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Power Exchange - 17 Reviews - 220 Jones St, San Francisco, CA - Other Reviews - Phone (415) 487-9944

Power Exchange

220 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 487-9944
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Power Exchange - San Francisco, CA
Power Exchange - San Francisco, CA
Power Exchange - San Francisco, CA
Power Exchange - San Francisco, CA


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I love the Power Exchange's new location at 220 Jones st. in San Francisco. it has 3 floors. The bottom floor has many small rooms to get naughty in, some rooms to watch naughty...


Thursday night. My lover and I went as a heterosexual couple about 11pm (the guy is writing this account). I'll play and suck another guys cock and she is truly cock oriented o...

hi everyone 4/11/2011

man wt to say about power exchange,,,, go on reading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me and my lover were wanting 2 experince some fun besides the room in house, so we both started to look a place were we can do it,,, finally i came across power exchange on google search,,,, i read lot of reviews , some were good some were bad,,,, but we decided to go and visit this place, i brought a nice sexy dress fr my lover and we went on saturday night, steping inside wow, it was a rainy night that day, walking just saw this guy with a long big cock, call my lover , see this , thn started walking to see all 3 floors ,,, wow all exciting things were going on,,,,, looking everywere not 2 be mean but my lover was a youngest and beautiful in full club tht any one can turn on,,,, all hungry guys were following us,, finally we sat on 3rd floor , started playing with each other,,, man u cant belive all this guys cover us,,,, finally my lover gave me nice blow job,,,, thn wt 2 say lot of offers fr her to ,,,,, but she denied ,,,coz no 1 was cute ,really need some cute ones,,and need some more cute womens tooo,,, thn we hang around fr a while thn she gave me a 2nd blow job , and ya i hv 2 say it , she did a beautiful pole dance , wow,,,, she was wearing a translunent underwear and bra,,,, nice 2 see her in tht doing a pole dance,,, tn finaly we ended up dong intercourse,,,,wow tht was so fun,,,,,,,we enjoyed,,,, we recently went bck on saturday again,,,last week,,,, wow more crowd,,,, this time my lover was wearing a really short dress ,, wt to say again cuitest in full crowd,,,,, we started hanging around,,,, this time we had in a mind of playing more around since we knew this place more ,,from last time,, we enter ,, again every 1 started following ,,, we played little bit and thn my lover she again did a pole dance on th upper floor ,wow speechless she look so sexy wearing tht trnsluent underwear,,, thn she started playing on me on pole,,, wow fun fun fun ,,i just pull her dress up to chest wow sexy,,,,, guys saw tht ,,, hahaah want her huh ,,,, but no way we went around , thn she gave me a good blow job,,, my lover gives the best blow job u would never hv from any on ,,ya she does,,,thn we sat an watch little bit , lot guys were following us,,,so badly they wanted my lover ,,, thn she decided to go on main big pole ,, wow she was stuning ,, she made all guys hot,,,, thn we went in a room and finally we had intercourse,,, o watching at her pussy again guys were hot an started following us aftr tht,,, even they started buying us water , candys ,,, but no my lover wont take it,,,, man we did had fun tht night ,,,,, my lover and me really wanted to hv full fun ,,,, kissing leaking blowing intercourse,,,,but this guys really made her uncomfortable,,,,,,so we couldnt do it ,,,, but we really r looking forward to come bck on a couple night and be full naked and hv te full fun,,,,, like people watching us but not falling on us,,,,, and s we do want a cute clean couple who can join us for tht fun,,,,,, so we can hv some new experince ,,we r ready to hv blast ,,,, so who ever wants to enjoy with us let us know,,,,we ready for a nice clean cute couple,,,,, more

Great for Exhibitionism 12/17/2010

Thursday night. My lover and I went as a heterosexual couple about 11pm (the guy is writing this account). I'll play and suck another guys cock and she is truly cock oriented only. When entering we saw only 1 other couple (they were dressed for a wedding night fantasy and were very cute). We were told the new couples only area on the third floor was only for Friday and Saturday nights to see if the concept works - this was disappointing, but to my discovery later was favorable for my lover's fantasy and what she wanted that night. We first sat in themain area and watched a nice TV pole dance - very pretty and in great shape and moving the body very nicely. There were some great outfits being worn. There was a guy across from us masterbating - he had the biggest cock I've seen and he was able to stay hard and was stroking it for it seemed over an hour. I wanted to ask how he could keep it hard for so long and and also play with it for awhile. We went down to the lower level and walked through. Nothing was occuring in the dungeon play area. Many guys were walking around (we all seemed like zombies in the dark zone) and jerking themselves off to seemingly not much to jerk off to. Eventually we sat in a room with some couches and three screens playing various porn. We sat and had a group of guys surround us. My lover had a fantasy she didn't tell me about and was starting to act it out. She wanted to have as many guys simply watch us and get themselves off. She did not want to have anyone but me touch her. She was wearing a dress and was very excited. She did not want me to show her boobs or pussy; she wanted the guys to simply fantasize and masterbate themselves. It was great fun. Had I only known when we were there! Afterwards though she told me she wanted to tell me she wanted to select a clean well dressed guy and have him have her from behind while she gave me a blow job. Too bad she told me this AFTER we left - so - we have another scene to play out the next time we go. It would be great if there were more couples and possibly have a higher charge for single guys on Thurs. There could have been more nudity; it might just have been the night we went. If you don't like guys simply jerking themselves off - don't go. If your an exhibitionist and like to be watched and really enjoy the mixed scene and all the fantasies (and regular sex) that occur - this is a really fun place. Simply be prepared for what you are wanting and willing to share. We did not have any incident where the guys masterbating truly 'invaded' our space or grouped my lady friend. This was a concern and were pleased that this did not occur; this doesn't mean we won't ask someone to join us in the future. We want to return and play! more

Ewwww 7/22/2010

This place is nasty. Seriously. I would try one of the members only places like Club Kiss if you want to meet hot couples and actually hook up. This is just a circle jerk for old men and trannys. Pros: um... Cons: hoards of masturbating men! more

Love the Power Exchange at 220 Jones St 4/2/2010

I love the Power Exchange's new location at 220 Jones st. in San Francisco. it has 3 floors. The bottom floor has many small rooms to get naughty in, some rooms to watch naughty videos in and a room for BDSM play. The main floor has a a stripper stage with pole, which is often used by trans women, bio women, men, and couples. Lotsa comfy chairs and couches. There is some dungeon furniture to play on, and a glass enclosed room. Top floor has play area, a stripper pole, and overlooks the main floor. Its a mixed club welcoming bi, lesbian, straight, gay and transgender Singles, couples, group, fun. Many transgender women and those who like us go there. Pros: very nice space conducive to erotic play Cons: none more

New Location on Jones 3/28/2010

My man and I went both Friday and Saturday nights. I dressed in my DOM attire and we had a really good time. The crowd is more tranny than anything else and a lot of single men who like to watch. We didn't participate with anyone there but still had our own fun. As a woman I found it quite pleasing to have my man openly please me in front of an audience. The boundaries of personal space were maintained fairly well and no certainly means no. There are three floors in the joint. Basement has small private rooms for playing around, main floor has a killer stage and stripper pole with fairly comfy furniture and a small balcony with some intimate play spots. Pros: Openly sexual environment for all Cons: Lots of single men and looky-loos more

Power Exchange is CLOSED 2/5/2010

I'm mad enough that I had to join to write this review. I have been to the old PE, so when they announced it had reopened in a new location I was excited to find out for myself. I called to confirm and made sure I knew about parking and it's new location. I was unable to attend that night; but on Dec 12, 2009 we drove to SF only to find homeless blocking the locked door. No lights. No action. No signs or explanations. To this day, the site says the PE is now open; but it's not. I have called the listed phone number several times since then, but the number has been disconnected. It's bad business to run a website proclaiming to be open when you're not. It's bad business to fail to update your website. Pros: It's a sex club Cons: IT IS CLOSED more

could it be fun after all..... 11/27/2009

well when i got there (i was the one in the pink and red nov.28) it was hella dead but when it started to get poppin' i must have had the best tyme of my life.....fucked the moment we got there till closing...I LOVE THIS PLACE Pros: got potential Cons: not enough women more

this place sucked! 11/15/2009

this place claims that it is for everyone. that might be true in theory but every guy there was making on lesbians or other girls as a gay guy i found it insulting and any gay guy that has a fantasy about straight men and that scene will not be happy. no guys were touching each other they were clearly only into the chicks so it is not a bi club oh yeah and all the girls that were there were fat and gross as well as most of the guys then there were the obese trannies that's a turn on! i would not recommend this place to any one that is horny 60 bucks is a rip off and i also got my money back. after complaining i went over to blow buddies and got off twice. this place might work if the energy was more balanced not a good scene it reminded me of a bad scene from rocky horror picture show... Pros: woul dbe cool if the guys were into other guys Cons: too heterosexual more

Are you kidding? 11/1/2009

The new Power Exchange in SF opened on Mason. I went down to check it out last Saturday night. Entrance fee was a whopping $60 for single males. It used to be $35 at the old PE. This was somewhat reasonable, and worth the gamble. I just checked out their site, and noticed that they have removed information on entrance fees. Are these guys serious? I'll put my hard earned $60 to better use. Cons: Pricey - $60 entrance fee more

CRAZY!!!!!!" 3/2/2009

This place it's hella crazy! It's cool, something diffrent. more

Not to good if cleanliness is important 10/12/2008

Me and my husband showed up about 11:30 and ended up leaving at 12:30. There were only about 8 couples on the third floor. We toured all three floors and just felt like we didnt fit in. The decor was a little out there. I just don't see myself getting busy on a bed with a skelton under the bed. It just was not my style of decor. I must say we were the youngest couple there and not being mean, but did not see anyone close to our age. It was like senior night. I have been to some clubs in Las Vegas as well and I'm so tired of being the youngest couple and feeling like the most attractive couple there. You find older couples following you waiting for you to do something so they can watch. I want to find a club with younger and more attactive couples. I am 29 and he is 34. I want attactive people around me not a bunch of old folks. It just really turns you off. I must say I was expecting a lot of vinyl that could be wiped down and cleaned properly but i noticed a lot of fabric couches and chairs and with all the black lights, it really showed all the stains on the fabric which was the biggest turn off of them all. So needless to say my husband and I payed $40 to get in and ended up back in our bedroom for sanitary reasons. I glad I want to check it out, but won't be going back. Pros: Satisfies your curiosity. Cons: Not clean enough for me. The crowd was too old and not attractive. More turn-offs then turn-ons more

Try it, you'll probably like it! 9/28/2008

My wife and I went to the Power Exchange last night (09-28-2008), and I've got to admit it, we were nervous. Since we were on vacation/business (attending a large "World" conference), we are not regulars in San Fran and had only a few reviews on PE to base our decision off of. First, let me just say that we are an "average looking" couple, late 30's, not into any alternative lifestyle but looking to spice up our love-life. We have played around before in an adult theater, but the fear of being arrested (which happens quite often in Colorado) outweighed the thrill factor of being "naughty" and being watched. The thought of going to a place where this type of behavoir was not only tolerated but encouraged piqued our interest. We arrived at 1100 on a Saturday night. The place was easy to find (a big yellow building on the corner of Otis St.). There was a doorman/bouncer out front who was nice and asked if it was our first time. He explained the general rules ("no means no", no cameras & cell phones, what each floor was, etc.), then we went in and paid. It was $40 for us to get in as a couple, and we paid in cash, so I'm not sure if they take credit cards or not (I didn't want it showing up on my monthly CC statement). We went upstairs to the 3rd floor, which is couples only. There were only about 10 couples there at the time, with about half just walking around, stopping to watch the action when another couple started to go at it. Mainly it was just public bj's and heavy petting until midnight or so. By then, it had grown to about 25 couples on the 3rd floor. The place did not have a bad odor as some have reported, even though you would occasionally encounter a slight "musky" odor when you came around a couple in action. That's to be expected with what is going on in there. There were blacklights everywhere, which was okay because it allowed you to see without feeling too exposed. I would say 5 of the couples were great looking, 20 were "average", and 5 were so-so. Pros: Good mix of couples/fun atmosphere/cleaner than expected/friendly staff Cons: no good private spots/no glory holes & peep holes/no liquor served more

It was like a freak show with a bunch of old fobies 10/28/2007

touching themselves..... men in their 60's was the only sexual act going on in this club. No well looking men and there were not to many sexual acts going on. I had a really bad experience Pros: The experience was different could be considerered an eye opener Cons: The majority of the attendees were over 40 years old and not very fit or cute more

This venue has no place in San Francisco 8/20/2007

I was appalled by the place; it smelled of stale urine and the entry prices are discriminatory (illegal according to the Californias Civil Rights laws), not surprisingly these prices reflect a reactionary patriarchical view of human sexulaity rather than an egalitarian pricing system where everyone would pay the same and be treated the same. Unsafe behavior is very common and women and transgenders are pressured for sexual favors. more

CRAZY Highly recommend it!! 7/25/2007

I checked out the place last weekend, I guess I got there too early cuz it was kinda slow, but the staff was really cool & told me to stick around because things start going around midnight & get super crazy by 2:00am. I watched a lot of cool stuff in the dungeon, spanking, bjs etc. This couple came in & the wife was a totally hot blonde (like playboy hot) & she told the staff to start lining guys up & making sure they have protection on cuz she waa going to take EVERYONE & I got to f*** a super hot chick..... It is what you make it, I found that people want to play, you just have to ask. As far as the atmosphere, I'd say it was pretty clean, well decorated, a bit spooky in some areas but way cool. Everyone should go at least once Pros: wild, crazy fun 1 of a kind Cons: a bit dark in places more

after more than 10 years they must be doing it right!!! 7/17/2007

I've attended the club several times as a Trans-gender girl & find the place to be very safe for me, as well as rewarding in the different types of guys I can meet up with. The staff is way friendly to all interests, from leather, to swinger couples & T girls. Its great to get in free & have a place to be & not have a cover like divas. I see a lot of diversity in the realm of guys like a couple of cute Latin boys I met up with for some fun in the military room. There is still some older out of shape guys but even they can be fun to meet, like the leather daddies with their bags of play toys in the dungeon. A lot more black patrons lately, but they have all been cool with their openness to the mix of the club. Even when guys who are bikers are there they seem way into it all. I read the other reviews here & I don't get the criticism of the decor. The club does have a few rooms that are a bit tore up like the military room but its like a war zone in there cause of the amount of bodies getting busy in there. If its got a few rough edges its cause people CHOOSE that room cause they like it most. Thats why its near an area called the sewer! I guess people love to hang out in the "sewer" cause of all the cool black light paint. Its kinda like the mutant ninja turtle area or something. The superhero room with the action figure kinda stuff in it is great & the adult cartoons are way funny. Maybe a couch or two is kinda worn, but not threadbare or anything. I LOVE the stripper poles near the pool tables! The decorations are great & they change the themes a lot. They changed the jail house cause nobody ever was in there to a pirate room and its as cool as the Disney ride now. There are lots of cool rooms. Hundreds of people go through there a night and if there is a messy bathroom it seems it is still cleaned up every few minutes. It feels like less people attend nowadays but the level of action tends to make the number of people who play seem to be higher. more

It was a decent experience. 6/29/2007

While when I went wasen't the most active night, I could still see the potential of the scene. Alot of people werew scared to start anything, but wanted to watch first.there was a wierd smell in some of the rooms but when you think about what goes on, it only makes since. I fell that as long as your going to add the idea of the PE, than you'll have more fun than as just a watcher. Ive been told that Thurs and Sat are the days to go, but I went on Fri so it's wasent very full. Go with an open mind and it should be a very fun experience. more
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  • Adult sex club that provides free safe sex supplies like condoms, gloves, lubricant and more.

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