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10655 Six Pines Dr Ste 180
Spring, TX 77380
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Our pastor referred us to Dr. Rayha when we thought that all was lost; our marriage, our family and my life. I was so depressed and even suicidal. Thank God we got to Dr. Rayha....


I recentlyscheduled a visit for my 5 year old to have an assesment completed. In calling the receptionist was unable to tell me about the process billing or any information about ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2012

It hard to put into words the positive changes that have happened in my marriage since beginning with Dr. Rayha. Without going into the personal details, it is fair to say the majority of marriages in our situation would have ended in divorce. We were both willing to give our marriage shot, knowing that if we did not address the demons in our past we would be doomed to continually repeat the same behaviors that resulted in the breakdown of our marriage. Dr. Rayha was instrumental in helping us to deal with our past as individuals, as well as partners in our marriage. She can come across as harsh to some, but I like her ""no BS"" approach. I knew what seemed to be abrupt was what was necessary to wake us up and realize the patterns of our behaviors that lead to our situation. She taught us to accept our past and not be victim to it. She took me back to my childhood and help me to identify specific incidences that manifested future destructive behaviors. She was able to do the same for my husband. We are both grateful for Dr. Rayha's services. We have referred our friends to her, and they too have had great success. Dr. Rayha also sees our teenage children. I hold her in the highest regard and recommend Dr. Rayha to anyone who ""really"" wants to make changes in their lives. more

New Customer 1/28/2011

I recentlyscheduled a visit for my 5 year old to have an assesment completed. In calling the receptionist was unable to tell me about the process billing or any information about my concerns. After having arrived for the visit documents which state I was to be given copies were singed but no information was provided. My child and I spoke with the DR briefly (seems much more time was focused on paperwork) then I was told to provide my childs primary care physicians fax and schedule another appoitment. I was advised all necessary documents were to be faxed within the hour (the appointment ended at 1ish). At 430pm the same day and now 3pm the following day my childs doctors doesnt have the documents needed. I am very discouraged by this entire experience. I felt rushed left with more questions then I came with and after calling twice continue to be ignored by this doctor. Unfortunatley I may end up having to pay out of pocket expenses to the tune of 400.00 some dollars to secure another doctor to assist my child and myself. I would say to all interested in receiving assistance from this doctor take the extra step and make a visit to the office prior to singing on the dotted line. My job is in future jeapordy from having to play his waiting game for the Dr and her staff to complete their jobs. Which they made a point to remind me my co-pay was not paid. more

She Save Our Marriage and My Life 11/11/2009

Our pastor referred us to Dr. Rayha when we thought that all was lost; our marriage, our family and my life. I was so depressed and even suicidal. Thank God we got to Dr. Rayha. Our neighbor had seen her and told us that she helped them to save their marriage and a couple in our Sunday school class told us that she helped them with their son. They told us that without her help he would have ended up in a hospital or in jail. Dr. Rayha helped me to find my voice, strength as a woman, and my sense of self. ""Say what you think and feel and articulate your boundaries and limits. But, always do this with graciousness and without confrontation"" she would often say. She helped us as a couple to validate each other even when we disagreed and she taught us how to love and respect each other. Her work is clearly faith based. But, she does not preach. She is direct and straight forward and sometimes I did not like what she said. But, she always said what she thought with compassion and respect. In some sessions it seemed like she was favoring my husband and other sessions it was clear that she supported me. But, overall we knew that her deep commitment was to both of us, our marriage and to our family. I would and have referred her to friends and family. I tell them that she is direct and compassionate and that she will tell them what she thinks. But, she will always listen and will encourage them to find their own voice, even if they disagree with her. In fact she likes that. Pros: No One Comparable more

do not recomment 7/20/2009

I also found Dr. Rayha biased against women and dismissive to the point of being rude. (A friend of mine had the same experience with her as well.) \r \r I went to her for marriage counseling and honestly believe that she has made my marriage worse. I trusted her over my own instincts and experiences, and I don't know if my marriage will ever recover. \r \r Her office is incredibly unprofessional, especially with scheduling and billing. \r \r I would not recommend Dr. Rayha. more

Excellent Treatment with a Kind and Respectful Therapist 2/22/2009

My experence with Dr. Rayha was excellent. She really helped my son who was diagnosed by her with ADHD. He is doing so well now. She really knew a lot about ADHD and guided us so well. We have medicaid and don't have much money. Dr. Rayha never treated us different. She always treated us with kindness and respect. She is the only counselor in the area that will take medicaid. No one else would take us. They all told us they were closed to medicaid. She spent a lot of time talking to my son's doctor, his teacher and the school trying to help him and she finally got the school to give him services so he could be successful. She never charged us for her extra time. Thank goodness there is someone like her that still helps kids with medicaid. When we no longer had medicaid and did not have insurance. she did not drop us. She continued to help us at a greatly reduced fee that we could afford. She also found a way for us to get my son's medicne at a reduced charge. Dr Rayha had a lot of problems in geting good help for her office. She had several bad secretaries that didn't do a good job for her One time we were sent a bill for the wrong charge. But all I had to do was talk to her and she handled it herself right away. I don't know where we would be without her. I would send any of my friends and family to Dr. Rayha and I have. Pros: Very Knowledgable, Very Kind, and Gives Service to Those that Can't Afford It Cons: Trouble Getting Competent Office Help more

Dr. Rayha has been a lifesaver 8/18/2008

Both myself and several members of my family have been in counseling with Dr. Rayha over the last 15 years. She has been very courteous and professional during all of those years. I have recommended her to several friends and they have all been pleased. She is caring and honest and remembers almost everything. I always feel that i and my family are important to her. SOme of us have bigger problems than others. I first met her when my now 22 year old Asperger's son was 6. He still has Asperger's and always will but Dr. Rayha has helped me and my family cope over the years. I also like that she recommends books, gives out assignments for home work and writes notes. She is very good about following through. She can be tough but that is good. I have lots of friends who can hold my hand. She is always compassionate, she is just honest and does not accept excuses for not doing your part. I have had very good luck with her staff over the years. We have never had a problem we were unable to resolve, which is more than I can say for alot of other Doctors. A therapist is a very personal choice but I am very happy she has been there for me over the years. I cannot speak of her highly enough. more

Uneducated money hungry Woodlands trash! 6/26/2008

I will be contacting the State Insurance Board about this woman.\r If possible I would like to see her Liscense revoked in this state.\r Bills for services already paid for.(She is in denial)\r Does not know anything about ADHD children...Run away very fast and check\r your wallet. Pros: )0 Cons: Dont do it more

Never, ever recommend 4/22/2008

Very unprofessional, tried to bill me for an appointment never made. ""Lori"" claimed she filed insurance and that she would call me when the claim was settled. Two weeks later, I get a letter from a collection agency! I'm sooo ticked off! Did not feel the Dr. handled my son's issues adequately, nor did she address the initial reasons he was seeing her. Will never go back here... Cons: very unprofessional, insurance not handled properly, poor quality of services, environment more

unprofessional 4/10/2008

I have been seeing therapists since 1996 in many cities and states and I have had therapists with different degrees of training and experience. By far I have found Dr. Rayha to be the most unprofessional therapist I have ever encountered. She lacks the most fundamental skills a therapist should master including but not limited to listening, patience, professionalism, lack of political, social, ethnic, sexual and racial biases. As a professional in medical field myself, I expected the same basic level of ethics, morality, professionalism and responsibility from Dr Rayha and she failed in every single aspect. Her treatment of her clients brushes on being abusive herself. She is very abrasive, combative, unkind, and confrontational. She also suffers from OCD and exhibits the symptoms even in treatment of her clients. She constantly brings her own unresolved marital issues into the therapy and takes sides when treating couples. Simply as a reflection of her own self-hatred she often very critical of women and very much biased against them. Specifically in any legal or court proceedings she offers the most biased, unfair and unprofessional evaluations one can imagine. She leaves a lot to be desired in her personal interaction with her clients, with her skills, and more importantly her professionalism. Through her involvement with courts she exhibits a great deal of irresponsibility towards people's lives and enjoys the power in destroying those she dislikes. I find her not only extremely unprofessional, I am most disillusioned by having such individuals play such a sensitive roles in our justice system. I highly recommend against this therapist and believe she should be pursued legally. A few words of caution about her office. They have not heard about HIPPA! Your name and documents would be on display at a desk with an always-missing secretary. Go for Woodlands Family Institute. They are everything you need and Dr Rayha is not. Cons: unprofessional, biased, impatient, abrasive, unkind, unethical more

Excellent therapist! 7/14/2007

I would most highly recommend Dr. Rayha. I have seen several therapists, both for individual and for marital therapy. Dr. Rayha has been the best by far. I have found her to be very insightful, professional, personable, compassionate, and supportive. She has been very patient, even in areas where I initially failed to recognize my problems. Most important, she has been able to uncover problems and difficulties where other therapists simply failed, and like any branch of medicine, an accurate diagnosis is crucial to finding a solution. With Dr. Rayha, I believe that I am finally beginning to address the fundamental causes that have created difficulties in my life, and I am extremely grateful for her help.\r I must also say that I am somewhat disappointed that a couple of previous reviewers have chosen to use this forum apparently to vent frustration over what seem to me to be primarily billing issues. Personally, I have found Dr. Rayha's staff to be uniformly courteous and helpful, and I have never had any problems whatsoever with billing. And while I have on occasion had problems with other doctors' staff or billing, I think one really should separate the quality of the doctor's care from billing problems, which too often are caused by insurance companies. \r Finding an excellent therapist has, in my experience, been very difficult. I feel very unfortunate indeed to have found Dr. Rayha. Pros: Expertise, insight, caring, supportiveness, compassion, patience. Cons: None. more

She has been a huge help from the start. 7/10/2007

Dr Rahya has provided immediate relief to my emotional issues & marital problems. She was referred to me by several people that have been patients of hers in the past. She has been said to have solved alot of marital issues amongst friends & family here in The Woodlands. \r \r Dr Rayha is very direct yet compassionate with her responses and advice so it is hard not to hear what she is trying to say. She has helped to get me started on a healthier, happier path to life. And I truely believe she will be there to help me get through whatever it is that comes next. I would highly recommend Dr Rayha to ANYONE. Pros: Very personable experience. Cons: None more

horrible experience overall - expensive, shabby office, not a caring person at all 3/29/2007

Please do your homework before seeing this doctor. Look for disciplinary actions and you will find at least one. No compassion whatsoever. Tries to push for one specific diagnosis. Very focused on the $$$ rather than the patient. Pros: on list of PPO providers Cons: just about everything you can imagine more

Worst Service Ever!! 1/10/2007

I went to Dr. Rayha twice for anger management and anxiety issues I was having. I stop going because I wasn't receiving what I wanted out of the sessions. I felt she was pushing ideas and feeling on me, which were not the root of my problems. Also, I didn?t think she was easy to talk. To make things worse, I never received any paper statements or bills from her office for the amount owed by me for the sessions. I will say that I was told the amount I owed from the receptionist as I was leaving the last session; however, I expected to be receiving a paper statement in the mail for collection of payment. Four months later I received a statement from a collection agency. Over all, the service I received was not what I expected or wanted from neither the Doctor nor the office staff. I would not recommend this doctor to any one. \r \r Cons: Both times I had to wait at least 15 mintues passed my appt. time. more
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