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Paladar - 32 Reviews - 161 Ludlow St, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 473-3535


161 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 473-3535
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Paladar - New York, NY
Paladar - New York, NY
Paladar - New York, NY
Paladar - New York, NY
Paladar - New York, NY
Paladar - New York, NY


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Well I think what this girl say is a lie, because all the staff that I saw there is hispanic, and I'm hispanic too and I was very well treated, the food is very good, the drinks t...


Didn't get to see the entire joint because we were seated in the front bar area, which was great for my friends who were able to smoke. The service was good but they have some is...

Pa'ladrar 9/13/2009

I don't understand what Aaron Sanchez is doing trying to cook "Caribbean" food instead of focusing on his heritage and cook Mexican food. the results, the place is empty now!!!! nobody cares for bad beans. the happy hour is good though. I go back for the drinks, but don't care for the con-fusion food. Pros: location live in the area. Happy Hour:) Cons: mediocre food. more

Food: DELICIOUS, Service: BAD 2/13/2009

My husband and I just returned from Paladar after a late-night Valentine's Day diner. We were seated despite not having a reservation. The Price: Affordable. The food: DELICIOUS! . The service... not so much. Two couples seated beside us were constantly catered to while we sat there, not even offered a second drink, let alone dessert - which, after waiting about 20 minutes, we decided against. Bad service on V-Day... . BIG NO-NO. We would have spent more, if they would have waited on us rather than make us wait. Pros: Food arrived quickly Cons: Waitress, nice woman but, didn't do her job at all. more

great restaurant! 11/7/2008

Well I think what this girl say is a lie, because all the staff that I saw there is hispanic, and I'm hispanic too and I was very well treated, the food is very good, the drinks too, I wil back soon, because is a great latin food restaurant. and descrimination is a crime, but the right place to say that is in a court not in a site about food. Pros: Everything! Cons: Could be open for lounch more

Rude and prejuduced establishment that do not want business from people of color. 8/14/2008

This is a prejudiced establishment and people of color are not welcome there. The staff at this place were so rude and unfriendly! I went for a friends birthday on a thursday evening with about a group of 8 people, mostly hispanics and blacks, as soon as we walked in the staff gave us a look that said what are these people doing here. Even one of the patrons made a comment, "where did all these people come from". We were seated in a front area where the band usually plays (unbeknown to us). During the evening all the staff kept staring over at us, making it very clear that we were not welcome. The manager came over an hour and half later and told us we would be moved once the band came in and we asked if the band usually plays here then why were we seated here. They seated us there with the hopes that we would be leaving soon and once the band came they tried to squeeze my party of 8 into a table that seats 4! Larger tables were available but according to the manager they were all "reserved". We spent a lot of money here but obviously our money wasn't green or something, so disappointing. Pros: Nothing nice about this place Cons: They only wish to cater to people of a specific color, definitely not Blacks more

Well Damn ... it is good 1/13/2008

I've worked in the restaurant industry before. The place is trendy, with a fairly diverse age group present. Lit for a more comfortable cozy feeling, the food is good, with a fine mixture of foods that mostly come together well. Just pay attention to the finer details. I've never been there for lunch, only for dinner and drinks. With that in mind. I'll outline the bad, which can be forgiven. While seating is fairly prompt and the staff very friendly and competent, but the atmosphere can be loud. The drink list has a good number of wines and beers, but the cocktails are a smaller section and you'll have to order cocktail drinks from the mostly full bar out of your own memory ( I know I did). Service can be slow at times, so for those whom take it upon themselves to order for the entire table, be alert you'll be asking for things fairly often. The ambiance is good for groups, though seating can be cramped at times. The Menu isn't the biggest, but its all focused really well. Now for the good, which for any restaurant, has to be the food, drinks and desserts. I've had nearly a third of the menu and am yet to be disappointed by one thing I've ordered. I will admit that the adobo chicken isn't the most spicy menu item we ordered, it did have good texture and certainly didn't taste like a hunk of wood. Ordering the right combinations of food such as the stuffed pork chop married with a spicier ceviche or main appetizer results in a good warm spicy feeling, even so far as to make the top of your head sweat. Make no mistake, the food is VERY GOOD but it isn't going to be spicy enough to remove paint. You cannot go wrong with what you order, go in with an open mind. If your wallet seems a bit on the light side that evening, don't order drinks and instead savor the food that you've ordered. Have at least 2 of the desserts, a fair number of people I've taken here have giggled happily while savoring both main courses and desserts. Pros: the general ambiance, the food and desserts and the friendly staff. Cons: Slightly small menu, spotty service and raised speaking levels. more


you have to expect the annoying trendy types anywhere you go in NYC, ok the bar can be annoying with these types crowding you out. but the mojitos are awesome here. best in the city.... the food isnt authentic latin, its more like trendy time out new york version...but its good...and after some of these powerful mojitos who cares? Pros: best mojitos anywhere Cons: trendy annoying trust fund babies frequent here. more

No respect for large party reservations 2/19/2007

Our evening at Paladar ranks as one of my worst experiences with a restaurant in New York. For my 30th birthday, my sister made reservations two weeks in advance for a Saturday night at 9:30 p.m. for 12 people. We all arrived promptly at 9:30 p.m. and were turned by the hostess/manager. She informed us when we checked in that she had cancelled our reservation because we never returned the message she left on my sister?s cell phone a few hours earlier. The message did not state that if we failed to return the call, our reservation would be cancelled. In addition, no one informed us at the time we made the reservation that we would lose the reservation if we did not call again to confirm it. Instead of graciously admitting that there was some miscommunication and trying to accommodate our party of 12, the manager became incredibly argumentative when we asked her to fit us in. She turned all 12 of us away at around 10:00 p.m. on a snowy and cold Saturday night, and we were left wondering around the Lower East Side for an hour looking for a restaurant to accomodate 12 people--no small task on a Saturday night in the LES! Pros: None. Cons: Crowded, Lots of Attitude more

Paladarblows 2/19/2007

Paladar is horrible. If you're looking for a place where trendy wannabe's go to the LES, you've found your spot. If you're looking for good food, try Sombrero accross the street. Sombrero= Authentic + Wonderful fun staff Paladar = Simulacra + Obnoxious "owner". Pros: None Cons: Miranda more

The desserts... Ah... the desserts... 11/20/2006

I have eaten at Paladar quite a few times and have never been happier. The food is cooked perfectly (compliments to the chef/owner), the drinks are delicious and the service is exquisite. have you tried their desserts? They're a winning number everytime. Pros: service and food more

Overrated 9/3/2006

I've been to Paladar a few times and it's a pretty mixed reaction. The first time I went was a weeknight for a beer with some friends and that was pretty cool and low key. The other times were for food service and both the service and food were mediocre. Lesson learned: stick to the bar. The last time I went, which was this weekend, was probably the wort experience by far. I guess, the place was a little understaffed, which is understandable but neither the waiter/host made any effort to make sure we were okay. They didn't get our drinks right and then tried to double charge us for them, the food, again was overpriced and unflavorable. Overall, it's an alright place but definitely not anything to really get excited over. Even for a date, this place leaves much to be desired. Pros: It's in a cool area Cons: It's overpriced more

Great music, great scene 8/25/2006

This awesome restaurant/bar was a great find in LES. Juan is my new favorite bartender - what a sweetie! The music is a mix of Latin and Middle Eastern and their mojitos are not to be missed! Good place to sit down or dance with friends. The place gets real busy around 11:30/ midnight. If you sit at the bar, ask for some chips and salsa - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the yummy unique dips that you get in place of traditional salsa. To sum it up: Good looking people & fun, non-pretentious atmosphere with good drinks make for a great bar! Pros: great drinks, great bartenders, great music Cons: needs a slightly bigger area for dancing more

not worth the trip 8/17/2006

I took my girlfriend here for dinner one saturday night on recommendation of friends and the only thing worse than the very young crowd that crams into the small bar space that spilled over onto our tiny table in the front of the restuarant was the greasy fried calamari and the leather like stake that i had. The only thing worse than the restaurant itself was the food!!! - not worth the trip!!!!! more

Fun place, Great music ! 8/7/2006

Love, love, love it here. I went there last sat. with a few friends. It's a restaurant but it turns loungy around 11pm. The amazing dj spins an ecclectic mix of brazilian, latin music and world beats ! Nice crowd, friendly staff and tasty mojitos... Pros: ambience, music, drinks more

Fantastic food, fantastic time! 9/19/2005

I came here with my family for a fun, spur of the moment meal on a Sunday night - it was busy but quiet so we had the back of the restaurant to ourselves. We ordered appetizers: both salads (the one with walnuts is amazing), mussels - perfectly fresh and spicy - ask for bread for dipping the delicious broth, fried calamari, ribs (fell off the bone, delish!), empanada - a little heavy and fried, and the piece de la resistance: shrimp and scallop ceviche, which was superb. I didn't have drinks, just Pinot Grigio, which was summery, light and delicious with everything. Pros: Great menu, beautiful waitstaff, crowded on Fri/Sat more

Getting plain 7/6/2005

Sometimes casual and laid back is cool, but sometimes it is overdone or just an excuse for run down. The food is fine and not too expensive but their were no surprises or wows here anymore. If I lived really close I would have an occaisional meal but it is not a fun spot anymore. Pros: casual, non pretentious, food well made Cons: service was bland, simple sides, plain menu more

Not worth your time or money 7/5/2005

Intrigued by the ambience of the restaurant, some friends and I decided to have dinner at Paladar on Saturday night. The evening was a complete disappointment when our server could not provide us with any information about the wine list, could not tell the difference between pork and a filet, and gave us very poor service even though the restaurant was completely empty. When one of our orders was incorrect, the only compensation we received was a $3 reduction on the final bill that covered the difference in the cost of the entree ordered and the one that was actually brought out. Pros: Nice atmosphere, good area Cons: too expensive, terrible service more

It's a Rental... 5/6/2005

Hey, I think my description in the title describes best how I feel about this place. I went with my wife yesterday, and was surprised to get seated immediately without a reservation at 8:30 on a Friday. The service was slow, but that was something we wanted anyway, so it was fine with us. We ordered a quesadilla to start, which was really quite average. I got a whole fish special (was ok) and she got stuffed poblanos with beef which was pretty good. The ambience is lively and fun, and there were lots of groups there. Not a bad experience, but the food is average at best. I will not return, unless invited for a birthday party or something. The prices weren't bad though - dinner ended up at $80 with tip and we had a couple drinks as well. Pros: Conducive to Groups, Friendly Staff Cons: Average Food more

Mmmmm....Empanadas 3/9/2004

Food was amazing and the prices were very reasonable. The empanadas are the best in the city! Great place to start for drinks before heading out in the LES. Pros: Empanadas, Mojitos more

A cozy little place 2/23/2003

Upon walking in you we were greeted so friendly and the bartender was so helpful and attentive. We were just walking around the neighborhood and stumbled upon this little friendly and very warm place (both service and temperature wise!) Nice margaritas and nice place to get to know someone. Pros: Friendly staff, Atmosphere, people on a Sunday! Cons: Warm temperature more

Won't be around long 2/3/2003

Didn't get to see the entire joint because we were seated in the front bar area, which was great for my friends who were able to smoke. The service was good but they have some issues with their food. Menu was small, food overcooked, some very bland, some way too spicey. Price was right for the portions & neighborhood. It had a nice atmosphere. Too bad I don't think it's going to be around long. Pros: Nice Atmosphere Cons: Food not recommended more
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  • The Scene
    Paladar tries to create a south-of-the-border vibe with beautifully presented Pan-Latin cuisine, colorful decor and--somewhat incongruously--loud Middle Eastern music.

    The Food

    Things seem to be just as confused behind the kitchen door. Pork tamal is more soggy than moist (you don't want to eat it so much as pick it up and wring it out); salmon, although seared to perfection, is set adrift in a pea-green sea of bland tomatillo sauce; and juicy mahi-mahi is suffocated by a drab caper, olive and tomato sauce that bears an odd resemblance to puttanesca--which may be pushing the fusion envelope too far. Ironically, Paladar means "palate" or "taste" in Spanish. But most likely, it's the eyes, not the tastebuds, that will get the most satisfaction from a meal here.

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