Pecan Terrace Apartments


242 Woodrow St
Lafayette, LA 70506

(337) 234-3088
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I have lived in this apartment complex now for 2 1/2 years and I am very happy with this place! It is a quiet place to stay, especially for a sutdent like myself who is serious ab...


I lived here for almost two years because my job was literally a block up the street. The landlord ""Tom"" Sekhani is a racist man. He was sued by the U.S. Justice department f...

Don't Make The Mistake I did!!!1 1/16/2012

I lived here for almost two years because my job was literally a block up the street. The landlord ""Tom"" Sekhani is a racist man. He was sued by the U.S. Justice department for discriminating against women and children. Don't believe me? Go to any of the local TV station websites and search ""Pecan Terrace"". Tom had to pay a six-figure settlement because of his ILLEGAL practices. Tom also ripped me off by requiring me to pay for damage to the front door and he NEVER fixed it!!! One month left in my lease I was offered job out of state, Tom would not allow me to move. After I took pictures of the unfinished work & spoke to other tenants, I discovered he was discriminating against me by forcing me to pay for the damage, while allowing others (men) to not pay rent. I left and moved out of state, Tom called my old job, had the city marshall's office call me out of state, to no avail because they couldn't legally do anything to me and because I didn't break the law. I had to file my own discrimination/harrassment case with the state of Louisiana and I won!!! The case was settled in a matter of two weeks. Tom agreed, in writing, to not harass me, and to say I left in good standing because I was never late on rent, paid for work that was incomplete and harassed!!!! He gets in everyone's business, he goes into apartments w/out announcing. With that said, the grounds are well kept and because of his hatred for children, hardly any live there and it is very quiet. I'm sure that has changed since he had to pay the government and the people who he discriminated against!! If you want a racist and hateful landlord, by all means, move there, but if you want piece of mind...stay away!!!! more

WORST APT EVER 6/26/2011

I would put negative stars if possible. THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO LIVE. The landlord is COMPLETELY CRAZY!! He wears a pin camera in his shirt to record all conversations. He HATES women. I lived here for a year with a roommate and it was the MOST HORRIBLE experience I have had. The landlord would go into your apartment when you left during the day. I know this because he broke some of our belongings when we weren't home. My roommate and I took the time to take down the hideous wallpaper in the bathrooms, and then painted the entire apartment, we didn't receive any compensation for that. He made us pay 2 separate pet fees a total of $600 on top of our original deposit even though it was not stated in the lease. And to top it off he didn't give us our entire deposit back!! I would strongly suggest that anyone considering these apartments RUN NOT WALK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!! more

Don't Waste Your Time! 9/8/2010

I would give this place no stars if possible! I was looking for a cheap apartment and tried out this place. The landlord is so rude and its obvious he hates women. After seeing an apartment that was dark and stinky I just wanted to leave. But he wanted me to take an application. I thought that was funny because he was so rude to me. He told me that they do a check for criminal records and then he showed me someones criminal record! He actually held it up and showed me. I rented an apartment at a different place that cost much more but its worth it to me. I told them about the landlord and they knew all the bad stuff. And they told me its not legal for him to show someone elses record. I hope he gets sued! more

Great Place for a Great Price 8/31/2010

I have lived in this apartment complex now for 2 1/2 years and I am very happy with this place! It is a quiet place to stay, especially for a sutdent like myself who is serious about school! It is also a safe place to live! It is most defitnitley not a ""high crime area"" as stated in earlier reviews! The landlord is great and cares about his tenants! He checks up on them and makes sure that everything is going good! Those who have written bad reviews most likely did not comply to the lease! Everyone I know that lives in this complex has been here for a long period time (usually years) and that speaks for itself! And on top of all of the positive things to be said, it is an extremely affordable price! more

nice place for a good price 3/24/2010

I have been living here for about 4 months. It is a very quiet place, great place to get some studying done. Everything is keep up pretty well. It is a great location and a good place for college students to stay. Its a place you can feel safe at. more

Clean, private, comfortable, 3/8/2010

I have resided here for almost two years now and have been extremely happy with my experience. The grounds are very well-maintained, the manager is conscientious, thorough and makes certain that his rules are followed: ""This is my business,"" he says, ""My tenants are my customers, and if they are not happy, I will not have a business."" The location of the complex, though off of the industrial area of Cameron Street, is actually very secluded. You do not even realize that the complex is here until you are right on it. It is quiet, peaceful, and has an overall safe feeling. I have my young children with me regularly and am completely comfortable having them here and allowing them to play on the grounds. Some of the other reviews mention things such as ""it is near a high crime area,"" though there has been no indication of this in the two years I have been here (I am very familiar with the area and though there might be crime down the street somewhere, it is not prevalent in the least here at the apartment complex--I truly would not be able to remain here if the place were loud, dangerous, or unclean). The apartment manager expects that his rules are followed, and I respect this a great deal; it is what makes the complex safe, clean and comfortable. I have seen several tenants come and go, and all of those who were unhappy were either usually drunk, obnoxious, aggressive, confrontational or were constantly bothering other tenants. The manager, Mr. Tom, addresses these problems quickly, and such tenants are not around for long. I am very happy with such a peaceful, well-maintained and secure environment, especially for the price. It is unlikely that you would find better. more

Safe and Sound 2/14/2010

I have lived here for 2 years. First in a 1 bedroom. I have transfered to 2 bedroom. The complex is very clean and well maintained (even the pool, tho I wish the water wasn't so hot). I have never had a problem with repairs, which are always done promptly and by the owner himself. He is a very hands on manager, and is very protective of his tenents. It is well known that he will not put up with any kind of disturbance or damage to the property. The rules of the complex are very explicit and he makes sure they are followed. Mr. Tom has always helped and understood any challnges I have had and has done his best to help me over come them. I plan to live here as long as I can. The location is wonderfull for college students. I feel safe and protected here. Pros: hands on owner mgmet. on site security more

It's not worth the stress!! Negative rating. 5/24/2009

Don't live here, no matter how good it seems. The landlord lies, and has no people skills. He has confrontations with everyone. He says one thing and does what he wants. He doesn't keep his word, and says ""I never said that."" He enters apartments when he wants without reason. He entered a residence when the tenant was there and half dressed. He sexually harassed a female tenant. He was sued for discrimination for $160,000. (not nearly enough to put up with him) I'm sure you can look it up on public record. I was there just over a year, and he went through 5 managers. The list goes on and on. I would rather pay double the rent than live there. Pros: no pros Cons: The landlord/owner (Tom Sehkani) more

Stay Away.. 4/1/2009

Hey lived there for 6 months it wasnt the best I lived at. First you think it would be quiet being where it is but all night long their is sirens. It is in a high crime neighboor hood so lock your doors. The managment seem friendly at first but as soon as you questions them on anything they get real ugly. Make sure to take pictures of the apt. when you move in and document everythign that is wrong with it even something as small as a chip in the paint or you will be paying for it when you move out... I was charged 130 when i finally moved out for stuff such as blinds being dirty, cleaing the lights.., drip pan on the stove, and everyone pays a 60 soemthing dallor carpet fee THAT they fail to mention to your ready to move out. Also you have a month after you move out to get your depsite well i got mine after a month and a couple weeks and only because i went there and wouldnt leave to i got it.... So just a friendly warning stay clear of that complex. Cons: horriable service, lots of street noice, outragous moveout more

A hidden treasure... 3/14/2007

Pecan Terrace Apartments - The first thing I liked is that when I called at 4 p.m. I wasn't greeted by voicemail and asked to leave a message. I was able to get the information I needed and had an appointment the following afternoon in order for me to see the place. Tucked away off of Woodrow, first thoughts were along the lines of thinking that it may not be the best neighborhood as it's not far from Cameron Street which connects to what is known only as ""Four Corners"" to locals. It wasn't apartments I was name-friendly with either, but I figured, why not? more
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