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Octane Lounge - 12 Reviews - 13420 W Bell Rd Ste 140, Surprise, AZ - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (623) 975-6832

Octane Lounge

13420 W Bell Rd Ste 140
Surprise, AZ 85374
(623) 975-6832
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We played here last month and had a great time. No issues with the staff. The beer was cold and the girls that work there are hot. Love it when they dance on the bar!!


To sum this whole paragragh up...... ""BAR"" = DUMP, WIFE = SKANKY LESBIAN RUDE BIOTCH, Bands suck, the most sober gets everyone else kicked out...never happens, Cheap for a reas...

After 1 year of coming to this bar we 6/23/2012

To sum this whole paragragh up...... ""BAR"" = DUMP, WIFE = SKANKY LESBIAN RUDE BIOTCH, Bands suck, the most sober gets everyone else kicked out...never happens, Cheap for a reason thats the only way they get the money. Spend more get better! This ""Bar"" is a dump! The owner's wife is an idiot! She's running this bar to the ground! If you want to have a good night forget going to this bar you'll get nothing but a horriable nightmare! It's not even a biker bar.....maybe if your 60 or older but under the age of 35 don't go! This is a warning! We went one about a month ago and the owner's wife drunk as hell and start's yelling at my wife check this out through the cracks of the bathroom stall telling her not to use all her toilet paper. So we decided we wouldn't go there again, then again we decide it's very dirt cheap so lets go back well last night we did what dumb mistake! We start there with an old crappy band, and then decide lets play pool put 75 cents in the machine, one ball is missing, can't play with one ball missing so we decide oh well lets just play take away the other color ball, we start playing and all the balls got stuck, and the pool sticks had no tips we had to share a stick. When we decided to complain that we couldn't play anymore because the table was broken 1st she decides to say it's not broken I just got this fixed.....well we didn't break it so idiot someone did. While she's away one of my friends decided to get the balls off the table and ""punches the balls"" she comes out yelling it costed her $600 to get it fixed and was making a big deal over the balls even though thats the whole point your supposed to hit the balls....with a crappy stick! She yells at my friends then comes to me and my wife even though were no where near her and starts yelling at my wife through me. She says everytime you guys come here theres a problem....and includes when you left last time you left trash...oh I'm sorry forgot this was a prissy bar where the owner is LAZY doesn't want to do her job or pay for it.....but she can ""FIX"" a pool table. I said what? and she keeps going then decides to call me a drunk....when she's the worse person in the whole bar, and I was the D.D. how the hell was I drunk? Then she keeps going when I'm clearly ignoring her so finally I asked why she was still talking to shut up and she said don't tell me to shut up. I told her it's okay you just lost $100+ a night from us so thats fine you'll never see us again so she decides because were leaving to say you guys are 86'ed really? Because your drunk ass can't handle the sitiuation. She ruin's everyone's night even the person that is not saying anything.....She's an old lesbian even though she claimed she's been faithful for 4 years and then asked my wife if she's jealous that she's making out with other woman on the pool tables....that she's mad about I mind you....but she's ""faithful"" my ass! To finish and sum it up I'd rather pay $6 a beer at the expensive bar's then go here ever again!! more

Sunset strip playing tonight 1/27/2012

We played here last month and had a great time. No issues with the staff. The beer was cold and the girls that work there are hot. Love it when they dance on the bar!! more

PLAY HERE GET AN I.O.U 12/26/2011

My band has been in the Phx metro area over 12 years. The owners wife tries to cut the bands short on money regardless of their following. This is her MO used over & over again. An I.O.U. does not work when you do honest business with reputable people & bands. Yeah, that's right, she will tell you she'll just owe you the money she tries to short the band! My band does't play there, nor would we ever do business this way & I agree with the sentiment, spread the word. Phx has a awesome music community - no band deserves to be treated this way! Not the seasoned veterans & not the new comers. more

Great Place to Play! 12/18/2011

We love this place, have played here many times, and honestly can't say enough good about it! The owners, Carey and Eric are the best you could ask for, they treat us like family, have always honored all of our contracts, and treat our fans amazing as well! They have the valley's best sound and light system, and will make sure your band sounds great! We love this bar, check it out.... BTW, this is the bar we hang out in on our few nights off! more

LOOOOVEEEE This Bar!!! 12/17/2011

So I read another review about this bar. I was appalled!!! I have been there many times. This place is awesome! more


1. If you are a non smoker, this is not the place to go. They allow patrons to stand right outside the front door so when you walk in and out, you also walk through the wall of smoke since they allow everyone to stand door side and smoke. The smoke also trails into the bar so I'd say this is not a non-smoking place to go! 2. No waitress service to speak of so have to wait on yourself for drinks, etc... then the bar staff seems inconvenienced when you ask for a drink. They stand off in the back corner of the bar talking and ignoring customers. HEY - Can a patron get a drink!!!???!!!!??? 3. Beer was not cold. 4. Staff that is there, not a smile on one of them, very UNfriendly! 5. The lay-out of the whole place is a disaster, like a open warehouse with tables and chairs thrown in random places. 6. Nice stage but this place had a reputation for not wanting to pay the bands (BAR OWNERS WIFE) after they finish their gig or cut them short of their agreed upon price so if you want to play for free or get side swiped when its time to get paid, then go ahead and get booked. Her tactic is to book you, agree on a price then when it comes time to pay you, she comes up with a different agreed upon price then wants to throw it in the bands face why THEY didn't bring enough followers. Even if you bring in 20 - 30 people, that's not enough and somehow she justifies that gives her the right to short change the bands. READ OITHER REVIEWS ON THIS PLACE THAT SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT THE CURRENT OWNERS. 7. I agree with one of the other reviews I came across, this place is a DUMP!!! 8. The 1 descent review on this place - I'm willing to bet the bar owner's wife (Lady Hathor) all of the money she's tried to short change bands for that she wrote that review. Oh, and there are NO HOTTIES working there, that was fabricated or written by someone REALLY drunk. ***Too many other good places to go in Surprise with friendly staff, honest owners, good service and smoking areas that are enforced. This place will never last under the current management... Bye-Bye PS - if you own a bar/restaurant with live music, it is your job to make sure the talent of the band is what YOU as the owner of the establishment expects. It's like hiring an employee, check references, not that hard to do with a few phone calls people. When you make a deal with a band that takes time out of their life, moves equipment and sets up, performs for 3-4 hours, breaks down and then expects to be paid the agreed upon price, be honest and professional, not to mention a person of your word and pay them, no excuses! If they were not up to your expectations shame on you and don't bring them back, plain and simple. PSS: the review below mine belongs to someone (the lady - Lady Hathor aka Tammy who does the bookings at the club) with a vested interest in this place (AS DOES THE ONE ABOVE) so NOT A PATRON or a PAYING customer, so take both viewpoints out of consideration and overall the reviews are not good ones. more

Great Place for Live Music! 11/15/2011

The New Owners are definitely doing it right when it comes to live music! The High Octane offers Live Music every Friday and Saturday night and the place gets hopping! Great service by beautiful bartenders and great food when you're having a few drinks! A great place to bring friends and play a game of pool or enjoy some Rock n Roll on the weekends! I highly recommend you come see all the changes! New atmosphere and great sound system/lights! The High Octane Lounge is NOT affiliated with the O2 Lounge so be sure and not get them confused! more

You (Haven't) Been Served...and may not be. 2/20/2011

Based on 2 visits - Fail. In a sentence, you'd be more likely to have a higher breathalyzer test getting TO this bar than leaving it. First visit, it took 20 minutes to get a drink despite a fairly sparse crowd early on (8PM). The entire staff was busy yakking it up at the far end of the bar, The prior comments about the 'hot staff"" obviously did not include 'hot' service and were likely written by current staff or someone that wants a job there. Second visit, a young minority couple sat next to us and started wondering aloud about why they weren't getting served. I assured them it was nothing personal or discriminatory, the staff there clearly treated EVERYONE like crap. I believe in a second chances, but twice was enough. Special note: During the first visit last year, I saw one of the rudest things I have ever seen in any my entire life. Jason and The Punknecks were in town (great little TN band). We had waited and waited to see them. Anyway, a waitress was having trouble with a drunk customer in the parking lot that falsely claimed to be 'with the band'. So, right in the middle of a song said waitress jumps on stage and interrupts Polly Punkneck mid-lyric to verify the story, What the....??? Hard to return to music after that. Somebody needs to straighten this all too self-important staff out. Until then, pass this place by. more

They wrote in an extra tip on the credit card slip, even though we left $10.00 cash!! 8/4/2008

Very disappointed, we had a couple of drinks ordered some hotwings and finally thought that we found a nice local place to tie one down. We paid our bill with a credit card and marked through the tip line to indicate no tip on the card. We left Star the bartender a $10.00 cash tip. This morning I noticed there was an extra 10 charged on the card, so she got a double tip. I Will call them today and report what the outcome is back to this review. more

Hottest staff around... by far the best and most chill place on northside... they have great appertizers and live music on weekends or karaoke sundays... it is always a great time. 5/20/2008

Hottest staff around... by far the best and most chill place on northside... they have great food and live music on weekends or karaoke sundays... it is always a great time. more
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