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Noah's Ark Too - 15 Reviews - 120 Windy Meadows, Schertz, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (210) 566-7829

Noah's Ark Too

120 Windy Meadows
Schertz, TX 78154
(210) 566-7829
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Noah's Ark Too - Schertz, TX
Noah's Ark Too - Schertz, TX
Noah's Ark Too - Schertz, TX
Noah's Ark Too - Schertz, TX


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Very professional grooming job done on my Golden Retriever. Jamie is both talented and fast...and the price is VERY reasonable. I will continue to use Noah's Ark Too in the future.


They do not require pet immunizations unless an incident occurs!! By then you or your pet may have been bit by a rabid animal! Instead of following my instincts I went anyway and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/3/2014

I just took my small dog there for grooming, and I wish I had read the comments below first. Owner was very rude and unprofessional. I soooo regret taking my baby there. I won't make that mistake again! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/5/2013

I took my long haired cat to Noah's Ark Too yesterday for her 1st professional grooming. I'm very happy with how well my cat did and how good she looks. Jamie was real quick but did a great job and was very friendly to my cat as well as myself. I don't know her bather/helpers name but she is super sweet as well. \r \r I will definitely return there for more grooming needs. I will also recommend her to friends as well. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

Jamie Hunt has been grooming my mother's cat and dog for the past 6 years she has started to come to the house to pick up her dog and bring her back, she has caught my mothers cat to cut his nails in the house so he doesn't have to leave. I'm not sure if this is a person that is there for the animals or my mother. Either way I'm glad that she is around to do these things for my mother who can't get out. I also, know that she has done this for her neighbors also. I think she is great for doing this. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2012

I met Cruella de Ville over the weekend -- and she is the owner of Noah's Ark Grooming. Never have I met a more unprofessional and rude business owner. I am sick to my stomach that I left my puppies in her care for grooming. She is NOT a nice person and has NO business working with your beloved pets. Heed this warning. Do NOT take your animals to her. I should have read the other reviews. Jamie should NOT be allowed to own this business. I have nothing kind to say. And I NEVER write comments. more


They do not require pet immunizations unless an incident occurs!! By then you or your pet may have been bit by a rabid animal! Instead of following my instincts I went anyway and regret it! I had a disagreement on the price of the basic dog wash I received. I was told it included several things, all of which I told them I did not want. They also claimed they do deshedding treatments with all washes and I told them my dog is allergic and I specifically said only a bath. The lady argued with me saying that I should have told them he needed special soap. My dog doesn't need special soap, what he did not need was deshedding! Then the story changed to well it is an all in one shampoo that helps to reduce shedding not an actual deshedding treatment. By then I was fed up and just said I would pay but I was posting a bad review and telling everyone I know to not come here. She became very upset and when I went to pay she insisted on showing me something on her phone. I refused to look or listen which aggravated her more. I kept asking for my dog and she refused to give him to me. She was so insistent that it led to her assaulting me by slamming their gate into me. There was a physical altercation and the police had to come get my dog and took photos of injuries she inflicted on me. When I got home my dog still smelled like a dirty dog! I will stick to PETSMART they always do a good job. Do not go here or your risk you and your pets safety!!! more

Great Grooming 4/25/2012

Very professional grooming job done on my Golden Retriever. Jamie is both talented and fast...and the price is VERY reasonable. I will continue to use Noah's Ark Too in the future. more

Wonderful Groomer Ever 2/10/2012

I have been using Jamie as a groomer for a long time. She has been nothing but the best every time I go in. She is always busy, so that must mean that people do like her. Yes, her last place was bigger so she had all the dogs in kennels, where you could see them. If she just talks to you and doesn't look up while she is grooming and doesn't just leave the dog on the table leashed to it, is it not obvious that she doesn't want the dog hurt and to make a mistake on the cut. Would you not be upset if that happen to your dog? I know I would. So if she is grooming a dog when I go in, I let her finish doing what she is doing, then take care of me. Like I said she is the best. more

Excited about the new digs 2/7/2012

I have been of Noah's Ark for about 4 years. We have gone with Jamie from her first location, to the second, and know the third. She has groomed my maltese Bella since she was a puppy. Each time we go into drop Bella off she is super excited. She always comes out looking great. A few times she has told us that she has had fleas and that she had already taken care of the ones on her. She reminds me to make sure I wash her bedding at home to make sure we stop the cycle.\r \r This new location we hope will be a great place for her to stay it is small but not too small. When I dropped Bella off on Monday afternoon I asked Jamie to show me around. She said that things are moving slow but coming together. She showed me her new kennels that are 2/3 of the way finished, the tub that she had put in, and the drying room (not closet) where Bella dries.\r My Bella has never liked the dryer so Jamie has always had to put her in a cage to dry. The room that she showed me that she dries Bella in has kennels with fans around them. I am glad that she has a room that she is able to do this for the small dogs again like she did in the first location. Bella likes to bark at everyone and everything, when we left Monday she was barking at the birds. \r Jamie often has her son in the store when I come pick Bella up because it is usually after school is out. Jamie knows a lot about our family and we have gotten to know a lot about her and her son over the past 4 years. Sometimes when I come in she is working on another persons dog and can not be pulled away from it, so she tells me the amount, I write my check and she always me to get Bella out myself instead of waiting for her to finish. \r I would and have recommened many people to her and never heard a complaint from them. She does a great job on Bella and will contiue to do Bella.\r more

There's a real problem with this owner 1/9/2012

I recently had the opportunity to meet Ms. Hunt at her newest establishment. She was grooming a dog when I came in and never once looked up during my introduction. That was my First impression. While trying to carry on a conversation with the owner, she used profanity (the f-word) twice as if it was no big thing.\r Because she didn't have any kennels built before she opened she put her clients dogs in a kennel in a closet and while we were talking kept opening the door and telling the dog to ""shut up"". I'll tell anyone this; If a person has no problem telling an animal to ""shut up"" in front of a potential client, then you have to wonder what they're saying (or doing) while no one is around.\r It's no wonder this Jamie woman can't hold down a business or lease (which she ended short of her contract at her last location). -Her words, not mine.\r I had to share this information. This woman is not of sound mind. more

Best Groomer Around 9/1/2011

I've been using Noah's Ark Too for over 4 years now and I would never take my dog anywhere else. Jaime took a lot of time and patience to earn my dog's trust after I had taken him to another groomer and he was mistreated. She had every reason to ask me not to bring him back again but she never did. Now he cries when I take him (because he's my spoiled baby) but he never tries to bite her anymore. I think they have developed a mutual understanding of each other LOL If you want to take your special friend to someone who really cares about them you are missing out if you don't give Jaime a chance more

best groomer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/30/2011

I have personally been using Miss Hunt and Noahs Ark Too for the past 4 yrs. During that time i have always had a very happy pooch (""Charlie""), and have always been very satisfied with the grooming, the professionalism of the owner, and the care with which my pet was shown. I am not sure about the bad reviews, but to each their own. Lets look at the facts: 1: Miss Hunt grooms by herself. If i call the owner, and she does not answer right away, i know that she is probably arm deep bathing, clipping, or drying an animal; therefore, i will leave a message and wait for her to call back when she is caught up. I have never had a problem with communication. 2: I like the fact that Miss Hunt is the one that not only clips ""Charlie,"" but is also the one that washes him. This ensures a more thorough and complete job. 3: Miss Hunt grooms cats. I no longer have my little ""Buttercup"" with me, but when i did, Miss Hunt was one of the few groomers i have been to over the years that would groom my cat and not complain to me how fractious she was, or how she tried to bite and scratch her. This was the only groomer i had been to that when i picked up ""Buttercup"" she did not look like she had been through a ""Rodeo"" and stressed out. 4: Miss Hunt has always been accommodating to my schedule. When i am on a time constraint she will adjust her schedule to get ""Charlie"" done at an agreed upon time. Sometimes, she will inform me that this will cost extra to have done if i did not schedule ahead of time, but yet never charged me additional. That shows customer care and consideration. She knows that things come up that we do not have control over. 5: Animal Care and Concern. Miss Hunt takes the time to notice issues with ""Charlie."" One time i took him in for his monthly grooming, and Miss Hunt noticed he had an ear infection that i was unaware of. I took ""Charlie"" to my vet the next day, and he told me that if i had not got it treated so soon, it would have required more intensive therapy. This attention to detail is not common among groomers, or others are not as concerned about an animal's condition to recognize it and just want to get paid for their grooming and be done. I would recommend Noah's Ark Too to anyone asking about a groomer. Miss Hunt has always done a wonderful job on my animals, and has always treated me with the up-most professionalism. If you are looking to try a new groomer, you are doing yourself and your pet a great injustice if you do not try Noah's Ark Too and Miss Hunt! more

Amazing Grooming! 8/30/2011

I love Noahs Ark Too! My little Chihuahua Daisy is always really excited to go and get her bath. She is normally scared to go to ANY grooming place. But when she see's Jamie she gets so excited! I would never go anywhere else. I know when I take her to Jamie that she is in good hands. I highly recomend her. more

Don't, Don't, Don't take your pup there... 8/25/2011

I gave this groomer 3 tries to get it right. I even tipped her all but the last time...time number 4. Here are my complaints: 1) You'd think in the 4 times I've taken my dog there, I would have actually met the groomer. She has never taken the time to come out and say hello, even when I asked. I was told she was busy grooming. 2) The first time she groomed him, he looked like only half of him was done. I thought, well, he hasn't been groomed in a while so maybe that's the reason. The second time, he looked exactly like the first, as though all she did was maybe trim his nails and give him a wash. The third time....well, read #3. The last time, we had to ask for more shaving in the sanitary area because it looked like it was only partially done! It's as though no real care is being taken to look at the details of grooming. 3) Every time I ask her to do something specific with the dog - i.e. trim more around the neck, the opposite happened. The third time I brought in my pup, it looks like the only area groomed was his head. His neck was big and puffy. He looked like a pinhead! Honestly, don't groomers have some sort of vision of how a dog should look? Every other groomer I've gone to has, so I don't know why it's so hard to get my dog to look at least somewhat good. It's as though the groomer can't look at the big picture of how good the dog can look. 4) When trying to contact the owner, don't believe it when she says that she ""tried to call you back."" I read another's review in which she said the same thing and didn't do it. When I called to check on the dog, she didn't answer either and never called me back. What kind of business owner gives her clients the cold shoulder? 5) Last, but not least, if you point out an issue with the grooming, the groomer always has a defensive excuse for why something wasn't done. I fell for some of those excuses before. But I'm done with this and I'm done with this groomer. Off to greener pastures... So....bad grooming plus poor professionalism equals never going back....and telling everyone I know not to go there either. more

Great pet grooming shop 8/23/2010

Noah's Ark II have been my grooming shop for my dog for about 4 years. They have always done a good job for me. They didn't even flinch when I brought in my dog that got sprayed by a skunk. They even did a good job cleaning up the stink. I can always bring her in with or without and appt. I have left her there for a week at a time for boarding and has been take good care of. I would recomment these folks to anyone. more

Very happy to find caring staff 3/27/2009

I have been brining my poodle since she was a puppy for her 1st hair cut. The staff is friendly.The cut is exactly as I want it. Due to my work schdule some times I only know 1 day in advance or the same day if I will be able to make an appt. She has always been seen on sometimes a short notice appt. My dog is never afraid to have her feet touched or to be brushed which indicates that she is well treated at the groomers. In the past I had a dog who was mistreated and would try to bit e if his feet were touched.Sadie is happy when we drive up because she knows that she will be pampered!!! Pros: I can bring dog in without having to wait to long more

I made the MISTAKE of going 2 times :( 9/22/2008

was new to the area and this place was convenient with weekend times. The first time I went I took only my yorkie and wasnt all that happy with the cut or the customer service. My dog also had a very bad upset stomach once I picked her up. I chalked the stomach issue up to coincidence and decided to try them once more but give better direction as to what I wanted. The second time I took in my lab for a bath and my yorkie for a cut. I specified that I wanted a ""summer cut"" and went into a little more detail. THEY SHAVED HER BALD! I honestly didnt even recognize her when they brought her out. I was horrified. A young girl brought my yorkie and they also had what I guess to be a 12 year old boy bring out my lab. I thought he was going to get dragged across the floor. There were about 3 kids handeling animals which I thought was very unprofessional.Then BOTH of my dogs had BAD upset stomachs for the next 24 hours. Its been months since my yorkie had that awful cut and she is finally beginning to look normal again. I dont know what products they use or what they give animals but it makes mine sick. I WILL NEVER GO BACK HERE AGAIN! I have been to two other groomers in the area and both were 500 times better than this dump. Pros: weekend times, which several other groomers have Cons: bad customer service, poor job, sich animals, I can go on and on more

Do not go! 6/24/2008

I took my dog TODAY to be groomed, his appointment was at 1. I was told before I left that they would call me in a few hours and they even verified my phone number before I left. 5 rolled around and still no call, so I drove up there to find the doors locked and lights off. There was no emergency contact number so I called the Schertz Police to try and get a hold of the owner. She eventually called me and told me she wasn't going to drop what she was doing to come and get me my dog at that time. When she finished she would be up there. Instead she sent her groomer to get me my dog, probably 30 minutes later. I walked in and he was in the kennel with NO WATER. They were going to leave him there overnight. Then the groomer said she tried to call me, what a big lie. There was NO missed call, and I asked if she left a voicemail, she replied that no she had not. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL THERE! I can't imagine what they would do to animals that are there to be boarded. I will NEVER take my dog there again. I advise you all to think twice as well. more

Noah's Ark Too 1/15/2008

My dog was there on the day that the dog ran away. The owner of the shop was gone for 6 hours looking for the dog. My dog had to go in a different day to be groomed and yes I did bring her back. They did a great job on her and I will take her back again and again. They love animals in my mind. The owner has her dog there everyday. If she did not love her pet why would she take him to work with her. They are great people Pros: they are great with animals more

Do not take your pet there 11/6/2007

I brought my dog there to get groomed...they did not greet my pet but just grabbed him and stuffed him into a crate. I opted to take my pet back and go elsewhere. They use an assembly line technique. Recently, they lost a customers pet.. They let it run out the front door and across a busy street and did not go after it. The dog's owner was left to find the dog herself (this is not rumor, I spoke with the dog's owner personally). Pros: good location Cons: they do not seem like they like animals! more
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