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Negola's Ark Veterinary Hosp

9401 Fields Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 363-7915
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Negola's Ark Veterinary Hosp - Gaithersburg, MD
Negola's Ark Veterinary Hosp - Gaithersburg, MD
Negola's Ark Veterinary Hosp - Gaithersburg, MD
Negola's Ark Veterinary Hosp - Gaithersburg, MD


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I no longer live in Gaithersburg and found a Vet near my home, when my dog stop eating and acting very strange I took him to the Vet. They told me a couple of different problem th...


I agree with several of the reviews here - Dr Negola himself is a wonderful vet. Unfortunately, in multiple visits to the clinic, I have only met him once. We had one good young...


!!!!!!DO NOT USE THIS VETERINARY HOSPITAL!!!!!!\r \r Below is the letter that I sent to the hospital after my dogs stay. Negolas Ark is a scam and the scam is run directly from the doctor down. please don't take my word for it, go online and see the court cases where this hospital has been the plaintiff as well as the defendant. Either way it shows very bad business habits all under the dictatorship of of Dr. Dan Negola.\r \r Dan,\r As per our conversation today,\r My dog was treated by Negola's Ark on Monday, June 28th.\r He had a stomach virus, blood tests showed he was healthy and he was throwing up and going to the bathroom, suggesting no blockages, I also had no reason to believe there were any blockages. The veterinarian they said he wanted to do x-rays, he did not explain the cost and suggested they were required not a unnecessary precaution. Also the dog was given an iv which was also extremely expensive. When I got my bill for 1,300 for a dog that had a stomach virus I was shocked. T more

In the nick of time 2/9/2012

I no longer live in Gaithersburg and found a Vet near my home, when my dog stop eating and acting very strange I took him to the Vet. They told me a couple of different problem that could be wrong with him and send us home with meds. After a couple days with no change, I decided to take him to our old Vet Dr, Negola which was over an hour drive. With in an hour he had an x-ray and was in surgery removing something plastic that he swallowed. Dr Negola saved my dog, Negola's Ark will be the only Vet hospital that I'll go to even if it's an hour away. THANK YOU DR. NEGOLA AND STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Avoid Negola's Ark 9/21/2011

If you love your pet, do not go to Negola's Ark. If you love your wallet, do not go to Negola's Ark. Your pet will be diagnosed with and treated for nonexistent problems and you will be charged exorbitant rates for everything. I took my dog there for a year or so at the recommendation of a coworker and at first I was happy, although I immediately noticed it was quite expensive. After routine visits turned into unnecessary follow-up visits, with full rates charged each time, I began to have doubts. The last straw was when I was told my dog had two problems that she clearly did not have and was sent home, once again, with expensive medications. I decided to leave at that point and have not looked back. more

Thank you from us and Brinks! 4/11/2011

Dear Danny-Thanks so much to you and staff for helping Brinks. He really needed the visit. His ears and teeth were definately causing him severe pain. No one in S.C. could diagnose Brinks. You have a real gift with your ability to dagnos what is wrong, the entire body, and then treat the animal until they are healthy again. We appreciate all that you do for us & Brinks. I wanted to tell you and wanted to write this. Hard to believe you have been our vet for 15 years...with Bonnie, Maggie, Buddah, and now Brinks. Thank you! Sunny M. more

Great Experiences Good Educational Tools! 3/30/2011

Both of my cats have been well cared for by Dr. Negola and his staff. If Phineas and O'Mally could type better I am sure they would agree! We have yearly physicals, take advantage of the great Dental discounts, and have learned alot about the importance of checking fecals, brushing teeth, what things we can treat at home with flare-up schedules. Aside from a good vet we have been given a great pet education. When my daughter was dropped off to meet me and I was delayed they took her in, got her lunch, kept her occupied and happy until I arrived. So my family counts with them as well. We were referred by a neighbor who has been going for over 6 years. I have told friends and will continue to refer we have had nothing but good experiences with this office. alm more

A Tremendous Vet! 1/11/2010

We will always be grateful for the years of exceptional medical and loving care Dr. Negola gave our precious Christine. Because of Dr. Negola, Christine had all of her nine lives ? which she lived fully. And on her last night he helped me do the hardest thing I?ve ever done in my life. Through my grief over her is still intense five months later, I am peaceful because it was the right thing. Now I have a beautiful feline angel to watch over me.\r \r We were deeply moved by the card signed by all the staff and the lovely planter. Then the acknowledgement card came from Delta Society that Negola?s Ark had made a generous donation in Christine?s memory. I am now supporting the Delta Society as I try to ?pay it forward.?\r \r Dr. Negola has given us more than we could ever repay. He is a tremendous vet and an extraordinarily special person. more

Ace and his family say YES! 12/18/2009

I brought my dog in for a Cruciate repair about a month ago. I was so nervous and upset but Negola's Ark did an amazing job making me comfortable; that my dog would be in caring, experienced hands. Ace is now doing AMAZING! He is walking on it and has been since he got out. His incision is tiny and clean. He did not seem weird when we picked him up, as he has in the past with other vets, reassuring me that they took great care of him. Dr. Negola personally called us 3 times a day during his stay to let us know how he was doing. Dr. Negola is the most experienced vet I came across in my search to repair Ace's knee. He has any accreditation you could think of, and is AHAA certified which is VERY impressive. To me everyone talking about price is ridiculous. It was never even a question in my mind how much it would be, I want the BEST. The fact that price even crosses someone's mind is beyond me. Would you take your child to a less experienced doctor because he was cheaper? I hope n more

Could no longer afford to go 10/13/2009

I'm in between vets because as many customers have said, I've been priced out of this practice. A routine visit will always be expensive. And I seem to be chastised about the condition of my dog's teeth and nails more than anything else. I had a 7 year history with them and found their staff good. But I do believe they are surgery crazy. My dog had a small wart behind her ear they wanted to remove to a tune of $$$ and I declined. My dog is also epileptic and should not be put under unless really necessary. They failed to mentioned this part to me since they always want to put my dog under for teeth cleanings. I just learned this from a different vet as I traveled 50 miles to find good affordable care. My dog could have had a seizure while under and not come out of it. Considering my history with them, I'd rate my first couple of years with them 5 stars. But now I'm questioning their treatment recommendations from the last 2 years and the fact that I can no longer afford them more


I found Dr. Negola and his staff to be pleasant, caring, professional and very understanding. I was referred to Dr. Negola by my trainer who suspected hip problems with my then 5 month old German Shepherd puppy. Mind you I had been telling my vet that I suspected a problem when I got the pup at 8 wks of age. Despite my vet constantly telling me no problems and not to worry, it only took Dr. Negola moments to see what the x-ray confirmed. My Duchess was suffering from "severe" hip dysplasia. I am so grateful for his insight, expertise and the regard that he has for what he does and the care that is reflected from both him and his team as they provide outstanding service. Duchess is currently in treatment and I'm hopeful not for recovery, in that unfortunately there's no such thing, but for Duchess to have a long life with good quality and no pain. It takes me over an hour to get to his office but for what he and his staff do and the way that they do it, is more then worth it. Had it not more

Sammy says thanks for saving his sister! 8/7/2009

We are so very grateful for the wonderful care of our beloved Hannah! There are no words to adequately express our joy at your speedy diagnosis, and helping her recover. Thank you for helping us get Hannah through this. Thank you for keeping us informed, knowing what treatments were best for Hannah, and all the personal time you gave to us, and the other clients we have met in your hospital. We, and our kids, are blessed to have you in our lives. many thanks, Jim & Becky, Rockville, MD more

Negola Daniel C DVM - Guiness and family applaud you! 7/28/2009

I brought my 8 year old "Guiness" in for vomiting - i suspected he had eaten something. From the moment I walked in the door it was "Guiness's hospital, Dr. Negola and staff made us feel welcome, at home, and most of all that we would get to the bottom of Guinesses troubles. Dr. Negola and his scoping abilities were amazing...out came my daughters beanie monkey and some other unrecognizable things. An overnight stay, medication and recheck were not cheap, but this was not some regular annual exam...Thank you Dr. Negola, the technicians who cared for him, and the whole staff who helped us feel like it was normal to be as "crazy scared" as we were. I seen some good reviews on this page, and some that seem like they couldn't have gone where I went....amazing folks...available to you medically and emotionally! Give them a call, ask them some questions, they took me on a great tour and that was a good start for me! more

Negola's Ark is wonderful! 6/15/2009

Once again, Dr. Negola has saved another one of my cat's lives. Dexter was dying. I took him to an emergency clinic after hours. They ran blood and took x-rays. They couldn't find anything wrong. They gave me an appetite stimulant and charged me $600. I saw Dr. Negola the next day, and he determined that Dexter needed endoscopic surgery to remove all kinds of junk from his stomach. Dexter is fine now! Dr. Negola is the only doctor I will ever see. more

We are going elsewhere with our cat. 5/5/2009

I agree with several of the reviews here - Dr Negola himself is a wonderful vet. Unfortunately, in multiple visits to the clinic, I have only met him once. We had one good young female vet, but the others who have treated our cat have not inspired confidence. He was having a skin problem that caused a loss of hair and one vet told us "maybe he is just going to be a bald cat." We were prescribed expensive medicine that seemed to make the condition worse. On our return, we saw a different vet who was very agressive about the treatment she prescribed even thought the testing we had done showed he didn't have the condition he wanted to treat. We didn't follow the full treatment and our cat got completely better. The charges we incurred seemed extremely high.\r \r But of all the things that turned us off, the major one was also mentioned by another reviewer - the lady at the front desk is extremely unfriendly and rude. Even if we had good vets, she would make us want to go elsewhere. more

Awesome place to take your pet to. Well worth it!! 5/1/2009

I just went in today as a first time patient for my Carin Terrier. My experience there was wonderful. The veterinarian, Daniel Negola, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to explain everything that was going on in the exam room and gave suggestions that could better benefit my pet. Most importantly, he and his staff took the time to treat both myself and my dog as a valued client.\r \r I've been to many vets in the past (both in Hawaii and throughout California) and have to say that this place is the best by far. I would definitely recommend Negola's Ark to anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable and highly experienced veterinarian. I'm so glad I took the chance to check out this vet... it was definitely well worth it. You will not be disappointed with the level of treatment and service that is provided at Negola's Ark. more

Horrible Experience 2/12/2009

I took my 5 month old puppy to this place and was unhappy the minute I walked in the door. The vet didnt introduce himself to me before he began examining my dog and then sits there and tells me what he's doing for treatment without asking if it's ok and then charges me ridiculous amounts of money for services that I didnt even know I was getting. To top it off, my puppy came home with bruised swollen ribs from someone holding her too tight during a bath, she wouldnt even let me touch her. I've known and been to a lot of vets as I have had animals my whole life, I have never been so outraged by the total lack of consideration for the paying customer. I am now hundreds of dollars deep for treatment that I didnt even need according to a second and third opinion. Dont go to this place if you love your animal. more

Not Sure 12/31/2008

Negola Ark is located in Gaithersburg. Not sure if I will continue to take my pet here. The staff was okay, but will probably go to another vet in the area. more

Highly Knowledgable and Skilled Vet 11/12/2008

Dan Negola is a highly skilled veterinarian. Not cheap, but highly skilled. In many cases my only alternative would have been to take my cats to a referral center which is even more expensive.\r \r I know this much after twenty years - if a pet dies under Dan's care then there probably wasn't much that could've been done by anyone. Personally, I am prepared for the day when my pets' final day comes and I probably wouldn't accept it from anyone OTHER than Negola himself. more

Overpriced and Unfriendly 3/25/2008

When we adopted our Puggle from the Montgomery County Human Society, we began taking him to Negola's Ark since he had been hospitalized there when he was found...I've never been thrilled with their service, but have continued to go because of the 20% discount they give to people who have adopted from MCHS. However, I am now looking for a new vet. There is one woman at the front desk who is extremely unfriendly and treats you like you are complete moron who is wasting her time. Most of the vets are friendly, but on our last visit we saw Dr. Negola who basically implied that he was going to give my husband and I a great deal to clean our dogs teeth (if you consider walking out with a $600+ bill a good deal) because we were poor. He knew nothing about our financial status and kept implying it just because we were "his kids age." One other thing I've never been comfortable with, is they take the animals into their backroom to give them shots, do tests, etc. You never know what is goi more

Best DC Area Vet 3/5/2007

We have known Dr Negola for twenty years and during that time he has cared for our two cats. He has saved our babies (we are pet parents) so many times we have lost count. Our last cat had severe intestinal problems and Dan Negola developed an entire new procedure to correct the problem, one that is now being used by other vets nationwide. He and his team love animals and go out of their way to do what is right for the pet. If all others have failed, and you really care about your animal as if they were your children, then call Dan Negola. Dr. Negola (Negola's Ark) may be reached at (301) 216-0066. more
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