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16085 Perry Hwy
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Came in, I chewed for 30 years. Chewing 1 can ad ay sometimes 2. As of Jan. 21st, I have not had a chew in 2 months. No craving gained some weight for very happy.


I can't give this place any stars at all. This is a total ripoff. I was charged for the luxury of sitting in a room listening to relaxation tapes- NOT what I was told when I paid ...

Relaxing 3/27/2014

Came in, I chewed for 30 years. Chewing 1 can ad ay sometimes 2. As of Jan. 21st, I have not had a chew in 2 months. No craving gained some weight for very happy. more

Anger Management 3/20/2014

Numerous visits to psychotherapists, psychologists to be "treated" for anger management over 2 years with minimal results. I have received several sessions for anger management and have seen life changing results! Don't hesitate one day, call for your consultation you'll be forever changed for the better more

Five stars. 3/14/2014

Not much more to say. You cannot improve on perfection. more

works great 2/28/2014

I have not had urges to eat junk food in months I have slowly and consistent my lost weight, about 20 lbs now. I even lost weight through the Christmas holidays. I never touch junk food anymore! more

PA Hypnosis put me at ease! 2/21/2014

I went to PA Hypnosis Center for hypnosis to lose weight. Everybody in the office was very welcoming. I was nervous at first because hypnosis is considered an alternative type of treatment. It is not your run of the mill practice. The free consultation that they offered was very informative and helped put me at ease with the process. I decided to go through will the process and they made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Since having the hypnosis, I have lost 50 pounds! I am glad that I went through with it. more

Don't hesitate! 2/20/2014

I've been going to PA Hypnosis Center since July, and it has been a total success for me! So far I've lost 60 pounds, and my goal was 75! They've made it very easy, and they explained everything in detail. They gave me helpful hints to be a success, and they're willing to work with you when you need to see them. I've recommended people to go there, and they're also having success. They make it easy, and I couldn't have done it without them! Please don't hesitate to call them, especially if you've tried everything else. It works. If you're wiling to make a life change for the better, don't hesitate! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/24/2014

Dan Vitchoff helped me lose over 100 pounds and helped me control my anxiety and improve my self esteem. I had put on so much weight throughout the years and it really hurt my self confidence and led to a lot of anxiety. I was always worried people were judging me because of my weight or watching everything I ate at a restaurant or everything I put in my shopping cart in the grocery store. My life was so miserable, I stopped spending time with my friends, I avoided family functions because I was afraid people would say something about how much weight I gained. The harder I tried to lose it, the more weight I gained because I was thinking about food all of the time. I had tried everything, online weight watcher, pre-packaged foods, b-12 shots and nothing worked. I was hungry, tired and cranky. I got to the point that I was so fed up and I heard Bubba from the radio station, star talking about how much weight he lost and i thought, oh, you're a guy, it's easier for you to lose weight because you're a guy. Then I heard Maria from Q-92 say that she lost weight too. I figured, what the heck I tried everything else. I was so nervous and anxious about going, I was afraid to tell people but honestly, as soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and i instantly felt better. Dan talked to me about how hard it can be to lose weight on your own because you're not really talking to the right part of your brain to make the new habits stick. My sessions were really nice, really relaxing. I really look forward to every session because I know I'll feel better when I leave and I really do feel so much better. I can be having a horrible day and then walk out and forget anything bad ever happened. I lost over 100 pounds and I am in a brand new wardrobe. I don't eat junk food anymore, I don't snack all day and night anymore. i have so much more energy. I stopped drinking pop, I switched to water completely, I tried doing that on my own so many times I can't even tell you how many. I eat lots of healthy foods, vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. I don't feel hungry. I'm really amazed with the results that I've achieved and my doctor couldn't be happier. She said I gave myself 10 years back on my life. My blood pressure went down, I'm not considered pre-diabetic anymore and I just feel so much better. I'm really happy that I decided to go to PA Hypnosis Center, thanks, Dan! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/23/2014

Darla M., 01/23/2014\r I have been a smoker for 26 years. I went to PA Hypnosis in Warrendale and worked with Dan Vitchoff. Dan and his staff are very caring people and want you to succeed. They work with you to achieve your goals, and yippie, I finally quit smoking.. They have hearts of giants and are absolutely amazing people. If you are looking to quit smoking or lose weight, I highly recommend Dan. He is truly a life saver. \r \r I am now working with Dan to lose weight and have lost 23 pounds so far. If you need help, PA Hypnosis is the one to call. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/22/2014

Dan Vitchoff helped me stop smoking in May and I have not touched a cigarette since. I have not had any cravings or desires since my quit day. He also helped me with my food cravings. I have not eaten any sugar, chocolate, candy or sweets. I went down two sizes so far and I feel great. I highly recommend PA Hypnosis Center. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/21/2014

I have to start by saying that these negative reviews are not in any way a fair and accurate reflection of this business. Dan Vitchoff is wonderful. He spent a significant amount of time with me before I paid any money and even more after. Reader many of these negative reviews are bogus. I hope that you can read my story and have a better understanding of Dan Vitchoff really can help you. I suffered from debilitating anxiety. I have 5 kids and I had trouble leaving the house or driving because I was afraid something bad would happen. I had tried a lot of different medications and counseling and nothing helped. A friend of mine told me to call Dan Vitchoff at PA Hypnosis Center. She said she saw a news story about him on WTAE and she was really impressed that he worked with Olympic athletes and helped them win Gold Medals. Like everything else, I was very hesitant, my friend actually lined up a babysitter for my kids and drove me there for my appointment. As soon as I walked in I felt more comfortable. The staff was so nice, I met with Dan Vitchoff and he talked to me about how my brain works and why this anxiety can be so hard to get under control on my own. He also said he helped a lot of people in similar situations so I decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt during my sessions and after. I know I left the office with a big smile on my face because I can't remember the last time I felt that good. Now, I feel so much better. I have a lot more confidence. I don't worry so much about everything under the sun. I feel much more like myself. My husband is thrilled, he can't believe the difference, my kids tell me everyday that they're so happy that I'm smiling again! Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center, Thank you so much for all of your help! I could not have done this without you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/20/2014

I did have the same experience as a few of the reviews that I read. I went to PA Hypnosis with an open mind to quit smoking. During my initial consultation, Dan V. was very attentive and spent a great deal of time with me (as any good salesman would) and future visits were not the same. He spoke with me for a few minutes, put the headphones and CD on and left...then he never came back. His staff came in to let me know I was done. For the cost, I expected the personal session not a CD. During two of my sessions, he was interrupted and said he'd be right back...half hour later, he came back in to get me plugged in (thank goodness the seats were comfy)\r \r During my last session, Dan V. came in to get me started and asked for any cigarettes and lighters. No one told me to bring these. I left them with my hubby as he was still smoking. After my ""quit"" session, I called a day or so later and spoke with an office member. I said, this is like quitting cold turkey (which I've done a few times), I see no difference, Is this how it's supposed to be? She said, are you listening to the CD's. I said, what CDs? I was never given any. He didn't even see me after the last session. She said to give it a few more days and then call if it wasn't any better.\r \r I sent a letter outlining my experience & to cancel my last appt in writing. I requested a partial refund as the hypnosis did not work for me (I was smoking again of course). I got no response. Not a phone call, not a letter...NOTHING. I wasn't totally surprised as after he got my money, he was not nearly as attentive as before I paid him. \r \r My personal feeling is that if you want something, you have to focus and just do it. I have recently quit smoking on my own and feel much better about it since I did it myself. There is no easy way to do the hard things. I was hoping for an easy quit but I don't believe this is possible. I would NOT recommend PA Hypnosis unless you go in with lots of questions and all the facts AND are prepared to lose money if it doesn't work because you will not get a refund (as you can see by the other reviews where it didn't work). Perhaps hypnosis doesn't work for everyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/20/2014

I have never written a review in my life but I feel compelled to write one now because Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center really helped me turn my life around. The first time I went to see Dan Vitchoff was 4 years ago and he helped me stop smoking, I was skeptical, really didn't think it was going to work even though I knew a lot of people he helped. I was completely amazed. When I left his office on my ""quit day"" I felt good but really didn't think it would work. Now, 4 years later, I can honestly tell you I never even wanted another cigarette after my quit session. I didn't even think about smoking. Even when I was around people who were smoking, I didn't want to smoke. Because it worked so well with smoking I decided to try it for weight loss, that was a really positive experience too. Dan did a free consultation, talked to me about when I felt I overate, what kinds of foods I would binge on and whether or not I was exercising. he recommended a program and I am so glad I did it. I lost over 50 pounds. I feel great, I am exercising, I am not overeating, I feel in control, I am so proud of myself. This is the first time in my life I feel like I don't have to eat something because it's there or eat everything on my plate. I go to the gym 5 days a week and I love it. I look forward to waking up early and working out. It's hard to believe how much my life has changed for the better thanks to Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/14/2013

In July 2013 I went to Pa Hypnosis center with the notion that this is bull sh!t......I seriously dont believe in hypnosis. I just stopped in to see what it was all about, for weight loss after failing miserably at losing weight. I'm 6'3"" and fat. now i am a firm believer in the 33 method. I seriosly thought it was the biggest joke when I read about it. But due to being , as the doctor called me.....""morbidly obese"" I had to find something that would ASSIST me in my weight loss. It is now the middle of 12/2013 and I have lost over 120 pounds. I no longer drink pop, and I LOVE raw vegetables.....yes not deep fried, raw. My cravings for junk food are gone. I used to eat pasta and pizza and french fries constantly. Now, I absolutely have no desire for any of them. It is unbelievable how much better I feel already. I am so glad that I didnt get gastric bypass surgery because there is more risk with that than I was willing to have. Plus too many people end up gaining the weight back and im sure I would have. I will write a follow up on here in six months to show where I am at. I now am a firm believer in the 33 Method, it works and I am proof. You can stop in at their office and ask to see my pictures before and current. Hope this helps someone. They saved my life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2013

Dan Vitchoff helped me lose 15 stubborn pounds that I had been trying to get off for years! My consultation was great, very informative, he took a lot of time with me and explained why it can be so hard to change behaviors on my own. He made me feel like there was hope. I have tried everything and this 15 pounds had been nagging at me for so long. It just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. My first session was so relaxing, he told me not to expect it to be ""magic"" hypnosis that there was no such thing. He explained these are small changes that add up to big results over a period of time and that's exactly what happened. I don't drink pop anymore. I don't have any desires for sweets or carbs. I am enjoying exercise so much more than I ever have and I've gone down a full dress size. I've never felt this confident about myself before. Thank you so much, Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/9/2013

Wow I did not have the same experience as many that were listed below. My initial free consultation lasted 2 hours because Dan kept leaving and saying he would be back in five minutes and then not be back for a half hour this happened two times. We discussed two plans and my credit cards was overcharged. When I questioned this i was told that my credit card could not be credited back because of cost. There was a lot of pressure at that time to just drop it but I insisted on them writing me a check for the sessions I had not agreed upon. In that first meeting there was a lot of bragging about past clients like crown princes etc . I felt very uncomfortable. I should have walked away then....The sessions consist of pre-recorded tapes. At the end I didn't know what to do so I just stayed in the room and Dan eventually came back and asked me what I though the length of the tape had been, I said pretty long. I was then questioned did it last more than 10 minutes? Yes 15? Yes..20? Yes I think more than 20. Then I was asked in a sharp voice, is it you think or you know. I was then told that there is a difference. Was I absolutely certain. He then explained that the average person is hypnotized in 12 minutes or less. I knew I was in trouble as I remembered every bit of the 45 minute tape....When I expressed my concerns that it didn't seem to be working and at subsequent sessions I was told don't worry it will work. It never did.. I didn't start liking vegetables or lean proteins more than I had and I didn't like chocolate or starches any less. I didn't lose a pound..I was told that it was my fault because I was negative about not liking vegetables. I replied that I had never liked vegetables and had hoped that this process would change that. I didn't make a $ investment in something that I wanted to fail. Again I was told that it will work and to make sure I was drinking the protein shakes they sell. \r \r The last session I went to I didn't even see Dan, the receptionist put in the tape. There was never any follow up. You just came in put on a visor that covered your eyes and they popped in a tape and then when it was done you just left. \r \r I have left several messages about receiving a refund for the second plan I signed up for and have heard nothing. Be very careful and only sign up for this if you have money to throw away. It is very high pressure sales although they play soothing music in the lobby. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/25/2013

I had a great experience at PA Hypnosis Center. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions on the phone, and invited me in for a free consultation. The consultation was a great experience in and of itself, they didn't judge me for being overweight, in fact they explained how difficult it can be to change your thought process when it comes to food and explained how they could do that with hypnosis. They did tell me upfront what they do is different from any other hypnosis center, but that's why they've had so much success. After the consultation I purchased a weight loss program. I am half way through my program and I have already lost 30 pounds. Before this I would binge eat and wouldn't be able to resist sweets and comfort foods. I feel so much more in control. The sessions are really relaxing and I always look forward to my next session because each time I feel like I get more out of it. I recommend pa hypnosis to anyone wanting to be hypnotized! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2013

Dan Vitchoff helped me lose 60 pounds. I usually don't write reviews especially not about something health related and personal like hypnosis but my results were so dramatic I felt compelled to write a review. Dan Vitchoff managed to make me not want any junk food or fast food. Its really surprising. My wife is thrilled. I sleep better, I feel better, my sleep apnea has improved. I just feel really good. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2013

Would like to let everyone know how much Dan Vitchoff helped me with my weight loss goal. I have never written a review before in my life but I felt compelled to share my story because I had such a great experience. I lost 60 pounds. I feel better, I sleep better and I don't crave any junk food or fast food. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2013

The PA Hypnosis Center went above and beyond to help me increase my pistol scores. Being a competitive pistol shooter demands extreme mental focus and concentration. The PA Hypnosis Center was able help improve my focus and concentration and as a result my scores increased by 5%. Any body in competitive shooting looking for an edge should pay a visit to the PA Hypnosis Center. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/25/2013

PA Hypnosis Center works wonders... My Fiance purchased this for me as a Birthday Present... I was a little skeptical... 60 pounds lighter I am a true believer and fan... I would recommend this to anyone who has struggled in the past... Thias WORKS!!! more
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