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Pooch Pad Country Kennel


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Pooch Pad Country Kennel - Pearland, TX
Pooch Pad Country Kennel - Pearland, TX
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I've been looking for a groomer for my Border Collie and Australian Shepherd for about a year. I took them to Petsmart for a bath once but their customer service leaves a lot to ...


I thought I did my homework and thought I was dealing with a top notch facility... THOUGHT is the key word here. They called me 30 minutes before I was supposed to have my p...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/7/2013

My wife and I have boarded our Maltese ""Tiffany"" at Pooch Pad or have had her bathed/groomed there at least 10 times since October 2012 and we couldn't be more satisfied with the service we've received. Mindy has been very accommodating to our requests and Tiffany absolutely adores her. As far as the flea and tick complaints, I just don't get where these came from. We have never found a flea or tick on Tiffany after picking her up from Pooch Pad and we began using their services not long after the September 2012 complaint. I suspect the fleas and ticks found on the pets of those 2 owners were probably picked up elsewhere and they assumed that they came from Pooch Pad. Either that or they are simply business competitors looking to tarnish the reputation that this wonderful kennel has had in Pearland for a very long time. (Read all the positive reviews and notice the 90% approval rating) The complaints from Bobbie C and Sister Sinister are so far out there that they're not even believable.\r \r Bottom line: My wife and I would recommend Pooch Pad to anyone needing to board or groom their pet(s). The facilities are clean and well kept, the prices are reasonable and the staff is a pleasure to deal with. No complaints whatsoever. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/7/2013

I was very disappointed to read the bad reviews about Pooch Pad Kennel. We have been using them for over 15 years and now have our second dog who loves the kennel. Our Welsh Terrier can't wait to get out of the car and into the kennel when we drive in their drive way. If they had a problem with ticks in the past it is just that, in the past. No kennel can be 100% pest free at all times. At peak times, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. it is impossible to check all the animals before they are checked in. Any problems we have had over the years have been taken care of immediately and efficiently. I hope that you will give the kennel another chance to see what a wonderful place it is for your animal(s) to stay. Very caring and attentive staff. We are very protective of our pet and want her to have the best care when we travel. We travel frequently and have no worries about our precious Coco.\r Brenda P. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/7/2012

I took my dog to Pooch Pad and was very disappointed to return to a dog with ticks! He's never had ticks or fleas in his life until then. Even more disappointing is the fact they knew it but didn't inform me so I nearly took a tick infested dog into my home! Luckily I was fortunate to discover them before arriving home. The reason I knew they were aware of the ticks is the fact when I came to pick up my dog and said his name there was this very uncomfortable silence and two workers looked at each other then one had to go outside where my dog was separated to retrieve him. On the car ride home I saw the ticks and when I got home I realized he was recently treated with a topical solution for ticks, it was all over him. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/7/2012

I boarded my dog here for 12 days and she came back infested with ticks. When we dropped her off she was tick-free and had just gotten her monthly flea/tick prevention. We have found at least seven ticks on her since she's been home. more

I thought I did my homework and thought 6/4/2012

I thought I did my homework and thought I was dealing with a top notch facility... THOUGHT is the key word here. They called me 30 minutes before I was supposed to have my pet there and told me she would have to wait all day to be groomed because of the weekend boarders... WORST PART... There was NEVER even an apology as they beat around the bush trying to make excuses as to why they couldn't get to my pet in a timely manner. I even explained that I had made special arrangements and taken the day off work to accommodate THEIR schedule. After I told them I would have to find another place to take my pet because of my schedule their only response was that I would ""HAVE TO DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO"".. what kind of response was that ?!?!? WAY TO GO... SOME KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE POOCH PAD !!!!! I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES TO ANYONE I KNOW !!! more

Excellent groomers and service! 2/4/2012

I've been looking for a groomer for my Border Collie and Australian Shepherd for about a year. I took them to Petsmart for a bath once but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, especially on the phone. I found PPCK reviews to be favorable and gave them a call. They were able to do them the next day. We scheduled a drop off time and when I was running late they called to see if I was still coming. Very nice. I got over there and met Brenda. She was nice and the dogs liked her instantly. Ringo is naturally good-looking and needed only a minor trim; Roxie, however, needed a lot of work and Brenda understood intuitively what I wanted done. The dogs were done when she said they would be and they looked and smelled fabulous! Roxie, in particular, looked like a purebred! I was totally impressed. The price was an excellent value and the dogs look and act fabulous! Brenda followed up with a phone call the next day to be sure I was happy with how the dogs looked. I will definitely be using them from now on! more

If You Don't Cancel Your Reservation They Come After You! 7/26/2011

I had planned a motorcycle trip and was going to leave my dog and cat at this place. Instead, I had a dear friend pass away. In my grief, I neglected to cancel my reservation and these people came to my job and told my relief manager what a loser I was for not showing up for my reservation. WOW! I won't ever do business there, and I'm sorry I forgot to change my reservation...I was at a funeral. No matter though, you showed your true colors. more

The Only Kennel and GROOMER I will use! 1/4/2011

I have had three inside beautiful pitbulls for the past four years. As u can imagine with them being inside dogs they must be clean at all times (inorder to sleep or play with my four year old). My Dog's range from 60 pounds to 112 pounds and all extremly spoiled and playful. Matt was my contact initially (very proffessional and always made time to fit us in). I have recently been working with Jennifer as well (she is actually the groomer). SHE IS FANTASTIC! She is knowledgeable, caring,efficent, and most or all loves my dogs and treats them just as we do at home. Most people judge a book by the cover (I.E.= pitbulls) She stepped right up and became there best friend, not to mention the faboulous job and smell my dogs come home with. I would recommend the pooch pad and the employees to any and all dog lovers for the best care of your animal.\r I recently was in a diffucult sistution with having enough space for my large six month male. She took time out from her schdule to put me in contact with a loving dog owmer who was able to help.\r I feel jennifer aswell as the rest at the staff deserves to know what a wonderful and easy feeling (at a great price) that they have provided with every visit (and there has been many-some being emergency). \r THANKS, Candy's MOM! more

Great! 1/3/2011

We took our German Shepherd for 6 days of boarding over Christmas. She is very mistrusting of people and does not like other dogs. Matt, the owner, helped ease her nerves and worked with her so she would be more at ease in general. Overall, it was a great experience and we appreciated the extra effort they took to help our pooch be more comfortable. A great place to board your animals. Definitely recommended. more

Best Kennel around 6/19/2010

We have been bringing our dogs to pooch pad for years and wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else. They are extra careful when your dog needs special attention and give them attention when it rains - I have a dog named Gracie that gets clingy when she hears thunder. My two dogs actually get excited when we say Pooch Pad. One of the main things that I especially like is that when you go into the kennel area it doesn't have that lived in by a pack of dogs smell - the urine every where. When checking out kennels that friends have recommended my nose was assaulted by the smell. If it bothers mine it has to both them. Matt and his groomers do an excellent job. Pros: Pros : Family Run and clean Cons: Cons : There are none that I know of more

Amazing 1/23/2010

Ok Guys. I know it's a little late but I still just had to put my input in about Pooch Pad. We boarded our two labs and our cocker spaniel over the holidays for 3 weeks. It was the second time I used them but the first time for so long. Let me start off by saying the staff is wonderful. Brad and Matt really care about the animals and to be the owners of the place and be there all the time says alot about their company. I really expected to get my dogs back either a little under weight or overwieght but they came back in great health and great shape. Not to say I don't trust them but we were gone a long time. They knew how worried I was about my babies but they called me periodically to let me know how they were doing. I was so surprised!!! When I came to pick them up I was surprised to see Allie (My cocker) to be doing so well. She is my problem child. I even ran out of medication for her and they drove to our vet to refill it for me. I do have high expectations for kennels since they are taking care of my babies and of all the places we have been I can say that I will be using you guys until they all pass. Thank you so much for your dedication to the pets. It is greatly appreciated. Pros: Best Kennel Period more

Excellent Care for Your Pooch! 10/19/2009

We just found Pooch Pad earlier this year. We have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and were looking for a place to board them. Our neighbor had used Pooch Pad and recommended them to us. We’ve boarded the dogs there twice since then and have been extremely pleased. The last time we boarded them, one of the dogs was recovering from an injury (large gash on back) and required some special care. The staff at Pooch Pad were very understanding and accommodating – they even wrapped the doggie door in vet wrap to make sure that he didn’t aggravate the wound. \r \r We’re very attached to our dogs and are very picky about where we board them. We’ll definitely be going back to Pooch Pad the next time we need a kennel. \r Pros: Wonderful staff! more

The ONLY place for my dogs 6/15/2009

I cannot even begin to say enough about Pooch Pad Country Kennel. I always check out a kennel prior to boarding my dog with them. Pooch Pad welcomes visitors to observe their premises and doesn't hide or hold anything back. It is a family run business and they live on premise. Matt Scardino does an excellent job running the Pooch Pad. All the employees are friendly and really care about your animal. I know my dog loves to visit Pooch Pad and play with (as we affectionately call him) ""Unkie Matt."" They really go above and beyond ANY kennel I have ever used in the past. I do not hesitate in recommending them to everyone. Pros: Family owned / Exceptional Caring staff more

Home away from home! 6/13/2009

Pooch Pad is a lifesaver. As I travel frequently, my dogs stay at Pooch Pad with the peace of mind that they are safe and loved. The staff are always friendly and get to know your pet by name. They are also reasonable and flexible to the customers' needs, which shows the caring attitude that characterizes this unique place. The kennels are spacious and give pets the room they need to feel comfortable. I wholeheartly recommend Pooch Pad for boarding and grooming your pets! more

The only place for my dogs! 4/20/2009

This is the only place I take my dogs for boarding. They used to come home looking tired and skinny after being boarded, but not from pooch pad. They come home happy and plump as ever. They provide bedding and the area they stay in is plenty big and a staff member is there to walk them as much as they would like. My dogs mean the world to me and when I leave them at Pooch Pad I know that they will be cared for and spoiled as much as they would be at home. The staff is great and Matt is a wonderful manager. I recommend them for anyone who cares about their animals. They will be well taken care of at pooch Pad! Pros: friendly staff, great space, dogs are happy more

Great staff, great atmosphere 3/31/2009

I love the Pooch Pad! I've taken my dog for Doggie Day Care on multiple occasions and have been more than pleased. I've always been shown where my doggie will stay and been lead to the back to pick him up. This builds my trust in the company, knowing my dog is well taken care of. They even showed me which dogs he played with each time. My only downside is I wish they opened a little earlier in the morning. I have to be at work at 8 and they don't open until then. I would take my dog a lot more often if they opened at 7. Pros: Family owned, friendly staff Cons: Hours more

Excellent Facilities, Excellent Care, Excellent Prices 3/3/2009

I have boarded my two Shih Tzus here about 5 times since January and it has been a refreshing experience. The owners are kind, caring people who are good with the dogs. I feel that a judgement of a business of this type should be based on the character of the people behind the operation and let me tell you, this business is wonderful because of the staff. You wouldn't want to leave your pets with anyone else. The facilities are excellent with lots of room to run around and play. The prices are fantastic for the quality of care your dog receives. I also use the grooming services each time and I am always impressed. Most importantly, my dogs come home happy and tired from all of the play time instead of being nervous or frazzled when returning from most other kennels or groomers. Thanks Matt & Lou! Pros: Land to romp around on, Staff, Facilities, Value, Flexibility of hours, lots of Play Time more

Loving care kennel 3/2/2009

We have used the Pooch Pad Country Kennel off and on for 11 years. Wouldn't take our dogs anywhere else. They treat them as their own---very loving and caring. Pros: treatment of dogs more

The Best Kennel in Town! 3/2/2009

The Pooch Pad is absolutely the best place to take your pet when you need to leave town. The facilities are fantastic and the care and attention they give the pets exceeds expectations. I am very particular about where I leave my dogs and now I won't go anywhere else but here. A friend of mine uses the grooming service and won't take their pets anywhere else either. Best of all this is a family run business so there is constant care and attention. more

Great Place to Board and Groom 3/2/2009

I love this kennel !!! Before I found them, my girls (both bichons) had stayed all over Pearland. They also love this place !! I know because when I head to the car with their pillows, they get sooooo excited. They leap out of the car and head right to the kennel personnel with tail a-wagging! That tells me a lot. I also have them groomed there and they do an excellent job. more
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