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Papa Nick's Pizzeria - 17 Reviews - 13310 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (303) 337-5922

Papa Nick's Pizzeria

13310 E Mississippi Ave
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 337-5922
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Papa Nick's Pizzeria - Aurora, CO
Papa Nick's Pizzeria - Aurora, CO


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I was in the mood for pizza, and I'm really not the biggest fan of the mass pizza chains. I tend to want to try out the local shops. So I googled the local shops in my area. Papa ...


I had an incredibly bad experience with Papa Nick's! We ordered delivery because I craved tacos and they delivered. When I called in, the person who took my order couldn't under...

east coast food in a west coast world 1/2/2012

Well the title explains it all.Papa nicks is oringinally from New York area...the food is good when you order of course you must suffer and wait they get a lot of business you would probaly want to pick up your food if you have transporation this is not like pizza hut,but if the order is messed up just call and tell them what you want they love the business you can't expect someone to give you everything free...anyway,the food is great like the papa nick burger prices just went up the ribs are not so great to me just reguest to cook longer to fatty for my taste the pies slices are small but delicious ,they are very cultrual and diverse but they are good people I am from east coast and i like it ,the pizza is good and the subs to die for cheese steak i recommend adding banana peppers mild of course on it,the nachos are good .the prices just recently went up but its ok they do offer coupons.....Always call if you have a compaint they always have rectified my issues with me in the most highest respect,but again for food go in and pick up your food if you can, they need drivers bad....but all in all a pretty decent place to order from i will remain a true customer until i relocate back to east coast... more

worst restaurant ever! 12/20/2011

I had an incredibly bad experience with Papa Nick's! We ordered delivery because I craved tacos and they delivered. When I called in, the person who took my order couldn't understand me when I gave my address so they passed the phone to someone else. As they took my address they asked me if I was on the South st or not. I said no. They said it would be 40 minutes - an hour for my food and I hung up pretty satisfied. About an hour and a half later I called and they said the driver just left with my food. 2 hours later I called back. The driver had gone to the South address and couldn't find our street number and since no one asked for our phone number couldn't call. So, we got that cleared up. But I was now concerned with what the quality of the food would be after so long. 2 1/2 hours later my food came. Freezing cold. The driver blamed the person who took my order and said it wasn't his fault, not to punish him. When I got the food inside I realized they messed the order up. I had no 2 liter of soda as ordered and there was sauce covering EVERYTHING from the buffalo wings. When I called the restaurant again, all they offered was to credit me the $3 for the soda. Nothing else. I will NEVER order here again! The food was not even edible! more

SO NASTY 11/26/2011

NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!! I work at a hotel near DIA and my coworker and I ordered 2 gyro classics, which should have been with delivery only 21 bucks, yah we spend 28 bucks because of the ""delivery charge"" since we were not included in there limited delivery area charge of .99 cents. So 30 buck for two hard pita bread, bland beef meat and so undercooked and cold fries. NEVER GOING TO RECOMMEND OR ORDER FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN!!!!!! more


First of all DON'T GO THERE OR ORDER FOR DELIVERY. IF YOU MUST TRY THEM, BE SURE TO CHARGE IT ON ""AMERICAN EXPRESS"" . I GOT MY CREDIT FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS, BECUASE PAPPA PUKES NEVER RESPONDED TO THE COMPLAINT THAT I MADE. TRUST ME FOLKS, THE GOOD RATINGS THAT THEY HAVE WERE PROBABLY PAID FOR IN MY OPINON. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE.\r Excuse me for writing in all caps, but I really wanted everyone to hear me. Was forced to give them a ""1 star rating"" so this post would go thru. Their not even close to a ""1 star rating"". Alpo dog food would rate higher. more

DON""T BOTHER 10/8/2011

This place is a joke. Their employees are unprofessional, rude and exceptionally lacking in customer service. I would never recommend them even to my dog. more

Excellent Pizza, Excellent Price, Excellent Service! 7/30/2011

I was in the mood for pizza, and I'm really not the biggest fan of the mass pizza chains. I tend to want to try out the local shops. So I googled the local shops in my area. Papa Nick's came up, it was like the second on the list. I read the reveiws on several different websites. Some good, some bad. I figured what the heck, I'll give them a shot. So I called them up, and the guy on the phone was very polite, and even repeated my order back to me twice to make sure he had it correct. After giving me my total, he said to expect my order in about 45 minutes. Ok, no problem. I sat down to watch TV and wait when roughly 25-20 minutes later my order was here. It was hot, fresh and really good. Golden crust, gooey cheese, and OMG their garlic bread! The delivery guy recited the order to make sure it was correct, and everything. He so deserved a good tip. I have ordered from them several times since then, and they have been completely worth it every time. I love this place. I will never again order from a mass pizza chain. Why bother and pay their over priced prices when I can order fromt he local place down the street and get way better food? I completely reccommend this place! more

Love this place!! 5/2/2011

I love Papa Nick's. They have great food, and a wide variety, so no matter what your craving, they have something for you. Delivery guys are great, always nice, and always fast. They never have the attitude you find from so many others. I have never had a rude person from this place. Great people, Great Food more

Curious about Papa Nick's posted hours 10/20/2009

tastes great when you can get it! Pros: taste great! Cons: hours published more

GREAT fried shrimp... ribs were ok 10/9/2009

First off... Food was good and for delivery amazing... Second... You pathetic people that keep using those horrible phrases need to grow up. This is a review not a bashing session. At least that man is polite and respects others. If you have an issue do like everyone else in this free country and complain to his manager. I know getting off your butt might be difficult but at least make an effort instead of grabbing your laptop and whining to the rest of us. THIS IS A REVIEW NOT AN OUTLET TO BLAST SOMEONES BELIEFS!!!! Pros: loved the food so far and for me service was fast Cons: ribs not my fav more

It's good... not great... but good 9/28/2009

We order from Papa Nicks once or twice a month and it's usually good, decently priced, and comes quick. The gyros are really good but the fries that come with it are usually a little cold by the time the driver gets here. Usually we order them extra crispy. The breaded mushrooms are always good and hot when we get them. We have had some problems with food once or twice, but we have called and they came back and switched the food out without a problem or cost. They are good when you don't want to go out... and they have more than pizza. Pros: Cheap food, delivery has more than just pizza, GYROS :) MMMM Cons: Sub Par Service more

The Dirty On Papa Nicks Pizzeria in Aurora, CO 8/19/2009

Full Story on metromix. Citysearch will not let reviewers use certain words.\r \r In my life time I have worked at many restaurants, and have culinary arts training. Papa Nicks Pizzeria has the worst food handling practice I have ever seen. There are many in-sects, and food sits uncovered alot of the time giving in-sects axcess to the food with ease. I have pulled in-sects out of food! They throw bags of frozen chicken wings on the floor to thaw out, and let them sit there for most of the day. When they are thawed there is a huge puddle of chicken liquid on the floor where the bags sat. The toilet does not work and they have a bucket next to the toilet so you can fill it with water and flush the toilet. It is usually not flushed when you enter the bathroom, and waste builds up untill someone flushes it out. I have seen them take dirty dishes out of the dishwashing sink, and place chicken wings in the sink to thaw out in water. These wings were not in a bag and came in contact with the dirty sink. This is a health hazard! The wings are then partially cooked and placed in a bus tub. These wings may sit out all day in warm temps untill ordered. I have seen these tubs sitting on the floor both in the walk in cooler, and out side of the cooler...uncovered. These tubs are stacked on top of each other, with the bottom of the tub sitting directly on top of the chicken in the lower tub. There are many uncovered containers with food in them on the shelves above leaving the possibility for drippings to cross contaminate the uncovered food below. I have seen rodents, and listened to stories of rodents in the place. In one month of working there, I only came acroee one clean rag for cleaning. People use the same rags over and over untill they are brown with filth. If you want a clean rag, you have to hand wash a dirty one. This is how they save money. The day before the health inspector came it was the biggest cleanup I have wittnessed in a restaurant. They even painted dirty things with white paint to cover up the filth. People say they are paid under the table. Drivers get no hourly pay. They get 13% of sales, plus tips. Employees get no discount on food, but most of the people I worked with were too discusted to eat the food anyway. The two times I ate food, I got sick to my stomach, and was on the toilet with liquid $#!ts shortly after. They seem to hire more drivers then needed. There are usually many drivers in the store so that most of the work gets done for no cost to to Papa Nicks. If the day is slow, the drivers may make $15 in 8 hours of work, and be expected to do work in the store while they are not delivering. This is part of the reason the place is so dirty in the first place. Who wants to do work they dont get paid to do??? I have pictures of every single food handling practice I just talked about. Several of the cooks and the drivers think the place needs to be shut down and is a hazard. This report is true, and made to protect the public from food borne Illness. Pictures are on metromix if you want to see them, but you may not want to see them!! I will never again eat that food ever!\r \r Pros: Nothing Good To say Cons: Working there, Eating the food more

Gag!! Paid $25.00+ and it's all inedible! 8/3/2009

Terrible in every way. The ordertaker swore for three minutes that they didn't sell Hamburgers, but he said they could make us a Cheeseburger without cheese if we'd like. Really? OK. So we took that. Then we ordered tacos with crispy corn shells instead of soft flour tacos. In a little under an hour the food (if you can call it that) arrived. The tacos were on flat, floppy, wet corn tortillas, the meat was absolutely disgusting, and the tomatoes and lettuce were old and brown. The spanish rice was rock hard and cold. The beans had run all over the inside of the clamshell box because the delivery guy held it sideways. On the ""cheeseburger without cheese"", the meat was awful, the bun was wet and fell apart, and the veggies were brown and gross. OMGosh! We couldn't eat any of it. \r \r We learned our lesson. No more Papa Nick's Pizzaria. Now it's 11:30 PM, we've spent $25. on garbage (literally!), and we're still hungry. Hello, Pizza Hut?\r \r Oh, yeah. We heard the 'boss' chewing out two different employees during just our little one call in to order. He was being really nasty and condescending. Poor employees. Bet their turnover is really high. I can only imagine what that place mut look like inside. Pros: We got to pretend for 45 minutes that dinner was coming. Cons: What arrived was awful, horrible, old, wilted, and gross. more

Good service, good food 6/21/2009

I really like Papa Nick's. They are super fast on delivery and the Mexican food is great. I love that they have a large menu with more than just pizza. Oh and......The delivery man that everyone keeps referring to a ""towel head"" and ""Osama Bin Laden"" is actually a hard working man and has delivered to my home many times and he is always super polite. People are so judgmental. Pros: quick, open late Cons: none really more

Crappy food, crappy sevice, and over charged. 5/21/2009

I ordered from them 2 large pizzas. When they showed up it was a towel head. When he Gave me my food I took a look at the pizzas and they were two different sizes I said to the guy I had ordered 2 larges not a large and a small. the lesser of the pizzas was 3 inches in diameter smaller. The delivery guy tried to tell me that they were the same. then he over charged me by three dollars more than what was quoted on the phone when I ordered. If you want to be severely disappointed than order food from Papa Nick's. Pros: I saw no pros with this company. Cons: they are horrible. more

Lousy food now and increased prices 4/19/2009

Either I was charged an extra delivery fee now or they charged me 16% sales tax.Either way Osama bin Laden delivered my order and then insisted on rubbing a copy of my card number for their records.Can't wait to see what happens with this.We have already thrown their menus away.NEVER AGAIN! more

Good Food - Good Prices 2/2/2006

Good standard fare pizza. Not the best crust in the world, but good deals on pizza packages. Chicken wings are very good. more

Great food, fast delivery 12/8/2002

Great food, fast delivery, wide range of choices from mexican to italian to american. Pros: inexpensive, delivery, great food more
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