. This meal was extreamly tasty and this just might be the closest authentic Thai food in Atlanta. It was my first time eating there, and I am going to make it a regular place to eat. Pros: Just a great palce to eat and get your monies worth. more

BUG PROBLEM!! 11/5/2008

I saw a roach crawled around on the floor. I will never go back there. more

Editorial review from GrubHub 4/2/2008

Food was great, delivery was timely. Only one minor issue - I asked for no rice and they sent rice anyway, which is a waste as I have issues with eating rice. more

Table for 2??? 12/20/2007

Oh my god... I stopped by to get take out on my way home last night because it seemed like there was some good reviews. Yikes... after I ordered another couple came in and said they had never been there either. After we both placed our orders and were waiting and HUGE r0ach crawled across the floor! The other girl got up on her chair! I think we both just wanted to get out money back and run out of there. We were all shocked! But for me it was too late she was handing me the food I already paid for. It may have been ""authentic"" but not at all the best thai food I've ever had. Using fresher produce and less onions as a filler is a simple modern twist. The flavor was right - just not the best. Plus the floor thing ruined my appetite. I should have known it wasn't that great when the only people ordering had never been there before! Probably because they don't want to come back! I can't blame them. I was worried when no one was eating there at 6 ish! My search continues for Thai with class and taste... not this joint for sure!!! Pros: Uuuummmmm.... Cons: Dirty, Not Friendly staff, quality of food more

The most Authentic Thai Food in Town. 9/25/2007

I have lived in Atlanta for almost 10years and had lived in Thailand for more than 30 years My job in Thailand was business traveling with my boss and checked all good food in Thailand (since eating and drinking is our bad hobbies).\r I eat all over Thailand I know where the good place to eat almost every where that I had been through. (I should have been a columnist on food but I did something else more interesting). In Atlanta, I know what all Thai restaurants are doing, I can?t visit all of them but I know who cook there and how good or bad they are doing either from friends or from gossips in Thai community. Red Garlic Super Thai restaurant is one of the most trusts by Thai people in Atlanta and vicinity states. Their Thai food is Authentic and best quality, Vegetable is fresh, meats are prime cut. There are not much of cosmetics and not as pricey as some new or bistro\r Thai restaurants. I have read all comments and critics on other Thai restaurants and I know they are not telling you the truth. Ever since Thai food started serving in this country for more than 40 yrs in LA., nobody had ever put an attempt to inform people about real Thai food, 100 Thai restaurants cook Thai food in one hundred different ways and they all claim they are serving the best Thai food.\r Now it?s time for me to tell American where to have good Thai food, I should write 10 more pages but I have no room. To conclude, my wife is one of the best Thai chefs in Atlanta, I work in a first class hotel. I go to Red Garlic almost every occasions that they have a special Thai party night to check their most wonderful Thai dish for Thais and we?d never be disappointed. We admire how they try to get all hard to find ingredients to make their food taste so good equal or better than in Thailand. The effort and capability that the chef put in to his wonderful meals will never be found in any Thai restaurant in the entire Georgia or other states around here, no matter what they claim.\r Pros: Very authentic, cook anything customer request on Thai food. Cons: N/A more

Best Thai restaurant 9/5/2007

I work in Atlanta, not too far from Red Garlic. I used to order Fried Chicken Breast over Fried Rice w/Red Garlic Sauce and Home-made lemonade when I want to treat myself with a special lunch. The Chicken?s crust is so crunchy and the Red Garlic sauce makes it the best fried chicken breast I?ve ever had. Every time I bring it home my family members are fighting to get it. Sometime last month, I had an opportunity to dine at Red Garlic on my friend?s birthday party. Every body ordered a different dish and my wife had chicken parmesan. Oh! What a dish! I couldn?t believe a Thai restaurant serves chicken parmesan. With its taste and food quality rivals some of the best Italian restaurants in the area. Asking the chef owner, he said ?that?s why this place is called super Thai cuisine (serving variety of cuisines) but authentic Thai is still a trademark of his restaurant.? And because of being in the restaurant business for so long, he has studied cooking and learned how to cook international cuisines from so many expert chefs. All my friends like their food that night very much. Hanging on the wall at the waiting area, I saw pictures of famous, celebrities and hi-so Thais and a cert. of AUTHENTICITY by Thai association of Georgia. Which means that Thai people have selected this place for their Thai food and KARAOKE parties. If I were to recommend anybody for a good Thai restaurant I wouldn?t think those new-born Thai Restaurants will match this place for the taste, food quality and chef?s experience. And Red Garlic is the one that I give my two thumbs up.\r \r Pros: good prices Cons: not enough room for a big party more

Best Thai food in Georgia 9/4/2007

My visits to this cozy buy well decorated restaurant are quite frequent. I try to eat there once a week, during lunch time. For lunch, the menu contains all the best Thai food has to offer, including my favorite coconut milk and red curry chicken, and at a price any college student can afford. Your meal will start out with a trip to the all you can eat soup bar, where you can choose from traditional Thai soups, including my favorite - Tom Kha (Coconut Soup). After you are finished with your soup, the lady brings you the most crisp and delicious spring rolls you would ever try, along with your meal. \r \r The atmosphere is quite pleasant, with soft Thai music playing in the background, and decorations you would see in a Thai household. \r \r All in all, every visit there has been pleasant, and even though it's a 20 mile drive from the nearest Thai restaurant from my home, I still drive there because the food is worth it. more

The most authentic Thai food. 8/29/2007

I?m Thai so I know how Thai food should be. There are so many Thai restaurants in Atlanta (countless) that say they are the best.\r . Those Thai restaurants may be best for themselves or for their families or just a few friends. Folks, when you talk about ethnic food you should categorize them by authentic or non-authentic. Authentic food of any cuisine is so hard to do, you need to have a good talented chef that stays working in the same place so long to develop and correct what to do and what not to do for customers in the area while keeping the authentic way of cooking. Most Thai places call themselves authentic but they are not even close to it. If they call themselves the best Thai restaurants they should be called ? THAI FLAVORED? instead of ?AUTHENTIC THAI? which I have no objection about that. I?m a member of Thai association, authentic Thai food is one of my responsibility and that's what the Thai government wants the world to know about. Thai flavored restaurants might be good for foreigners who know nothing about Thai food while AUTHENTIC THAI FOOD is for Thais and people who look for really good culinary flavor from the well-known nation. Thai association of Georgia had presented a certificate of authenticity to ONLY a Thai restaurant in Atlanta Called Red Garlic Super Thai Cuisine for their Philosophy, good experience in cooking and their special effort to preserve Thai cuisine the way it should be. Red Garlic has selected to host Thai ambassador and assistants twice in the past several years. For the best authentic Thai food in Atlanta, I would recommend Red Garlic on Pleasant Hill Rd. But for THAI FLAVOR restaurants, there are too many Thai restaurants (that claim themselves as the best in Atlanta)to mention. Which ever one you like, it?s your choice. Pros: a place where Thais go. Cons: N/A more

Good Service , Good Food. 8/23/2007

I had a friend of mine visiting Atlanta, I have taken her to Red Garlic Restaurant, where it was recommended by another friend. My first impression was that the restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere where you would feel very comfortable for a get together with family or friends, I was informed that in the evenings they had Karaoke on some evenings of the week. Food was very good, I was impressed by the crowd, seating was very limited, but very prompted I guess that it would bothered me, but I figured, if it was busy, it was because the food was very good, like my friend said. I've ordered Chicken w/ Red Curry and my friend ordered Pad Thai Noodle. I've had tried Red Curry at another Thai Restaurants but this tops it all.\r My friend enjoyed her dish, she said she never had this dish before, the noodles were very tender and very tastety. Pros: Very Affordable Cons: N/A more

Best Thai Food in town. 8/22/2007

I have frequensted Red Garlic only to find no other thai food restauraunt that can compare in food quality and overall dining experiance. The spring rolls were delicate and tasty, the sesame chicken is one of my personal favorites, the fried chicken breast over fried rice is a delectable treat. Lets not forget to mention the chicken parmesian will leave you wanting more. The restaurant offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and often includes musical performances that rival some of the greatest singers of our era. You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy a wonderfull night at the Red Garlic . Surley an unforgetiable experiance. You may notice that the Red Garlic not only specializes in Thai cuisine, but also has a wide variety of international dishes to its menu. Also refered to as Super Thai cuisine. Pros: only one mile from I-85 Cons: requires a little research to locate more

great food at great prices 8/16/2007

I was recomended by a co-worker and the food was great. Red Garlic is my new lunch spot and recomend tring. Pros: Great plece good location good food great prices. more

The Thai restaurant that deserve the best in Atanta. 8/15/2007

I used to go for lunch at Red Garlic almost every day when I worked in that area 2 years ago. Then I moved to North Carolina and Virginia. Now I?m back to Atlanta. Sooo! glad to see Red Garlic still there.\r I am a Thai food lover, so I have always looked for Thai food everywhere I go.\r Red Garlic is a unique Thai restaurant, What ever I have there, is always very good. All my friends at work like their food so much.\r The vegetable is always fresh. Beef, Chicken, or seafood dishes are first rate at very reasonable prices.\r Lunch come with all you can eat wings, spring rolls and 2 kinds of soups from Mon-Fri at the prices less than competitive Thai restaurants in the same area. Dinner prices are also very affordable. I have tried so many dishes there and I don?t remember what I don?t like.\r If I say this is the best Thai restaurant I?ve ever experience, I won?t be alone to say so.\r I will tell you why; In the lobby at front when you walk in, There are pictures of Thai celebrities, Certificate of Authenticity from Thai association of Georgia that issued exclusively for this place only and also a plaque shows they are the best 100 Thai restaurant in the USA.that was surveyed by professional Thai who really come to eat there not the government of Thailand. They are Thai so they know how Thai food should be. More over, Thai ambassador had met their people in GA. and have dinner at Red Garlic 2 times in the last 5 years that is the great honored for any Thai restaurant in the United States. I wrote this because I go there a lot I know what ?s going on in this place and I want people who want to try truly authentic Thai food know where they should go instead of getting lost to the one that only know how to write the ad. All of this info is the truth, I am a good customer there. I like to see this place succeed and I want people to know how real Thai food would be like. This is the place where Thai people go.\r Pros: The place where Thais go. Only one mile from I-85 Cons: At night, It is hard to find. more

Best Thai Food and Service 8/11/2007

When I moved from Florida to Atlanta I was very please to find a Thai Restaurant such as Red Garlic, the atmosphere was very pleasent as well the service, very welcoming with a great attitude. I've had order Basil Fish and Shrimp w/ Fried Rice w/ spicy sauce, I found that the fish and shrimp were well prepared and very tasty. On a second occasion I was very please with my first visit, i decided to come back to Red Garlic this tiime I've ordered a different dish, The fried chicken breast over fried rice, the chicken was very crispy w/ red garlic sauce on the side, it gave the dish a great taste. Anybody that would ask me where to eat good Thai Food I definitely recommend Red Garlic as the first choice in Thai Food. Pros: Good Service, Good Food, and good pricing. Cons: Seating limited more

Unique experience 7/23/2007

My boyfriend and I were cruising Duluth late night around 9:30 or so. Duluth practically dies with the sun sets so we were exactly surprised to see that they were closing by the time we got there. We looked inside and the lights were dim so we went back to our car. They saw us, called us back and said it was okay to eat. At first we said no because we didn't want to keep anybody up but they insisted. The place is small but decent sized. The decor is that you would find in a studio. My boyfriend and I are both musicians so we thought it was cool. They had this mystery booth, I guess, that a teenager was in. This had a computer and what seemed like a media player on the screen. I'm pretty sure he's the one that started the music. It was this Thai jazz/blues. I would have listened to that kind of music if I had known it had existed. I wanted to ask the kid, but I didn't want to impose being as he was going to have to stay late on our account. I'm assuming that it was his mother that was serving us. She was a lot older and it was late so I didn't mind so much that she didn't have much energy. The tables had fake cloth napkins. Didn't really match the scene but they gave us some fun while we waited for the food. The menu is new to me. I eat a lot of Asian food but not Thai so much because I always found it too sweet. We kinda played around with what we got. We started out with the miso soup(could be wrong on what type) and it was so good. Probably the best variation I've tried as of later. I got some noodle dish with chicken. Also very good and the salt and sweetest was just perfect. I figured this is how real Thai food was supposed to taste like. My boyfriend got some curry. It was okay. It kinda tasted like Korean curry, but wasn't as good in my opinion. Maybe somebody that isn't too familiar with Asian food would have liked it. The waitress didn't make trips back to our table which would have been nice - I ran out of water. Food was excellent for a hole in the wall. more

first time and unpleasant 1/16/2006

We had ordered pad thai with tofu and shrimp. First our food took a very long time. When we got it, there were only few pieces of shrimp and the noodle was too salty/fishy compared to other places. I told our waitress about it, but she was very rude. I asked to talk to the manager but he or she wasn't there. But I wouldn't come back. The foods not that great and well, the service...could use new people. more

The most authentic Thai restaurant in Atlanta. 11/1/2005

Interior wall decored with colorful studio foam like no other place on earth, to absorb mid and high frequency waves when do Karaoke(private party only). White table clothes with a beautiful rose on every tables. Thai food served authentic way. The best noodle dish is Radna, served with chinese broccoli(always fresh)and used fresh flat noodles unlike other Thai restaurants. Other Noodle dishes are spicy noodle, Padthai(no red color of Paprika on top). Recomended dishes; Fried Chicken Breath over fried rice with red Garlic Sauce,Garlic Duck,Grilled rack of Lamb,Fish&Shrimp, Spicy Seafood, Flounder(whole) with Thai 3 -flavored Sauce and Fried banana is somehow better than in Thailand. Prices is about half of what you pay for at some well-known Thai restaurant in the city. Pros: Good parking, Not so crowded, Places where Thai eat Cons: No good wine list more
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    Thai, Chinese and Italian dishes are served at this low-key restaurant. Begin with spring rolls or crab rangoon, and then choose from dishes like chicken pad thai, General Tso's...

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