Power Plant Vegan Restaurant


476 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

(404) 474-1735
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My wife and I went for the breakfast buffet on Sunday and loved it so much that we went back for lunch a few days later. The food is absolutely delicious and the urban setting is ...


Since I date a vegetarian, I'm familiar with many of the veggie/vegan resturants in town. I've had the good and the bad, but Power Plant is just plain ugly. Nothing feels right at...

Even my carnivore BF likes it! 10/1/2007

My boyfriend and I dropped in for dinner a few weeks back. We are new to the area and didn't know it was a vegan restaurant. Since we like to try different stuff we thought we'd give it a shot. All I can say is WOW! I had no idea it was possible to have such a great meal without meat! The vegan ""BBQ"" was incredible. The owner was there and he told us they are going to do breakfast which is great since the other breakfast spots we have found in the area are crowded and very, very greasy. After eating there we are even thinking about giving up meat once and for all... we'll see... my BF is hard to convince! Pros: Great food. Cons: None, really. more


My wife and I went for the breakfast buffet on Sunday and loved it so much that we went back for lunch a few days later. The food is absolutely delicious and the urban setting is a fun place to be. Very relaxed and casual with an eclectic, friendly crowd. We are both vegetarians with adventurous tastes so we will be eating at the Power Plant often! more

Worst SERVICE EVER!!! 8/11/2007

Two of us went Sat for lunch. One other table in the restuarant. We wait over 20 mins for an appetizer (the other table received their app and dinner AND ate before we received one appetizer). We had to ask to refill drinks TWICE. When asking about the sampler platter we ordered, she said ""oh there are a few things missing, we were out of them, its not my fault"". We asked for the check and she came over and said ""its really not my fault, we only just opened"". We live in the area and reminded her they had been open almost a year, she replied, they still had new management. Nice Reprensentation of the restaurant! TERRIBLE FOOD AND SERVICE< DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. Pros: cant think of ANY Cons: too many to list more


I'm a meat eater, I realize my flaw so I''ve been taking a vegan nutrition class at my local YMCA. This restaurant was reccomended by one of my classmates. She too said the food you get will be very good, but the service is ""something to write home about."" I went online and read the review and I was excited about this BBQ rib plate. It also said great place for kids. When we got there we were told there are no highchairs or booster seats. Being a mother of 2 yr old twins is tough enough, then eating out with them with no highchairs....aaaaaah! We ordered an appatizer and it took literally 25 minutes to come. Anyway my husband ordered the BBQ plate......it was EXCELLENT! I had the chicken salad....it was just Ok. The veggies were killer but the chicken substitute was more like the crust of toast (thought they'd use Saetan). This is a Friday night 6pm and we were the only table in there....no server in sight, no one to check on us how the meal was going, or if we needed something else. When you have kids with you.....you always need something else, so it's nice to be checked on. The table and booth chairs were never wiped off from the night before. When the bill came the BBQ plate was two dollars more than it was on the menu. When I pointed this out to the server, she said that ""oh that's an old menu, we have changed the price."" I asked if they had a new menu (because when we ordered dinner half the items on the menu were crossed out), she said not yet. Then she said she'd have to ask the manager to change the mistake on our bill. Needless to say the meal you oreder at this place will be VERY GOOD... but everything, I mean everthing else just sucked! Order a to-go meal! Pros: Good VEGAN food Cons: Scarce/No Service more

Best meatless BBQ I've ever had! 3/24/2007

It's been around six years since I've eaten meat, and I've been missing barbecue the entire time. Power Plant's BBQ rib platter was fantastic. Every BBQ button I possess was pushed. I swapped the mashed potatoes for sweet potato fries, which were also good. I'm not a big asparagus fan, but thought the green stalks were ok (according to my wife, they were better than ok, tasty even). We started with the appetizer sampler - it was pretty good, but entirely fried. It was a bit much for two people, but would have been a good starter (paired with a salad) to share among four. \r \r This is the first review I've written for Citysearch - but I felt compelled after reading some of the other, more negative reviews, about Power Plant. If you're expecting the sort of healthy, vegetable-heavy fare of other vegan restaurants you might be disappointed. HOWEVER, if you've been meat-free for a while and miss it, this might be the place for you. Again, the barbecued ribs platter was mind-blowingly good. \r \r Did I mention the BBQ was good? It is. Pros: Absolutely the best veggie BBQ I've ever had. Cons: The appetizer sampler was nothing but fried food, making it too heavy for two. more

Worst dining experience in a long time.... 2/25/2007

As a vegetarian for many years, I was curious to try Power Plant. I wish I had read these negative reviews before I went, because my experience was quite similar. On a slow Sunday afternoon, my husband and I hungrily waited 45 MINUTES before we got our ""appetizer sampler"". To be kind, the sampler was disgusting - literally a pile of fried vegetables and TVP (textured vegetable protein) that was still dripping with grease. This is the opposite of what vegan food is about! We also tried the BBQ platter. The BBQ was tough, but edible, and topped a dry hunk of lukewarm mashed potatoes that was clearly reheated from the fridge. Another family in the restaurant waited so long for their food, they had to get take-out boxes when it finally came. Our nice but spacey waiter did not inquire further about our half-eaten entrees, so we did not know who to voice our concerns to. Unless they get their act together, avoid Power Plant & look elsewhere for your veggie fare! Pros: hard-to-find vegan cuisine Cons: almost everything else! more

Vegan food makes my world go round. 2/18/2007

We just visited Power Plant yesterday for the first time. Being vegan, it's frustrating having to go to the same restaurants over and over again (no matter how good they are)...so it was nice to check out a new place that is strictly vegan. I had the fried 'Shicken' sandwich and my husband had the Power Bites (three medium sized burgers with soy cheeze and carmelized onions). We were both very surprised at how tasty their faux meats were. Actually, just thinking about it now makes me hungry. The decor was simple and utilitarian, though they should invest in some window shades. We were the only customers in the restaurant that day and the server was nice enough, but didn't seem to know too much about the food (especially when I asked exactly what was used to make the 'Shicken', which tasted like Seitan). All in all we had a good time. We like the fact that it's located nearby and are planning to go back and try out their weekend brunch...and everything else on the menu!! Pros: Food, Selection, Location, Parking, It's Vegan!! Cons: Not all menu items available more


We first visited The Power Plant a month or so after they had opened on a Sunday afternoon Our waiter was friendly but not efficient. I actually would of loved for him to offer us something to drink besides the virtually ice free water that was eventually brought to us. We made several choices to be informed that they were not available. We finally were able to make some choices. Well, the philly cheese steak sandwich was difficult to eat as the bun was tough and oh, WHERE'S THE BEEF? It would of been nice to have something more than virtually raw peppers on my sandwich. The waiter at one time apologized for the delay on my mashed potatoes and gravy saying that they were defrosting the gravy YUCK Ok, so they just opened, let's give them another chance. This last friday at 7:15 pm we entered The Power Plant. We eventually recieved our complimentary glass of virtually ice free water and was asked if we needed anything. We began our selections to hear ""oh, let me tell you what we don't have."" Four choices on the appetizer menu was not available. We didn't wait to hear the litany of items not available as options for entrees. We told our waitress that we would come back another time and would call to see if they had any food available. She was unapologetic about the lack of options telling us that ""it's a friday night and we just run out of stuff from the rush"" What rush? If you are out of things at 7:15 on a Friday, when would you have things??? Anyhow, I often will go to a restaurant if the food is great even if the service is suffering. I often will go to a restaurant if the service is great and the food is suffering. But The Power Plant suffers on both fronts. Avoid The Power Plant at all costs. They won't have any food anyhow. more

Great vegetarian restaurant intown! 1/9/2007

I actually enjoyed my dining experience at Powerplant. I am a vegetarian and enjoyed the BBQ, mashed potatoes and collard greens meal. The waitress was really friendly and the atmosphere was just right. I went back two days later and they didn't have a couple of items on the menu but I was still satisfied with the mock salmon. I am happy that there is another restaurant intown that caters to vegetarians and gives me options. I will definitely go again. It is a little pricey but then I pay $10 for a glass of wine so who am I to judge. Pros: Great food! Cons: Food not available and a little overprice. more

very disappointing 12/21/2006

i am vegetarian and have been vegetarian for seven years. i must say, despite their slogan on the window, this might be the worst vegan restaurant in the world.... or at least in atlanta. They might have an extensive menu, but they seemed to be out of everything (by noon, at that!). Also, the menu isn't all that diverse. I feel that vegetarian restaurants should have many options that aren't just salads and mock meat. they barely used vegetables (except in the case of my dining partner's philly cheese steak: all raw bell peppers, very little steak or cheese)! they were out of both things i ordered that did not have fake meat, and they were not apologetic. Pretty much everything on the menu is fried/breaded. The slaw was bland and textureless. I had to turn my sandwich upside down, because the bottom bun was half the size of the top one. etc. etc.\r \r i wont try this place again. ack! ack! Pros: it's vegetarian Cons: parking, comfort, food more

Worst dining experience I've had in a while... 12/5/2006

Since I date a vegetarian, I'm familiar with many of the veggie/vegan resturants in town. I've had the good and the bad, but Power Plant is just plain ugly. Nothing feels right at this resturant. The dining furniture is cold and uncomfortable, the lighting is poor, and the open duct work makes for an aucoustic nightmare. It seriously seems like the owners ran out of funding and decided to open a resturant anyway...the space is blatantly unfinished.\r \r The same disorganization can be found in the kitchen. While the menu seems interesting at first glance, there really are no risks taken. Nearly every item on the menu is either fried or out of stock. It took three tries to find an available entree. One couple sitting near us actually left after getting ""sorry, we're out of that item"" from the waiter several times! And this was early on a Friday night. Needless to say, the selection was limited. The appetizer sampler that we did have (all fried) was medicore at best. \r \r I would comment on the entree that I ordered, but I never tasted it. After waiting approximately an hour, and then being told that the item I ordered was being thawed (yum) and prepared, it was lights out. We promptly cancelled our order, paid for the weak appetizer, and left.\r \r The resturant business isn't easy, and clearly Power Plant is a first time venture. I give it another 6 months, tops. You will not be impressed, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will ultimately be dissatisfied with the experience as a whole. The 1.5 rating I am giving this place is generous. Avoid at all costs! Cons: Ambience, decor, food, noise, everything... more

Great Food ...Worth it 12/5/2006

Don't believe the haters!! this food is great....what might throw people off is the decor that is a bit on the""bare"" side and the unique homey set-up, but other than that.....It still is really Great food. I am a vegetarian and was taken aback by the excellent mock hot wings!! There sweet potato fries are ""sweet ;)"" my favorite thing is the fish sandwich. oh, i don't work there, but i would hate to see a good restaurant go down because of a decor issue. I'd rather have really good food, then really good decor. Atlanta doesn't have that many vegetarian spots and we need all the ones we can get. Great food ...worth it Pros: food Cons: decor more


Loud obnoxious decor. check.\r \r uncomfortable seating. check.\r \r xeroxed brunch menu, yet no brunch for 2-3 weeks. check. \r \r vegan philly cheesesteak that seemed more like a multi colored bell pepper salad on top of a stale bun. yes, check.\r \r cole slaw that resembled rabbit food....\r \r \r well, you get the picture. nothing about this place is good. sure, the food is edible but with prices like this place I would much rather have LUSH back. now that was a good vegan restaurant.\r \r Pros: server was nice, but a little scattered. Cons: the food. not having the first two things i attempted to order. terrible ambiance. more

Unbelievable!! 10/28/2006

The best veggie dining experience i've had in Atlanta since ""Wishfullfilling Tree"" closed years ago. Chicken and Waffles was heaven on a plate and the service was star quality. Treat yourself - visit today! Pros: fantastically good food Cons: seating not too comfortable more

VEGAN COMFORT FOOD!!! 10/26/2006

This place is great!! They just recently opened, and have since been providing the vegans (and non-vegans) of atlanta with outstanding vegan comfort food and spectacular desserts. The funky soul chicken is southern fried with mashed potatoes, gravy, and asparagus. SO GOOD!! The menu includes mini-burgers, fried shrimp po'boys, delicious salads, sandwiches, delicious ""fancy"" meals reminiscent of lush (which i miss), CHEESECAKES AND SOFTSERVE ICE-CREAM! and it's all vegan! In my opinion, it's a much more flavorful and funky alternative to soul vegetarian. Try it, you'll like it! Pros: great vegan food, good service, good music Cons: a tad expensive more
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