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Oakwood Village

77 Oakwood Village
Flanders, NJ 07836
(973) 584-6161
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Jokewood Village. The WORST From the cheap carpets that make your apartment and everything in it smell like a dump, to the original 1972 thermostats that cost residents literal...

Jokewood Village. The WORST 5/24/2011

Jokewood Village. The WORST From the cheap carpets that make your apartment and everything in it smell like a dump, to the original 1972 thermostats that cost residents literally a few grand to run over the course of November - March/May winter, all in all this place is more like Jokewood Village than Oakwood Village. Don't believe me? I moved out almost 2 months ago and I still can't get that dookey carpet smell out of my clothes, furniture or mattress. Especially on damp days. Now for the important stuff. and I have all the emails and information I need to back this up...Oakwood Village does not treat every lease or gender the same. While your lease may be legally binding, the person who lives next to you? Well, theirs may not be. Case in point, Good friend of mine signed a lease. His life plan changed and he was financially unable to afford the apartment on his own, He walked into the leasing office, all 6'6"" blonde haired and blue eyed told them he could not afford it (verbally no less, not in writing as required by the lease) with less than 60 days notice and they early termed his lease WITHOUT paying the early term fees AND he received his full security deposit back. The property manager and the vice president both swear up and down that no special considerations are made on leases. All leases are legally binding agreements that must be honored. Yeah folks, unless you're a woman. *Please note, to date no investigation has been launched into this supposedly illegal activity by Morgan Properties, LLC and the girl who perpetrated this grievous mistake, well she is still employed their as well. I had lived in Oakwood Village since 2004. I had lost my job in Dec. 2008 and when I regained employment in early 2010 I was (am) making close to $12,000 less a year. I have had to struggle every year with the decision to run the heat or buy groceries as the thermostats are original from the 1970's. I asked to have them replaced, serviced on and on to no avail... When my electric bill soared to $316 for 1 month/1 bedroom, 1 person, I realized I could no longer afford to stay, though I had every intention of staying up until that day. Turns out my lease had auto renewed 2/1/11 I called the leasing office and spoke with the EXACT SAME GIRL who just a few months before had made the special consideration for Mr. Blue Eyes when he was financially strapped and know what I got? Nasty lip from a nasty little girl and told I owe 2 months rent for early term on the auto renewal even though my lease was up 3/31/11. Are you kidding me? No ding-a-ling no *Ca-ching *ca-ching eh ladies!!!!??? Then, on top of that, Oakwood Village was also out of terms of the leasing agreement (the one they wrote) by failing to send me my lease renewal within THEIR OWN SPECIFIED timeline...know what they told me? Oh well too bad, we can be out terms, you can't. Yep, seriously. I could go on and on I have emails out the Yin Yang to back up all of what I am saying is true as well as plenty more. And think about it this way, this is one case of ""special consideration"" we are aware of. How many other times has it happened? more

No Privacy - No Quiet - A Decrepit Cesspoll 4/9/2011

According to the Tenants Rights in New Jersey (a legal manual for tenants in New Jersey) from the Legal Services of New Jersey Orderly Conduct: Under any lease, whether written or spoken, you cannot interfere with the rights of other tenants. This means that you and your family members, guests, and pets cannot act in ways that disturb the peace and quiet of other tenants and neighbors. Under the Anti-Eviction Act, you can be evicted for being disorderly, making too much noise, and disturbing other tenants. Morgan does NOTHING to ensure that tenants aren't interfering with another tenants peace and quiet. Yet it is THEIR responsibility to do so. Its just pathetic the walls are PAPER THIN - there is no insulation - so you can hear EVERYTHING your neighbor does; walking, talking, pets running around which makes it 10X worse, stereos, TV, no maintenance on the flooring, creaks and squeaks which is so loud it will wake you up if you live underneath someone. Why do they let tenants with pets live upstairs? - Because they want the $$$!! And yes, your electric bill will be $300 to $400 a month because the windows are extremely drafty and there is no insulation. There is a couple living above us and they have 2 medium sized dogs. At first, the female would play her stereo for about 12 hours a day (loud) from the time she got up until late evening. Did Oakwood do anything? No, so we had to talk with them. She also used to run on a treadmill twice a day for about 45 min to an hour each time, which made all the surrounding walls, ceiling, pictures and furniture vibrate and you can even feel it in the bathroom. Not to mention it is extremely disturbing because it sounds like an earthquake - oh and the stereo was going at the same time. There is no way in hell you can concentrate or function listening to that. They let their dogs run amok late at night and early in the morning or in the middle of the night (they are VERY hyper) which sounds like a herd of elephants on a stampede - it's really, really bad. Not the pets fault, but it's the owners and Morgan Properties. You should not be able to hear tenants just walking - but you do - because the floors are warped and old - so they creak and squeak. And as I said, if there are pets and get excited and are running around around the apartment or jumping off the bed/furniture - it's unbearable. And when this ""couple"" has family over for the weekend ALONG with yet another dog?? It is an unbearable NIGHTMARE!! Pounding floors (from the humans and animals), voices, every loud creak from the floors......this is really NOT the place for anyone to live comfortably - this is pretty much HELL. Just recently, there was a burglary in one of the apartments and interestingly, the next day, Oakwood Maintenance went around and replaced the non working light bulbs on the outside entry ways. Yet, I called a month and a half ago to have ours replaced and nothing was done. If you drove around here at dusk, you would see just how many apartments are pitch black - either on the front door entrance or the sides or rear when floodlights are out. Maintenance live here and are supposed to be on top of that, but they aren't - because no one cares...only now did they fix it (temporarily). And these lights are constantly shorting out so they're lifespan is very short. There is definitely mold on the inside walls because many of these apartments have had the water heaters burst, which then flooded their own apartment and the neighbors beneath them, or the garage. You will have to pay an amenity fee yearly, for the use of the pool, tennis courts and Village Mart (store) whether you use them or not. Snow removal is horrible - so plan on owning a shovel and some salt to dig yourself out. Look elsewhere if you want to have peace and quiet or any privacy - there are other options as Oakwood is not that affordable (even if they run specials they will UP your rent considerably on the next lease). more

WORST PLACE TO LIVE...... save your money and your time and go elsewhere 1/15/2009

I am so happy that I DO NOT live in Oakwood Village anymore. The staff is HORRIBLE. They are by far the nastiest people that I have ever had to deal with. The maintenance staff is non-existent. The rent is sky-high and the apartments are falling apart. The heat never worked in my apartment, and I had to get a kerosene heater just to survive the winters.... There was literally ice on the inside of my windows each morning! If you do uses their heat, be prepared to spend about half a month's rent on heat that does not work! There are no safety lights at night. It is impossible to drive around the complex once it is dark. The grounds are filthy.... garbage littered everywhere...... do yourself a favor and keep driving when you pass it! RENT ELSEWHERE!! Pros: moving somewhere else Cons: THEIR STAFF IS HORRIBLE!! more

Worst staff and customer service 12/30/2007

They have very rude and discourteous staff and service is very slow to non-existent. They lie about fixing stuff and some repair people are rude and dont perform their job and leave it hanging. Pros: Nice location Cons: Rude staff more

worst place to live in north jersey!!! 10/12/2007

While Oakwood Village certainly is in an ideal location in Morris County, near major shopping areas and roads, and has an agreeable atmosphere, the staff of this complex is the worst you could ever dream of encountering. They are rude, discourteous and often resort to threats to get what they need. My neighbor while living there was actually one of the staff members on site and was constantly loud and noisy and played loud music into the early hours of the night. When I would complain, nothing would be done since he was a staff member. This same staff member used not only his garage space, but mine and so i could not use my garage space to park or for storage. Again, nothing was done and I continued being charged $60/month for a garage I couldn't use. The rent is very high, even for the area, and not worth a single penny when tollerating with the staff there. If something breaks, they often accuse you rather than fix it, and rarely show up within 48 hours of when they said they would to actually fix it, and often it breaks again shortly after they claim to have fixed it finally. In short, I would NOT recommend staying here. They are the worst staff ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: good location, near major roads Cons: the staff is horrible, way too expensive more
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