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Pedigree Shop

1 Flatiron Cir
Broomfield, CO 80021
(720) 887-1300
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actually yes i understand puppy mills are not ok. its a horrible thing to do. I have bought three of my dogs from the pedigree shop and they are all doing great and are amazing do...


This store is totally a puppy mill. If this was real caring breeder they would have interested in where their puppies end up. We indirectly have a dog from the pedigree shop, ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2014

I was at the Pedigree Shop in the Park Meadows Mall,they had lots of Puppies,etc. for sale. No one was in the store except the employees. A Pet store,where there was no barking? Never been in a pet store where you could of heard a pin drop. I noticed two Sheltie puppies in the area where you can pet them,so being a former owner of a Sheltie( my sweet friend passed some time ago) I went over to pet them. I have never been near a Sheltie or any puppy that was not jumping around,barking,or happy to have attention. These two babies acted like they were drugged. No reaction to being petted at all. Just blank stares. The larger of the two kept falling over. My thought was are they drugged,or stoned? Or sick,I realized that there was absolutely no noise from any of the puppies. Something is really wrong here. more

This store is totally a puppy mill. If 5/31/2012

This store is totally a puppy mill. If this was real caring breeder they would have interested in where their puppies end up. We indirectly have a dog from the pedigree shop, and I asked whether they can help or have any numbers to help owners find homes for the dogs they produce and they don't care where theses dogs end up. We bought a dog from a real dog breeder, and she has a contract that states if rehoming your dog, you must contact her because she wants to be part of this process, and she wants to make sure they end up in good homes. Also she already spays and neuters her dogs before selling them to buyers THis insure that her dogs are not breed with out having the right traits and good health before breeding. This is a puppy mill, and needs to be shut down. Sure puppies are cute, but even a well clean care however, at a used car shop cars can look appealing till you look under the hood. Don't support this store, there a really good breeders if you go to official dog breed sites who had real dog breeders. Adhonays labradoodles have dogs that don't exhibit the traditional style labradoodle coats are are discounted to $500 for a well bred puppy. This is cheaper and you are supporting a good breeder than a bad one. more

Responsible breeders? 10/24/2011

Whoever says that this place gets puppies from responsible breeders is full of bull crap. What kind of responsible breeder would sell it's puppies to a store where their dogs can be bought by any random person who just so happens to stroll in? Also, any good breeder will do health testing on their dogs, such as testing eyes for most herding dogs and hips/elbows for large dogs. I highly doubt the people who breed the dogs for this place do that. A responsible breeder also breeds for a reason beyond the ""puppies are cute"" or the ""I can earn money for this"". These dogs are simply bred to be pets, not work for a specific job. Bottom line is, if you're going to deal with a responsible breeder, fine, but don't support the population growth of dogs while thousands are being put down in shelter by going to a place that sells back yard breeder puppies. more

disgusting! 12/11/2010

I could not believe the filthy conditions of this store. The stench was unbearable. Almost every cage had feces and urine at the bottom. One cage had feces in the blanket and the puppies were rolling around in it. I told one of the workers there and he was totally unconcerned. Something has to be done about this place. I'm no animal rights fanatic but this was outrageous. I reported it to the Broomfield police just now and they said the animal control people would call me. I've been there several times in the past year hoping to see a change but it just gets worse. more

actually... 1/27/2010

actually yes i understand puppy mills are not ok. its a horrible thing to do. I have bought three of my dogs from the pedigree shop and they are all doing great and are amazing dogs. i have been in there SERVERAL times and there was not ""dirty rags"" or whatever. the dogs had a couple soft beds and they are all very playful and full of life. i know the owners of this store personally and i know where they get their dogs. they get from USDA licensed breeders and only from about 4 or 5 of them. they know these breeders personally and have used them for about 10 years now. and USDA licensed does mean they are checked by the goverment at least twice a month. before you start to judge and assume things you may want to ask the girls who work there to learn more information. more


FOR INFORMATION ON PUPPY MILLS GO TO YOU TUBE AND ENTER PUPPY MILL/ PUPPY AUCTION ALSO GO TO COMPANION ANIMAL PROTECTION GROUP.. .PUPPIES FROM PET STORES COME FROM PUPPY MILLS THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN. A puppy mill is a facility, large or small, that breeds dogs for profit. These facilities are notorious for ignoring the dogs' physical and emotional needs. The dogs go crazy from boredom, and their bodies waste away. Dogs are usually prized for their boundless enthusiasm and zest for life, but in puppy mills, they receive no compassion, and their spirits are broken. They live and die in pain and misery. How do you tell if a pet store gets puppies from puppy mills? First of all, pet stores that have a large selection of purebred puppies (say, 20 to 30) year-round are almost guaranteed to be getting dogs from this type of facility, since otherwise they would not be assured of a constant supply. Second, people who care about puppies look for good homes for them. They do not ship them off to be sold in pet stores. A third indication that a pet store's puppies are mass-produced in puppy mills is if pet store employees are reluctant to tell you the name of the breeder or where the breeder's facility is located. They may say they get puppies from ""private breeders."" Puppy mills ARE private breeders. Petstores will cited a ""strict privacy policy"" regarding its breeders. On registration papers provided to customers most likely they will failed to provide any information about the dog's breeder because its a pupppy mill if they do you can verify yourself at petstore cruelty website.. DO NOT BUY FROM PETSTORES PLEASE Pros: NONE PUPPY MILL PUPPIES Cons: SAME STORE AS PARKMEADOWS F RATING BBB more

awful place/inhumane 11/21/2008

I was walking by Pedigree shop and I decided to go in and see the conditions of how the animals are being kept. I'm pretty disgusted how they keep them in tiny little glass boxes without a soft floor. The bottom of the cage are metal with grids on them. Not exactly a soft area for a puppy or kitten to play on. They have nothing soft to nap on, all I saw was a thin dirty towel on some of the cages. I was told the puppies prefer it this way, I didn't know they could speak and tell you what they like or dislike. more
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