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Plourde Institute - 12 Reviews - 901 Warrenville Rd # 110, Lisle, IL - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (630) 769-0776

Plourde Institute

901 Warrenville Rd # 110
Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 769-0776
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Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL
Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL
Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL
Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL
Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL
Plourde Institute - Lisle, IL


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I had made up my mind six-months ago that I needed to change my eating habits and engage the services of a trained professional. I have a wife, two children and a business of whi...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/8/2012

What is extending your life-span worth? What would you be willing to pay to increase the chances that you will live longer so that you can enjoy being with your wife, children, and others well into your senior years? Okay, now think about the true medical costs of allowing yourself to fall into morbid obesity coupled with type-two diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and the damage you are doing to your heart, arteries, and who knows what else? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/30/2012

with as many diets and exercise programs that i have fallen into over the last 20 years , i have never been so informed and personally supervised. Dave Plourde is like having my own personal food doctor at any time. with the plourde Institute program you are not just told what foods to eat or not , but given the knowledge of why certain foods are better than others. it is not just weight loss but fat loss. my body literally changed shape. his program is specifically customized per client and monitored very closely. He doesnt just throw you on a scale he does mathematical analysis to figur out MY program. Dave also realizes I am a very social person and do fall off plan sometimes. He makes me think about it but not in a guilt type sense, but encourages me to get back on. that is why this program works . knowledge is power (against fat), customized (eveyone is different) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2012

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Plourde, the program and the staff. Could I have designed a low carb diet by myself? Maybe. But, the diet is only one piece in the Plourde puzzle. He has a 3 pronged approach combining nutrition, exercise and a scientific analysis of your metabolism. His integrated approach is unique, very impressive and unbelievably accurate. Could I have achieved the same level of success on my own in a four month period? Not a chance. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2012

I have struggled with my weight for more than half of my life. You name the diet and I have tried it. I have worked diligently with a trainer for more than ten years. I carefully monitored what I ate. I even sought the help of my physician to find answers to my struggle with no success. Honestly, I was ready to simply give up. It was my trainer who actually suggested that I call Dr. Plourde and I am so thankful that I made that call. When I walked into the office on the first day, Dr. Plourde spent time learning about me, as a person. His genuine interest and commitment to me and to my goals was clearly evident. His multidisciplinary, scientific approach to weight loss has helped me to learn how to eat and exercise to meet my weight loss and more importantly my health goals. Dr. Plourde is with me every step of the way, encouraging me daily with text messages, meeting with me weekly to review my progress, and being available to answer questions 24/7. I also love that there is a chef available to me as part of this program. Chef Sonny helps me learn to prepare meals at home that are on plan as well as helping me make good choices when I am eating out at restaurants. I am so grateful that I made my first phone call to Dr. Plourde. I am making wonderful progress and know that it will continue with the help of Dr. Plourde and the Plourde Institute. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/11/2012

Called this institute when I heard they had a bod-pod that measures weight/fat etc. I called because I was intrigued about their program. I called and left messages on several occasions and was never called back. Then after contacting them back on my own I spoke to Mr. Plourde who took alot of information from me and seemed to have a genuine interest in my health until he found out I was on limited income. even though I have some money in the bank and a wife and family who has income to help me I was advised of this being maybe a little over my head price wise and was offered an intital consultation at half off because he said he cared about me. He then told me he would speak with his staff and contact me back within minutes to schedule me up. Never recieved a call back from him or his staff. And frankly I dont want one. In the end you got to pay to play I guess. I am sure if I was some executive and was concerned with my weight I would have been called back asap. No stars from me and I am dissapointed. more

Controlled Weight Loss 12/27/2011

I had made up my mind six-months ago that I needed to change my eating habits and engage the services of a trained professional. I have a wife, two children and a business of which they rely on my existence, so I said to myself that it is time to think about them, but I first need to change my habits. I visited Dr. Plourde for an initial evaluation throught the recommendation of a friend who is a patiet as well and from that day forward, I have followed his diet and exercise prescription faithfully. Walking in the door I was taking hypertension and cholesterol medications for the last 10 years. Over the course of six-months, I began seeing outstanding results through his guidance and direction with a controlled weight-loss. I have lost a total of 101.7 lbs and now engaged in the Maintenance phase of Dr. Plourde's program. I have gone from a waist line of 42 down to a 32. Today, I no longer take any medications per the recommendation of my physician and recently had my annual physical and my personal physician was absolutely taken back by my success and said I did it the right way under the direction of a nutritionist / exercise physiologist. My energy, focus, sleep patterns are entirely different for the good today. I am eating the right foods, being critical in how the preparation of food when I dine out and more informed about health and wellness for myself is a lifestyle change that I have embraced. I feel the best I have ever felt in my adult life and now focused in continuing to maintain my past success well into the future. more

CHANGED MY LIFE! 12/18/2011

You know when you hear or see something and you can?t believe it? true? Well that is how I felt about the Plourde institute. When I first heard about it I was like this can?t be real, how can this guy do all this in such a short amount of time? BUT I WAS WRONG! After sitting down with Dave I was INSTINTLY amazed with how knowledgeable he was about weight loss and how our bodies work. I sat there on the edge of my seat ready to start the program. I am 25 years old 4?11 and was WAY overweight. I had been through all different types of diets and was at my ultimate low. My dad had just passed away and I was ready to change my life for him. Now it is 5 months later and I have lost 31 pounds. I have never been so happy in my life. I feel great in my clothes and have more confident then ever before. Dave is so compassionate, and listens to every word you have to say. His daily text message has helped me through the program, and has reminded me every day to stay on plan. This is not only a diet, but also a life style change. We all think dieting is hard; this was not, thanks to Dave he made it so easy that the pounds have just fallen off. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to achieve a healthy weight. Thank you Dr. Plourde for changing me life. ? more

Great Success! 8/17/2011

One of the realizations in life for a ""Type A"" personality is that we cannot do everything ourselves and sometimes we need help. Thanks so much to the PLOURDE INSTITUTE. With the PLOURDE INSTITUTE'S help, I have lost 70 lbs and able to get off my Cholesterol and blood pressure medication, not to mention a much improved sex life! A gift of a longer and healthier life will enable me to enjoy my children and grandchildren is the greatest gift of all! The one and only downside of the PLOURDE INSTITUTE is that I have had to buy two new sets of clothes and shopping is not one of my favorite things to do! The value of what the PLOURDE INSTITUTE has done for me is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

I am so grateful for the Plourde Institute!! 7/16/2011

I am so glad that a friend referred me to the Plourde Institute!! I have been trying to lose weight for years and have tried many programs. After starting with Dr. Dave, I realized that his program is 2nd to none. I have lost weight consistently, I feel great and according to all my friends and family, I am looking great too!! The best thing about the Plourde Institute is that it is not guess work, it is science based and specific. Also, Dr. Dave is the most caring doctor that I have ever met. He is always available and there to guide me during my process. I feel like I have a partner that I know I can count on. I am on track to meet my target weight soon and I know that I never would have made without Dr. Dave. more

Wish I had done this sooner! 7/8/2011

When I first walked into the office I was completely ready for a life change I was so tired (mentally and physically) of being overweight and not having a clear direction in what to do, what will and will not work and all the blah blah blah surrounding weight loss. During my consultation with Dr. Plourde he went over the details of the program and how and why it will work - it's completely based on science, but what really impressed me was just how much Dr. Plourde cares about each of his patients. Helping others is truly his passion in life. I would highly recommend that you seek out his help if you have been struggling with your weight. Since starting his program about 7 weeks ago I have lost 28 lbs I cant wait to see where this journey takes me next. I have more energy, stamina, balance, and of course self-confidence. ~Amanda more

Work hard and you will thrive 4/5/2011

I assume that if you don't work hard to follow a system, the system won't work for you. I suspect that those unhappy clients are the ones that have trouble being disciplined. What a shame because the results are astounding. more

The Real Deal 3/31/2011

I have been seeing Dave for a month and i have lost 30% of my body fat. It is not just the nutritional plan, or excercise prescription - for me it is the constant positive support he and his team provide that makes all the difference. more

Dave Plourde is a genius 3/31/2011

Dave Plourde is THE best nutritionist around. I have lost more than 40 punds in 5 months. He has a great, easy to follow program and completely invests himself In his patients. He is dedicated, smart, and caring. He talks to you everyday to insure you are following his plan. He gives you great foods and recipes to eat and follow. He has the easiest exercise regimen to assist you in obtaining cardiovascular health. Dave Will help you lose weight and keep it off! I have sent more than 10 patients to Dave and every single person has lost incredible amounts of fat. In fact, my closest friend and his brother each lost more than 70 pounds! Another close friend was diabetic and Dave got his blood sugar balanced, got him off his meds (his doctor approved) and lowered his hypertensive blood pressure with diet so he became normo-tensive. Dave Plourde is the real deal! more

Works for me 2/28/2011

I am a different kind of case entirely. I did not go to the Plourde Institute because I believed I had any health issues. I am an athlete and thought I was within a healthy weight range. I was just fascinated by all this stuff that his ad said. I had 30 minutes to kill on a friday evening before hitting traffic. What I discovered after an initial visit is that I have been inadvertently lied to by every doctor about my weight. Because most doctors use an arbitrary ratio to determine if you're in a heathy weight range, they said your x tall and weigh x, you???re underweight. Because my frame is small, they all thought I was. Well I wasn't. I was shocked that for years my doctors couldn???t do better than that. What I???d been told was to gain weight and reduce my exercise to almost nothing. I was purposely trying to actually gain weight so that I could conceive a baby. What I actually did was throw my insulin off an prob undermined that whole effort. Not only that, I was totally miserable. I felt exhausted, depressed and less mentally sharp. I started the program, and while I could care less about the weight loss, I know what I am doing is working for me. I fly right out of bed every morning instead of it being nearly impossible to haul myself out. My body not my head now tell me when I need to eat, I used to get these terrible headaches when the blood sugar would drop. I look in the mirror and its like time is going in reverse on my face. It's less wrinkled than its been in 5 years. The depressive cloud hanging over my whole situation is lifting off. It's been two weeks, I wonder what will happen in 2 months. Some of these reviews I've read say this program is too expensive. I posed the question to myself: How much will it cost me to care for myself after I've gradually eroded my organs and immune system? What quality of life will I have if I wait until I am 60 or 70 to try to do something right? What will it cost me to fight the cancers and diseases that may grow in my body? I can look around at some of my family and shutter at the answer. To eat right, some say its too hard. Of course it is. Undoing years of eating an American diet and breaking what have become sugar addictions is hard. I still would rather know how to do it. I honestly didn't. I thought all the things I ate were healthy. They weren't that bad. What I can't dispute is that taking those things out of my diet has helped my entire body look and work better and I had a safe, healthy and structured approach for it, very important to my situation. I get daily encouragement, which I don???t really need as much as some but appreciate none the less! The investment in this education, again weighed against the cost illness I will prevent, seems like a worthwhile investment to me. We invest in cars, houses, retirement, why not health? I want to live a long time and chase around grandkids. What you get here is a teacher, dietitian, trainer, counselor and someone holding you accountable daily to do what you ned to do (rolled into one). I hope more people think that they are worth the investment. more

personalized weight loss program ensures success! 2/11/2011

The Plourade Institute provides a scientific, hands-on, personalized weight-loss system, that teaches and reinforces healthy eating habits and manageable exercise routines. After an initial comprehensive consultation and evaluation, Dr. Plourde designs a personalized weight-loss and exercise program so you can achieve optimal fat loss results, while gaining lean muscle mass. He checks in on your progress daily to help you stay ""on plan,"" and also performs a detailed evaluation every week in order to document your progress and your success. He is your own personal coach and cheerleader. Daily texts and his 24 hour/ 365 day ""on-call"" status ensures that any question or need is satisfied almost immediately. After being on plan for 2 months, I have surpassed my 1st weight-loss goal. More importantly, I have gained control of my unhealthy eating habits. I feel energized and strong. I have recommended Dr Plourde to friends and family. They, too, have experienced tremendous success! more

Plourde Institute 2/10/2011

My Plourde Experience ??after struggling to lose and keep weight off over my entire adult life?. more

Works like a charm 2/6/2011

This program worked extremely well for me. As for the negative review(s), there is one individual who has been using different personas and posting multiple reviews on every review site imaginable for over 2 years to tarnish the good work of the Plourde Institute. This is obvious because the writing style, phraseology and syntax are strikingly similar. So, someone has a major issue and it's likely due to failure in the program. Whomever you are, I feel bad for you. I truly do because I assume you tried everything (with failure), then went to see Dave Plourde, and failed in his program too. Instead of looking in the mirror and taking accountability, you are lashing out at a true and caring professional. You are clearly a very unhappy human being, unable to address your weight issues and the deep rooted self-esteem problems that are at the core. If you had a bad experience, so be it...we all have had a few in life...but to still be spewing bile after 2 years is really tragic. I hope you seek and find the help you need. Until then, you need to move on dude. Oh yeah, I have gone from 42% body fat to 21% in 3.5 months, and I'm on a bullet train to 15% and the best physical condition of my life. My kind of ""rip off""...ripping the fat off my body and adding years to my life! more
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