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Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - 41 Reviews - 8365 Perrin Beitel Rd, San Antonio, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (210) 706-0988

Perrin-410 Animal Hospital

8365 Perrin Beitel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218
(210) 706-0988
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Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital - San Antonio, TX


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I have never been so happy with the service we receive from Dr. Ramsey and the other Doctors that work at Perrin 410 Animal Hospital. Their staff is so knowledgable, kind, polit...


Our 9 year old companion starting having heavy nose bleeds which had caused him to black out and hit the concrete pretty hard. It was late in the evening so we took him to this pl...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/15/2015

I took my fur baby in today for a check up... Great service!!!! The Doctor was really nice and went the extra mile for us.. When it was time to pay the receptionist gave us a discount for being first time customers without us asking for it... Would definitely return.. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/30/2013

While droping off my 3 year old at his school this morning in the southside, the most adorable little pug ran up to us an hoped in our car. I noticed he had tags so i called the number. The number turned out to be a vet clinic and the doctor answered, i explained to him how we found this pup and needed to get in contact with the owner. He told me when his staff got in he would have them look up the pups info and get back to me. I work at a medical clinic and got busy in the morning but when i was able to check my phone, i noticed the clinic had called so i called them back. Again the doc answered and he told me how he tried to call me but i didnt answer and he would have to get back to me. he seemed to have an attitude like his time was more important than mine and i should have answered the first time he called. Well im sorry Dr. whom ever you are, but your time is no more important than anyone elses just because your a doc. I would be very weary of entrusting your pet to this person because if he gets lost and someone tries to find you, this person may be just as disinterested in helping you recover your family member. We will instead put out flyers and find the owners on our own and when we find them, we will let them know how little help their vet was. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

I have taken my pets to Perrin-410 for many years. I have been pleased with each visit. The service provided is always great and the staff is friendly and caring. I always receive a clear explanation of the fees and treatment for my pets. They can get busy on the weekends which can cause a wait at times but the girls up front always keep us posted. I would recommend Perrin-410 to anyone looking for great care for their pets. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/12/2012

Definitely not going back to this place. Should have changed vets sooner but our cat was so sick and they ran up a bill of 500 dollars and still we went home with a very sick cat. He almost died. They told us to bring him back so they could do a ultra sound, more tests. 1,500 dollars later they did all these tests and still could not tell us a thing. Finally, we asked for another vet at the place, someone who mature and had experience. Still more tests and another 500 dollars plus they even broke our cat carrier!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/16/2012

I have never been so happy with the service we receive from Dr. Ramsey and the other Doctors that work at Perrin 410 Animal Hospital. Their staff is so knowledgable, kind, polite and professional. They treat your pet as if it was their own with so much compasion. We do not leave our yorkies with just anyone when they are not able to travel with us.. So guess what I leave them in their kennel and dont even worry about the care they get..DR RAMSEYand HIS STAFF have saved our 3 yr old yorkie life TWICE..SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE STAFF AT PERRIN 410 ANIMAL HOSPITAL. highly recommended. THANK YOU PERRIN 410 ANIMAL HOSPITAL. more

Brought my cat to this clinic for 5/29/2012

Brought my cat to this clinic for treatment because of it being close to my home. Turned out to be a complicated case that fortunately the drs here have handled with professionalism and kindness. They cover all their bases with the knowledge you would expect a vet to have in conjunction with the latest technology at their disposal. more

Definitely NOT recommended! 10/6/2011

Our 9 year old companion starting having heavy nose bleeds which had caused him to black out and hit the concrete pretty hard. It was late in the evening so we took him to this place for urgent assistance. When we first arrived they were quick to respond, however, when they took our friend to the back (without us) we automatically felt left in the dark which increased the panic feeling that we were experiencing. After waiting several minutes we were then asked to the back to met the vet. After he questioned us on what was going on, even though it was quite obvious that blood was constantly dripping down from his nose, he proceeded to say that he had no idea what it could be without running several tests that would be around $300-$500. Then asked us how we would be paying. Unfortunately we only had $100 and were willingly to set up payment arrangements or give a post dated check for the remaining balance. We were then told that they could not provide services if we could not come up with that amount 'up front'. Due to our financial hardship our beloved animal was not able to have services rendered at that instant. All we could do was ask for our dog back and wait for the morning to see if another place would have the heart to help him and honor our promises to pay. So then we were told that we owed $50 for an office visit and would have to pay before we could have him back. After refusing to pay for a service that we did not even witness being rendered the vet tech said he was going to call the police to report 'theft of services'. We felt that we were being taken advantage of so we informed him to do so if that was the way they wanted to handle it. So then after making us wait again, he then came out with our pup and said we were free to go. I must say that this place is worthless to animals in urgent care needs and insensitive to any person whom is experiencing a financial hardship. It's the principal of the matter that our pet needed urgent assistance and was turned away because of monetary value. My advice would be to not go to this place if you really love your pet. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend Texas Veterinary Hospital (TVH) on Thousand Oaks. They were true angels who listened and helped. We felt the compassion they had for animals and they even helped us with a plan of action on treatment that we could afford. They even discounted a couple of medication injections to help him with the bleeding AND waived the new patient exam. Their staff was very professional and informative, in fact their vet tech new a lot more than this moron who threatened to call the police on us. more


I had to access this website because I forgot the office phone number and I was shocked to read some of the reviews! I've been going to Perrin 410 Animal Hospital for over 3 years and have never experienced a problem. Yes, there have been times when I've waited longer than I wanted to, but I see pet owners going in and out of the examining area in tears, t's obvious the staff is tending to a pet in a very serious condition. Would I want my pet to have that type of attention if criical? YES! Unfortunately, satisfied customers are not as quick to compliment as an unsatisfied customer is to complain. While I agree that valid complaints can be very useful, many times it is personal and is not fairly presented. I was just there this morning, cost was reasonable and service was excellent! I just wanted to express my gratitude to the Vets, CVAs, Receptionists, and any other staff that we don't get to see. Thank you Perrin-410 Animal Hospital for the service you provide. I appreciate it and my dog (Smokey) does too! more


I've read the negative reviews, and I don't understand how they could think the desk staff and others are rude. Everyone has been most kind and helpful, and we've been in a lot since adopting a dog from the pound who came with kennel cough and Frontline-resistant fleas, and who they diagnosed several weeks later (after extensive lab tests) with distemper. Distemper is often fatal, but Dr. Rocky pulled our dog through with good care and a 2-week round of immune-enhancing shots (1 every 3 days). Yes, they're very expensive, and yes, they did tests that had been done at the pound (but they pointed out that sometimes the pound's results aren't correct), and yes they do tack on fees that are unexpected, but the fact remains that we now have a healthy, happy dog who probably would have died without their excellent care. Two days after we got our dog from the pound, we were in doubt that she would survive another 24 hours and we couldn't get ahold of our previous vet. This clinic was recommended by a friend who is a vet who used to work there since they were nearby and open until 11 p.m. everyday and she knew that they did truly care about animals and were quite good. She was right! more

2 cat owner 7/14/2011

This Vet has been our Cat's primary doctor since we arrived in San Antonio five years ago. They have great hours and we can always get in the same day or next day. They have a a great boarding program also. more


I had been in the past and didn't have any problems before. I even had my Mom take her cat there in one emergency situation. Well, I had taken my cat in last week because I was very worried about her. I had written down everything I observed and already tried and handed it to the receptionist when we arrived. She was in the files so we waited and eventually went back to the examining room finally. Everything went fine and I was talking about the price of gas and of course that I wanted to get out of there paying as little as possible. The first estimate that Dr. Bermes brought me was way too much. I said we need to take off 1 or 2 items if possible and she asked me if funds were limited. I'm thinking, ""Is she Sherlock?"" ""Du yes I just said we needed to take items off the estimate."" Anyway she did take 2 items off for me, that was good. I got out of there with med put in my cats ear thinking the problem would be taken care of (for $116 which was going to start out as @ $340 wo horsey). So next week I bring her in for the follow up and she wants to run a test, says the med did not work and I was like, ""No I am not paying out anymore money."" So I left and then I was called the next day and the receptionist left a message that said I had owed @$26 for the follow up. I called back and said that no one told me to begin with that there was going to be a charge for a follow up appt, I had never heard of being charged for a follow up appt, and that I was going to pay it, but I won't go there again. In my opinion if you are rich and you like helping inexperienced Veterinarians learn what the more experienced ones already know like how not to run several tests and charge outrageous prices when it is unnecessary then take your pet there. more

She really cares 1/24/2011

Came in right before they closed because my beagle got hit. Dr.Bermes was kind, thorough, and treated Sam with respect. She gave him pain medicisine right away, and stayed late to help us out. We have found our new vet. Highly recommend. more


They are absolutely the best!! They took excellent care of my dog Princess for years when I arrived in Texas & welcomed us with open arms! DR. RAMSEY & DR. STUCKEY are the BEST!! All of the staff is kind, compassionate, knowledgable and professional and they go out of their way for their "patients" and their families. They have extended office hours which are important in case of urgent and emergent care in the evening and on weekends.It was wonderful to be able to frop her off on my way to work in a medical hospital & pick her up after. The vet would call me & let me know that she was O.K. and how she was doing so that I was always informed & did not have to worry. They are excellent teachers and give excellent treatment!!! I am extremely grateful to all of the staff & they will forever be in our hearts!! more

Bitter sweet 7/29/2010

The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful. I had to go in on a Sunday for an emergency and it was awesome to have them there! Even though we lost our kitty, I will be going back for future pet care. more

Open late is great 7/27/2010

prices a little high but open late is a plus. This hospital open late til 11pm for after work convience. Goin to take my dog in today to get check. more

Not even worth one star 7/25/2010

My cat had a horrible UTI and I decided to take him to this vet as we used them sparingly beforehand. Yet when I arrived my mother and I were told just to get him started on help we needed to pay $500, and this was before they truly knew what procedures needed to be done. After an expensive surgery we were then told that we needed to buy their brand of cat food which was ridiculously overpriced because they had already opened the bag and fed him some (which we found was completely unopened). \r \r Terrible treatment with staff, ridiculous prices, and although my animal is safely at home now we will never return there again due to our treatment and my cat's treatment. more

Don't Go Here if you care about your animal 4/2/2010

Don't go there. I took my dog there for stomach pain, late afternoon. They advertise that they are Emergency Care; however, they took appointments ahead of me. They put us in a room, and told me someone would get to me; well...forty five minues later, I realized they were catering to their non-emergency clients, over us. My animal was in visible pain, and it was getting worse, and they were aware. We left and went to another nearby Emergency room where he was given emergency surgery, and hospitalized for three days. thank god i left. my dog would have died if i'd waited any longer. more

Don't EVER take your pet here if you care or love ur pet! 3/5/2010


Great Price and Service 2/25/2010

I've been a customer for several years since our dog Kona was hit by a car early on a Sunday morning. I was prepared to pay extra for an emergency fee but I was happy to find out how competitve the prices were to other offices. Dr. Ramsey did a wonderful job on our dogs broken hip/pelvis. Six years later she is doing fantastic. We now have a total of 7 dogs whom we all take there, I've shopped around and found out they have the best value for you money. more
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  • At Perrin-410 Animal Hospital we strive to provide your pet with "the best care anywhere" in a state-of-the art veterinary care facility and with a compassionate, friendly atmosphere. We are a full service hospital and clinic providing routine, urgent, and emergency care. There is never an additional fee for night, weekend, or holiday visits. We offer you the convenient hours seven days a week from 7:00a.m.- 11:00p.m. We offer many services at Perrin-410 such as: Wellness Exams, Routine Dentistry, General Surgery, Cosmetic Ear-cropping, Orthopedic surgery, Digital Radiology, Stem Cell Therapy, Acupuncture, Immunizations, Prescription Diets, Pain Management, Emergency Services- at no extra cost, and much more. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit for your convenience.

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    7am - 11pm, 7 days a week
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    Northeast San Antonio, Village North