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Park Place Optometry

2963 Michelson Dr Ste A
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 250-7071
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I was rubbing my eyes and lost my left hard contact lens. This is not my first time losing a contact lens…I need to stop rubbing my eyes. It gets expensive replacing my hard con...


The doctor had a very strange, hostile attitude, and didn't seem to have any interest in the patient's opinions or preferences. He was extremely impatient with my 13-year-old daug...

Efficient Eye Doctor 1/1/2012

I was rubbing my eyes and lost my left hard contact lens. This is not my first time losing a contact lens…I need to stop rubbing my eyes. It gets expensive replacing my hard contacts because they are custom made. …Anyway, it’s Friday afternoon and I need to get a replacement contact asap. \r I remember seeing an optometry office next to my favorite Starbucks. Dr. Tran was very helpful. I explained my situation and he said that he would try to rush the order for me before his lab closes. He ran a few tests on my eyes and told me to wait for him. He came back 10 minutes later with good news. He called his lab and they were able to make it immediately. Dr. Tran told me to come in Sat to pick up my contact because he had them overnight it. \r We finished the exam and he showed me how to wear soft contact lenses. He gave some 1 day contact lenses to wear so I can drive home safely. \r He also prescribed me some allergy medications for my itching… my eyes are a lot more comfortable since. \r Never tried soft contacts before... I like the comfort. I should switch to soft contacts. \r Overall, Dr. Tran is very professional and competent. Thank you for taking care of me. I appreciate it.\r more

Got my glasses while I waited!!! 8/9/2011

I got my exam at my optometrist but his office does not have a good selection of frames. \r My coworker referred me to Park Place Optometry because she has been going there for the last 9 years. This office has a huge selection; I have never seen so many frames. They have all kinds of frames, cheap and expensive ones. \r I gave the receptionist my prescription but she asked me if they can double check it to make sure it is accurate. She told me that it is free. \r The doctor spent approximately 10 minutes running a few tests and came up with a slightly different prescription. He said it he will take complete responsibility for the new prescription. If there is any problem, they would redo the glasses for free.\r They made my Tom Ford glasses in 15 minutes. However, I was surprised that they do not accept checks. Fortunately, I brought my Visa. \r Overall, it was an easy experience. The staff was friendly. The doctor was professional and competent. I would recommend this office to my family and friends.\r more

Great Glasses Selection 4/24/2011

I broke my glasses at work and called this office to see if they can help me. They had no openings that morning but I told the girl, think her name was Michelle, it was an emergency. She went to ask the doctor and then I was told to come in before noon to avoid the parking problem around lunch time. The doctor and the staff were extremely organized and efficient with their time. I was taken in as soon as I finished signing in. \r The examination was thorough and straight to the point. The doctor professionally answered all my questions. I felt bad for him. I heard his stomach growling twice. I think he postponed his lunch to help me. I remembered him asking me three times (at the beginning, during, and at the end of the exam) if I had any questions for him. I wanted to ask him if he was hungry but I did not… hehe … obviously he was. Glad I did not ask him; it would be very ungrateful of me.\r One of the girls helped me choose a frame. She asked me if I wanted an inexpensive non-name brand or a name brand frame. I went for the most expensive brand. Why not. I work hard for my money and want the best. Plus I think you get what you pay for. This optometry office has the largest selection of frames I have ever seen. I chose seven frames and then narrowed it down to one. \r Another girl came out to take some measurements from my face and immediately left to make my glasses. My friend and I went next door for lunch. She called me approximately 15 minutes later and told me that my glasses were ready. I was still eating my FatBurger… Yummy!!! \r I love my experience at this office. I think I will return next month to buy a second pair as a backup. Overall, this is the best optometry office I have ever been to. It was money well spent. I am very thankful for their help.\r more

Bad Doctor 12/17/2009

Had an appointment with this optometrist. Staff was great and polite, awesome glasses. But when it was time for my exam with the doctor it was the worst experience I have ever had. The doctor talks too fast, is rude about everything and makes me feel like I'm stupid and he knows everything. When it was time to choose glasses, I was doing just fine until I asked the girls a question then Dr Know it all rudely interuppted his employee. The girl knew exactly what she was talking about so I don't know why the doctor interrupted her. Through the rest of my visit I heard the doctor yelling at the girls. Piece of advice to the doctor, do it after hours and not infront of your patients. Makes you look stupid and unproffesional. Also girls, please find a better job where they will treat you better and appreciate your hard work. Pros: beautiful staff Cons: psycho more

Inconsistant office! 12/17/2009

If you go online to read other reviews on other optometry offices they are pretty consistant on how the office is, give or take a few cheap peoples remarks. Park Place use to be better a few years ago, now they seemed a little unorganized. When I ask a simple question about my Ins. or lenses it would go through 2 or 3 different people giving me different information, and then when it got to the Doctor he would totally be going in a different direction completely. I understand the Dr. Tran owns the office, but he should just do the Dr. things and not get involved with front office. Because when he comes out to manage, the situation turns to crap. All of his staff seemed to be scared of him. I work in customer service and they way he acts in front of patients and the way he treat his staff is unprofessional. If your looking for customer service by an optometry office as a whole, there are several offices up and down Jamboree you can go to. I think I've given them their last chance, time to move on! Pros: Friendly staff, ok frames Cons: Moody doctor! more

Awesome Optometry Office 12/15/2009

This office is awesome. I had a really bad case of pink eye a few weeks ago… actually the doctor told me it was a bacterial infection. My family referred me to this doctor. I called to see if I can come in the same day but was told that the doctor was at a continuing education class. I was in a lot of pain so the staff called the doctor. Fortunately for me, the doctor was able to come in before leaving for his class. I told him I lost my job recently and therefore, I had no insurance. He waived my office visit fees and gave me some medications for my infection for free. I felt bad because I did not want Dr. Tran to work for free; after all, he is running a business. I will come back to pay him when I get a job. Dr. Tran went out of his way to call me that night to make sure I was getting better. I saw the doctor for the next 2 weeks for free until my infection was completely healed. The office is very busy whenever I came in for my office visits. Dr. Tran must be doing something right to have this many patients. My dad was right. This doctor is very professional and knowledgeable. Pros: Efficient Doctor and Staff Cons: Doctor does not joke around much... more

Where did my optician go? :-( 12/10/2009

I haven't been back here for over a year, then i found out that Donny the person i usually work with is no longer there. I felt rushed through the whole process. I'm not a person that demands time and attention, but at least give me a good reason why i should be spending over $500 on glasses. Especially when i don't need to wear them all the time. Sorry, but i'm heading back to Optical shop of Aspen to where the people know what they are talking about. Pros: Nice Glasses Cons: Bad ""DOCTOR"" , confused staff, missing great optician! more

Great Office 11/1/2009

My experience has always been great at this office for the last 6 years. I love name-brand frames... All my frames are Italians. They have the largest frame selection I have ever seen. I like that they make my glasses while I wait. Last week, I was stuck in traffic for an hour on the freeway. The doctor stayed late just so I can pick up my contact lenses. Thanks again doc….\r Pros: Doctor is very kind and understanding. Cons: My insurance sucks. more

BAD SERVICE 10/29/2009

The examination was good. After getting a price on the lenses ($449) I told the staff I needed to comparison shop and if the price was competitive I would be back. I ultimately ended up calling the doctors office a week later to ensure my insurance paid the doctor. When they hadn't checked for a week I asked to speak to the doctor. He called me and said he wasn't going to bill my insurance (though they verified the insurance was valid) and it would be fine if I took my business elsewhere. I asked why and he told me he assumes the patients he examined would buy glasses. Obviously the staff told him I was shopping his price. I said I didn't know if they were priced to high and needed my prescription to comparison shop. He said he wasn't going to bill my insurance and therefore I didn't need the prescription. I told him I didn't care if he did or didn't but I had the exam and was even checking to ensure he got paid and wanted the prescription. I thought it was arrogant to assume I would pay whatever he was charging. This convinced me that lenses could likely be found far cheaper. I was apalled at this doctors position. I ultimately got the prescription and I encourage YOU to check lense prices before getting a quality examination at a fair price and possibly paying way more than necessary for lenses. What a sleezy way to run a business! He just lost a couple of customers. Another great story to tell friends! Pros: Good Examination Cons: Arogant and Unethical more

Dr. Tran = The Man! 2/23/2009

I lost ONE lens in my glasses and needed it replaced immediately, he took me on an hour's notice and had my glasses cut on the spot. Huge selection of frames and not only was he fast, but informative about my eyes. Very ethical and enthusiastic doctor, I recommended him to my entire company. =) Pros: Everything you could want in an optometrist, nice clean office, wide selection of frames, on the spot lenses. Cons: He has never seen the 'Dr. Tran' video on youtube! more

My sons love Dr. Tran! 2/8/2009

My sons and I have been seeing Dr. Tran for years now and we have never had such an experience. We come about once a year (unless we have an emergency eye infection or something) and the doc is always the same...very patient and very funny with my kids. My kids love him. He's also very patient with me too as Im ALWAYS late trying to shuttle around my kids and park in that crazy shopping center. Thank you Dr. Tran! you are the only Doctor my kids aren't afraid to go if only going to the dentist was as easy =) Pros: The doc is so nice and my children like him Cons: parking during lunch time rush more

Dr Tran saved me!!! ok, well practically =) 2/8/2009

Im a Freshman at UC Irvine and I ended up getting a really bad eye infection out of nowhere. Im not originally from here and I live on campus at the dorms. I looked up Park Place Optometry on the internet and found out it's down the street from UCI. I called the office and they were full that day, I explained what was wrong and the Dr. stayed late just to see me. Dr. Tran was very nice and I didn't feel rushed at all. Sure he speaks fast, but that doesnt matter to me. My insurance is terrible and the doc explained that my prescription meds would be very expensive, he knew as a student I could not afford it and he gave me samples of meds for me to treat my eyes for free. My infection cleared up in several days and I am one happy camper! Now a few other of my hallmates have gone to Dr.Tran for exams and sunglasses and we all love him! Pros: Great Doc, super nice and even gave me free med samples! more

Great explanation! 1/22/2009

I just went to Dr Tran's office. I really had a great experience there. I had lasik surgery about 12 years ago with another Dr and I have been noticing that my eyesight has been changing and I decided to come in for a check up. It turns out that I was 17 when I had the surgery and therefor my eye sight was not stable enough to have done the surgery at that time. My previous Dr had failed to monitor my eye changes and just performed the surgery. Dr Tran was very thorough in explaining to me what exactly had happened and that at this time I do need glasses and that sometime in the future if my eyesight is stable then we can do a retouch and I would never need glasses again. I was upset at hearing that the other Dr had just taken at that time, my parents money, but I was glad to hear that I would be able to get that corrected in the future. \r Dr Tran made me feel very comfortable in asking questions and giving me answers and his staff were very nice and helpful. Office is very clean and proffesional and offers a great variety of styles and prices for everyone. Pros: Very thorough Cons: Avoid lunch time rush more

Hostile and arrogant optometrist, very bad attitude regarding children (but the assistant was nice) 12/15/2008

The doctor had a very strange, hostile attitude, and didn't seem to have any interest in the patient's opinions or preferences. He was extremely impatient with my 13-year-old daughter who was trying on contacts for the first time ever, telling her she couldn't do it after literally about 5 seconds of trying to put contacts in her eyes (she was involuntarily shutting her eyes, as it was her first time). Very negative, almost mean to my daughter with some of his comments. I expected quite a bit more patience from an optometrist regarding a 13-year-old who is attempting to wear contacts for the first time ever.\r \r I even heard him loudly complaining about us to the assistant in the other room when he stepped out. Very unprofessional. Maybe the other two reviewers got him on a good day? Regardless, there's no excuse for the treatment we got today.\r \r Contrast this with the extremely patient and kind treatment I got from my optometrist when trying contacts for the first time as a youngster - truly night and day. I wish that optometrist was still around. Oh well.\r \r On the positive side, the assistant was nice and patient with my daughter. Too bad the assistant wasn't the doctor, though! This is why I give them 2 stars instead of 1, which is all the doctor deserves based on his extremely poor ""bedside manner"". Pros: Assistant was nice Cons: Doctor had horrible attitude, and was terrible with children more

Dr. Tran is a great optometrist 12/7/2008

I was referred to Dr. Tran by a good friend of mine and have always had a great experience at his office. I think his office is very upscale and clean and I like his staff as well. I have also referred many friends and even my brothers there and they all like him. I think the doctor is very nice and he took the time to answer all my questions and even questions about my mother's glaucoma. He has a lot of glasses and lots of sunglasses as well. I wanted to buy colored contact lenses and he suggested that I didn't because I didnt need vision correction and it would be bad for my eyes, other offices just sold it to me to make money. Just avoid lunch time because parking is bad in that area because of the Irvine business lunch rush. Pros: Great selection, competitive pricing, upscale office, nice doc Cons: parking during lunch time more

Quality Service. good eyeware selection, competent eye doctor 3/30/2007

I found Dr. Tran provided a very level of service... in our appointment, he made me feel very comfortable and told me that if I ever had any problem with my eyes, to come in and he would check it out for free... he showed me pictures of my eyes and explained them to me. Had to wait a short while but defintely wasn't bad at all - had me in and out of there pretty quickly.\r \r They were fine working with my insurance and were patient in letting me pick out a pair of glasses. Not sure how competitive pricing is, but everything is expensive in Orange Co. anyway. more
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