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Paula Meola Dance & Performing

50 Leominster Rd #8
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I was a dancer at PAT/Paula Meola Dance and Performing Arts Inc. for close to fifteen years. I would not trade one minute of my time there for anything. I was and continue to be e...


I happened to come across these reviews while looking for a cello bow. And i happen to be one of the 3 dancers that got kicked out of paulas studio!!!! The old owner, lisa hughes...

My experience 11/17/2010

I was a dancer at PAT/Paula Meola Dance and Performing Arts Inc. for close to fifteen years. I would not trade one minute of my time there for anything. I was and continue to be extremely fond of Lisa Hughes (former owner). I am also extremely fond of Paula Meola. Throughout my adolescent and teen years I spent the vast majority of my time at the studio. I took as many classes as I could, as well as participated in as many other things (Nutcracker, Competition, Disney, etc.) as I could. I have made some of my best friends there. We were able to create such a strong bond because we were all going through similar things. The classes themselves were challenging and exhiliarating. These classes allowed you to temporarily forget the other stresses of every day life. It also proved to be a way to cope and express things when words failed. It sounds cliche' I understand but it is how I feel and I refuse to be falted for that. The teachers pushed for the best because they knew we were capable of providing it. I don't even think teachers is the correct word for them because they went beyond that. They were there to listen to anything dance related or otherwise. They generally cared for the students of PMD and I will be forever thankful for everything they have given me. Paula Meola is a remarkable woman, with incredible strength. She is an amazing studio owner with immense business knowledge. She is also working to build her studio and her dancers to the best they can be. Paula does everything with her dancers in mind. I had the priviledge to know Paula beyond the business. She is incredibly caring and understanding. I personally saw her generosity. She is very willing to help out those in need. She is not judgemental by any means. During my time at the studio I sustained two injuries. Neither of them were a result of dancing at the studio, but the encouragement I received and well wishes from every one were moving. Now that I have graduated from the studio, I find myself thinking of studio often, I miss it greatly. I never felt like I would be better off at another studio. The experiences and lessons I learned (far beyond just dance) will never leave me. Many posts on this site have been malicious and untrue. Everything I have stated is true and I know that I am not the only one that has felt this way. I will always remember PMD, all the teachers, staff, and students and it will always have a large place in my heart. more

The Rumors are True 11/8/2010

I happened to come across these reviews while looking for a cello bow. And i happen to be one of the 3 dancers that got kicked out of paulas studio!!!! The old owner, lisa hughes. was a tough lady who demanded alot from her students, but did it with full love. Paula, like the rest of the meola clan, are in it for the money and fame. 2 other dancers and i got kicked out becuse we were smoking cigarettes (but not in front of the studio, or anywhere near it. She just found out we were). and also for being bisexual girls. She did not want us ""Spreading gayness"" or ""causing drama"". now, some people will agree that having gay dancers shouldnt be allowed, but come on... its the real world, i was becoming the head dancer, and she has some bigotry issues. I would try to stop anyone from going here. Go somewhere where your child can be themselves and not disregarded if paula doesnt agree with who they (or the parents or friends ect) are. more

Congratulations Paula Meola 8/14/2009

Paula Meola Dance was just voted the best dance studio by The Landmark readers of Sterling, Holden, West Boylston, Princeton, Rutland and Paxton. Pros: Voted Best Dance Studio more

The Paula Meola Dance & Performing Arts Studio - Professional, Polished, and Nurturing 11/10/2008

I concur with every word of the the review offered by ChrisBeth. After our family's careful evaluation of several regional dance studios, as well as attention to commentary offered by parents whose children danced at these various studios, we chose to enroll our daughter at PMD. Seven years later, we have absolutely no doubt that we made the best possible choice for her. We can offer nothing less than superlative praise for the professionalism and compassionate nurturing extended by each and every teacher from whom our daughter has received instruction over the years. We have recommended the studio to several friends and acquaintances and can say,unequivocally, that all who elected to send their child or children to PMD are as pleased as we are. Our children have developed a knowledge of and an appreciation for not only various forms of dance, but also for various genres of music; acquired poise and self-confidence; expanded their imaginations through creative self-expression opportunities; formed strong and healthy habits of mind and body through the self-discipline and attentiveness demanded by the study of dance; and most importantly, have had fun and formed treasured friendships with other students from many wonderful families from throughout central and north central Massachusetts. One last note: a close review of the young women and young men who ""graduated"" from the PMD studio will reveal that the vast majority have not only been extremely well-adjusted, happy, and well-disciplined dancers, but were also leaders in academics, extracurricular, and community service activities in their respective communities. Paula and her staff teach not only dance...they model and teach positive values that transcend other facets of their students' lives. Pros: Professional and nurturing instruction Cons: The studio's excellent reputation has expanded enrollment greatly...more studio space is needed! more

It's a very professional and wonderful school! 10/5/2008

I am a mother, with a daughter and son at PMD. My daughter dances here and has been for only about 3 years. My son only recently started. My daughter started at a much older age than most, but not once did she or I feel ""out of the loop"" in any way. We were welcomed from the very beginning. My daughter was nurtured along in her dance and she has become a beautiful dancer because of PMD. I cannot think of a mother who has once seriously complained about this studio and all have sung its praises many times over, including me. My daughter consistently has a smile on her face as she arrives and when she leaves. She loves it so much that she can't wait to get to dance class. Another mother told me that after making the switch from another studio her daughter had danced at for many years, that her daughter had found her joy in dance again after making the change. I cannot recommend PMD enough!! It is a great dance school!! Pros: professional. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff more

A Thankful Heart is needed 7/30/2008

When I was hired to teach guitar by Lisa Hughes (the original owner) it was a blessing to teach for Lisa. Pros: Quality environment/Clean/Room sizes good Cons: Owner is too serious more

Great place to be! 6/24/2008

Wow, Paula and her staff really put on another great show at their annual recital. I am just amazed how well the dancers have gotten over the years and the staff Paula brings in from all over are all incredible. Saturday night's show was absolutely the best and the dancers gave 110% the entire time. Paula really knows how to look for great teachers, work well with all the students, and works well with the parents too. She is very professional, sincere, fun, and an all around a great artistic director/owner of the studio. I would definately recommend this studio for anyone that is looking for a great experience to live and learn dance. She has it all!! Pros: Great teachers, great facility, professional, and hard working!! Cons: Probably can afford to get a bigger studio because of how much it is growing!! more

Not Recommended 3/27/2008

As a mom I don't recommend this studio. My daughter (only 7 years old) is developmentally slow in her motor skills. The owner had zero patience for this a couple years back and suggested my daughter, 5 at the time, dance with two year olds. I looked elsewhere and found a studio that has the time for my daughter in a neighboring town. She now dances with kids her own age from her school and loves it. Her dance teacher told me ""She's doind great and enjoying herself and at this age that's all that matters."" It was refreshing to hear and my daughters confidence has improved so much. Pros: Large studio Cons: Not for everyone is right! more


My goodness!! A dance school that doesn't treat beginner's well! Some children don't start dance when they are two, but I think all kids no matter what age should be able to dance in a dance class!!!!!! My daughter was asked to watch almost an entire class and I pay the same as the other parents! Thanks to wonderful programs like ""So you think you can dance"" my daughter was inspired to learn to dance, not be ignored, put down and humiliated! Please, do not waist your time here. No other dance schools on city search have this many bad reviews or any, and there is a reason why. Pros: Nice studio appearance Cons: THat's all it is a show!!! THis school is bad more

terrible 8/10/2007

I heard some information about the summer intensive week that she just held. The things I heard were not too good. It's mandatory for the dancers doing competion to take one week of this intensive thing. I guess some people on the team didn't attend a full week of the required intensive. But knowing the inmoral ethics of the studio, I bet those people will still be allowed to be a part of the team. That's not fair for the students who worked their butts off for the week. Playing favorites Paula? I think so. Pros: some good teachers Cons: unfair, and owner plays favorites more

Might Not Be For Everyone... 8/1/2007

I have danced at PMD/PAT for 12 years now. I have always loved it there and have grown to think of everyone there to be more like family. I have been on the competition team since it started, enjoyed doing the nutcracker for 8 years and have been able to go with the studio to disney all three years. I agree that everyone is ofcourse entitled to their own opinion but should also think about how their own children have acted at the studio. I know that many people feel like they are out of the loop because they dont put themselves out there and try to join the loop. I think that Paula has amazed all of us in how she has made the studio into such a professional and fun studio. Every year at the summer dance intensive she brings in amazing teachers from all over the country to come and work with us. I think that you most definately shouldn't consider this studio if you are planning on being relaxed and giving just a little bit of effort. At our studio it is expected that you give 110% everytime you walk in. I couldn't imagine dancing anywhere else. I think that this studio, however, might not be for everyone because you have to be a dancer that has a great love for dance, outgoing and is determined to work their hardest Pros: Great Teachers, Great Owner, Great Dance Education Cons: Giving 110% all the time more

WOW 7/10/2007

All I have to say is wow!! Someone from this studio is obviously checking in everyday defending this studio! It's great you have that much pride, but it's only hurting the studio more is all that mother was trying to say. And I am a mother. Do you honestly think some evil person is out there just trying to hurt PMD's reputation on city search. From what I understand that mother is just trying to say that all the drama makes a mom turn away. She did not say this was a bad studio. PMD has a huge reputation in this area, some good and some bad. Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion and I guarantee if you stop being so defensive you'll make your studio look better. With over hundreds of students, I wouldn't worry too much about the studio's reputation, obviously their are that many happy customers. All this drama does make mother's turn away however. It's high school drama is what it is and as a mother, I'm just trying to find a dance school myself for my child, and after reading from a PMD student about illegal affairs, etc.. I had no idea before coming on city search about them! I just heard of this studio, remembered the nutcracker, etc... and was interested. So, instead of making rude remarks about other people's opinion's you should just boost up your studio. You're hurting your own reputation, calm yourselves. Pros: Don't know haven't been here Cons: Don't have any more

:) 7/9/2007

Okay .. so just to let you know. If these are real parents on this website you need to get a life cause honestly trash talking this studio is not making your daughter a better dancer. I really dont think true parents would sit behind a computer and trash talk a place they chose for their child. I am sorry if this is the case. And if it isnt and these are other dancers trying to tick off the dancers of PMD ... CONGRATULATIONS .... we know what youu're doing and we could care less and I know you're thinking ""Ohh then why did they respond?"" Well its because we are better than that and understand where you're coming from because we would do the same thing if we got our butts kicked. Oh and we dont have cool kids at our studio ... and if you know these cool kids please tell us who they are because we see everyone as the same ... FRIENDS<3. Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

Too much drama!!!! 7/9/2007

I was looking for a place for my daughter to take lessons, and came across these other reviews and holy moly, the drama at this studio is too much!! Obviously, the clicky girls are happy and the ones that aren't part of the clicks are not. I would prefer a studio that is more focused on the art of dance and not about being friends with all of the cool kids and competing and being the best at competition. After all, being a kid is about having fun, not all of this stress!!!! Needless to say, my daughter will not be attending PMD in the fall, I'm sure there are plenty of studios nearby that have less DRAMA! Pros: Sounds like an excellent place for clicky snobs! Cons: Too much other things going on, other than dance! more

Horrible! 7/6/2007

I'm glad the dance season ended so I can find another studio for my three girls. I hated every aspect and experience of this studio. It's not friendly, and why are those girls so defensive if there's nothing to cover up. Pros: non Cons: everything more

Great teachers, semi-cliquey 5/7/2007

I danced at PMD for ten years, and I always loved the teachers. The kids were friendly, though around high school age I found myself on the outskirts of the group. Although there was never open hostility, I found myself out of the loop, as I did not belong to the competition team. Pros: Teachers, studios, location Cons: Cliques, semi-cimpetitive atmosphere, requirements more

Amazing place to be 5/1/2007

I have been a dancer at PMD for 13 years and i truly love it. the rude comments about PMd are rediculouse!. PMD is one big family. We have only had competition for 3 years and even before i joined the team i felt like part of a family. Everyone at PMD is friends with everyone else. i know that not just be but a lot of other dancers are friends with dancers in all levels. we have amazing teachers at pmd and an amazing director, Paula who would do anything for her dancers!. she has a great heart and is truly a great person. Paula does so much for the studio, such as making sure all of our competition stuff ist aken care of, setting up trips to places such as Walt Disney World, and putting together the annual performance of the nutcracker. She makes sure everyone gets a role in the nutcracker that would highlight their best qualities as a dancer. We also have a wonderful competition team and have worked very hard for our awards. PMD is an awesome place to learn the art of dance. It is a great enviorment. Everyone is friendly to everyone else and thier is no drama. The rumor of three peoplegetting kicked out for ""doing nothing wrong"" is false!. One person was asked to leave because of illegal reasons which would not be acceptable anywhere else. At PMD all the dancers learn a large amount of things at young ages and work very hard every week on thier technique. at PMD we do not have ""big heads"" we are just proud of our studio and there is nothing wrong with that. PMD is a great place to go and i love it there! Pros: great staff, great director, friendly enviroment, great classes Cons: nothing at all! more

Best Anywhere 5/1/2007

Paula Meola Dance and Performing Arts is a fantastic place to be. We are a friendly and accepting communtity. We have a spectacular director and teachers. We are placed into levels and evern though we are mostly with them for classes we are friends with everyone. We are placed by our skill and technique. Teachers work with us to prepare us for our futures as dancers.There is no favoritism in anything at Paula Meola. In the Nutcracker we get are parts based on our audition not because of what we were last year. This year I got a role I never thought Id get and I didnt want it at first but after working with Paula I grew to love it. She made it so I looked good. People who don't really know Paula call her cruel but shes not shes a wonderful caring person that only looks out for her dancers.We recently started doing competition and have done very well. We are a well rounded community. We don't focus on one aspect of performing but on many different types so we can train ourselves for future careers and our teachers help us do that! Pros: EVERYTHING FANTASTIC TEACHERS AND DIRECTOR AND ACCEPTING COMMUNTITY MANY PERFORMANCE OPPURTUNITIES Cons: Nothing more

The Best of the Best 5/1/2007

Ok this really needs to stop! PMD is the best studio in this area! All of these nasty comments are completely fabricated and just out right rude. PMD is not all about comp. Sure it is something that is talked about a lot but that is simply because the studio does EXTREMELY well at the comps. In addition Paula is an AMAZING lady, who does many great things for all the dancers. She is not in it for money or to be a ""cruel"" lady. She has this studio to share her love of dance with anyone willing to learn. She does not pick ""favorites"" or kick people out for unwarranted reasons. She is a very generous person and does not cast the same people in the same roles every year for Nutcracker! And the whole thing about PMD being unfriendly is also completely untrue. I know many of my friends who have tried or come from different studios and they always tell me how nice it is to dance at studio where everyone gets along. PMD is a very welcoming place and extremely friendly. At comps. PMD is known for being really friendly. The dancers are always congratulating the other studios and making some new friends while there. Also this issue about the so-called cliques (and yes that is how you spell it) is completely ridiculous. PMD does NOT have a clique problem. And for you who claim it does i would like to see you try and tell me that at school at work and in the outside world in general that there aren't cliques. of course there are! Yes the dancers get very close to those in the same level but that doesn't mean that they don't associate or even be friends those who are in a different level! That is completely untrue!!! PMD claims to be one big family because it is one. For those of you spreading these lovely lies I would just like to ask you what you think you are accomplishing by doing this. If you don't like PMD fine but you don't need to go talking it down and spreading lies about it. PMD is full of extremely talented dancers with very talented staff and dont you dare disagree! Pros: Everything Cons: nothing because its AWESOME!!!!! more

cruel people, bad enviornment, too many secrets 4/30/2007

I am so glad I took my daughter out of PMD 2 years ago. Everything I hear now is all about competition, but thats the only good that there is there. So really it's clear that Paula only cares about the name and image that the studio holds. My daughter loved the teachers there, they are amazing. But, there was too much drama, and clicks. And overall rudeness as well. more
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